Club X Ch. 06

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After one crazy night of mind-blowing sex, in the comfort of their room, curled up tight together, spent and deliriously sated, once they’d finally fallen into a bone-tired sleep, Heath couldn’t believe his damn cell phone going off and waking them, especially when it felt like they’d just fallen asleep. Blinking his eyes open, grumbling about being woken up, he flung his arm at the bedside table and made a grab for his phone. “Yeah,” was all he could manage when he answered, rubbing at his eyes with the heel of his hand.

“Hi, Heath, it’s Jerry. Sorry to call so early but I thought you might want to know that the body of a young woman was found floating not far from The Club. Her family identified her as Kassie Michaels and said she had a management job there. Did you know her?”

His heart nearly leaping out of his chest, Heath sat up in bed and clutched his head in his hand. “Oh, shit. Yeah, of course I knew her. I’ve been looking all over for her, and was hoping she’d just taken a few days off.”

“No, unfortunately not by the sounds of what happened to her; right now the police are looking into whether it was suicide, or foul play.”

Heath knew there was no way she would have taken her own life, and told his friend, “I’d bet money she was murdered.” Then he explained how she’d helped him get a look at the auction records, and about the cryptic note she’d given him right before she disappeared, about being careful. And now it was probably his fault she was dead. If he hadn’t gotten her mixed up in his investigation, she’d probably still be alive.

Then Jerry got his attention again when he said, “Seems she had a younger half-sister who was brought in there a sub, and she disappeared, too. But no one’s ever found her. And now the cops are wondering if Kassie might have gotten a job in the club to look into what happened to her sister.” As his friend’s words sank it, it had Heath thinking twice, as he realized that he and Kassie had something in common that he never would have suspected. If she’d lost a sister to this place, too, it made sense that she’d been so willing to help him. Heath closed his eyes, and shook his head. God, she was such a nice lady, and he felt terrible that she’d been done away with, just for trying to find out what happened to her sister.

But since Lila had gotten up as soon as the phone rang, and been in the bathroom for most of their conversation, Heath decided to keep what he’d heard about Kassie to himself. No point in worrying her – at least until he had to.

After he’d finished his call with Jerry, when Lila walked out to join him, looking as smoking hot as she always did in nothing but her short black silk robe and heels with her long blonde hair loose around her shoulders, despite what he’d just heard, as Heath raked her over, thinking how amazing she looked, he couldn’t help but smile. That was until he noticed she had her collar and leash in her hand, which had him rolling his eyes and shaking his head – one more day after today and then they’d be free of this place, and all the ridiculous play acting. And it couldn’t come soon enough for him.

As they headed to the playroom, passing a few other Doms and subs in the hallway, as they always did, the Doms just gave him a quick nod, but every sub they passed gave him the eye, while flashing teasing little grins – which had Lila staring hard at his broad back as they entered their preferred room, telling him as she disrobed, “So I’m guessing part of you is going to be sorry to leave this place tomorrow.”

He turned around mid-stride and looked at her like she’d grown two heads. “Why would I be sorry, when I can hardly wait to get us out of here?” Especially after what had happened to Kassie – which he still couldn’t wrap his head around.

Still a little miffed, Lila shrugged as she tossed aside her robe. “Just thought with all the attention you get around here, you might miss it.”

Fat chance – a lot of the women in here, like Shar, he’d found down-right scary. And now that he had Lila in his life – at least he hoped he did – he wouldn’t care if he ever looked at another woman again. Not really caring who was watching, he pulled into his arms and pressed a kiss to her lips, gently cupping her face in his hands as he held her gaze, trying to tell her without words that she was the only woman for him now.

