Club Gomorrah. The Sissy Saga. Chapter 4 The Reprogramming.

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Ona was still far from finished, my little display had added fuel to the fire and she wanted to make sure I knew my place. Her thrusts were deep and slow, taking her time to enjoy every centimetre of her thick six inches sliding into me. She had waited three months for this, to test my ass pussy and to see the expression on my face as she did. Each time the pain began to fade Ona would thrust a little harder, a little faster until she reached the point where I was being pounded from behind with my face buried in the sheets stained with my cum. My ass high Ona began violently slapping between thrusts, shockwaves of multiple types of pain fused together as again my orgasm built.

“I, Ona please I’m going to.” I begged.

“Don’t you dare cum Riley!” The thrusts ceased just as I was on the edge of cumming, my hole hungrily begging for Ona to give me back her cock. “You cum when I say you do and not before.”

In my lust I tried to play with my clit, and as the cold golden cage touched my fingers I started to franticly touch every piece of myself that I thought would bring me the satisfaction I wanted.

Her arms on her hips, with my juices dripping from her wet cock she giggled. “God you’re pathetic, still… it is kinda fun to see you squirm like that Riley, maybe I’ll ask the Doc to fix it so you cant cum on your own… or maybe I’ll tell her you should be unable to cum unless your told you can.” Ona pushed me down, my arms were now trapped beneath me, and I was hanging headfirst over the side of the low bed, my ass high in the air she climbed behind me her with cock tickling the entrance to my hole as I failed miserably to break free. Her hands came down at the sides of my head with a thud.

“Mmmmfh… Riley, you’re amazing, I’m so happy I saved up my precious cum for you, I’m going to fuck you now and you better not fucking cum before I do. If you do… I’ll make you hurt.” Her words dripped into my ear like a sweet poison, like she was begging me to defy her so that she could continue this torture.

Her cock slid back into my hole as she moaned and I shook and fought against the pleasure and happiness of my new favourite thing being returned to me. The way that I was hanging over the bed made Ona’s thrusts hit so much deeper than they had before, each time she slammed into me I would hit the edge of no return, once, twice, three time and then four, again and again one after the other I fought back my orgasm while simultaneously wanting to let go.

“Mmmm oh fuck you’re so tight Riley, I can feel your pussy squeeze, milking my cock with each thrust. Its so… so good. Hai! hai!! hai!!! (Yes yes yes)”

Just as Ona was about to end my suffering I failed her test, my body shaking and again my cum dripping from my cage onto the side of her bedsheets.

Her slap dispelled my intoxication, her small hand gripped tightly around my throat dragging me back onto the bed. “Just when I was about to let you cum too, you were doing so well Riley, not even Tanya held off cumming that long the first time I fucked her.” She took my by my hair again and forced me down to her cock. The taste of my ass on Ona’s cock filled my mouth as she thrust in, I began flicking my tongue over her cockhead, nursing my lover as I used my whole body to facefuck myself onto it as it slid down my throat, again the strange build of pleasure in my throat and tongue grew, my eyes started to roll back into my head as I succumbed to the feeling. Ona planted her hands into my head, she was ready to cum and getting frustrated with my lack of reciprocation she started to use my throat like a a fleshlight milking her cock with my mindless cumdrunk face.

“Here, Hai Hai! (Yes yes) fuuuckk!!” She screamed, as her three months worth of cum shot down my eager throat. With her spurts gölcük escort I felt a deep satisfaction at making her cum, but I also had a sadness too, although I had the biggest smile on my face with this sissy balls deep in my mouth, her cock spurting into my throat coating it with warm cum, I mourned the loss of each spurt, each untasted serving of cum. It was Ona’s final torture for cumming before her permission, and I knew it. When she was finished she slowly slid her cock from my mouth, the small taste of her cum that I got was sweet, just like El’s was when I was being mindfucked, on a smiled as I moaned, trying to get back to her cock for another taste.

“Look slut, it goes like this. First is The Master, then its Mistress Smith, Sam the trainer Master Theo and Gunter. Then its the club members, then El, then me then the other girls and at the bottom is you.” El might be the masters favourite pet but make no mistake, down here in the underground, I’m in charge, and you better remember it.” And with that she pushed me back down to finish cleaning her cock. “I think I’m in love.” she said with a happy sigh, as she lay there with me eagerly cleaning the remaining cum from her cock and balls before I went searching for the puddles of my own on the sheets, curious of my own sweetness.

