Coffee at a Tea House Ch. 02

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Cum Shot

She woke up early Wednesday morning tired and horny. She was always horny but her neighbor had been out of town for awhile and she really needed a good hard fucking.

She slid her fingers over her clit and into her already wet slit and she groaned with disgust. This just isn’t going to work she thought and climbed out of her bed. Goosebumps speckled her naked flesh as she stood in the middle of her apartment. She was horny, bad horny, fuck machine horny.

She threw out every rule she thought she had and climbed onto the table. Only her subs had been on this table before. Only she had tightened the straps or held the remote. Only she had watched others squirm with anticipation and fear before melting into piles of cum and sweat. She had never needed to do this. Until today.

She laid down and positioned herself onto the tip of the dildo. She pushed the lube aside, if she needed this then she was going to punish herself for it too. She grabbed the remote and turned the dial slowly. The rubber dick slid easily into her wet pussy and she gasped at how efficient it was. She could get used to this she thought as she closed her eyes and turned the dial a little more.

She slid two fingers into her mouth and swirled her tongue around them, making sure they were quite wet upon removal. She slid them down her body onto each side of her clitoris. She turned the dial a bit more and moaned with pleasure as she started massaging.

She heard the click of her front door closing and chose to ignore it. Only Shane her neighbor, and the landlord had a key to her apartment and either one she would allow to watch. She turned the dial down a little and arched her back in a way that the dildo was now hitting just the perfect spot. Her tits were cold and nipples poking straight up and for the millionth time she wished they were big enough she could suck them.

“Oh holy fuck,” she moaned. God she loved being watched. She dropped the remote, pinched her right nipple hard, tugged on her clit a little and pushed herself right to the edge of cumming before dropping her back to the table and opening her soft eyes, a smile spreading across her face as she realized who was watching.

Shane was dropping his suit pants to the floor and pulled his jacket, tie and shirt over his head in one practiced swoop. Without a word he walked towards her, stroking the head of his stiffening eight inch cock. She loved every inch of it and devoured it each time she could. He made her cum regularly and never called first or wanted to snuggle. He really was the perfect man for her, except the damn amount of traveling for work he did.

She began to turn the dial down and slide off the rubber dick so they could switch places. She was sure he was craving a good fucking too.

“Suck my dick,” he demanded as he pushed her back onto the table and bent to grab the twirling remote.

“Excuse mmmmmph.” He pushed his dick into her surprised mouth and turned the dial off.

“If you want fucked, suck.” He pumped into her once. This is new she thought, she was always in charge. He had always been such a good sub but she tingled in a spot she didn’t know she could tingle so the next time he hit the back of her throat with his cock, she sucked deeply.

He pulled out just enough that she could lick his cock and as she started to moisten the dry penis with her tongue he grabbed the fabric straps and cinched them around her waist. He knew she had never been on this table and she always strapped him down, so fair is fair, he smiled and sunk his cock back into her mouth.

“Suck it good, Molly. Suck it dry.” He pinched her nipple hard and leaned into her throat a bit. He knew she could deep throat him and was frustrated she wasn’t. The moan slipping from her drooling mouth convinced him to keep going. He turned the dial on for her and she was instantly impaled by the fake cock. He stopped it with her full on it.

“Fuck it like you would me. Ride it till I cum,” he smiled down at her as he slid his hand from her tit to her neck. “You like this don’t you? You’re nothing better than a little sub whore yourself. You missed my cock and will do anything to have it right now won’t you.” He was full on face fucking her now and turned the machine on for her. It was as slow as it could go. She was trying to arch her back or move ataköy escort her hips or beg for faster but the straps and his cock were holding her down. He smiled at her impatience.

His balls were slapping her forehead when he finally turned the machine up to a decent pace. He reached down and flicked her clit one time. That’s all it took. She moaned and started convulsing, cum sprayed out of her and splashed everywhere by the never stopping fuck machine. She was trying to scream in ecstasy but he continued to fuck her pretty little mouth.

“Did I tell you that you could cum? Did I say you could cum first?” He tightened his grip on her throat and turned the dial all the way up. He found he quite enjoyed the widening of her eyes and the startled moan escaping around his cock. He slid his cock into her throat and shot his hot, salty cum down her throat as the machine fucked her faster than any man could. She was swallowing like a good girl and he dumped his entire load before he turned the machine down.

He reached down to her clit and gave it a good massage. When she started to get close he pulled away from her, slapped her tits and he pulled his hard cock from her throat, smiled at her still tied up waist and walked away. He left his clothes on the floor and walked out of her front door, making sure to leave it open. He skipped down a flight of stairs and into the apartment below her. As he shut his pwn door he heard her moaning and slight scream as she was brought to ecstasy again by the machine. She really never could get enough.

