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A consensual adult incest fantasy by Edward Raymond Oliver Scott, a.k.a. Eroscott and E. R. O. Scott. If you don’t like long, full stories, give this a pass and read someone else. This one is over 82,000 words long.

Two women, one mature, one young have, coincidentally masturbated with very large cucumbers. They each find a man, a close loved one, who has a cock to rival any cucumber they have ever masturbated with and the fun begins.


Chapter 1.

Noah Donovan was spending a boring Friday night at home with his mother. He had done this plenty of times before he met Sophie; then, for several months, Friday nights had been fun, magical even. Now, however, they had broken up. It had happened the previous Wednesday and he just knew she was spreading the word to her friends. They would tell their boyfriends and, if he’d gone out, he would have faced a lot of humiliating jokes. Better to be sitting here on the couch with his mom watching a movie. Maybe by the time he got to school Monday morning it wouldn’t be too bad. He hoped.

Noah’s mother, Lorraine, but known to everyone as Lori, was sitting on the other end of the couch. She had her smart phone out and was exchanging text messages with her sister. They had grown up in rural Missouri where Connie still lived. Lori had married her husband, Gary, immediately upon graduating from college and now lived in River City, California.

Lori’s husband was away on another overseas business trip. He was an expert on commercial printing machines and had been sent to Singapore again. He wouldn’t be back before the following Friday.

That was okay with Lori. She loved her husband; he was a good man, a loving and caring man, and he was a damned good provider. They could live comfortably on his salary alone, but Lori hadn’t been cut out to be the cooking, baking, decorating little housewife. She was the vice president in charge of operations at a local credit union. But with Gary gone, she could indulge in her favorite sexual pastime: masturbating with cucumbers. And these weren’t just any old cucumbers. Lori picked out the longest and thickest ones she could find in the fresh produce section of the supermarket where she shopped.

As much as Lori loved her husband, and she did love him dearly, his dick was only 5-1/2 inches long when fully erect and it wasn’t particularly thick either. She could and did have pleasurable sex with Gary and he didn’t have a problem going down on her. If fact he loved to lick and suck on her pussy and make her come before he fucked her.

Early in their marriage she’d suggested anal sex, thinking that his cock would feel pretty good in her back passage. He had rejected that idea out of hand. To him, anal sex was disgusting. So, while masturbating one time while Gary was gone on a business trip, Lori had selected an anal sex video on the Internet. What she saw amazed her. A petite blonde teen taking a really big cock up her ass, deep, and it looked convincingly like she was actually enjoying it. Later, Lori found other videos of the same woman and in them she was anally masturbating with really big dildos.

That convinced Lori to try it out with her big cucumbers. At first she used her fingers and a smaller cucumber, but finally, after a lot of practice and well-lubed probing, she’d managed to fuck her ass with one of her big cucumbers… and had an intense, squirting orgasm. After that, she was hooked. Anal masturbation, after a small enema or two, was part of her masturbation practices. Not every time, just when she got a special feeling for it. Also, she would sometimes go to a spa in town to get a colon cleansing, then come home and give herself several large enemas to thoroughly clean her colon and rectum. Then she would do ass-to-mouth with the cucumber, like she’d seen in some of the anal sex videos that she watched… only there it had been a real cock going from the woman’s ass to her mouth.

Lori didn’t own any dildos now. That was why she used cucumbers. Early in their relationship Lori had shown Gary her dildo collection. It had shocked him and their fledgling romance had nearly crashed. But Gary had so many other good aspects to him, compared to most men she’d dated, that Lori worked hard to repair the damage. She got rid of her dildos and nothing was ever said about it again.

For all reasons except in the marital bed, Lori didn’t regret marrying Gary, but she did enjoy the times when he was away on business, be it overnight or, like now, for a week. Then she would be sure to stop at the supermarket and pick up one or two of the biggest cucumbers they were selling. When Gary got home the cucumbers would either have been washed and eaten, or ready to go in a salad, or sliced and soaking in a vinegar, sugar, and spice marinade. It was hard, sometimes, to keep a straight face when her husband and son were eating the cucumber that she had recently fucked her pussy with, or even her ass, bringing herself to several orgasms.

While Noah’s mother was texting—neither one of them were paying much attention to the spy thriller movie on the big flat screen Gaziantep Grup Escort TV—he had his tablet held so his mother couldn’t see its screen and was checking out a couple of his favorite porn sites. Of course, he had to have the sound off and he was ever ready to click out of whatever he was watching in case his mother was curious or got up and moved in his direction.

