Coffee Shop Meeting

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After a string of vanilla relationships had run their course, all with me suppressing my underlying submissive nature and cravings, I decided to place an ad on a fetish personals site. Not really sure how much information to share in the ad, I left things pretty vague, but noted I was a sub and looking to meet dominant women, preferably BBWs. While hoping it was enough to spark some interest, I began browsing thru the ads myself, even left a few messages. Then I waited.

A few days later, I got a message from Kira. Kira was a stunning BBW with dangerous curves that caused my cock to leap to attention from just reading her name. She asked for me to send her my number and expect a call Thursday night. Thursday night came and I was pacing my apartment for hours. She did not tell me what time, and I was on edge waiting. Finally, at 9:15, the phone rang.

After brief introductions, she began to probe my interests and experience. I had very little actual experience, but fantasies on overload, most of which seemed to please her. She told me to meet her the following evening at 7:30 PM at a little coffee shop that I’d passed by a million times, but had never actually been to. I agreed and we hung up til tomorrow.

All day at work Friday, my mind was elsewhere. I could not believe I was going to meet a dominant BBW in less than 1/2 a day. I got home and immediately washed up and got ready for our “date”. I had no idea what to expect other than the fact that she wanted to meet me in person, and better gauge how well our interests matched up. Not wanting to be late, I got there a few minutes early, ardahan escort only to find that she was already sitting in a booth around back.

The coffee shop was set up in such a way that there were no tables right next to each other. Very spread out as well as having our booth around the corner toward the back. Were we sat, we were very secluded. The only foot traffic in our area was if the apparently lone employee needed to head to the stock room in the back. As I approached the table, she put her hand out, which I took to mean she wanted me to kiss her hand, so I did. She thought that was cute and laughed. We made small talk and then she decided it was time to see how serious I was about the interests I’d expressed during our phone call. Told me I was free to leave any time.

With that, the barista was walking out of the stock room and headed toward the front. Kira waved her down.

Barista: Yes. What can I do for you?

Kira: Can we get some napkins. My date has something on his face that needs to be wiped off.

In that moment, as I began to wonder, what was on my face and the barista turned to see what was on my face, Kira spit across the table into my face. Taken completely by surprise, both the barista and I were speechless. Kira looked over at me and asked, “Don’t you need a napkin? Or are you ok?” I replied that I was fine and did not need a napkin. The barista shuffled away looking confused, yet amused.

“Good boy. How did that make you feel?”

“It was humiliating Mistress.”

“Ohhhh! Mistress! Such a fast learner!”

“Yes. Mistress. artvin escort Thank you Mistress.”

With a very please look on her face, she leaned back in her seat and stretched her feet across under the table. One rest in my crotch, the other on the bench to my right.

“Take my shoe off, bitch.”

I reached down to the shoe resting on my cock and moved to remove it. She immediately kicked me in the crotch lightly and said, “Not that one, stupid. The other one. “

I removed the shoe, unveiling her bare foot.

“What do you think of my foot?”

“It’s beautiful, Mistress. Your foot is beautiful.”

“Do you want to suck on my toes?”

“I would love too!”

“Maybe later. Not now. Reach inside my show and pull out what you find.”

I stuck my hand inside and felt something somewhat damp. WTF? As I pulled it out, I discovered it to be a slice of ham. She had a slice of ham wedged in her shoe under her foot.

“Eat it.”


“You heard me. You are into humiliation? I’m into humiliating. Eat that ham. Show me how serious you are.”

I put the ham in my mouth and started chewing it up while she laughed uncontrollably. I swallowed it and opened my mouth to show her it was gone, kinda like how they do on Fear Factor after eating some gross challenge.

“Very good. You really want this! You like this!”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Go order us some drinks.”

I left her and went to the front to place an order. The place was empty other than us. The barista said she’d bring the drinks back in just a few minutes. ataköy escort I returned to the table and sat down, at which point, she planted her foot in in my crotch again. A few minutes later, the barista returned with our drinks. Since the place was dead and there was a bell on the front door to alert her of any new customers, Kira invited her to stay for a minute.

“So, have you ever seen such a pathetic bitch like this?”

“No. I mean, I don’t think so. That was definitely a first for me.”

“I have something to show you, but only if you want to see it. He’s gonna do little…trick. Its gonna be a little more intense that what you already saw.”

“Hell, I’m game. I get pretty bored around this time. “

With that, Mistress Kira stood up and asked the barista to stand behind her. Once there, Mistress Kira pulled out the waistband of the shorts she was wearing, reached her hand down the back of her pants, as the barista watched her pull out another piece of ham that was crammed into her ass crack. She tossed it over to me and said, “You know what to do, bitch!”

Not expecting an audience, my face turned beet red, but turned on beyond belief, my cock just got harder and harder. Sheepishly, I put the ham in my mouth and started chewing, but before I could swallow, she told me to stop.

“Open your mouth”

I did as I was told. Kira leaned in and spit in my mouth, looked back at the barista and asked if she wanted to contribute. Laughing as hard as she could, she came over and did the same.

“NOW, swallow.”

Mistress Kira exchanged numbers with the barista and bid her farewell. She took the lid off my drink and the both of them spit in it a few times, then she summoned me to follow her as we left.

As we turned to walk out the door, she looked at me and said, “I am going to have a lot of fun with you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32