Cohabitation Pt. 02

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© Copyright 2022. All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. All characters depicted are 18 years and over.

Laura and Paul had spent the last week getting more intimate with each other, meeting their neighbors, exploring the UT campus, and just relaxing. It was a wonderful time for them, but eventually they had to change directions and begin thinking about their first semester. August 10 was freshman orientation and they both were looking forward to finding out more about UT in general.

When the day arrived they woke up early to get ready. After breakfast they drove to the campus. Freshman orientation was in a large auditorium so they got there early to get good seats. They had some time to wait and spent it holding hands and talking. They were in love and it was obvious to anyone who took the time to notice them.

As people sat down around them Laura tried to get to know them. She found some possible friends during this time. Paul was still his quiet self, willing Laura to find new friends for them.

When the orientation started the hall quieted down and the presentation started. It was very enlightening and informative and lasted about an hour and a half. Then they split into groups to tour their respective buildings. Laura and Paul determined to meet back together after the tour at the student union.

The tours were very enlightening and included classrooms, labs, study areas, and most importantly the offices of most of their professors. There was lots of classroom equipment like projectors, the labs were filled with equipment, and most of all the people seemed friendly and helpful.

The campus was a beautiful place with many old trees and lots of flowers. They had walked the campus a few days ago discovering what they could. It was a wonderful and exciting place.

After the tour they met back up at the front of the student union and then returned to Paul’s car. Enrollment was in two days and they wanted to make the most of their time together before things got too busy. When they returned home they fixed some lunch and sat at their new table to eat. Then they changed into their swimming suits and went to the apartment pool. They had visited the pool just about every other day since they moved in and they loved it.

After playing in the water awhile and then sunning themselves for an hour they went back to their apartment. They showered together to rinse off the chlorine and then went to the living room to watch a little TV. After a while they got sleepy and went to Laura’s room to take a nap. They were still naked when they climbed into bed with each other.

Two days later they both enrolled in their classes, bought their books, and were ready for classes. Their classes aligned for the most part except for lunch. Unfortunately one of Laura’s classes was during the lunch hour on MWF, but they were able to eat together on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Once classes started they quickly got into the routine of going together in the morning to school, attending classes, doing homework, eating lunch together on Tuesdays/Thursdays, and returning home at the end of the day. They actually spent most of their days at school which left some free time in the evening. Of course, they used this free time to their advantage having sex as often as they felt like it.

On the weekends they performed the chores as necessary. They cleaned their apartment, washed their clothes, did grocery shopping, and sometimes went out on Saturday night to a movie or other entertainment. They also caught up on homework during the weekend, but that did not happen too often.

Time went by as it so often does, their routine becoming just that, routine.

Both of them had made new friends in their classes, Laura even had a study group for her history class and Paul had made several friends from his classes. On MWF she sometimes had lunch with their friends since she could not lunch with Paul.

Neither of them thought that anyone could come between them, but they were both soon to find out that temptation is an emotion that is hard to deny.


During the latter part of October both Paul and Laura met people who would tempt them both.

For Laura it was a boy from her accounting class. His name was Craig and he was unbelievably handsome. He was tall, dark haired, well-built, and could charm the the ladies easily. When he asked her to lunch one Wednesday, Laura had no idea what would come of that occasion.

They ate lunch at a pizza place just across the street from the campus. After they ordered, Craig got the conversation going.

“So how is freshman life going for you, Laura?”

“Really good so far. I’m learning a lot and I really like my classes. How about you?”

“About the same. I miss my girlfriend from high school but that was to be expected.”

“Is she going to some other university?”

“No, she got a job at a UPS facility. She just had no interest in college.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. It must be tough when two people have different goals Ataşehir Escort in life.”

“Yeah, that’s true. I’m still looking for a new girlfriend.”

“Well, sorry, I can’t help you in that department.”

Craig was not put off by that statement, it was expected since he already knew she was taken. He thought that given enough time, he could change that.

As for Laura, she was physically attracted to Craig as was only natural. But her love for Paul kept her emotions under control.

Over the next week Craig kept up his full-court press on Laura. They studied together a few times and had lunch again. He began to reveal to her some intimate details of his previous girlfriend which had the desired effect of turning Laura on during those conversations.

During the next week Craig began to touch Laura. At first it seemed like a series of accidents but after a few days Laura began to suspect that he was trying to become more intimate with her. She began to feel proud of the way she could attract him. Having two men attracted to her was a big turn on but she never thought it would go further with Craig.

The next week Craig began to try an kiss her a few times. Although Laura rejected each of his attempts, it began to become a little worrisome. On the Wednesday of that week they were in the library studying together when the incident happened.

“What answer did you come up with for question twelve?” Laura asked.

Craig paused before answering. “I don’t have one yet. I can’t think straight when I get this horny.”

Laura smiled at him. “Maybe you should go into the restroom and take care of that.”

“Maybe you could help me?”

Laura was stunned by that question. Before meeting Paul she would have considered the question seriously. But now she needed to think about it. She realized it would be a huge betrayal to Paul, but to her surprise she found herself imagining what it would be like to jerk Craig’s cock and maybe even suck him off. It was a huge turn on for her and she found herself actually considering it.

