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Originally written for Gary

You like tits, don’t you? You’re watching my big tits jiggle and bounce in front of you as you rise up over me and plunge your hot, hard cock into my slippery, wet cunt. My tits are large, resilient mounds of creamy flesh with small, sensitive, dusky pink nipples that love to be teased by fingers and lips. Can you think of anything better than sliding your wet cock between them and giving me the good sound tittie fuck I so well deserve? Fuck me harder, stud. Make my tits bounce.

Pulling out of my snatch, you lay your rod between my tits and press the soft globes together until they surround your cock. You start slowly sliding back and forth, feeling the tender warmth of my breasts around you. As you stroke up, I flick my tongue over the tip of your cock wishing I could take the helmeted head in my mouth to suck you. I taste my own juices mixed with your pre-cum. As you pull away, you watch a string form, connecting the head of your prick with my tongue. The sight makes you hungry to plant your cock in my face, so you move over me until your pecker is bobbing over my lips.

I stare up at the beautiful, turgid length of your cock and open my lips. You lower your balls into my mouth and I suck them one at a time, gently rolling them inside their sack with my tongue. I reach up and stroke the soft skin of your perineum with my finger tip, then move to lightly circle the tight pucker of your ass as I start to lick the length of your cock. The skin is satiny smooth and delicately soft over your hard shaft. I love the smell, the taste and texture of you. I kiss and suckle your length until I reach the head of your cock. Lightly, I flick my tongue under the rim of your glans, teasing you. I delve my tongue again and again into the cleft at the back of your cock, cupping your balls with cool fingers; bostancı escort gently playing with them in my hand.

You are shaking and moaning. You want me to lick the tip of your cock. You want me to plunge my tongue in and out of the slit at the top and swirl over the sensitive skin surrounding it. You want to shove yourself deep in my throat and fuck my mouth but you wait, knowing it will be better if you let me have my way.

Using my fingers, I start to stroke you lightly; tracing the veins and bulges of your straining cock. Taking you in my fist, I squeeze firmly and pump you as my tongue continues to flick and swirl around the head of your cock, coming ever closer but never quite touching the most sensitive area around your slit where pre-cum is oozing liberally.

I take away my tongue and tickle your perineum and anus again. You quiver and moan, “Don’t stop.”

Looking up into your eyes I say, “What do you want?”

“Suck me. I want you to suck my cock!” you pant.

“Is that all you want?” I ask as I slip the tip of my finger into your ass and give your cock a few quick strokes with my hand.

“No,” you breathe, “I want to fuck my cock down your throat. I want to cum in your face. Please, please suck me.”

I graze the underside of your cock with my teeth, making you suck wind and shudder. I lick your length with one long stroke of my tongue then blow a cool stream of air over the wetness left there.

“What if I don’t want to?” I ask.

You could force me. We both know that. You could open my mouth and plunder your cock over my tongue and into my throat but you like the long, slow tease so you hold back, waiting to see what the game will bring next.

“Please,” you gasp.

“Please, what?”

“Suck me,” you büyükçekmece escort implore.

“Lay down,” I tell you.

You do and I lean over your cock. You feel my long, brown hair brush over you in feather light touches and helplessly thrust your hips toward the contact. I drag the ends of my hair over and around you, tickling your balls and the length of your cock. Wrapping the silky strands around your shaft, I enclose them under my fist and jerk you ever so lightly through the softness of my hair.

I listen to your deep, passionate, masculine moans of pleasure and want and slowly drag my tongue across the tip of your cock, cleaning away pre-cum dripping from your slit, savoring your flavor. You thrash slightly, fighting yourself to keep from thrusting into my mouth. I blow on the tip of your cock, then lightly circle your slit with my tongue. Your cock is still wrapped in the gentle softness of my hair and I reach between your legs to stroke the delicate skin there with my middle finger using the same movements I would to masturbate my own clit.

Taking the full head of your soldier’s helmet into my mouth, I suck hard, running my tongue up and down and into the tiny slit, then circle the tender, sensitive skin around it. I hear you moan and feel you try to buck further into my mouth. You are shaking and sweating with the effort of your restraint. I suck half the length of your cock into my mouth, running my wet tongue back and forth before stroking toward the head again and again.

“Oh, God, yes! Suck me.” you moan.

I pull away, raking my hair off your shaft. Sitting back on my heels, I finger comb the tangles from the silky tresses.

“God, NO!” you cry, panting with unfulfilled lust. “PLEASE! Don’t tease anymore. Suck me!”

“Wouldn’t çekmeköy escort you rather fuck my hot, wet cunt?” I ask innocently, tipping my pelvis and spreading my pussy lips so you can see my glistening juices and clit.

“UUUUnnnnnggggghhhhh!” you groan in frustration, squeezing your eyes tightly closed, wanting the game to end.

“Or maybe a little more tittie fuck?” I ask, leaning over you to graze the length of your cock with my nipples. Your cock is straining and purple with want as I gently penetrate your pee hole with a hard nipple. A torment of pleasure scorches along your nerves as your back arches and the cords strain in your neck.

A sighing groan finally escapes you as you feel me lick the length of your cock again, from balls to tip and enclose you in my mouth, feeding you deeper toward my throat. You open your eyes and look to see my face nestled against your thatch of thick hair and feel the muscles of my throat working around your cock. I stroke you in and out, playing my tongue along your hot skin while I lightly caress your balls before squeezing them. I can feel them starting to gather, tighten and pull up. You will cum soon.

Pulling you out of my throat, I tell you to change positions. I want you to be over me so you can leverage strokes and fuck my throat. You slide into my mouth again and press past my tongue into my throat. The time for play is over. You are intent on reaching your orgasm and spending your cum in my mouth. I tip my head back and you gently pump your cock into my face, watching as your pubic hair brushes my lips. You can see my throat working to accept your length and diameter and feel the vibrations of small moans as you run a finger over my clit to return some of the pleasure I have given you.

Reaching between your legs, I play with your perineum and tight asshole again as you begin to thrust faster, grunting with your effort. You can feel the burn of cum coursing from your balls down the length of your cock and give a loud, masculine roar of release as you pull out of my throat and expel shot after shot of cum into my mouth. You watch as I swallow your copious offering, then suck the last drops from your softening cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32