Closetful of Surprise

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Episode 46: Closetful of Surprise

An attractive young woman in business outfit enters the apartment. She quickly goes to her room and puts the PC on the floor. She’s singing a song through all of this and looks very happy. She takes off her shoes then goes to the attached bathroom and starts the shower running. She returns to her room and undresses, hanging up her clothes as she takes them off and tossing her underwear into a laundry hamper. She looks through her closet, taking out various skirts and putting them back. She’s just humming at this point. We can tell she’s not satisfied with any of the skirts she looked at. She closes the closet and admires herself in the mirror briefly then goes back to the bathroom. She leaves open the door to her room. She gets in the shower and we watch her washing her body. She’s singing happily again. The shower head is detachable and she uses it to wash off her body. When she uses it to wash her pussy, she stops humming. She leans against the wall and she breathes faster as the water sprays against her pussy, and she’s masturbating with her fingers.

We hear her cell phone from the other room, and she ignores it. It stops, and then it starts again. “Shit!” She turns off the water, gets out of the shower, grabs the towel and runs to get the phone. She puts it on the speaker so she can talk while she dries off. The phone says “Are you there, Jill?”

“Yes, Chloe, what’s up?”

“I can’t meet you tonight. I felt terrible at work today. I’m catching something, and I’m just going to bed tonight.”

“That’s terrible; I’m sorry to hear that. But thanks for calling and letting me know. I’m still going out tonight because I’ve been working extra-hard for the past month, and I’ve got to find someone to bring home and have sex with tonight.”

“Did you get your new dress?”

“No, it hasn’t arrived yet. But I’ll borrow something from my roommate. I haven’t had much time to talk with her, but I think she’s got a new boyfriend. She’s bursa escort bayan been buying a lot of sexy clothes lately and wearing them around the apartment.”

“Well, have fun and good luck. Call me tomorrow and tell me if you find a new boyfriend.”

“Sure. You just get well so you can come with me next time.”

Jill hangs up. She leaves the towel on the floor and walks down the hallway and goes to her roommate’s room. In the room, she opens the closet. It’s a closet with louvered, folding doors. She’s considering what dress to borrow. She takes one out and holds it up to look at it and then trades it for another one. She does this again. She tries on the third one. It’s very tight and very short. She tries to pull it down unsuccessfully to cover her butt and then takes it off and hangs it back up. She hears a door open and close from outside the room and a woman’s voice calls “Jill, are you home?”

“Shit!” Jill goes into the closet and closes the door most of the way – enough so she can still see out.

“Jill, are you home?” A pause. “Fuck! I need to talk to you so badly!” From the closet’s perspective, we see another attractive young woman enter the bedroom. She’s wearing jeans and a shirt. She hurries across the room to the PC on a desk and opens a browser and selects a favorite from the menu. The camera’s perspective is from outside of the closet now. While the site loads, she pulls off her shoes and socks and jeans. We see that the site has loaded. It’s a cybersex site with cam girls. The woman takes off her panties before sitting in the large office swivel chair in front of the PC. Her back is to the closet. In the site’s search bar, she types Pussy1000, and it brings up a girl’s page and says she’s online. She presses the button to go to a private room with her.

We hear the woman’s voice through the speaker. “Hi, I’m Pussy1000. Who are you?”

“Hi, Peyton, this is London.”

“Oh, hi London, welcome back. I didn’t expect you to bursa anal yapan escort call me again so soon since you were online last night. Do you like what I’m wearing?” She stands up to show off her body. She’s wearing some colorful boy shorts and is topless.

“Wow, those are hot.”

Peyton models them and slides them down her body. She moves her pussy closer to the camera and fingers it. “I know this is what you came to see, isn’t it?”

“Oh, yes, show me how much you want me. Masturbate with me. I am so horny and I don’t have anyone to make me feel better.” London leans back in the chair. She has a foot draped over each arm of the chair while she plays with herself and moans.

“I can tell you’re horny. I wish I were there in person. My tongue would make you so happy.” They’re both rubbing themselves quickly. “Are you ever going to turn on the camera and let me see you play with yourself. You never let me see you when you’re undressed”

There’s a whimper in London’s voice. “It’s like every time I call you and we masturbate together, I feel hornier than ever before.” Both of the girls are rubbing. “I had an idea. I know you want to see m. Have you ever thought about visiting San Diego? I would pay for you to come. I desperately want someone to have long kisses with and finger.”

Peyton doesn’t answer right away because she’s cumming. Then her rubbing slows down. “That’s a long trip for me. Maybe.” She pulls apart her lips and holds them close to the camera. “I would love to feel your tongue in my pussy.” She sits back and starts rubbing again. “But how did things work out with your new girlfriend? I thought she would give you all the next you want.”

London shakes her head. “That’s a failure, and I’m depressed. I’ve walked around in my sexiest clothes and lingerie to get her attention, and she ignores me. All she’s interested in is her work. I think I could go in her room nude and she wouldn’t notice.”

Suddenly bursa rus escort there’s a loud noise from the closet as Jill runs out towards London. London screams. Her hands cover her pussy. Peyton keeps asking “London, what’s wrong? What’s going on? What’s wrong?” Jill reaches the chair and plants her knees on the seat, between London’s legs. she leans over and kisses London. The kiss goes on and on while we hear Peyton pleading for London to answer. London is moving her hands all over Jill’s body.

London finally breaks the kiss and says to the monitor “it’s all right, Peyton, it’s my girlfriend. She’s nude and she’s kissing me.” Jill has slid down the chair and kneeling in front of London and licking her. “And now she’s eating me. I gotta go.” Peyton signs off and leaves the two girls in their excitement. London is holding Jill’s head and playing with her hair and telling her how wonderful she feels and that she loves her.

After London’s orgasm, Jill climbs in the chair with her so they can continue kissing. Jill has a hand under London’s shirt, playing with her breasts and London is licking Jill’s face wildly. “London, I’m so sorry. I’ve been all worried about my own sex life and didn’t even see that you were trying to seduce me.” They kiss some more. “I should’ve known that the most beautiful woman I know would also be the sexiest kisser. I love you too.” They keep kissing.

“It’s been my fantasy that you would ask me to lick you.”

Jill smiles broadly and moves her body so she’s in the chair and London is on top of her. London is kissing her breasts while rubbing her thighs. “Please lick me, London. I want to feel your hot tongue in me.” London licks lower and lower until she reaches Jill’s pussy and eats her. Jill is telling London that she loves her until she cums.

“I want to see your breasts and then I want to eat you again.” London takes off her shirt. and bra. She sits in the chair, in Jill’s lap, leaning back against Jill. Jill reaches around and plays with London’s breasts. Shortly, London turns her head so they can kiss, too.

“Let’s get in the bed. I’ve seen girls 69 in movies and I want to do that. Do you know what that is?”

“Yes, let’s do it.”

They climb in the bed and lick each other to exhaustion and the scene fades.

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