“Come on, let’s see if we can find a private place for me to help you out.” she said while smiling at him.

They looked around on that floor of the library and found an unused room in one corner of the building. The door was unlocked and there were no windows into the room from the library. When they went in it turned out to be a conference room with one large central table and numerous chairs around it.

Laura sat in a chair and began to remove Craig’s jeans and underwear. Once they were down around his ankles she began to jerk his cock.

“Oh Laura, that feels amazing.” Craig said.

His cock was getting harder by the second as Laura jerked him. When he was hard she put his cock into her mouth and began sucking him. She had forgotten how wonderful it was to suck a new cock for the first time and it was turning her on. She could feel her juices starting to coat her vagina.

“That’s it. Suck that cock.”

She continued to suck Craig with abandon. She loved giving head and Craig had a nice cock.

Suddenly, Craig lifted her out of the chair and turned her around. He reached around and unfastened her jeans and pulled them down along with her panties.

“Craig no!” she said.

He pushed her down on the table and immediately shoved his cock into her pussy. Laura wanted to scream but his cock felt so good. He was now fucking her with everything he had, roughly jamming his cock into her over and over.

“That’s it, bitch. I know you want it. Take all of my cock.”

Laura was of two minds. On the one hand she did not like the rough sex and words. On the other, his cock was taking her to what she felt was going to be an amazing orgasm. This was not what she wanted but she could not control herself. She found herself making little sounds of satisfaction as his cock continued to fuck her.

“Fuck me, cunt! I’m going to fuck you until you scream.”

Laura hated herself. She was enjoying being fucked like this but she also was repelled by those emotions. What was she doing? Everything she loved about being with Paul was all being put at risk with this event. A flood of shame swept across her just as she was approaching her climax.

“I’m going to fill your cunt with my baby juice until it runs down your legs. Here it comes!”

Craig let loose a river of cum into her pussy. There really was more than enough to cause it to run down her legs. He continued to pound her until she had a very powerful orgasm. She was almost overcome with the power of her rapture as her spasms caused even more of Craig’s juice to run down her legs.

Craig made one more push into her and then pulled out. There were some paper towels on the table so he used some to clean himself up. Then he pulled his underwear and jeans back up and left the room without saying a single word to Laura.

After he left Laura cleaned herself up as best that she could. When she redressed she left the room looking for Craig. When she got to their study Anadolu Yakası Escort table she knew she had been used. All of Craig’s stuff was gone along with him. She collapsed in her chair and began to cry. She knew she had made a huge mistake. She just knew that Paul would never forgive her because she could not forgive herself. She sat there so long that she missed her next class.

She was in a funk the rest of the day. What was she going to tell Paul? She was not even sure she would be able to look at him, much less explain what happened.


During that same time period Paul was having his own problems. He met Vickie in his algebra class. She claimed to need his help as she was not doing very well in the class. He saw no problem in helping her out. She was, after all, a striking girl, with shoulder length brunet hair, a good figure, sparkling blue eyes, and nice sized breasts. She was also easy to talk to and be with.

They began by meeting twice a week to go over the assigned homework. Paul felt like she was a quick study as she began to make steady improvements.

Vickie also stroked Paul’s ego very subtly. She was continually praising his intellect and thanking him for his help. She also wore very revealing clothes which displayed her ample cleavage, jeans that displayed her remarkable ass, and when she wore dresses her legs were almost on complete display. He could not help himself when he sometimes stared at her, even when she noticed his gaze. When she did notice his stare, she just smiled at him, at least at first. After a few days of this, instead of just smiling, she squeezed his leg as well while slowly creeping closer to his crotch with each squeeze.

At one of their study sessions she kissed him on the cheek when she showed him the results of one of their weekly tests. Paul just thought is was a friendly gesture until she also hugged him with her breasts squeezed into his chest. It did not last long but it gave Paul pause to think about what she was doing to him. He felt she was obviously coming on to him, but he did nothing about it. When their study session ended she kissed him again to say goodbye.

The kissing and touching continued for a few more study sessions. Paul began to worry it was going a little too far, but he liked Vickie and put off trying to stop it. Then it happened. She asked him to come to her room because she had something to show him. She led him to her apartment just off campus where she lived with two other girls. Once inside she locked the door and turned to him.

“So what did you want to show me?” he asked.

“This.” She began to quickly undress. First her shirt and bra and then her jeans and shoes leaving her in just her panties. Paul was completely blown away by her naked figure. It was only the second naked girl he had ever seen in the flesh. He was frozen in place until she leaped forward and pushed him down on her bed. She undressed him quickly down to his underwear and then laid down on top of him.

“I’ve wanted you for weeks. Make love to me. Fuck me. Do anything you want to me. I just want you so bad.” she said.

She began kissing him with abandon while his cock was getting harder by the second. Her breasts felt so good against his chest and he could feel the heat from her womanhood right on his cock. Her tongue was probing at his mouth insistent about getting him to return the French kiss.

Paul was still in a state of shock. His first thought was to insist that she stop this but he was not thinking straight and soon was returning her kiss.

