Clowning Around

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Josh walked around the wax museum where he worked as a security guard. It was quiet at night and he talked to the statues as he made his rounds. It was a dark and stormy night. The rain pounded down on the metal roof and lightning lit the dimly lit room from the windows in the main lobby.

“Hello my pet. You look lovely tonight.” Josh kissed the statue of Anne Coulter. He patted “her” ass and smiled. He continued on his rounds and talked to his “friends” as he liked to call them. The thunder got louder as the storm got closer. As he walked past the circus display, he thought he saw movement. He pulled out his large flashlight and shined it on the display.

Josh thought he saw the midget clown move slightly. He stood still as she stretched her arms out and shook out her leg. The midget clown was alive somehow. She smiled at him and began to walk towards him. Josh just stood there staring at her as she walked towards him.

“Hey sexy. Know where a girl can get a little action around here? It’s been a while since I’ve had a good stiff one.” She walked over to the lion tamer figure and took the whip from his hand. She walked over to Josh and took his hand. She dragged him over to the big four-poster bed in the Lincoln bedroom at the beginning of the Hall of Presidents.

Josh hated clowns. Her bright orange hair annoyed him. His therapist said it had to do with being scared by one as a child and him being unable to get over the trauma. She shoved him on the bed and climbed up on the chair next to the bed with her whip poised to tame Josh if he didn’t obey her. He was frightened yet aroused at the same time.

“My name is Rachel. I want to rough you up baby. You can call me Madame Rachel, Queen of Pain. “ She cracked the whip against the floor Pendik Escort and Josh froze. She ordered him to get undressed and he did so as fast as he could. He stood before her, wearing his boring little old man striped boxers, cowering from the little woman in the multi-colored jumpsuit and big floppy shoes.

She released his half erect member from his boxers and stroked it with the handle of her whip. She laughed and gave it a kiss. He tightened up as she started to lick him. She sensed his fear and went down on him. He tensed up more and she could feel his balls tighten from fear.

She could tell Josh was fighting enjoying it, so she went down on him. Her warm, wet mouth felt like nothing Josh had ever felt before. It was soothing and explosive at the same time. Although he was afraid she was going to bite him or something, he wanted her to finish what she started.

Rachel took her mouth off of him and he gave her a sad look. She cracked the whip over his head on the bed and he jumped. “Please Madame Rachel, don’t hurt me. Joshie no like pain.” He put his hand up to her and she smacked it away. He pouted and she took him in her mouth again and bit down. Josh whelped in pain.

She worked her mouth over him and formed a tight seal around his dick. Her head bobbed fast and furiously as Josh’s eyes rolled back in his head from pleasure. His moaning got louder as she went down on him. She licked her short little finger and shoved it in his ass. Josh couldn’t take much more as she finger fucked his ass in rhythm with the strokes she made on his dick with her warm little mouth. Josh prayed as he began to fill her mouth with white hot cum. She took every drop of his seed without spilling a drop.

She smiled at him and leaned Kurtköy Escort over to kiss him on the mouth. He kissed her back as she let some of his cum trickle into his mouth. Josh spit it out with disgust but he was helpless to resist her. She pinned him to the bed with her knees as she did this and Josh did not like his new friend very much.

She leaned forward and covered his mouth with her wet pussy. He could smell how much she wanted him as she ordered him to start licking her. He licked her half assed and she turned around and hit him in the thigh with her whip. He put some effort into it and she pressed harder against his mouth.

She cracked the whip again and demanded that he tongue fuck her breathlessly. She felt her release building up and Josh liked the taste of her juices in his mouth. Her moaning was driving him nuts and his cock felt like it was going t o explode soon. Her whole body shook as she came in his mouth and she fell back on his chest. She caught her breath and stood up over Josh’s chest. She took a few steps back and slid herself down on Josh’s awaiting hard on. She took him into the warm wet alley between her legs and just sat there as she got used to the size of him. His five inches was huge for Rachel. He finally found a woman who thought he was more than adequate in the tool area.

Her just sitting there irritated Josh to no end. He began to pump into her and she started yelling at him that he was “Evil evil evil”. Josh pumped her pussy harder and she stopped yelling at him and the look on her face softened. She moved with his rhythm and the two moved together in one fluid motion. Her moans matched Josh’s grunts in intensity and loudness.

Josh, sensing that he was about to cum made her get off of Maltepe Escort him and roll over so he could have her from behind. She rolled over on her stomach and he dragged her across the bed by her ankles. She laughed as he held her legs in the air and spread them apart. Josh thought it was like nailing one of those latex pussies with the way he could move her around.

Josh took her whip away and slid the handle in her dripping wet snatch. He slid it in and out of her slowly, letting the leather webbing on the handle excite her. She responded well to this so he shoved it in as far as it would go and started to rub his hard on up and down her slit to lube his shaft up again. He poised his rod at the opening of her ass and shoved himself in as hard and as deep as he could go. She screamed as he ripped her apart. He reached under her and started to rub her clit to take her mind off the burning pain in her ass.

As soon as he felt her relax again, he started sliding in and out of her ass. He picked up the pace as soon as she let him know she was enjoying it as much as he was. He was a little rough with her but she liked it that way. She was begging him to fuck her harder and he was glad to give her what she wanted. He was slamming her ass so hard that she kept slamming into the bed headfirst. The motion was muffling her screaming.

Josh liked listening to her scream. He reached under his cock and started fucking her with the whip while he fucked her tight little asshole. The screaming got louder as she came over and over. He felt his balls start to ache and boil. He was going to cum any second so he fucked her even faster and harder. As he let his juices flow, he had no choice but to join her in the screaming. It burned as he came violently in her tight little ass. Her tiny ass couldn’t take his load and it started shooting out back at him. He quickly pulled out and came all over her. He rubbed it in and smacked her ass hard. Maybe Josh didn’t fear midgets or clowns anymore. He defiantly knew he liked blowjobs now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32