Co-Worker Fantasy Pt. 02

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This is the second part in a series. You can always go refresh yourself on Part 1 (same name!) if you want to start from the beginning.


She figured she must be imagining things. No one could be knocking on that door.

She threw a t-shirt on just in case, so she wasn’t completely exposed. She kept telling herself no one would be knocking at that door as she turned the latch and pulled the door toward her. She was standing behind the door and she peered around the edge of the door into the space between the rooms.

Or what should have been the space between the rooms…

She was looking into another hotel room, and into the face of Jacob who was standing there holding up a 6 pack of beers. “I know you like beer and it’s time for happy hour. While we have a beer, we can discuss where we are going to dinner!” As he spoke he pushed her door open further and walked into the room nonchalantly. They were good friends at work, sitting close to each other and being somewhat similar in age, at least compared to everyone else (she was five years older and he enjoyed constantly reminding her she was an Old Lady). They grabbed coffee a lot to chat about life and complain about the inefficiencies in the office. She guessed he was being so comfortable with her because he must consider her a real friend and not just an office friend. Or she was taking this too far and he was just a confident guy who had no one else to hang out with for the three days they were traveling to get this training. She gave up trying to analyze why he was in her room. He turned around to sit on the couch and she was still standing behind the door looking around the edge at him in her room. He could see the edge of her leg around the side of the door and he blatantly leaned to the side for a better look. “Is it pantless Monday? I missed the memo!” He laughed as he sat down on the couch. His joke made her feel like she was being silly, hiding behind the door embarrassed. People on the beach strutted around with less clothes than this on. She emerged from behind the door but didn’t sit on the couch, choosing to sit on the chair next to the couch. She pulled her shirt over her ample butt as she sat down trying to cover part of her legs and not expose herself further. He raised his eyebrow at her and grabbed a beer out of the six pack, dangling it as a way to ask if she wanted one.

“Sure, thanks” she said reaching out for the beer. He quickly brought it back to the couch and said “you have to sit over here if you want a beer.” She rolled her eyes at him, “fine, barge into my room and make demands. You are the epitome of politeness” she said sarcastically, slouching down into the chair to further show her dissatisfaction, “what do you want to do for dinner?” she sighed petulantly, accepting his intrusion into her plans for the evening.

“Hmmm, how about we flip a coin? Heads we do what I want for dinner and tails we do what you want?” He said, staring at her.

Purposely not meeting his gaze, she fiddled with the edge of her shirt. “What do you think the rest of the group is doing for dinner? Maybe we should just join them?” She replied.

He looked back toward the TV taking a sip of beer and said “if the coin is tails, and that’s what you want to do, then we’ll find out.” He pulled a coin out of his pocket. “Do you want to flip it?”

“Yes” she reached out and grabbed the coin, “because you’re a cheat!” She balanced the coin on her thumb and flicked it in the air, catching it with her left hand and placing it on her right wrist. She kept it covered, staring at him, building up the anticipation. “Give me a beer and I’ll let you know what the coin says” she said, still covered the coin on her wrist and smirking playfully.

He laughed in his usual easy way, “you drive a hard bargain but…ok” he said, putting a beer on the table between them.

She leaned forward, with her hands in front of her over the beer. She slowly lifted her hand off and they both leaned forward to see the result.

“Heads I win” he said with a big smile, “now open your beer and enjoy it while I think about dinner.”

He turned his attention back to the TV, some typical evening comedy was on. She sat back in the chair, beer in hand, relaxing enough that she didn’t notice her shirt rising up her butt to expose her black lace undies. She extended her long legs and put her feet up on the coffee table, sinking down into the chair as she relaxed further.

“I want you to come sit with me on the couch” he said in a low, commanding voice that sent shivers down her. She squeezed her legs together a little tighter as she felt her panties get moist. God, he could turn her on just by speaking.

“No thanks, but can I get one of those pillows?” she said to him, not taking her eyes off of the TV.