When she broke the kiss she moved down and removed his underwear. His cock was already at full mast so she immediately began sucking on it. Paul could think of nothing else except how good she was at sucking his cock.

When Vickie had enough she quickly removed her panties and plunged herself down on his cock. Paul could not believe the look on her face, it was full of shear lust.

“Come on, Paul. Fuck me! Make me cum again and again. I love your cock inside of me.”

She was already fucking him, bouncing up and down on his cock over and over again with complete abandon. It was not long before she had her first orgasm. It was a good one for her but she continued to bounce on his cock all the way through it.

Paul reached up to put her tits in his hands. They were a little larger than Laura’s breasts. Her nipples were like nails beneath the palms of his hands.

“Faster, Paul. Give me you cock, all of it. I want to feel it in all parts of my pussy. Fuck me!”

He started to meet her thrusts and it was not long before her second climax rolled over her. This time she slowed down when it was over and when she came to a stop she got off him onto her hands and knees.

“Fuck me like a dog, Paul! I want it bad.”

He got behind her on his knees and inserted his cock into her. When he started pumping into her she met each stroke with her own.

“Faster! Oh God, it feels good. Faster, faster, FASTER!”

Paul was like a jackhammer Kartal Escort his stokes were so fast. He was not going to last long at this pace but he need not have worried. When his climax happened it drove her over the edge and she had her third one. This time she was practically screaming through her climax. When it ended she collapsed on the bed beneath him. He moved to the edge of the bed and just sat there.

Now he began to think about what had just happened and the emotion of regret surged over him. Oh God, what was he going to say to Laura? What had he just done to their relationship? Would she even speak to him again? While the sex had been good, it did not even come close to what he and Laura had. And it was not just the sex, it was the closeness he felt with Laura. Did he just ruin everything?

He slowly got up and put on his clothes. When he left her room she was still laying there on the bed. He went through her door and back to the campus never looking back.


Through the intervention of fate, both of these experiences happened on the same day. When Paul and Laura met up to go home that day both were in a deep funk, maybe even depression. Not much was said on the way home as each were lost in their own thoughts. It was obvious that both were working through something on their mind, but neither had the courage to broach the silence.

When they got to their apartment they both silently split up to their own rooms. Laura and Paul both immediately stripped and took a shower, trying remove the traces of sex as well as their shame. Unfortunately, shame can not be washed away with soap and water.

When finished, both pulled on some underclothes. Laura laid on her bed trying to arrange her thoughts. Paul retreated to the living room couch without turning on the TV to do the same thing. After an hour or so Laura came out of her room and sat on the floor next to the couch.

“Paul, I have a confession to make. You may not want to hear it but I have to get it off my chest. I fucked another guy today.”

Tears started to roll down her cheeks. Paul looked at her with astonishment.

“I also have a confession. I fucked another girl today.”

They both looked at each other for a minute and let this new information sink in. Then they both smiled at each other. And then the smiles turned into laughter until they both were consumed with the humor of the situation. When their laughter died away Laura crawled on top of Paul and kissed him passionately over and over again until they had to come up for air. They wrapped their arms around each other and held the other as close as possible.

“Oh God, Paul. I was so afraid I was going to lose you.”

“And I was really afraid I was going to lose you.”

They both had tears in their eyes as they held each other. After a while they both sat up on the couch while wiping the tears from their eyes.

“Will you tell me what happened?” he asked.

“Of course I will. I want to be totally honest with you. Will you also tell me about what happened to you?”

“Yes. I also want to be honest with you.”

Laura told him the whole story. She even told him about her feelings while she was having sex.

“I’m really sorry about what happened. I was taken in by him and he humiliated me and then just left me there. I promise it will never happen again.”

“Don’t say that. You can’t see what will happen in the future. We have to be strong enough to help each other get through things like this.”

“Oh Paul! You are so good. I love you so much.” She hugged him and kissed him. “Now tell me about what happened to you.”

Paul told her everything, including how he just went blank during the sex and when it was over just how badly he felt.

“You’re right.” she said. “We can’t tell the future. Our love has to be strong enough to endure whatever fate throws at us. I think this was a test for us to see just how strong our love for each other is.”

“Maybe we should plan for things like this to happen so we can handle it when it does happen.”

“I think you’re right. We both have highly charged libidos and we are exposed to temptations everyday. We should plan for this just in case it happens again.”

“Okay, I hereby promise to come to you with the truth if and when it happens again. I also promise that you are the only one I want to come home to everyday. I love you and nothing and no one can change that.”

“And I also promise to come to you with the truth if and when it happens again. And you really are the only one I want to come home to each and every day. I love you and that will never change.”

They both hugged and kissed each other sealing the deal they just made. They both felt their love for each other had actually increased by adding forgiveness to their relationship.

When they broke their embrace they looked at each other. It was a moment neither of them would ever forget.

“I’m hungry, how about you?” he asked.

“Starving. Let’s see what we can whip up.”

They went to the kitchen and found some left over chicken and some salad makings. They were their old selves again as they prepared and ate their food. When they finished cleaning up they went to Paul’s room and lay on his bed to talk. They now had a whole new topic to talk about.

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