Closing Time

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He was watching her again.

Dave and Beth worked together almost every night at the bar. He had wanted her from the minute she started working there. Tonight she was stocking the bar before the rush of customers. He watched her discreetly as she leaned over the stacked cases. Every time she leaned over he could see the barest hint of cleavage. He knew she never wore a bra, the corset style vest was all she ever wore. Tonight she had paired it with a very short flippy skirt and knee high heeled boots.

She knew he was watching her. She could feel him watching. At 6’3 he was hard to miss especially since it was his job to watch the bar. Every time she caught him watching she wondered what he was thinking.

“Tonight I think I’m going to give him something to watch for real” she thought to herself.

She stepped to the side of the bar and glancing over her shoulder leaned over to lift a case of beer. As she leaned over she knew her skirt would rise up. She pretended to struggle with the case for a moment before waving him over.

“Dave, could you help me? I need a couple cases.”

She leaned over to grab the couple of bottles on the side of the case, intentionally bumping her hips against him. He glanced down at her, putting one of his large hands on her hip to steady her.

“Where do you want the cases?”

“Follow me darlin'”

As she walked down the length of the bar, she put a little extra swing into her hips. She could feel him watching her and for whatever reason, tonight it excited her. It surprised her really, she had never thought about him in that way. Something was different tonight she decided. Tonight she was going to try something a little different.

“So Dave, how do you think we’re gonna do tonight? Think we’ll be as busy as last weekend?”

Dave glanced down at Beth with her question. At barely 5’4″ she always seemed so very small to him. He could see a light in her eyes tonight. Something was different with her.

“I think we’ll be packed. Just make sure you know that I’m on the floor if you need anything.” He told her leaning back against the bar.

She walked over to him with a bottle in each hand. Stopping right in front of him, she reached behind him to set the bottles on the shelf. “I know you’re always on the floor. I also know that you are always watching me.” She reached up to grab his coffee cup from the shelf behind him brushing her breasts against his chest.

Dave took a minute to study her face before he answered. “Why wouldn’t I watch you? You’re beautiful.”

Beth smiled at him, “You’re not so bad yourself,” She glanced over as the door to the bar opened. “Well big guy, it looks like we’re gonna have to finish this conversation later. It’s show time.” She walked away to start his pot of coffee.

“Oh yeah, we’re gonna finish this conversation.” he mumbled as she walked away to greet her customers.

3 hours in to her shift Beth took a break for a smoke in the alley behind the bar. She sits on the step and lets the cool air hit her. She leans back on her elbows closing her eyes. Quietly Dave steps into the alley. “Hi Dave” she says lazily.

“You shouldn’t be out here by yourself. You never know what kind of people could be out here and you don’t want to get hurt do you?”

She stands up stretching her arms over her head. “Are you dangerous Dave? Do I need to worry about what you’ll do to me?”She walks slowly to him sliding her hands down over her breasts. “You seem to enjoy watching me, is that all you’ll ever do? C’mon Dave why don’t you show me how dangerous you can be..”

Dave smiled down at Beth, then took one step, then another walking her backwards against the wall. As she stops short against the wall, he leans down. “Don’t play antep escort princess – you don’t want to know how dangerous this game really is.”

As he turns to walk away, she grabs his arm. “Wait a damn minute, you can’t…” She’s cut off as he turns to her again and presses her back against the wall. With one hand holding her captive against the wall, he takes his other hand and reaches into her long hair pulling her head back to take her mouth in a deep kiss. She starts to push him away, he holds firm his tongue dancing against hers. He angles in deeper dragging her hair back. She stops pushing against him and wraps her arms around him. He breaks the kiss, moving down to her neck. At her moan he moves back to her mouth, kissing him deeply. Anchoring her hands in his hair she arches her body against him.

Dave slid his hands down Beth’s body feeling her bare skin under her vest, he runs his hands down over her hips. Beth arches her hips towards Dave moaning into his mouth. He slides his hands under her skirt cupping her bottom. He boosts her up to wrap her legs around his waist as she breaks the kiss. “Please, God Please Dave touch me…”

She tilts her head back as his lips slide down her neck then down to the top of her breasts rising up above the vest she’s wearing. She slides her hands between them opening the vest, he kisses and licks his way down her chest. “Please Dave, touch me. Please.”