“Sure, but you’re a big girl, you can grab it yourself” he replied and her eyes snapped to him, trying to read his expression. He was just watching the TV. She watched as he lifted the bottle up, pressing his full lips on it Kocaeli Escort and taking a swig. She thought about those lips on her, surrounding her nipple just like that bottle opening. She squeezed her legs together again, sandwiching her clit between her thighs and felt the warmth grow. He turned to look at her, “are you picking a pillow?” and she blushed, immediately awkward again. She looked down, unable to meet his gaze, and looked at the pillows. She realized they were all on the other side of the couch from him. She couldn’t decide if it was better to walk around him to get the pillow, but then give him an extended view of her tiny outfit, or reach across him quickly to grab a pillow and possibly expose her butt to the other side of the room… Given that no one was on the other side of the room, she opted for option 2, leaning forward over him and reaching out to grab for a pillow.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her across his lap with one hand. The other hand deftly ran from her knee up her thigh and over her firm ass, pushing her shirt up her back.

“I like these” he said, looping a finger underneath her black lace hipster panties. “And I love this.” He said rubbing his large hand over her ass.

She was a bit in shock, surprised, turned on, she was too caught off guard to know how to act but her first instinct was “get off me” she said and she put her hands on the couch to get up.

His grip tightened on her wrist and the hand on her ass applied pressure to keep her down. “We made a fair bargain, and I won. I got to choose what we did for dinner. I told you I wanted you to come sit on the couch and you said no.” He let it linger for a moment. “Now you need a little punishment, to demonstrate what ‘No’ gets you.” He punctuated that explanation by lifting up his large hand and bringing it down on her left ass cheek, twice. She yelped in surprise, it didn’t hurt, at least, not in a lasting way, and he was already rubbing the cheek her had spanked. Her face was red and warm from the embarrassment, her ass cheek was red and warm from punishment, and her pussy was red and warm and getting wetter.

His rubbing and turned to groping as he filled his hand with her ass, running his thumb along her crack to feel the fullness of her ass. “I really enjoy a good ass” and suddenly raised his hand to place two hard smacks on her right ass cheek, followed by another massage. Underneath her, she felt his body was responding too.

He released her wrist. “Now you know the rules” he said “I won this evening with you, now sit down next to me.”

She was too turned on to be awkward, she raised herself off his lap on her hands, and pulled herself forward to the other side of the couch, letting her hips and long legs drag heavy across his lap. She flipped over on her side to face the TV, the t-shirt now bunched around her stomach, her long legs draped across his lap and her ass pressed against his side. “Can you pass me my beer, Sir?” She emphasized the last part sarcastically. A foolish grin stretched across his face and he chuckled, “I actually really like the sound of that, here you go, Pet.” He handed her her beer and began petting her legs. She sat back, enjoying the attention, and her beer. He ran his hands up her soft skin from her ankle to her ass, pulling at her ass as he massaged it, played with it. “You’re still a little pink” he mused as he stroked her ass.

“I’m also still a little hungry” she retorted playfully.

“Fine!” He said with a playful, gentle spank “get up, let’s go.”

She groaned as she rolled over and stood up. He turned off the TV and stood up as well. She was making her way towards the bathroom to get ready to go when he grabbed her wrist, spinning her around and pushing her against the wall. He grabbed her face and his luscious lips found hers for the first time. Her mouth opened to his, pulling his lower lip into her mouth and biting it lightly. He groaned and held one side of her face as he kissed down her neck to her collarbone and back up. Things were happening so quickly. Their touches were almost frantic like they would never be able to touch each other again or like they had both been waiting to do this and couldn’t believe it was happening. They continued exploring each other’s bodies with their hands rapidly. He couldn’t decide if he wanted his hands on her breasts or her ass so he moved between the two, feeling every inch of her smooth skin in between along the way under her shirt. She groaned as he kissed her mouth, and his hands explored her.

“Fuck” he whispered into her neck, and she smiled widely, “fuck indeed” she said pulling his face back to hers and kissing him while she wrapped her arms over his shoulders and her legs around his waist, crawling up his tall form. He pushed her harder against the wall to support her body entangled with his. He put his hands under her ass, pulling her up a little as he slipped his hands underneath and unbuttoned his pants. She used her thighs to push his pants down his hips.