She finally reached for the remote and turned it off. She laid there impaled on the rubber dick and stared at the ceiling as she tried to figure out what had just happened. Shane had never been anything but a sub and she had never been dominated like that. She wasn’t sure what to think about it as she undid the straps and slid off the dick. She then noticed the front door was still open and quickly went to shut it. Shane would pay for that, she thought.

She showered and climbed her way to the roof. She had a deadline to meet today before going to the tea hut and then to decided what to do about Erik. With Shane home and such a good fucking this morning, maybe she could wait and play with him some more. She really did like his company, which was weird for her.

She could see at once that Old Man Window Watcher was watching this afternoon so she turned her chair so he would have a straight on view of her cleanly shaven pussy. He was getting old and could use all the excitement she could provide. She spread her legs and bent over as she pretended to adjust her chair. She counted to thirty while shaking her ass allowing him to see everything before sitting down and spreading her knees. She put her laptop on her tray, opened her hidden file and was immediately sucked into her story.

She was typing as fast as her imagination could go. She wrote of Erik fucking her hard in the back room and how they had to be fast so that Joe would not notice him gone. How he had a foot long dick and balls that gagged her. How he would slide it into her pussy, while fingering her ass and whispering how he was going to make her scream in her ear. How she came on his dick and he shot his hot cum onto her double D tits. How he promised her more as soon as all the customers were gone.

She rounded out the chapter with a cliff hanger, ran a spelling checker and sent it to her editor. She checked the time, 5:45 pm and pushed the tray away. That chapter had taken longer than she expected. She was getting up when she noticed the sign in Old Man Window Watchers window.


She smiled, laid back and spread her knees. She sucked on her fingers then slid them straight into the depths of her pussy. There was no time to play around today. She could see the outline of him and could tell he was masturbating in rhythm with her fingering. She pinched her tits and finger banged herself until he stopped stroking. She reached for the laptop and bent over for him again. When she stood and headed inside there was a new sign.


She smiled all the way to the tea hut and decided at the last minute that Erik would be just a fun toy for another week. She shimmied and shook into her too tall of a chair right at 7:10 pm. He arrived with hot black coffee bakırköy escort a short minute later. She found herself wondering how big his cock really was when he asked her what she wanted for dinner.

“What?” she asked, shaking her head a little bringing herself out of the day dream.

“Would you like dinner tonight?” He smiled. wondering what she would do if he just told her to eat his cock for dinner tonight. He blushed at the thought and swore at his cock stiffening in his pants.

“Yes, something I will remember tomorrow,” she noticed his blush deepening and the bulge in his pants growing. “Do you have any of that hot, hard and long bread I like so much? I want that to dip deep and slowly into a steaming bowl of chili. Warm my insides, it seems to be getting stormy out.” She slid her finger softly over her lips, down her neck and over her right breast. She knew she should stop, but once she got started she just couldn’t.

He just stood there, watching her, wishing that finger was his tongue, or better yet his cock. He saw her staring at his pants and wished that he wore the apron he made everyone else wear. He thought of grabbing her innocent hand and sliding it around his cock and teaching her how to jack him off. He thought of telling her to suck his balls gently while stroking his hard cock and he thought of bending her over his desk in the back. Slamming his dick into her ass and taking that sweet ass virginity from her. The look of her screamed innocence and he wanted to rid her of it. He could teach her so many things. He wanted to make her scream his name.

“Um, hello.” she was waving her hand in front of his face. He reached for it, kissed the back of it, blushed harder than ever and walked away. It was the first time he had ever touched her and his entire body was on fire.

He walked into the kitchen and barked at Joe, “Chili, a baguette and watch the front for me for a minute.” He didn’t even slow down or listen to Joe’s snotty comment. He continued straight into his office, locked his door, pushed the camera to the corner and pulled his cock from his pants.

He spit into his palm and started stroking his cock. Nothing pretty here, he thought, just get the job done. He pulled his pants up just a hair so they held his balls a little tighter and yanked his throbbing cock quickly. The mental image of her bent over this very same desk begging him to teach her, to fuck her, to make her cum brought him to the edge, him hearing her call him daddy sent him over the edge into the tissue.

“I need to fuck her,” he whispered to himself. “She is killing me.” He slumped into his chair and waited for his cock to deflate. Erik cleaned up his cum, dropped the tissue in the garbage and headed to the hand washing station.

“Corner girl got you all hot and bothered?” Joe asked smiling ear to ear.

“Fuck off, Joe,” Erik flinched at the temperature of the water. He shook his head as he washed his hands and reset his attitude as he toweled them off.

“Foods up. Want me to take it to her? Ask her out for you? Maybe just ask her for her panties for you to sniff?” Joe sauntered out the back door laughing as he went for a smoke.

Erik flipped him off, applied a smile to his face and grabbed her food.