He leans back to look at her, her chest damp with perspiration. She looks at him in the eye, “You’re watching me again…”

“I know, I’ve always wondered how you would look when you’re like this. How you would look when you come. Let me see, let me watch you while you come.”

He leans down and gently kisses her breast, sliding his tongue around her nipple over and over again as she quivers against him. Finally he takes her nipple into his mouth rolling her nipple with his tongue. Her tugs gently at her, feeling her arch against him. He lifts his head watches her toss her head side to side, “Look at me Beth, open your eyes. I’m about to make you come, and I want to watch. Look at me while I touch you.” He slides his hands down her body, lifting her skirt to expose her sheer white thong soaked with her wetness.

“Dave, wait. Someone could walk out…”

“I don’t care, look at me. You’re going to come for me.” He kisses her deeply rubbing her with her underwear between them. She moans into his mouth arching her hips against him almost riding his hand. He slid her thong away from her body, running one long finger along her opening. At her gasp he slides one finger, then two into her. Pumping his hand against her, he runs his hand up her body to cup her breast. “Come for me Beth, let me see you while you come”. She rides his hand harder and faster moaning his name. He rolls her nipple between his fingers.

“Whoops, sorry.” A nameless customer walks out into the alley and then back to the bar, and neither of them notice.

Dave uses his thumb to rub her clit, still using his fingers inside her. Beth cries out as she rides his hand to orgasm. Her head falls back, as she gasps for air overwhelmed with what she is feeling. Dave pulls his fingers from her body still quaking from her orgasm. He puts her underwear back in place as he kisses her gently. He lets her legs slide down to the ground, reaching between them to lace her vest up again.

“Dave, you didn’t…I mean we didn’t finish.”

Dave kissed her once more, “There will be plenty of time for that later. Right now, your break is over and you need to get back inside. I’m going to stay here until I’m a little more uh, presentable.” Beth looks down between them, and runs her hands down his body feeling his hard on. She grins and tells him, “You bet. I’ll see you inside.”

As Beth walks into the bar again, she thinks to herself ‘This should make for an interesting evening.’

3am – Closing Time

Beth was talking to her friend Allie about their shift. “I’d give anything right now to be able to take these boots off. I mean anything. And good God if I see another empty bottle I might scream!”

Allie smiled, “Hey did you hear about the two in the alley. One of the customers walked out and found a couple having sex outside. That’s so odd don’t you think. I mean normally Dave doesn’t even let anyone go out there but employees. Hey, you don’t think it was an employee do you? I wonder who it was?”

Beth felt the color creep up into her face as she remembered the way that she came with Dave’s fingers inside of her. The way that she cried out as she got closer to getting off. “I don’t know Allie, maybe it was just two customers who managed to slip past Dave.”

“Hey Dave, did you hear about the couple out in alley?” Beth’s eyes widened as Allie looked past her to Dave.

“Nope, don’t know anything about it.” he smiled as he walked over to Beth. “Hey Beth, I heard you’d do anything to get those boots off. Why don’t you let me help you?” He lifted Beth up to sit on the edge of the bar, while he pulled up a stool. He lifted on of her feet to his knee, as he slid his hands up over her calf to the zipper of boot, slowly he slid the zipper down running his fingers over the skin he exposed. After sliding her boot off, he rolled her sheer stocking down pulling it off her foot. He gave the same treatment to her other leg. She leaned back on her arms watching him. He started rubbing her feet gently, pressing his thumbs into the tender spots on her feet. She moaned long and deep in her throat.

“Oh my God, that’s amazing. I only have one problem now. I refuse to put my shoes back on, so how would you propose that I get back out to my truck? I can’t exactly walk thru the parking lot barefoot.”

Dave grinned at Beth, “Don’t worry about it Princess. I’ll get you where you need to be.” He tossed his keys to Allie, “There you go Al, Joe is still here and he’ll help you lock the place up. See ya tomorrow.” With that said, he flipped Beth up over his shoulder and walked her into the cool evening air. “As I recall, you always park your truck at the back of the lot.”

Beth was still speechless as she felt herself being carried across the parking lot with her ass hanging out for everyone to see. “Dave put me down, I mean it. There are people still in the parking lot and my ass is hangin’ out for all of them to see. Come on now, I mean it!” Beth tried to wiggle herself free, but Dave only smacked her bottom lightly.