He Kocaeli Escort Bayan had underwear on. oh well, things can’t always match fantasy.

He kicked his pants off and pinned her hips against the wall with his. She felt his hard cock against her through the fabric as he rubbed it up and down against her clitoris. She gasped in pleasure and tightened her hold on him.

He grabbed both of her breasts through her shirt, trying to find her nipples with his mouth. He found the fabric too thick and began nibbling lightly, making her nipples hard. He alternated rubbing his thumbs over her nipples and biting them lightly until they stood out against the fabric. He leaned back to look at his handiwork as she leaned against the wall, panting. Her nipples were hard, and you could see the pattern of her thin lace bra where her nipples were straining against the wet circles of fabric on the shirt where his mouth had been. “That’s enough of this shirt” he said “take it off” he commanded.

Her mind worked quickly trying to think of how she was going to take the shirt off from this position, pinned against the wall. She slowly unfolded her legs, putting her feet back on the floor, and stared right into his eyes as she grabbed the bottom hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She stood in front of him, catching her breath, in just her black lace bra and panties.

She noticed he was still wearing his button down shirt along with his underwear. “Your turn” she looked up at him with a smile.

He smiled down at her and said “Alright, Pet, take it off with your teeth.”

She looked at his button down shirt and tried to figure out how she was going to do that with her teeth. She got on her knees in front of him, deciding to start with the lowest button. She looked up at him and he ran his hand through her hair; it brought back memories of her fantasies from the shower earlier that night and she shuddered as a wave of pleasure ran over her with the memory. She could smell him right now, feel the heat emanating off of him, this was real and she couldn’t believe it was happening. She held the bottom of his shirt steady as she bit the fabric by the button trying to pull it over the button. It sprang free easily so she moved up the shirt, freeing the buttons one by one until she was at his neck. She began kissing his chest as she slid both hands into the shirt and pushed it off his shoulders.

She gasped as he grabbed her by her ass and lift her back up to his hips. He moved towards the bed, carrying her before he laid her down on the bed with her feet hanging over.

Looking down at her, he shrugged his shirt the rest of the way off. He knelt down between her legs, both hands on her knees keeping them separate and began kissing up her thigh. She squirmed with pleasure as he approached her pussy. He licked the outside of her panties, teasing her clitoris through the fabric. She threw her hands over her head, arching her back and grabbed the fabric of the hotel sheets just trying to find something to hold on to while she enjoyed his attention. He hooked her underwear with his pointer finger and ran it from the top to the bottom, his knuckle first grazing her clit then running along the length of her wet slit. He then pulled her underwear to the side and ran his tongue up her slit from bottom to top, ending with a flick of her clit.

“Please, give me something” she begged as her hands moved around the sheets trying to find something to ground her as waves of pleasure washed over her.

He raised his head up and rested his chin on her stomach, looking at her.

“Please give me something what?”

“Please let me suck your dick, sir.”

He looked surprised for a moment then smiled. He grabbed her by her knees and spun her around so her head was hanging off of the edge of the bed. He pulled down his underwear and his large penis sprang free, already at full attention. He walked forward, positioning himself over her head and she reach out to grab the back of his thighs to support herself. He hooked his hands on either side of her panties and pulled them down her hips. She lifted her legs up to accommodate the removal of her panties as she began to lick his inner thigh on her way up to his beast. He leaned over, eager, and slowly licked her with long strokes of his tongue, taking his time to get from her clit down her pussy. As he reach the bottom of her slit she felt his beard accidentally massaging her clit with the action. It felt both rough and soft at the same time as the tiny hairs danced across her sensitive skin and her clit responded strongly, swelling and pulsing with pleasure. She started with his balls, taking them each into her mouth one at a time while extending her tongue out of her mouth to lick the soft skin between his penis and his balls. He groaned with pleasure as she licked and sucked faster, and he swayed his hips a bit to bounce his cock on her and get her attention. She took the hint and reached out with her tongue to line his cock up with Escort Kocaeli her mouth. She pulled just the head in, swirling her tongue in circles around it inside her mouth. She opened her mouth to take a deep breath before plunging him deeper into her mouth, using her tongue and lips to apply pressure as she moved him in and out of her mouth, moaning around his cock as he placed both hands on either side of her pussy and used his thumbs to massage the sensitive around above her clit while he continued licking.

