Closing Time

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Ariel has spent the better part of an hour trying out different types of shoes to see how well Brian holds up under the resolve of not being able to walk on him with what she had on the other day. It’s a front to cover up how much she has enjoyed him worshiping her feet today; something she had to preemptively cut short to spare her composure.

As he had predicted, the rest of the night doesn’t have a single customer aside from her and due to how well they are getting along, time gets away from them and he doesn’t realize that he now has five minutes until he needs to lower the security gate and close the till.

He is mid-sentence with her and suddenly turns pale at the sound of the door chime, returning his awareness to the store.

He scrambles to his feet at the thought of another customer seeing his shirt slightly messed up, stumbling over the stool that Ariel brought over originally and getting a laugh from her as he catches his balance and tries to stay out of sight from the next customer until his shirt is tucked away neatly.

Who he sees as he walks out into the open area brings him a sigh of relief as much as it does complete shock.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t our handsome trample mat,” beams Christie with Kacie following close behind.

“No freakin’ way,” Brian says to himself, half convinced he’s dreaming this.

Seeing her in all white, with a silk top and similar style form-fitting bottoms, as well as see through nylons and heels to match, is enough to render him nearly speechless.

Christie smiles, “It’s good to see you again too.”

Brian blushes and can feel his heart flutter like it did over the weekend, nearly losing his focus as the store keeper. “I um… Wow!” he says while taking in the amazing sight. He clears his throat, “I mean, of course, it’s good to see you too.”

His heart nearly stops when he acknowledges Kacie, not so much because her outfit, which consists of a black and translucent gold leopard print top, black skin tight jeans and thin, nearly see though flats, but because the headband she’s wearing has cat ears on it, and one of them is slightly bent forward, and it’s simply the cutest thing he’s ever seen.

He’s temporarily at a loss for words and merely greets her with a wave of his hand before looking over at the clock on the wall behind the register. It’s time to close up, and it saddens him to think about having to kick the ladies out already, but then he recalls his boss saying that the doors can stay open a little longer if the customer is browsing.

“Is there anything I can help you find?” he asks looking back at Christie

“Ariel wanted me to see her new heels in person,” she says walking towards him, “and I wanted to see the marks she left behind,” walking her fingers lightly up his left arm, and then clawing him down the middle of his torso as she continues past him, “eventually.”

Brian curls over from the stinging sensation her fingers trigger.

Fighting back tears as he turns in her direction, “How did you know she was here?” he asks.

Christie laughs, “Why do you think she took so long to walk around your store?” smiling back at him before disappearing down the aisle he came out from.

Brian looks back halfway, thinks for a second, and mumbles to himself “Huh, that’s a good point.” His attention returns to Kacie with a smile. “Soo…what’s up pussy cat?”

“Mew,” she squeaks back with smirk.

Her adorability is too much for him to process effectively, and all he can do is sigh happily at the ceiling as he makes his way towards the register.

She follows him with a playful spring in her step, “Don’t you speak ‘cat’?” she asks as she effortlessly hops into a sitting position on the counter.


“I said I’m fine, and you?”

Brian chuckles softly, “I’m fine too. Off the counter,” as if he’s speaking to an actual cat.

Like any cat would, she looks away and ignores him.

“Please?” he asks patiently as he rings in his purchase for Ariel’s heels.

“Why don’t you come over here and make me?” She looks back to him, “Perhaps give me something to jump off onto?”

The register drawer hits him in the waist with a ding.

“I would, but I need to start closing up,” he replies trying to keep a straight face.

“Then close up. I’ll wait.”

“Oh really,” he says leaning on the counter behind her. “Have you ever been locked up in a shoe store before?”

“Can’t be any different than hanging out in my closet.”

“Only once that gate comes down, the alarm gets set.”

“I’d find a way out if I really wanted to leave.”

“The door in back is on a delayed timer after the code is entered; otherwise it’s locked in and out after closing time. You can only be escorted out.”

Kacie smirks again, “Then what are you bothering me for? Go close up.” She playfully ignores him again and maintains her spot.

Brian hangs his head in defeat and shuts the register drawer a moment later. He spots his palm-sized stainless steel shoehorn and enacts a ploy of revenge casino siteleri towards her stubbornness by nonchalantly dropping it down the back of her jeans, wedging itself into a slightly loose gap, and causing Kacie to shriek due its coldness and hop off the counter.