“Sorry it took so long Cor… uh.” He had caught himself but noticed her grin grew as she heard the slip.

“You know you can call me that to my face.”

“Or you could just tell me your damn name,” he angrily sat her food on the table. “I’m sorry. It’s just been a long day and this storm has chased all the customers away, Joe is being a dick and I really just want to close shop and go the hell home.”

“I am so sorry to be such an inconvenience, I will leave as soon as you bring me my check,” she stood, surprised by his attitude she had never seen him like this before.

“No. Please don’t.” He dropped his eyes, “You’re the best part of today. I have an idea, wait here.” He walked to the front door and turned off the open sign and locked the door. He walked into the kitchen where she could just catch the deep mumbling of Joe’s voice and his laughter as he slammed the back door. She watched, waiting for Eric, as Joe’s car pulled from the parking lot. She let out a deep sigh as he turned left at the light. She really did not care for him and was glad he was gone.

Erik returned moments later with a bowl of chili, a baguette and a bottle of tequila.

“I didn’t know that was on the menu,” she laughed, smiling as he held it to her first. She took the bottle and pretended to drink. She never drank away from home and even more rarely with someone else. The fear of losing control was buried deep in her soul and she dared not risk it. She handed him back the bottle and watched as he took two long pulls from it.

“Well, now that’s better,” he coughed, cringed and put the bottle down. “Let’s eat!”

They ate in silence for a long moment listening to the thunder and watching the lightning and rain on the front wall of windows. The wind was blowing so hard that random things were blowing passed the buildings porch. Garbage at first, then a plastic chair and then the neighbors empty recycle can. Just as she was pondering how the fuck she was getting home tonight Erik handed her the bottle again. She fake drank and watched as he pulled two large swallows from the bottle. Well, she thought, he wasn’t leaving for awhile.

Erik was visibly loosening up and began talking. He told her about his childhood, his wife and recent divorce. He told her of his dreams and passions and how he loved owning the tea hut. He talked and drank and talked. She thought to herself more than once, this is why I don’t drink. Hours passed and the storm grew stronger.

She looked like she was listening to some story about a childhood dog but was desperately trying to figure out how to get home this evening. It’s only a couple blocks but this storm was a bitch and she had her laptop. Maybe she could call Shane, but quickly threw that out, he knew nothing about her outside of the bedroom and she liked it that way. Erik couldn’t drive. Nod of the head and an uh-huh. She had no one to call and no car and no fucking way out of this mess. How did she do this?

“Maybe we should just go in the office and you can suck me off,” Erik slurred. She jumped, startled.

“What did you just say?” she asked, mouth gaping.

“I was just seeing if you were listening, ha ha ha.” He tipped back on his chair a little and then a little too far. He toppled over and grunted when he hit the floor. “Oh that fucking hurt.”

“Are you alright?” She jumped from her chair and knelt at his side. She started checking his head for wounds and watched his breathing. She ran her hands from head to toe, expertly like a nurse would, she knew he was drunk and wanted to make sure he truly wasn’t hurt.

“Fuck, I should have done this a year ago. Please don’t stop touching me. Ouch! No, please don’t stop.”

“My hell Erik, you are drunk and apparently very horny.” She slapped his hand away from her thigh, “You are not a good drunk!” She stood up and reached her hand to him.

Her entire body tingled when he touched her. As he made it to his feet he roamed his thumb around her thumb and onto her wrist. He pulled her closer and brushed his lips against her cheek, god she smelled good. Lavender, coconut oil and coffee. He slid his free hand up the left side of her body and onto the back of her neck and into her flowing hair. It was soft and smelled of sunshine and expensive shampoo. He breathed deeply in her scent and was getting hard he needed her so fucking bad. He tugged softly on her hair and waited for his cue, that sexy little moan that he desperately needed to hear slipping from her soft lips.

“Owe, ass!” She pulled away, dropped his hand and nearly pushed him over. “What the hell, Erik, that hurt,” she rubbed the back of her head while moving away from him.

He put his hands up, “Sorry, I wasn’t trying to hurt you, I just want… I just want to be with you.” He dropped his eyes and turned for the counter.

“Unlock the front door,” She walked behind the counter and grabbed a garbage bag. She wrapped her laptop in the bag and put on her jacket. “Unlock the damn door, Erik, or are you kidnapping me?”

“You can’t go out in this, that’s crazy.”

“Well I sure the hell am not staying with you, UNLOCK THE DOOR!”

Erik unlocked the front door and tried to protest one more time before she walked out into the dark, windy night. She walked quickly to the first storefront and crouched down into the far corner. She pulled her phone from her purse found Shane’s number and sent

You want my ass? Pick me up at the bookstore on Williams and 27. NOW.

She would give him 10 minutes before offering more. He made it in 8.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32