Three loud knocks at the door and with a sweet “Hai (Yes)” from Ona. Sam, the blonde man from before came in.

“Looks like you’ve been having fun, how is she?”

“Look what she did to my sheets Sam, they’re all dirty.”

“What is she doing?”

“I told her to clean everything when I was done with her. But she seems to be a little cum hungry after I denied her mine.”

“Not even a day and you already have her wrapped round your finger. What’s El going to say when she finds out?”

“Well…” Ona said with a sinister grin. “If she can’t keep her own little pet happy maybe she doesn’t deserve to have her.”

“Riley! come on the Doctors waiting for you.”

I don’t know why but instead of simply following him, I took a moment to look for permission from Ona, she smile and nodded as she took a small strand of her cum that I had missed and teasingly licked it clean from her finger.

“Tell the Doc I’m sending her something!”

The walk to the room was longer than I remembered, the fatigue had started to hit hard and as I walked behind sam I felt my legs buckle. As I fell Sam caught me in his arms and lifted me up, carrying me like his new bride. He was muscular, but not so much that you could call him a meathead, there was flexibility in him and despite my lack of interest in him as a guy, what Ona said about his cock earlier still stuck in my mind.

“You’ll get your strength back soon enough.” He said comfortingly. “When the drugs are fully out of your system I’ll start your exercises with you. Flexability, building muscle and keeping the fat off that nice ass. I also make sure you know how to move with your new body, give you a nice feminine gate and all that shit. Eventually you’ll act just like you look.”

“I’m sorry, she just…”

“Its alright Riley, Ona’s a special kind of girl. She either likes you, or she doesn’t, no middle ground and she lets you know from the start. You’re just lucky she likes you.”

“That was her liking me?”

“You aint bleeding or crying right now are you? and you seem to be happy with the outcome of your playtime with her unlike some of the girls…”

“Well I guess you’re.”

“Then she likes you. Not even I fuck around with her… I used to back when she first came here, after her remodelling she was a sweet little slut, but she got a good dose of the Doctors mental reprogramming and started to get a little… sadistic.”

The words stuck gebze escort with me ‘Mental reprogramming’ was he talking about… brainwashing or something.

“The Doc will explain everything before she starts. Its not like the Mindfucking or the Remoddeling, the Reprograming takes a little while to kick in, and you need to be ‘active’ for her to chart your progress so you wont be asleep for months.”

What was going to happen I kept asking myself, what were they going to do to me now? I gripped Sam tightly.

“Hey don’t worry Riley, the hard parts over. Think of it like you just woke up on christmas day and you’re about to open your gifts.”

“What will she do to me?”

“Well, for each girl its different, my brother decides what he wants, what the club needs. Maybe you get a little more… cruel like Ona, maybe the club members want another Tanya to play with, or you could be like El. Maybe you wont be like any of them.”

“What is El like, I haven’t met her properly.”

He smiled as we reached the door, it was a padded door, like from an insane asylum. I started to breath more heavily as he plopped me from his arms and lead me inside. Inside the room was a plain white room, shiny silver machines cluttered one wall and Doctor Smith was typing away at her computer on the other, several X-rays and biological diagrams were pinned to the wall and several were pictures of me as Ryan, my body and my transformation laid out in a perfectly documented timeline. Sam took me to the far end of the room next to a large machine hidden behind sheets of opaque white plastic before he simply said.

“Good luck Ry.” Before moving to leave.

“Not staying to watch the show Mr Valentine?”

“I would like to but I have some spare time today and I want to see if Maria is ready for… all of it.” He said with a chuckle. “Oh and Ona emailed you something.”

As Sam left the room I started to look around, Doctor Smith was still typing away, reading her email from Ona. Under the plastic sheet I could make out the shape of a chair, but it had some kind of legs at its side.

“Alright Riley, lets get started shall we.” Like I had a choice. “Now, its important to understand what this set of procedures is for and how they will effect you as property of Club Gomorrah. You do understand that you are property yes?”


“This means that we can do whatever we want with or to you. We have already altered you physically and during the Mind Mining…” She sighed. “That you sluts call the Mindfucking… I gained some very useful data as to your preferences that will be used during this reprogramming.”