“I told you that I would get you to your truck and I meant it. Now stop before you hurt yourself.” As they approached her truck, Dave reached his hands up and asked for her keys. Beth struggled with the zipper to her purse and found her keys. Dave took them from her hands and unlocked her truck. Flipping her right side up, he set her inside the truck. He leaned forward and kissed her before she had a chance to argue with him. “I want to go home with you, I want to finish what we started.”

Beth looked at him and leaning forward pressed her lips to his. “Drive me home.”

Dave walked around the truck and got behind the wheel of the truck. He had to adjust the seat all the way back to accommodate his long legs. As he drove down the highway to Beth’s house, Beth scooted across the seat to cuddle up next to Dave. She leaned over to kiss his ear, and stroke his leg. “I can’t believe how fast you made me come in the alley. I’ve never had anyone touch me the way you did. I wonder just how quickly I can make you come. I know you didn’t finish before.” Beth stroked her hand up his leg across his rising hard on. “I want to touch you, do you think that you can handle it while you drive or should I wait until we get to the house?” She slid her hands over to his waist band, and with a flick of her fingers unbuttoned his pants, slowly she slid his zipper down. He sucked in a deep breath as her fingers found him. She pulled him from his pants stroking him gently, then with longer strokes. He rocked his hips against her hand so she started increasing the rhythm of her stroking. He moaned once, and she leaned down and took him in her mouth. With long pulling strokes she sucked his cock deep into her mouth, stroking with her hands at the same time.

Dave’s hand resting against Beth’s head, his fingers winding in her hair. “Beth, I’m not going to last long if you keep that up. If your not going to, I mean of you don’t feel comfortable, you should stop…” he trailed off as she, in answer to his question deepened the strokes. She worked him with her mouth, pumping his cock with her mouth and hands never stopping as he came in her mouth. Dave pulled into the driveway of beth’s house with a screech, dropping his head back on the seat. “Oh my God, I didn’t think I’d make it. My eyes crossed for a second.”

Beth pulled herself to a sitting position and smiled smugly. “It didn’t take long at all…could it be that I am better than you?”

Dave reached across her and pulled her across his lap to straddle him. “Lets see shall we?” He pulled her forward into a deep kiss opening her vest once again to cup her breasts in his hands. She arched back against the steering wheel as he took her nipple into his mouth. She rocked her hips against his, feeling his cock surging against her again. Dave pulled his head away, “Lets go inside, I need a bed and I need you…let’s go.”

“Next time, I can’t wait Dave. I need you now.” She leaned forward and kissed him deeply her tongue stroking his. Her hands found him again, hard and hot. “Please Dave, now…”

He tore the sheer white thong, and slid his fingers against her. She was so wet and tight. Beth lifted herself up and reached between them to position his cock against her opening. She slid slowly down the length of him, feeling her self stretch to accommodate him. He reached behind her to cup her bottom, lifting her as she started to ride him. She let her head fall back as she rode, she streaked her hands up her body to cup her breasts, pulling at her nipples. She rode him harder and harder. Dave slid one of his hands between them and rubbed his thumb over her clit, setting off her orgasm. She cried out as wave after wave went through her body. Her head fell limply against his shoulder.

“My turn…”, quickly Dave pulled out and lifted her off his lap. He lay her back on the seat cushions and raised her legs, pushing slowly into her body. She closed her legs around his waist locking him in. “Oh baby, you’re so tight. God you feel so good…” He increased his strokes lifting her legs over his shoulder to penetrate as deeply as he could. Pumping in to her harder now and faster, she started coming again. Her chest was heaving as she panted out his name. “Oh god Beth, I’m coming…oh god.” He thrust into her one final time as he emptied into her. He let her legs drop from his shoulders as she wrapped her arms around him.

“Mmmmm.” Beth stroked her hands over his back, drawing circles on his shoulders. “I can’t believe we waited this long…” She smiled as he leaned up to kiss her. Dave reached up and gently cupped her breasts in his hands, rolling her nipples between his fingers.

“I want you again, Beth. And I distinctly remember you telling me that next time you wanted a bed. Lets go, we have all night…” As they got out of the truck, Beth turned to lock the truck. When she turned around again to take Dave’s hand, she saw him again.

Watching her.

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