But as good it felt to stand and just hold each other, aware he still had to go through the motions for the camera with his delectable little submissive appearing to be at his mercy again, he got busy and tied her up, spread her legs and went down on her, nearly eating her alive, till she was frantically screaming his name, and quivering from head to toe, with how insanely hard he made her come. Then as he eyed her quivering pussy, he took hold of his achingly erect cock, wrapped it in a condom and began to nudge it inside her, smiling up at the look of sheer bliss washing across her face as they began to actually make love. beylikdüzü escort In spite of the cameras trained on them, they both knew that things had changed between them, and making love was really what they were doing now. It wasn’t just fucking anymore, it was like they’d connected on a whole other level that had nothing to do with where they were. And as he filled her tight little pussy with thrust after thrust of his hips, he knew this was where he wanted to be, buried in her nice and tight, hopefully forever. Not even sure how, but she’d gotten under his skin like no other woman ever had.

And once they had both come good and hard, nearly overflowing the condom with one hell of a mind numbing climax, with no desire to pull out, Heath pressed a tender kiss to her lips, smiling into her eyes as he took another moment to just hold her. He knew he’d fallen for her pretty hard, and hopefully once they were finally out of here, they could finally be honest with other about how they felt.

Finally blowing out an exasperated breath, as nice as it felt to be with her like this, he knew the show had to go on, since they were both very aware that their every move was being monitored by the surveillance cameras set up around the room. And doing nothing but kissing her mindlessly, while wrapped tight in the heaven of her arms, no matter how good it felt, would not go over very well with the people who ran this place. Since he’d already been warned by the Den Keeper that he was being too soft on her, he knew he had to pull out of her and get busy. Trying to decide what to use on her for today’s performance, pretty much solely for whoever was looking in on them, he reached for a big thick, nasty looking dildo on one of the tables, lubed it up, then grabbed a small flogger, and muttered like the Dom he was supposed to be, “Spread your damn legs, bitch. Now I’m going to work that pussy till you scream your fucking head off.”

Lila’s eye opened wide at his change in tone, and then went even wider when she saw what he was holding, her heart rate already kicking up a notch in anticipation. And knowing better than to question his motives, especially in a play room, she spread her legs open wide, watching his gaze darken, realizing that the light trained on the table, would have her glistening pussy shining back at him. Biting into her lip, to hold back a grin, she asked, “You mean like this, Master?”

“Yeah,” he muttered, “just like that.” Stroking his already semi-erect cock, springing back to life just from the sight of her wet little cunt open and waiting to be plundered, he slid the tip of the dildo into the slickness of her opening, groaning as it disappeared into the depths of her body, watching her eyes fall shut as he began to work it in and out, her chest heaving as she softly began to moan, flexing her hips up off the table, eager to be filled. And he could feel his pulse leaping out of control at the erotic sight of her getting off while he used it to work hot little cunt into a climax. Juicy enough now that he could hear it, desperate for another taste of her, he dropped his head and sucked her swollen clit between his lips, quickly getting her writhing and twisting her fingers mindlessly into his hair, as he thrust his tongue inside her, pulling away the dildo and fucking her with his mouth, as she anxiously thrust her pussy against his questing tongue, silently begging for him to make her come. “It feels good, huh?” he muttered, pulling away, as he began to fuck her slow and steady with the long black sex toy again. Then lifting the flogger, he gently lashed each of her nipples, for a little added stimulation, smiling as her whole body jumped in reaction, then began to shift more desperately as he kept on working her pussy, good and hard, until she was lifting her hips in anticipation of the next thrust.

She might not realize how into kink she was, but he’d bet everything he had, after what she’d experienced here with him, that she’d never be willing to go back to boring vanilla sex again. But even as his cock grew thick and heavy with the need to fill her again, all he could think of was getting her out of this place, somewhere where he knew she’d finally be safe. And suddenly his mind wandered back to the last time he’d seen Kassie, passing him that note. God, she had the most amazing smile… and now she was gone.

Heaving a deep sigh, he still knew he had to get back to working over Lila, before they found themselves in the same kind of trouble.

After applying a dab of lube to the tip of his pinky, reaching low, he pressed it into her tight little virgin hole as he fucked her a little harder with the dildo, smiling as her eyes shot open from the alarming sensation of both her holes being penetrated at once for what he knew was the first time. And he realized as she began to softly moan and close her eyes, clearly getting into it, that she’d probably actually learn to enjoy a little anal added into the beyoğlu escort mix, providing he broke her in nice and slow. And with the way her chest was heaving and her breath hitching as he carefully pressed his pinky into her ass a little deeper with each thrust of the dildo, he knew she was enjoying the sensation of her first double penetration, even if just by his little finger and a sex toy, which got him wondering what she’d think of him one day filling her sweet ass with the thickness of his cock.

