Code J

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Jessie slapped her girlfriend’s ass playfully as they walked through the park.

“Careful, you don’t want me doing that back to you, do you?” Hannah giggled playfully, looking at her girlfriend’s massively stretched out jeans. From the front they looked like some regular distressed jeans, but from the back they swelled out massively, struggling to contain what looked like two enormous globes of flesh as they jiggled, their pale tops remaining stubbornly uncovered. Well, they looked normal from the front if you didn’t know to look for the conspicuous bulge that ran down her left leg…

Hannah herself was a statuesque thing of beauty, her hourglass figure pulled the attention and jealousy of every man, woman and futa that walked down the little rural lane. Jessie wasn’t bothered by it though, jealousy just wasn’t coded into her, normally she coded it into other people.

So when a muscular, amazonian figure stepped in front of them and blocked their path, Jessie had to contain her sigh of impatience. Oh boy, here we go again.

“I can’t beeelieve I’ve never seen you around here before, I know I’d have spotted someone as fine as you in this neighbourhood before. Say, why don’t you say me and you ditch this little limp dick and go and have some real fun? Waddya say?” This amazonian futa, her skin dark and her shoulders broad brought one of her powerful hands down to slap the massive, prominent bulge in her yoga pants. It stretched all the way down to her ankles, and still had the ability to bend. Clearly it was still flaccid, and would be an absolute monster once it got hard.

Hannah looked over her sunglasses at the tall futa, taking in every immediate detail before looking down to her shorter girlfriend. She could see Jessie widen her stance, and the beginnings of a smirk play across her face. She was keen to play this game, and Hannah loved to see her go all out, so she decided to play along.

“OH, wow!” She said, in her best valley-girl impression, “You’re like, so fucking big, I can’t wait to see what it really looks like.”

“Oh yeah?” The amazon said, amusement rising in her voice, clearly she hadn’t expected it to be this easy. “Well if you’re that desperate..” She trailed off, as a slight look of strain covered her face. As she screwed her eyes shut for a second, Hannah looked back to her shortstack of a girlfriend, and winked.

The amazon flexed, and her colossal trouser snake jerked to life, quickly filling out every available inch of the yoga pants. It’s broad cunt-crushing head slammed into the ground and the shaft bowed out, stretching the elastic material to its limits. Snaps and pops could be heard as the pants became undone, before exploding off the futa’s lower body, leaving one leg covered, while her mighty cum cannon began it’s steady rise to erection.

Veins filled out as the thick folds of her foreskin stretched, revealing her angry, pulsing head. “There might be too much for you here babe! Tell you what, why don’t we let your limp dick girlfriend join us as well, I’m sure she knows how to at least put that dump-truck ass to work!”

Hannah got closer, even laying her hand on the broad, scalding shaft. Jessie had to stifle her laugh, she loved seeing her girlfriend go to work, putting in the moves before she moved in for the final blow. She let her hand work to her waistband, internet casino and slowly started pulling down her zipper.

She leaned in close, grinding her hips on the monstrous pillar of meat, it stretched out nearly 5 foot from her groin at this point and it was still growing. It was hard enough to hold its own weight, but there was still some slack left to be filled out. Hannah had to stand on her tip toes to get her lips close enough to this amazon to whisper her sultry words. Sure, Jessie’s cock might not be as big as the behemoth she was rubbing against now, but that’s not what Hannah cared about, because as must as this amazon had her outmatched there, she was no match in the area that really mattered.

“Oh well, that’s a shame,” she muttered into her ear. Over the thudding of the veins that carried the blood through that fuckstick, Hannah could make out the unmistakable sound of Jessie’s zipper coming undone. “Because that’s not her ass.” She coyly whispered into her ear. Hannah saw the futa’s eyes snap up, and properly take Jessie in. Her hand went down and down, still pinching that zipper. Soon it reached the bottom of her crotch, and still that sound of metal sliding on metal, the high pitched rhythmic sound of clasps coming undone. “Those are her balls.” She left a peck on the amazon’s cheek as she stepped back. She’d done her part of the show, now to let Jessie get to work.

Jessie had to swap her hand over. Instead of going through the crotch, she reached behind and found the zipper again. The amazon looked at her in confusion, her now seven foot behemoth cock standing at a 45 degree angle, showing off her impressive, yet woefully outclassed nutsack underneath. They looked like a pair of watermelons in a sack that was stretched way too tight. As if that would be enough to beat Jessie. Her hand came to a stop. The zip fully retracted.

“Hannah, would you be so kind?” Jessie asked, her voice laced with confidence and bravado. Oh how she loved putting on a show.

“Gladly!” Her beautiful girlfriend chirped up, as if she was the assistant to a stage magician. It was why they worked so well together, why no one could ever separate them. She whirled behind her girlfriend and grasped either side of the undone zipper. She leaned over Jessie’s shoulder and stared at the amazon, who stood there with a look of anger at being denied plastered on her face, and confusion as to what the hell was going on. Clearly she wasn’t used to being passed up, and even more so at the very idea that she might be smaller than someone.

Hannah went slow, building up the tension, feasting on every nervous twitch and drop of sweat. Then she yanked on the right hand side. The fabric stretched and contracted as it’s massive payload shifted, swinging forward like a massive wrecking ball. There was a chain reaction, the skin pulled taut and soon the second boulder was pulled out. Hannah stepped back, as the ground shook with two almighty *THUNKS*.

Jessie stood there, an arrogant smirk firmly plastered on her face. Her massive balls lay in the shallow dents in the ground they’d made on impact. Her sack was loose, with plenty of space left between the top of the globes and where it joined up to her groin. Jessie could have happily leaned back and sat on them like a giant flesh coloured canlı poker oyna bean bag chair, but she stood there as her now incredibly loose pants dropped from around her waist, revealing her flaccid, footlong cock.