She pulls it out and chucks it back at him, only to be blocked by a clipboard he pulled up in anticipation of her reaction.

“You will pay for that, Mister,” she playfully taunts him.

He smiles at her as he steps out from behind the counter and walks to the end of the aisle Christie walked down.

“Are you two savvy back there?” he calls out to the ladies at the other end.

“Just admiring your professional opinion,” Christie replies. “Why?”

“Well, unless you plan to buy something, I need to lock up and close out the register. Figured I’d warn you now, otherwise I’m locking us in with the cat,” Brian says with his thumb pointing back towards Kacie.

Christie barely gets a moment to consider her options before she sees a shoe hit Brian in the head from behind, and somehow land in his hand in front from the ricochet. The randomness cracks her up as much as Brian’s expression does when he turns to see the shoe’s origin.

He is slightly annoyed by the sight of seeing Kacie sitting back on the counter, flipping him the bird. Once he processes her pose; one leg crossed over the other, elbow rested on the knee, jaw rested in the palm of the hand she’s flipping him off with, and topped with a mischievous grin, he lets her have the win. How could he not with the way her bent-eared headband compliments her expression.

“If it won’t be a problem, we can hang around while you do what you need to do,” Christie says as she comes back up the aisle with Ariel behind her.

“I don’t see why it would be,” Brian replies as they walk past him and take a seat in the main area.

“I wouldn’t want to get you in trouble with your Supervisor for having non-employees in the store after hours,” she remarks while pointing to one of the security cameras.

“She only looks at the feed if there’s been a theft, otherwise she trusts me with guests. She’s pretty cool like that.”

“Well if you say so. Off you go then.”

Brian grins and heads off towards the door. He looks back at Kacie mid-stride, holds up her shoe, and then tucks it under his arm, sticking his tongue out at her as he does. Like-wise, she returns the gesture.

Pulling on the chain to lower the gate, he asks Christie “So where’s your other friend?”

“Cindy? She’s working late tonight.”

“Oh. Well tell her ‘Hi’ for me when you see her,” he says as he locks the gate to the floor.

“Absolutely! She’ll be glad to hear it.”

“Awesome.” Making his way back to the register, “So what do you think of her new shoes?” he asks keeping her and Ariel in his sights and simultaneously keeping his distance barely out of Kacie’s reach so that she doesn’t snatch her shoe back before he’s ready to relinquish it.

“They are beautiful! I’m almost jealous that she got them for free,” Christie replies as she adores Ariel’s foot that’s being held up for display. “Do you give away shoes to everyone who walks on you?”

“No,” Brian answers with a smirk as he eyes the register buttons, “none of my other customers want to walk on me, and for many of them, I’m thankful for that,” summoning an End-of-day print out.

The ladies laugh as they all imagine Brian’s worst scenarios that he would want to avoid in this type of business.

“I’d walk on you for free shoes,” Kacie says.

“Then you should’ve got off the counter when I asked you to,” he recounts while looking at her and tallying the folding money by touch.

“I would have if you had taken, like, five seconds to give me something to jump onto.”

Ariel cracks up in laughter.

Kacie turns her attention to her and asks, “What?”

“Oh nothing, just thinking about how much he’d feel it this time after I’ve had my fun.”

“Your fun? What did you do to him?”

“Don’t worry little kitty,” Brian tells Kacie but looks at Ariel, “She only thinks she’s had her fun. If I didn’t have to close this place up tonight, then she really would’ve had some fun.”

Ariel is stunned into silence. Christie is stunned enough that she actually tries to hide her laughter behind her hands.

Making eye contact again with Kacie as she looks back to him, “You’ll have your fun too,” Brian says.

“I’m going to need my shoe back then,” she replies, attempting to reach for it.

Quickly smacking her hand down with only his fingers, Brian puts her in her place, “You’ll have your shoe when I’m ready to give it to you,” proceeding to count his change without missing a beat.

Kacie feels her cheeks starting to blush from his assertiveness and resorts to a sly smirk.

Christie adores her friend’s crimson retreat, sharing a smile with her when their eyes meet, and then with Brian shortly after.

A wink from her causes his heart to skip a beat again and he kneels down behind the counter, not only to slot oyna retrieve a thin binder, but to hide how much that made him blush also. With a few deep breaths, he pops back up, “So, may I ask why we are dressed to the nines?”