Suddenly unable to resist the temptation, tossing aside the sex toy, he crawled back on the table, straddled her thighs, took hold of the base of his cock and slammed it into the heat of her pussy with everything he had. And with the speed her legs shot around his waist, it seemed she’d been aching to have him fill her again, too – so he wasn’t about to disappoint her. Lifting her ass off the table, into his hands, squeezing her flesh, he began to tunnel in and out of her deep and hard, her nails digging frantically into his back, tossing her head back and forth and really beginning to make some noise, as he fucked so much harder than he’d ever fucked her before. And reaching down he pressed the tip of his index finger into her ass, and then watched her fall to pieces as the feel of being so tightly filled set her off like he’d flipped a switch. Yeah, she was done with vanilla alright, and lucky for him, he knew just what it took to really get her off.

And with a few more good hard thrusts, his balls nearly ready to explode, he plowed into her one last time and froze, his cock pulsing wickedly hard as he filled her up with every last drop he had. Then his eyes suddenly flew open, as he realized as he came with the force of tidal wave, coating her insides with his seed, his cock pulsing, over and over, feeling like it would never stop, that he’d been so desperate to get inside her, that for the first time since they’d been together, he’d gone without a condom. Although he knew he was clean, he just hoped she’d be okay with it. But when he looked down at her, and all she did was reach for him, smiling into eyes with the most delighted look in hers, like a woman who’d been well and truly fucked, all he could do was grin back, brush the hair from her eyes, and kiss her long and slow. And now that he’d taken her completely, as far as he was concerned, she was his. So all had he left to do was get out of here safely so they could finally have something real together, away from the cameras and the danger this place posed for both of them.

Finally when he thought they’d been at it long enough, and they could leave the room, and the games they were forced to play behind, without arousing suspicion, he helped her slip on her robe, pressing one last kiss to her lips, while he cupped her face in his hands, gazing deep into her eyes. Heaving a sigh, he wrapped her in his arms, almost hating to let go. But at least there was just one more damn day of this crazy shit and he could finally walk her right out the front door.

Relieved to finally be back on their own, after playfully chasing her up the stairs, making her squeal and laugh as they headed back to their room, they decided to follow up their time in the playroom with a kinky shower in the privacy of their own bathroom – doing as much kissing, licking, nipping and laughing under the spray as they did washing each other.

And when Lila coyly smiled into his eyes and then dropped to her knees, took hold of him and slid him deep into the heat of her mouth, groaning deep in his chest, Heath just couldn’t look away.

Of course he’d probably had more blow jobs than he could ever count, but just knowing it was her mouth wrapped around him, only made it feel that much hotter. And it occurred to him, as she sucked him back hard enough to curl his toes that she’d gotten pretty damn good at it, too. Lavishing attention on his cock, like it was the best thing she’d ever tasted – the way she was happily licking, sucking, nipping and even lashing his balls with her tongue for that extra bit of nut-clenching fun, he thought his heart would pound right out of his chest. His entire body heaving hard, eyes riveted to the erotic sight of her fisting his cock in her hand and sliding it over the length of her tongue so he could actually see his dick disappearing into her throat was enough to have him almost coming on the spot. His balls aching for release, unable to hold back, he clutched a fistful of her hair in his hand, and began to flex his hips and slowly fuck her pretty mouth, getting off like never before at the sight of his swollen cock sliding between those gorgeous lips, as she eagerly sucked him back with all she had.

Tempted to let go and just shoot and his load down her throat, once he realized how deep she was able to take him, the thought of filling her tight little pussy with his cock again, was just too tempting to resist. Ordering her get to down on her hands and knees, bizimkent escort the incredible sensation of warm water beating down on them only adding to the erotic tension filling the air, kneeling right behind her, Heath pushed two fingers inside her, making her moan and anxiously push back against his hand eager for more, as he gave her a nice little finger fuck, just to be sure she’d be ready for his cock, that he knew had to have doubled in size from the way she’d been sucking him off.

