Clover’s Virginity Service

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Clover’s Special Virginity Service was operating well when Joey and Anna booked in to see me.

They were twenty-one and – supposedly – virgins. Of course boys watch and learn so much from porn that I shouldn’t have been surprised at all the things he wanted to do to Anna, but I was.

She was blonde and pretty, and arrived wearing a loose dress which she immediately removed to reveal a full set of dark red quarter cup bra and suspenders. her delicious nipples poked over her bra, and her G string was minimal. I could see Joey had brought a nice bulge.

My special virgin service helps one partner initiate the other – or else I do both. I am completely led by their desires – I’m a sort of facilitator – and I always ask the guys to cum at home half an hour before we start – just to take the edge off them. Joey admitted he hadn’t.

“Never mind,” I said, let’s start with a treat. “Anna and Joey, I want you to keep your eyes on one another.”

“Oh no”, said Anna, “what are you going to do?”

I stood in front of her and slipped off my shirt. I was naked and her eyes widened slightly at the feel of my round, excited breasts touching hers. then I kissed her, deep and hard, full tongue – and within a second she was kissing me back. Girls if you’ve never kissed a girl you should try it. we’re so used to being a small mouth on a big one but with another girl you can explore everything….

She was putty in my hands already. I laid her on my bed and began to massage her pretty breasts with coconut oil. I always find this a huge turn-on, feeling pert nipples sliding under my fingers. “Joey”, I said, “you need to bring yourself off whilst I do this…Anna you watch his cock…”

Then I started to suckle on her.

I could see Joey was fascinated by seeing his girl having her tits pleasured by another woman. He got his cock out – a perfect seven incher – and started to stroke his shaft. I could hear his heavy breathing. And I heard Anna gasp at the sight of his erection.

I lifted my mouth off her tits and played with them fondly. “It’s fine honey,” I said, “that’s a perfect size…”

“Oh God…” she said.

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Oh yes…”

I suckled on Anna like a professional, massaging and fondling beşiktaş escort her titties and pulling on the teats till she gasped. It took Joey only about twenty seconds to cum the first time, watching his horny girlfriend writhing under my hungry mouth. I could tell how badly he wanted to shove his engorged cock into my pussy, which was waving in the air as I warmed and pleasured his girlfriend, but that would have been very bad manners so he moaned and shot his load onto a cushion instead. I made a mental note to wash it later.

Anna had watched, fascinated, and now I told her to start to stroke and play with his shaft. I said “whilst you do I’m going to give you a beautiful present.” I remembered how Jed had given me a lifetimes fixation on his cock by masturbating me to cum over and over whilst I stared at it. And so I slid down her stomach and I started work on Anna.

As soon as my mouth was on her pussy she began to protest “oh no, oh we shouldn’t…” I put a finger and thumb on each nipple and suckled hard on her clit, and she squealed. “Arhhh.”

“You want me to stop?”

She looked at me with her big blue eyes. Then she looked at Joey’s cock again. “No.”

“Then put your hands on him. Joey, you show her what to do.”

I always make sure they cum a few times before he enters her, as it means nobody is too frantic. I worked up her pussy like a hungry little cat, lapping and chewing and licking, guiding her clit and her pussy to head for their first ever arousal. And as she started to cum I got out my secret weapon, a slim vibrating virgin dildo. I always find it stretches their hymens nicely, and Anna had opted for the full preparation service.

She tensed as I started to slide the lovely tool in, lubing her with my mouth and stretching her with my fingers. Her hymen gave slightly and she winced and moaned, but I turned the vibration on and began to suckle her again, and the moaning turned into an ‘ahhh.’

My virgin dildo isn’t much compared to a cock, but it relaxes them, makes them feel they’re nearly there. I turned the vibration to low rumble and sat up, massaging her clitty in gentle circular motions with my wet fingers.