Doing this with his mother on the other end of the couch was daring and exciting to him and he had a partial hard-on… not that he thought of his mother in an overtly sexual way. He knew she was an attractive woman and looked really good in a bikini, but she was, after all, his mother. Now if she hadn’t been his mother… but then they wouldn’t be sitting here on the couch together on a Friday night.

Like most teenaged boys, his hormones were raging. He masturbated every chance he could when he was sure he wouldn’t get caught. He had just turned 18 years old and hadn’t gotten laid yet. He wanted to in the worst way, of course, but he’d always been shy around girls and tended to be a loner on top of that. Another part of his problem was that in the boys’ showers in the school gym Noah had gotten the nickname of Donkey Dick because his flaccid penis was much longer than the other boys. It made him self conscious and unsure of himself.

Noah had never had a girlfriend until he met Sophie. She’d been somewhat of a loner, also. But that was mainly due to the fact that she had been a late bloomer—kind of skinny, kind of geeky looking with glasses. Now, two years after they’d started dating, she’d blossomed into quite an attractive young woman. Her body had filled out nicely and her parents had gotten her contact lenses to wear. Other boys started taking notice of her and a couple of the girls from the snootier cliques started talking to her. Well, she was a straight A student, after all.

Like all teens, Noah and Sophie made out—kissing, caressing, exploring, but not going too far. Noah had come home from a date with Sophie more than once with his balls aching and needing to jerk off as soon as he got to his room. But they’d never gone beyond making out, mainly because Sophie wasn’t sure if she wanted to take the next step and partly because of her religious beliefs. Then, last Wednesday Noah thought the time had come. That was two days ago.

Sophie’s parents had gone out for their anniversary dinner. Her brother was in the Army and her sister was out of state in college. They had her parents’ house to themselves for at least three or four hours.

However, when she saw the size of his hard cock, Sophie had freaked out. His cock was 10 inches long when fully erect and 7 1/4 inches in circumference. Sophie was a virgin, too, and once she saw the size of Noah’s cock she wouldn’t let him near her.

Noah tried to talk her into jacking him off or sucking him off, saying he would go down on her.

“What for?” had been Sophie’s sharp reply. “I’m never going to fuck that monster!”

Noah had gotten angry, mostly out of frustration, and said some things he really hadn’t meant. But once out of the mouth, words you later wish you hadn’t said are impossible to take back. Sophie had kicked him out of the house and told him they were through.

So now, here he was, sitting at home with his mother on a Friday night. Noah sighed.

“What?” Lori asked her son. She had stopped texting her sister and was now paying attention to the movie.

“What?” Noah asked, puzzled.

Lori looked over at her son. “You just sighed a big sigh. And you’re home on a Friday night. Although, it’s nice to have you here, dear,” Lori added. “And you seem, well, kind of sad. So I asked what. As in, what’s the problem son?”

“Oh, it’s nothing, Mom, really.”

“Well I think it’s more than nothing, Noah. I’m your mother. You can talk to me about your problems. So why don’t you stop looking at porn and tell me.”

“What?” Noah quickly changed what he was watching—a really cute blonde girl sucking on a big cock—and gave his mother a surprised look mixed with more than a little embarrassment.

“Noah, you’re an 18-year old male and you have access to the Internet. And you’ve been giving me quick little furtive glances from time-to-time. So, yeah, you’ve been watching porn. And, hey, here’s a news flash: I really don’t mind just as long as you realize that porn isn’t reality. It’s not how real sex in the real world works.” Lori paused, thinking of her cucumber desire, as she called it. “Well, at least most of the time for most of the people. And I also don’t mind if you watch porn as long as you don’t try and force yourself on some girl.”

Lori paused again, giving her son a look. “Oh shit! You didn’t try something with Sophie… like… like, well, forcing yourself on her, did you?”

“Oh God, no, Mom. I’d never do that!” Noah exclaimed.

“But it is about Sophie, isn’t it, Noah?”

Noah sighed again. He nodded. “Yeah, we broke up on Wednesday.”

“Wow! I’m sorry, son. But that’s no reason to be moping around the house with your mother on a Friday night.”

“Uh…” Was all Noah could sputter.

“There’s more to it, isn’t there? You can tell me, Noah. Maybe I can help.” Lori set her smart phone down on the end table then scooted over close to her son. She put an arm around his neck and gave him a hug.