He suddenly straightened up, his cock still in her mouth. He looked down at her, enjoying the site of his cock being taken care of. He watched as she leaned forward to bury it further in her mouth and leaned back to extract it and lick the head, her hands still wrapped around the back of his thighs. He was ready to pound the fuck out of this woman and he glanced around the room to decide where and how. His eyes fell on the couch. He took a step back and her mouth made a slurping noise as his penis popped out of her mouth and stiffly swung up to slap his stomach as he stepped out of her range. She rolled over and sat up, getting some blood moving to her head and arms again, and waited for him.

“Get on the couch” he commanded.

She looked at him and licked her lips sensually before sliding forward off of the bed onto her knees. She crawled away from him, over to the couch, swaying her hips. She looked back over her shoulder at him as she crawled up onto the couch and lay down across it on her stomach.

His penis twitched as he watched, his excitement growing. He grabbed her hips from the couch and pulled them up off of the fabric as he put one knee on the couch, lined himself up with her wet opening and pushed the tip of his cock into her. She moaned against the cushions as he moved his head in and out of her. She began rocking her hips up and down against his forward and backward motion slowly wiggling him further into her tight pussy. The movement of her hips tipped him over the edge and he grabbed her hair, forcing her head up and her back to arch. Pushing her forward a bit, he lay her hips over the arm of the couch and slammed his cock into her pussy. With her hips supported by the arm of the couch he buried himself in her to the hilt and she screamed in surprise and excitement. He continued to pound into her, holding her hair with one hand and slipping his other hand under her bra to grab her breast, massaging it and running his thumb over her nipple.

Her hand moved over his, and she pulled it to her face, taking his fingers into her mouth and sucking on them. She gave the tip of his fingers a little nibble before placing his wet fingers back on her nipple. The lubricated fingers ran over her nipple lightly, teasing her and she felt the pleasure shoot down to her pussy. She moved her hand downward and began rubbing her clit as he continued to pound into her. As her pleasure increased, she began to push her hips back against him, meeting his movements. He let her hair go, falling across her back and around her face, and he moved his hand to her ass. He palmed her ass like a basketball with his large hands, squeezing, moving from cheek to cheek as his penis pounded into her pussy below. He licked his thumb and slid it down her crack, circling her asshole.

She had known he was an ass man but she hadn’t expected him to be an ASS man.

The anticipation of all the things he could do to her incited another wave of pleasure and she moaned as she continued to circle her clit. Not getting any protest from her, he continued to prod her asshole with his manicured thumb, moving it in and out of her asshole slowly. He too began to think of all the things he could do with such a willing partner and it set him over the edge. He removed his hand from her breast and grabbed her hip. His other hand was gripping her ass except for his thumb which was buried inside her. He increased his speed, pounding into her pussy. Sensing his urgency, she pulled one knee up onto the arm of the couch giving him more access to her and giving her more leverage as she licked her fingers quickly before putting direct pressure on her clit. As they moved together, they both moaned loudly, completely and mutually intent on cumming. He sped up, making short deep strokes into her and she matched his pace rotating her hips to his movement. She came hard, twitching and continuing to rub her clitoris through the waves of pleasure. She felt her pussy contracting against his penis as she continue to shiver.

He felt her pussy contracting around him too, squeezing him and begging for his cum. He groaned loudly and pulled her hips toward him as he came deep inside her. They both stayed that way for a moment, spent, and catching their breath. He pulled out and sank against the back of the couch, laying across the couch. She moved down from the arm of the couch into his arms, fitting comfortably as the little spoon. He leaned forward and turned the comedy show back on before curling his arms around her and nestling his face into her hair. He began stroking her from her shoulder down her rib cage to the curve of her hip and around her hip as far as his hand could reach before running his hand back over her ass, along her hip to her breast. He continued petting her and she leaned in to his touch.

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