“Anna, honey, I think you should beşyol escort stop now…” I could see Joey was beside himself, ‘Joey’s going to cum…”

And then she surprised me. “I want him to cum first in you, Clover. I want to see what happens…”

And so she watched wide eyed as her boyfriend’s erect cock slipped deliciously into my pussy, and he started to fuck me from behind, gripping my tits and moaning as he did.

“Oh tight pussy, oh that’s lovely, oh God that’s nice…”

He had some lasting power, did Joey, but Anna was surprisingly involved. I had got her hot. “Go on honey, fuck her hard, let me see…harder Joey, faster, fuck her till she’s begging….” and he obliged, rough-fucking me with huge moans and groans until he started to build again….

I pulled off him expertly, turned round, and knelt before his wet cock. “Anna, I said, “join me…”And we started to share him. After a while she got bolder and I moved to his balls, leaving her to pleasure his cockhead with her hungry mouth.

She was a natural. Joey was trembling and gasping, and I could feel the contractions in his balls.

‘Anna, do you feel ready to swallow?”

In response she pulled away. She wasn’t. So I took him into my throat and pumped his balls into me as he thrust and moaned.

I reckoned he was calm enough now to trust him with her pussy. He was still hard, as I’d advised Viagra so they could get their money’s worth, so I took him down to her pussy and he began to tease her little knob.

I taught him really well – how to lick it and suckle it, how to pull at it with his lips and how to suck it between his teeth so that she got that rhythmic pulsing. I showed him how to poke his hard tongue deep inside her and fuck her with it. They both really liked that. We had her queening him, which she loved, pinching her own titties in a way I suspected she’d done before, and rubbing her pussy into his face.

I was keeping a weather eye on his cock. I am experienced enough to be able to tell when they’re ready again, particularly when I go to gobble on it.

He was ready.

“Guys”, I said, “it’s time.”

Joey lay on his back. His erect cock stood proud, covered beykent escort in my saliva, twitching and quivering.

Anna – beautiful, hot, purple sucked nipples, almost on her orgasm, knelt above him. I latched my mouth on one nipple and sucked it between my teeth. And gradually all three of us put firm downwards pressure on her as she lowered herself onto her boyfriend’s beautiful cock.

‘Anna you’re fucking beautiful…” He said.

She said, ‘oh God, Clover it’s enormous….”

We all felt the pressure. We all felt her struggle slightly, as she panicked and took back control… and we waited (they have to be ready). She took a deep breath – and then I bit her nipple just as hard as you can without hurting.

She gasped and plunged down hard, like a diver – her hymen gave and he was in. And she was gasping I shock and relief.

“Oh God,” Anna said, “oh God that was sore…”

“Oh God,” said Joey, “can I thrust? Can I fuck you? I’ve got to fuck you….”

“Not yet,” I told him. “You stay completely still,” and I put the vibrating dildo between them, on her clit. She stretched over him, resting on her arms, tits down, and he began to suckle on them.

It didn’t take long to bring her to orgasm. “Oh fuck, oh God, oh fuck” and as the waves washed over her she started to move spontaneously on Joey’s hard cock. He groaned as he felt the waves of her cumming. He let her finished before he turned her over and fucked her wildly and gorgeously until he could should his load.

They both looked so happy. Of course we hadn’t quite finished. They rested for five minutes, during which time I had Anna taste the cum on his exhausted cock, still hard from Viagra. You have to teach them to enjoy cum. It’s essential (she had booked in for one of my cock-sucking lessons next week, although Joey didn’t know that – she’d booked for the variety pack, where a few of my old football team mates come in and a number of girls come and practice on different cocks – just to get an idea of what cocks are out there. I often used Jed).

When she had licked him clean they massaged each other with coconut oil – pussy, tits, cock, balls – till they were incredibly wet and slippery. Then with my careful supervision we bent her over and he slid into her eager pussy, fucking her slowly and beautifully as they whispered to each other about how fantastic it all was.

They took half an hour, fucking and sucking and moaning. Sometimes I sucked her pussy as they go, just to enhance it for her, but really I am just a facilitator – their pleasure is all in each other.

I call it a job well done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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