“Actually, Mom, I can’t. It’s… well, it’s pretty personal.” Noah was getting embarrassed just thinking about it.

“Well, if it’s not about sex—”

“I didn’t say that, Mom,” Noah blurted and was immediately sorry.

Lori pulled her head back a bit and raised her eyebrows. “So it’s about sex, but it’s not that you tried to force yourself on Sophie, right?”

“Mom, can we just drop it?”

Lori kept looking at her son expectantly, noticing that he was blushing.

“Oh! Oh, Noah, that happens. Sometimes men, for a whole bunch of reason, can’t… well, you know… uh… perform.

“What?” Noah cried out. He gave his mother a puzzled, frowning look.

“Can’t perform? Uh, no. That’s not the problem.” He should have stopped there but he didn’t. “I can perform just fine, Mom, maybe too good. Maybe, when I graduate from high school, I should just skip college and go to Los Angeles and get in the porn business.” And then he did stop, realizing that he was saying way too much.

Lori scooted closer to her son and got both of her arms around him to give him an even stronger hug. She didn’t think of how her left breast was also squeezing her son’s upper arm and how that would affect him.

“Come on, Noah, it can’t be that bad. You can tell me. I’ve got a little experience, you know. I’m sure I can help you out. I hate seeing you all down and sad.”

Noah definitely felt his mother’s breast pushing against his upper arm. But since it was his mother’s breast he felt conflicted about whether to enjoy the contact or to try and shift away.

“Please, honey, talk to me,” Lori said.

Noah took in a big breath, held it for a second, then let it out noisily. “Okay Mom. I’ll tell you. But don’t get all angry with me or go running and screaming from the room, okay?”

Lori gave her son a bemused look and smiled. “Of course not, honey.”

“My cock’s too big,” Noah blurted. There, he’d said it. He wondered how his mother would react.

Lori thought she hadn’t heard her son correctly. She ran it back through her mind. He said his cock was too big? She swallowed and wondered, how big is too big?

“Uh, you and Sophie broke up because your, uh, cock’s too big?” Lori asked. She thought of the cucumbers she’d masturbated with over the years… and the one she had waiting in the crisper of the refrigerator right now.

“Well, dear, you can’t be that big,” she thought of her husband, Noah’s father, and his 5-1/2 inch cock, dear man that he was. And then her eyes went wide. She remembered a snatch of conversation she’d overheard when she was just 10 or 11 years old. Her mother was on the phone to her sister, Aunt Caroline. She heard her mother saying that Jim, Lori’s father, was hung like a horse but knew how to use it without hurting a girl.

Then she remembered all the nights that her sister, Connie, and she would hear strange noises coming from their parents’ bedroom and giggling about it. They knew just enough to be pretty sure that their parents were making love—fucking, as Lori, the oldest, said just to be shocking.

Noah frowned when he saw his mother’s surprised look on her face. “Yes, Mom, I can be that big.”

Lori was still thinking of overhearing her mother on the phone and wondering just how big was a man who was hung like a horse.

“Yes, of course, dear,” she said distractedly. Then she focused on her son. Could he be hung like a horse, too?

Lori was instantly curious… terribly curious. She cleared her throat. “So, Noah, have you ever, um, you know… measured yourself?”

Noah blushed again. “Yes,” he said in a quiet voice.

“Well that’s okay, honey. So, uh, just how big are you, anyway?”

Noah gave his mother a look. It seemed like she was really interested in how big his cock was. Were there women, other than porn stars, real women, who actually did like big dicks, he wondered? He could feel his cock starting to react.

“You really want to know, Mom?” He noticed that now his mother looked embarrassed.

“Yes, dear, I do.” Lori said rather quietly. Her heart was beating hard in her chest. She shouldn’t be having this conversation with her son… but she was.

“I’m 10 inches long when fully hard,” Noah said simple.

“Oh my,” was his mother’s response, that and possibly a small, quick smile.

Lori needed to know more. She didn’t want to freak her son out but she plowed ahead anyway. “And, uh, how about thickness…? Uh, you know, girth? How big around?” Lori couldn’t believe she was asking her son this, but it seemed important and, hell, she’d already asked him how long his cock was. Still, she felt lightness in her stomach.