“Do you want to know what the best part is?” Hannah asked, as she danced and twirled her way back over to the dark skinned amazon, who stood frozen to the spot. She leaned up so close, close enough so that her breath could be felt on her skin, “she’s a grower, not a shower…” She let the sentence trail off as she took a step back.

Confusion, anger, wonder and fear crossed the amazon’s face. This couldn’t be happening. No one beat her. No one could be bigger than her! It just wasn’t fair!

Jessie rolled her hips, a watchful eye making sure that Hannah was out of the splash zone. That was a nice dress she was wearing, it’d be a shame if it was ruined.

The thing was, this amazon was hot. Insanely hot. And if it wasn’t for her horrid personality, Jessie wouldn’t have minded letting her come play. But no, she tried to be the dom, tried to be the alpha. And that just wasn’t going to work. Not once Jessie got started. She stared at the ripped, well defined muscles, the massive, vein corded cock that was only a few feet shy of covering the distance between them. She’d had loved to have seen that splitting Hannah, but now she’d have to settle for the next best thing. Covering it in a mountain of cum.

She flexed. Blood flooded her cock and it twitched upwards, slapping back down against her thighs as it made some semblance of an attempt at erection. But that was only the beginning. The earth beneath them rumbled, like there was a far off earthquake. But it was here, beneath their feet. Or rather, behind Jessie’s. In motion it was hard to spot, but slowly, the space between her legs filled out. Her cock twitched again and again as Jessie ran her hands up and down her thighs. Even from there, her hands could feel the heat being radiated by the gigantic cum furnaces between her legs.

All sorts of feelings assaulted her body. Tightness, vibrations, waves of heat and pleasure. Her balls were the source of it all. Her cock rose triumphantly at last, stretching from one, to two, to three full feet of bulging, iron-hard fuckmeat. It closed the gap between the two of them, and with a flex, Jessie batted her cock against the massive head of the amazon’s. The impact awoke her from some kind of stupor, and she realised what she was looking at. It might not have been half the size of hers, but her cock was big. Her Urethra gaped open, and as the amazon let her view settle on the swelling pale mountains behind Jessie, it all added up. She probably would have started backing off, if her behemoth of a cock wasn’t weighing her down.

They’d started like two beach balls awkwardly stuffed into her pants, giving her the illusion of an ass that stretched about two full feet behind her. Then they’d swollen to medicine balls, forcing her legs to stretch even further apart. Now they looked like large leathery sofa, and Jessie had little choice but to lean back into them unless she wanted to have her legs swept from under her. And still they grew. Minutes passed. They grew from a sofa to a small bed, to a large bed, to the size of a small car. Jessie was lifted from the ground and now she was at eye level with the poker oyna amazon, their cockheads butting together.

Hannah watched it all from the sidelines, finger fucking herself silly as her girlfriend put this presumptuous futa in her place. Oh she couldn’t wait to see what came next.

“More, more, c’mon gimmie more!” Jessie growled at her own nuts, jerking her dick furiously as she sank into her sack, basking in the musk and the pleasure they provided her. The best thing was, now that she was outside, she didn’t have to worry about making a mess of breaking any furniture. She could actually let loose.

The amazon trembled. This was way more than she’d bargained for. She wanted to run, but her stupid dick wouldn’t go soft, and her stupid body wouldn’t stop jerking herself off. She couldn’t help it, it was too hot. She felt her orgasm building, and there was nothing she could do to stop herself. Ropes of jizz shot from her massive cock, splattering against the wall of testicular might that rose up in front of her. For anyone else, that would have been a lot. Maybe enough to fill a bathtub. For Jessie, it was a drop in the ocean.

A hatchback. A HUV. A Minivan. Cars were the only thing that could be compared to her balls now, and soon maybe even those wouldn’t be enough. Jessie felt the amazon’s cum slap against her balls, and she laughed. She looked around, at the height she’d gained by the growth of her balls alone, and decided now was the time. The pathway was entirely taken up by her nuts, and she could feel the trees digging into her. She jerked harder, faster, digging her heels into her massive, overgrown cum tanks, she felt a pair of hands and a tongue rubbing on them from behind and she guessed that Hannah had enough of being a spectator. Either that or some random person was so turned on by the sight of her they couldn’t control themselves. Either was fine.

“OH GOD, OH GOD YES! SHITFUCKSHITCUNTGODYES! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!” Jessie screamed for all to hear. Her voice carried through the park around them and birds were shaken from their trees, Rabbit’s dived for their burrows, and Jessie let loose with the mother-of-all-cumshots.

Her urethra gaped wider, as a deluge of white, tar-like cum shot from her like a cannon. But it wasn’t just one shot, it was a stream. A stream that shot with such pressure and velocity that it flew well over 100 metres away from her, covering everything in its path. The amazon was buried, even after her orgasm she’d stayed hard and had to come to terms with her fate. Hannah had made a noble attempt to scale the side of the mountainous cum factories, but once the orgasm had started she’d been shaken loose, falling several metres to the ground. She lay there, basking in her girlfriends shear productive prowess.

She kept on screaming. Cum caught in the trees and dripped to the ground below. It ran down the hillside, joining with rivers and making its way into the water supply of the city below. And still she came. Seconds turned to minutes, which turned into hours. This was the downside of having massive balls with a smaller cock. It took a lot longer for the cum to empty out, but it felt so much better. Her mind was assaulted by too much, and eventually Jessie’s brain had to switch off. The city below had to be issued with a combination flood and avalanche warning, and search and rescue teams swept the landscape, searching for survivors.

Everyone knew what had happened of course. You didn’t live in a city with hyper futas an not come prepared. Especially when someone issued a “Code J”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32