She can tell by his mannerisms, including avoiding eye contact, that his question is an attempt to distract from the obvious and she therefore decides to mess with him.

“I like to see how many heads I can turn,” she says.

He smirks at the thought of that being a bullshit answer, but flattering nonetheless.

“Quite a few I’m sure,” he admits, keeping his gaze on the numbers he’s jotting down. “And any reason in particular behind the cat ears?”

“Yeah,” Kacie says.

Brian waits several seconds for her to finish her answer but it doesn’t come. He looks up at her, “Which is?”

“I’m not telling until I get my shoe,” she says, holding out her hand.

With a sarcastic sniff and twitch of his nose, he replies, “Very well then,” and resumes his nightly report.

Her sassy smirk is replaced with an annoyed pout. “You’re a turd.”

“And you’re still on my counter, so we’re even,” he says while comparing the till’s totals with what the computer says he should have.

Christie gets a good laugh from their bickering, “You two are so cute!”

Kacie gives her a sassy smirk in return while Brian’s smile is more subtle since he doesn’t break his focus from his paperwork.

“I’d be nice to him though. He is our only way out of here at the moment,” she adds.

“Thank you,” Brian replies, happy that at least one person hasn’t forgotten who’s running the store.

“I am being nice,” Kacie retaliates, “I haven’t thrown my other shoe at him yet.”

“And I’d gladly hang onto that one too and make you walk around barefoot on a dirty carpet.”

“Didn’t stop me a few days ago,” she burns him with a wink.

Christie and Ariel snicker at her remark.

Brian smiles along, but doesn’t have a response for that. He therefore continues with his task of closing the register by unlocking it with his key, removing the cash drawer, collecting his paperwork and heads back to the office.

“Uh! Hey? Shoe. Now,” Kacie orders with her leg up as she points to her cute little bare foot.

She gets a smug grin in return as Brian walks off and disappears into the stock room.

“Son of a bitch,” Kacie says in dismay.

Christie laughs, “Well you did throw it at him. What did you expect?”

“I expected him to give it back! I said I’d get down if he gave me something to jump onto. Not sure why that was so hard for him to do.”

“You play your games, he’s playing his,” Christie says. “Just be patient sweetie.”

“Why did you throw your shoe at him in the first place?” Ariel asks.

“He put this cold, metal thingy down the back of my pants!” Kacie says looking around for the shoehorn she threw at him. “Well, it’s on the floor now, but it was cold!”

Ariel cracks up in laughter as does Christie from her memory of seeing Brian get hit earlier.

“Sounds like someone likes you,” Ariel teases.

“Well if he likes me, why wouldn’t he lay down?” Kacie asks, looking to Christie. “I thought he liked being stepped on.”

“Of course he does, but he’s closing up a store right now. When he’s done, I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to let you step on him.”

“He better be for making me wait.”

“Since when are you the one to be eager to step on someone?” Ariel asks Kacie.

“Can’t a girl take on a change of taste without being asked about it?”

“I’ve never heard you share any interest in it until now, that’s all.”

“I blame her for being persistent about it,” Kacie says about Christie.

“You two are welcome,” Christie replies with no shame, knowing that Ariel mentioned the same thing about her earlier.

Their conversation is interrupted by a vacuum cleaner being started as Brian moves across the front of the four aisles, first heading down the furthest one from the stock room entrance.

Kacie notices that he doesn’t have her shoe with him at the moment and waits until he makes his way back to get his attention. She simply kicks her shoed foot up and waves it at him.

He does a double take and smiles as he walks over to her with the vacuum still on in tow.

“Where’s my shoe, Mister?” Kacie asks in a louder voice than usual to combat the noise.

Brian looks her in the eyes and without warning pulls off her other shoe and takes off down the second aisle.

“Hey!” she yells while bracing the counter to avoid sliding off. “You’re going to pay for that too you troll!”

Christie and Ariel bust up laughing at her misfortune.

“What is with people and taking off with my shoes?!”

“Maybe he likes how they smell,” Ariel innocently jokes.

“I can tell just by how he’s acting that he hasn’t done anything with them,” Christie says.

“Are you playing ‘The Floor is Lava’ or something?” Ariel asks Kacie. “What’s it matter if he has them? Just get off the counter and come join us and he’ll canlı casino siteleri probably give them back right away.”