Noah’s mouth dropped open but he didn’t say anything for a couple of seconds. This conversation with his mother about his cock was definitely starting to turn him on. She was his mother but she seemed to have a strong interest in his cock’s length and thickness. He wondered if she liked big cocks. Did his dad have one? Was his mother a freak? Was she thinking about…? No she couldn’t be, could she? That would be too weird and, well, just a little sick, wouldn’t it? But he realized that he was obviously beginning to react to his mother in a sexual way because of her questions—if the fact that his cock was continuing to expand was any indication—so it didn’t seem so far fetched that she might be having similar thoughts.

She was a pretty woman, not drop-dead gorgeous by any means, but definitely not ugly or even plain. She had a nice figure; when he’d seen her in bikinis, actually, really nice. She had nearly straight black hair cut a couple of inches below her ears and pale blue eyes and a cute nose. And now that he was paying attention to her physically, in a sexual way, he noticed that her lower lip was full and well-shaped, the upper lip not quite as full but just as well-shaped. All in all, he thought, a mouth he would like to kiss… if it hadn’t been his mother’s mouth, that is.

Noah couldn’t believe that he was thinking of his mother this way, sexually, but damn, he wanted to get laid so badly. He might, he thought, just might be able to consider having sex with his mother. As if, he told himself, she would actually go for something like that. I need to stop thinking such perverted thoughts.

But then Noah thought that if his dad had a big dick, why would his mother be so interested in his? And then it hit him. Dad doesn’t have a big dick… and Mom wants one. But if Dad doesn’t have a big dick, how’d I end up with one. One so big it scared Sophie away.

“Well Mom, if you must know,” Noah said with a bit of a mischievous smile now that he’d realized his mother might have a personal interest in the size of his cock, “its 7-1/4 inches in circumference. That’s, uh… that’s like nearly 2-1/3 inches in diameter.” He paused and saw that his mother was hanging on his every word. “That is, if it were a perfect circle, which it isn’t.” He smiled to himself. His mother seemed mesmerized. “It’s a bit wider from side to side than it is from top to bottom.”

When they had started getting specific about her son’s cock measurements, Lori had taken her arm from around her son’s shoulders and scooted back just a little to sit at an angle on the couch so she could look straight into her son’s eyes. Now, after a momentary pause, she gave her head a little shake.

“My, then,” she said, and tried to look serious rather than excited, “that is a big cock. And I can see where a girl like Sophie might be afraid of it.”

Lori gave her son a small smile. He gave her a blank look in return, waiting to see what his mother would say next.

“There are, Noah, women who, uh, well, wouldn’t act like Sophie did. Who would actually appreciate a man as well-endowed as you are.” She smiled again, nervously, and she realized that her pussy was getting wet.

“Yeah, maybe Mom. But the way I see it, I could be a 40-year old virgin by the time I meet one of those women.”

Now Lori smiled coyly. “Oh you never know, son. You never know.”

By now, Noah’s cock was getting quite hard and even though he was wearing loose clothing—flannel pajama bottoms and boxers, and a T-shirt—he needed to shift his cock so that it was straight and comfortable. He decided to put his mother to a test.

Noah set his tablet down on the end table. “Excuse me, Mom, but all this talk about, well, my cock size and women who might like it has, uh, has uh… well, to be truthful, I’m getting hard and I have to shift my cock.” He had noticed that his mother’s eyes had strayed to his crotch a couple of times while they’d been talking and no doubt could see the huge bulge in his pajama.

Noah shifted his hips and reached down to straighten his cock so that it lay alongside his left thigh.

Lori almost gasped. Noah wasn’t kidding, she told herself, his cock has to be every bit as big as he says it is. She felt her pussy getting even wetter. She realized that she wanted to see her son’s hard cock, free it from his pajamas and even…

Several thoughts were running through her head. I can’t. This is my son. But he has such a big cock! God I would love to see what it’s like! He’s a boy. No, he’s a man, legally. He’s 18. It would be incest! Really, Lori, could you really fuck your son? I don’t know? Maybe I could close my eyes and pretend it’s someone else? And then what would you do afterwards and you open your eyes again? I don’t know.

Oh, but it would be heavenly to feel such a huge cock fucking me and ever so worth it… if only he would agree to it… not be horrified or disgusted. I’ve never cheated on my husband! Would this really be cheating? Who are you trying to kid, Lori? Fucking someone other than your husband is cheating, even if it is your son. Hell, that would even be worse in Gary’s mind. Gary doesn’t have to find out. We’ll be careful. Gary’s gone a lot. Noah and I can have sex then. Can I do it? Can I actually cheat on Gary and commit incest with my son… assuming he wants to do it too… assuming I really want to? Do I? Can I?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32