Closing the Gap

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My wife and I had been at a party at friends of ours, and were just getting home. Having sipped just the right amount of cocktails, we were enjoying a comfortable numb. She made her way upstairs giving me a seductive shake of her tush, implying she was mine for the taking when I decide to follow her up. The pressure of work, and the kids had started to wear down our once robust love life. Our sexual encounters had dropped significantly from their youthful peaks of 4 or 5 times a day to the occasional monthly session.

When I stumbled upstairs I could see her primping herself up in the mirror through the crack in the door. She was wearing one of her special occasion nighties, a purple one with a matching thong. Her curvaceous features filled out the outfit just fine as still unaware of my presence she made her way over to the bed or more particularly the nightstand.

Opening the drawer she removed the large red cock shaped vibrator we bought while browsing a seedy shop a few years ago during a trip to Toronto. I had forgot it even existed and was surprised to see it in such a handy location. After the flurry of activity with it after it was initially bought it had been discarded to a well-hidden spot in the back of the closet. Or so I thought. She set it down next to the pillow and walked back towards the door.

Taking my cue, I stepped inside and gave her a warm embrace. I spun her around and blew lightly into her ear as I wrapped my arms around her upper body and held her tightly. My semi hard cock sprang to life as it came into contact with her scantily clad body. We swayed back and forth a bit as she ground her hips backwards into me. I thought to myself that perhaps tonight wasn’t going to be the typical predictable session.

I led her to the bed, and she sat over the corner edge of it with her petite legs dangling over the sides. I drove my tongue into her mouth as I pushed her istanbul escort on her back and began dry humping her through our underwear. Her legs were raised around my hips as my cock began to get rigid and fight the constraint of the material against it. I moved to my knees and slipped my head between her legs. I inhaled deeply to take in her scent, and then used my teeth to tease the material on her thong that was covering her heat. She bucked her pussy towards my face begging to feel my tongue in her hole, but I just kept nibbling through the thong. Growing impatient her fingers slipped inside the waistband of her thong and began pulling it down her legs.

Her pussy was wide open in front of me now. Her pussy lips were well defined and the moisture seeping from between them glistened in the candlelight. She adjusted her legs again and I moved my mouth to her opening. I began to gently graze her pussy with my tongue. She had her hands around the back of my head and started pulling my face into her, but I resisted, only teasing her opening with light tongue strokes. Her normally thick bush had been trimmed recently and only a small patch of curly hair remained above her clean-shaven lips.

I traced the edges of her hole from the top to the bottom lightly circling making sure to keep the pressure to a minimum. Her breathing was getting louder and more frantic as she struggled, pushing her hips forward and pulling my head into her trying to increase the contact. I took my tongue and dug it under her hood bringing it into direct contact with her clit to her relief. She let out a loud moan of approval. Intent on giving her more of what she needed, I began licking her pussy with long drawn out strokes, running from the bottom of her opening and back up to her clit.

She held my head tightly as I pushed harder, increasing the pressure with each thrust of my tongue. Her sweet and escort bayan salty nectar began flowing as I could tell she was very close to cumming in my face. I held my head back extending my tongue forward as far as it would reach and held it there as she strained trying to pull my face back into her. With a frantic adrenaline rush she overpowered me and plunged my extended tongue through her folds and into her waiting honey pot. She let out another loud moan as I felt her pussy clamp down on my tongue as her orgasm hit. I actually felt a wave flow through her entire body causing her hips to buck forward again. Her pussy walls were clenching down tightly with each spasm on my fully buried tongue. She started pulling my head up and down using my tongue like a cock as I felt it sliding in and out of her hole. After about 2 or 3 minutes of this her moans started turning to whimpers and she gradually reduced her stronghold on the back of my neck allowing my tongue free will again. She had cum very hard and I worked my tongue all over her shaven lips lapping up her syrup.

I pulled myself up and positioned my body between her legs. My rock hard cock with minimal probing easily slid through her opening as she moaned with approval. Her pussy was moist but her lips felt very tight wrapped around my pole as I felt it bottom out inside her. I was so turned on by making her cum with my mouth I knew I wouldn’t last long, so I tried to prolong the ecstasy by filling her with slow shallow strokes, which she wasn’t in agreement with. She wanted to be fucked fast and hard. She placed her hands on my ass and started guiding my cock into her deeper and faster. She was controlling the tempo now intent on arriving at her climactic destination. I tried pulling back to regroup as I felt that familiar warm tingling build, but she was too close to the edge herself so she pulled me deeper inside her. Just as my cock escort istanbul erupted I felt her pussy begin contracting around it. My twitching cock was squirting my hot cum into her spasming pussy as we both felt the simultaneous waves flowing through us. We lay there locked together pulsating in ecstasy as the feelings slowly subsided.

As my cock slowly went limp I pulled off her even though I could tell she still wanted my cock. I glanced over at the nightstand and saw the red vibrator, which easily could fill the void now. I took it in my hand and climbed back down between her still outstretched legs. Small droplets of cum were oozing out of her shaven lips as I ran the red cock along her opening. She began to squirm in anticipation of being filled by it. It wasn’t much wider then my cock but at 9 inches was about 2 inches longer then me. She began moving her hips forward trying to capture the tip inside her opening as I teased her with it by probing it just along the extremities of her hole. I could tell she was getting frustrated and was just about to insert it when I felt her hand on it.

Eager to see where this would lead I relinquished control of it to her. Immediately I watched it disappear inside her as she let out a moan of relief. She began sliding the red cock in and out going deeper with every stroke until the full 9 inches was filling her every time. With her free hand she started rubbing her clit as she continued ramming it like a piston to the back of her pussy. I sat mesmerized as her hips bucked meeting each stroke causing my cock to begin to rise from its stupor. After a few minutes she raised her ass off the bed and began moaning loader then ever as another orgasm washed through her. She pulled the huge cock out and I immediately replaced it with my own which easily slid through her well-stretched opening. I began fucking her with long hard strokes as she no longer had the energy to control the tempo. After about 10 minutes of deep full penetration my cock again exploded inside her exhausted hole. Her pussy clamped down tightly on my pole milking every last drop out of it until we both collapsed totally spent. What a night!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32