“But I.” Zap, came the shock from the collar.

“Remember the rules Riley, you will speak only if I address you with a question and you will answer my questions with a direct response. No more or less information than I require.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good, let me tell you how it works when you keep disappointing the Higher ups after your induction is complete. First you get punished, after you keep getting punished you get reprogrammed again. Then if you keep getting reprogrammed you start to be more than your worth to the club, time and money wasted on you is tie and money we could be getting from you if you hit the final stage. You get the rare honour of being turned into a Fuckpig.” She smiled happily as she said the word. “Fuckpigs aren’t even on the totem pole, thats how much lower than the new girl they are. They are mindless human fleshlights that only know how to suck cock and squeal and grunt as they cum, just a set of holes for any and all to use as they want. You may think that sounds appealing considering your… proclivities. But mark my words, its not something that you would choose, well darıca escort bayan you might. Understand everything so far?”

“Yes Mistress. I mean I think so.”

“Well, we’ll have plenty of time together to make sure you do. Lets have a little test and see shall we?”

The sheet was pulled back to reveal a large silver chair, with black leather straps and padding but with no arms on it, instead it stirrups on the sides, just as I thought, and it had multiple wires and a black plastic headband along with a clear mask of some kind.

“Alright Riley, take a seat with your hands behind your back in those holes there.”

I slowly approached the chair of doom and sat down, the leather was cold on my bare skin. I placed my hands behind me into the holes as I was told and Doctor Smith began to put a leather restraint around my stomach, she pulled tightly on the straps and my arms were snugly held in place behind me.

“Can you move.”

I wriggled, testing the give before shaking my head. “No mistress.”

“Good, lift up your legs now.” With a few taps of her tablet the stirrups closed in and lifted up for me to place my legs into, and one after the other Doctor Smith strapped me in to them, above my knees and round my ankles.

“What about your legs? can you move them?” Again I shook my head, as I did she tapped the tablet again and with a beep and a mechanical whirring my legs were spread wide. “Good girl, very good. So, do you like your new body Riley? its truly some of my best work, the fruit of years of trial and error.”

“Yes mistress, I do, I really like my new body.”

“Ona says you like it a little too much…”


“A slut… I know my sweet, your kind always are.” She said as she wrapped a final strap around my throat and pulled it tight. “Thats what this is for though, if there’s a problem I fix it, if you need an adjustment I make it. Some people might call it… brainwashing. But I think that’s a sad way of explaining it, its so much more artistic than simply making you do something you don’t want to.”

The headband was fitted carefully, my heart was racing. I pulled and squirmed, trying to get free.

”Oh Riley… don’t be that way, you like the new body don’t you? Well after a few cycles of Reprogramming you’ll love the new ‘You’ too.” She said as she kissed my head and attached the mask to the strap around my neck and onto the headband along with two ear pads.

Another few taps on the tablet and gas began to flow into the mask, I held my breath for as long as I could, much to the amusement of Doctor Smith, what was I going to do?, I was by my own admission unable to escape from the restraints, and the gas kept on coming. It filled my nose and mouth as I gasped for air the effect was instant, a cloudy haze fell over me and I was getting drowsy as I squirmed and shook in the chair.

“There we go sweetheart. Feels good doesn’t it. Now lets see, mmm… mmm hmmm okay, lets start with that then. I’ll be back in an hour or so, do try to keep up.”

The ear pads began with a loud beep before I felt an electric current buzz in the headband. “Repeat. I will not cum unless I am told to cum.” The voice said as a shock went through my brain. “I will not cum unless I am told to cum.” It said again with another jolt. “I will not cum unless I am told to cum.” “I will not cum unless I am told to cum… I will not cum unless I am told to cum… I will not cum unless I am told to cum… I will not cum unless I am told to cum… I will not cum unless I am told to cum… I will not cum unless I am told to cum… I will not cum unless I am told to cum…”

“I… I will… will not cum unless…” I stammered as another shock tore through me.

“I will not cum unless I am told to cum.”

“I will not cum unless I am…”

“I will not cum unless I am told to cum”

“I will not cum unless I am told to cum!” I cried again and again as I started to drool.

“Maybe I’ll have a long lunch today.” Doctor Smith snickered as she locked the door behind her.

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