And when he could tell that she was ready, from the slickness of her pussy, clutching her hip to steady himself, grasping his cock in his other hand, once he’d found his mark, he just couldn’t hold back, and slammed into her with all he had. And the way she threw her head back and blissfully groaned, he knew he wasn’t the only one desperate for it hard and fast. Grunting like a man possessed, his jaw clenched as he worked his cock in and out of her tight little cunt, his eyes lit on that tight little hole peeking at him from between her ass cheeks. Teasing her first with a finger sliding up and down her wet crack, once he had her desperately squirming, convinced she wanted more, he pushed just the tip of his thumb inside, making her squeal and buck as he continued to slam her pussy with punishing thrusts, while teasing her ass with the thickness of his thumb. Her whole body soon quaking beneath him, he felt the tell-tale signs of one fucking amazing climax mounting, about to come harder than he’d ever come in his entire life, his legs hardly able to support him, his eyes rolled all the way back in his head, as his cock and balls heavy with the need to come. It just felt so raw and dirty, with his cock pulsing so fucking hard inside her from behind, as she clamped down on him deep and hard, he felt himself beginning to let go. Desperate to see his release with his own eyes, as his cock began to give up its load in the depths of her pussy, he pulled out just enough to witness the erotic sight of a rope of his come slipping from her cunt and sliding down her thighs. Catching it in his fingers, using it to slick up his thumb, carefully working in and out of her ass, he slammed into her balls deep, fucking her with everything he had left to give her, until he finally threw back his head growling, as she desperately screamed out his name, clamping down on his quivering cock viciously hard, she soon had him milked bone dry.

Both of them fighting to breathe, Heath pressed kiss after grateful kiss to her back, his cock still buried in her deep, he whispered against her neck, “Baby, are you okay?”

And the satisfied grin she gave him as she coyly looked over her shoulder and slowly nodded her head, actually made him throw back his head and laugh. Just full of surprises, seemed she liked it a little dirty, too – which was a good thing to know for when he hopefully had her in his own bed one day, where he planned to show her just how amazing things could be when it was just for them. Damn, it was hard to wrap his head around how much hotter things had become between them, considering he’d already been blown away by her from the moment he’d first set eyes on her, and ordered her onto her knees.

Finally once they’d finished in the shower, Heath enjoyed towelling her off, and kissing her silly. And just the feel of her warm and naked in his arms as they savored the taste of each other, was enough to start to get him hard again. But forcing himself to pull away, imaging she might be sore with how rough things had gotten he helped her out of the shower and asked, “How about some lunch?”

Nodding, she smiled up into his eyes, still a little surprised by how much hotter and crazier things had become with them, as if they weren’t hot enough before. And now she had a feeling that walking away from him when this week was finally over, wouldn’t be as easy as she’d thought. So, it might just be that they’d be seeing each other again after all. Which she had to admit, she was already looking forward to. And now that she knew him the way she did, she couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.

Heath decided for their lunch to order nice mix of appetizers, since they’d both enjoyed the fun of eating together in bed, and teasing each other with little bites of food. Although he was already pretty sure where that would lead once they’d eaten, he was willing to risk it.

But an hour later, after checking the time on his phone, Heath thought it seemed to be taking forever for their food to arrive, so he called down to the kitchen again. Finally when someone sounding pretty frazzled finally picked up the phone, they apologized, telling him they were short staffed and that his meal would be arriving soon.

But when it never arrived, considering the place normally ran with the efficiency of a Swiss clock, Heath started to have an uneasy feeling, especially since he’d learned about what had happened to Kassie.

After carefully prying open the door of their room, Heath took a look outside, his eyes instantly growing wide at the buzz of activity filling the hallways. It looked like everyone in the place was leaving, and in a pretty big hurry to go. When he noticed Shar standing with the guy she normally played with, he rushed down the stairs to ask her what was going on.

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