“It’s the principle of the matter,” Kacie replies, crossing her legs in protest.

Brian rounds the corner and heads down the third aisle, sticking his tongue out at her at the last second before he’s out of her sight.

Christie leans into Ariel, “I think she’s committed to jumping on him.”

Kacie confirms Christie’s theory with a smug expression.

Ariel rolls her eyes along with a brief laugh, “Whatever.”

The girls patiently wait for Brian to finish up the third and fourth aisles and notice also that he does very little if any vacuuming around them yet does make a point to get in front of the counter under Kacie’s dangling feet.

While she’s a tad steamed at him for hanging onto her shoes, she is simultaneously flattered to see him blush while making no attempt to hide his gaze upon her toes. He earns most of her forgiveness with a quick look up in admiration before switching off the vacuum and walking it back to the stock room. He also smiles at the others with quick peeks at their feet along the way.

He’s in the back for not even a minute before returning with both of Kacie’s shoes in hand.

“Well it’s about time,” she says as he kneels in front of her.

Brian has done well with keeping his poker face in regards to acknowledging everyone’s feet, but with Kacie’s precious little toes flexing at him just mere inches from his face, his bashfulness starts to emerge.

Seeing her soft, fleshy soles makes the simple task of slipping her shoes on a challenge for him. He’s fairly confident that she’d let him take a whiff based on his last encounter with her, but he gets hung up on the desire to admire their petite perfection and forgets which shoe he has in either hand.

His gaze is broken for only a second to check them before he feels Kacie’s toes slide against his cheek, encouraging his natural reaction to take hold of her foot and kiss the instep before burying his nose under her toes.

Gripping it lightly, she giggles, “Not so fast, Mister,” jumping the gun and remembering the result of her previous experience with her toes in his mouth.

He plays along but still teases her with a kiss to the ball of her foot and a quick lick to her instep before sliding her first shoe on. It’s enough to send a slight tingle up her leg and force her to suppress a moan by biting her lip.

She playfully smacks him on the forehead with her other foot before he takes hold of it and attempts mostly the same thing in an effort to get a taste of that sole also. She tries harder to keep her foot away this time as to not lose the feeling in her legs, and when he slips her second shoe on, she immediately knocks him in the head sideways with it to get him on the floor.

He doesn’t have time to register what just happened before he sees her hop off the counter and land on him, barely triggering any kind of pain reflex.

When she doesn’t get the reaction she was hoping for, Kacie gives him a few quick, playful stomps to the gut as she grins down at him. “That’s for taking my shoes you brat,” she says with a laugh as she walks off him.

He doesn’t say it aloud, but the smile on his face tells Christie it was worth it; having watched the action from a closer vantage point. He’s oblivious to her gaze over the back of a row of seats that separate them until he rolls to his side to get up, freezing in place when he sees her smiling at him.

Her expression alone tells him exactly what she wants to do. He glances down his torso briefly, which tells her that he has a mild concern over the marks Ariel left on him, but with a motion of his finger, he invites her over.

The smile on her face grows as she walks over to him, and his heart beats out of his chest as he watches her amazing figure approach him in her all white outfit.

“I assume you’ll want these off?” Christie asks as she gently places her heel on his chest.

“Nah, leave them on,” Brian says, guiding her foot to his stomach, massaging her exposed nylon heel through the back of her shoe as he does. “If I only get one chance-“

Christie promptly steps onto him so that the mild sting of her shoes cuts him short.

Where Kacie’s shoes were flat and didn’t have the edges to trigger an obvious response, Christie’s heels, even with a modest tip, get Brian to tense up under her for a moment before he’s able to relax again.

Her gentle pacing up and down his torso is a beautiful mix of pain and pleasure; his skin feeling like fire with every step she takes, but having the ability to look up at her fuels his desire to sustain more.

Over the next few minutes, Christie covers his entire torso, and gets a pretty solid idea of what to expect prior to checking out Ariel’s personal foot work.

Standing on his chest and tapping his nose lightly with her shoe, “Alright tough guy, let’s check out those marks,” she says as she steps off and helps him up.

She takes his hand and starts to lead him over to the chairs, but Brian gets another idea.

“Have a seat, I’ll be right back,” he says heading off to retrieve the stool from the other end of the aisles where he and Ariel were socializing earlier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32