Closer and Closer

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“So, Laura,” Aria said. “I saw you reading porn earlier today.”

Laura barely glanced up from her phone as her face began to tinge with red. She made a noncommittal hum.

Her and Aria’s boyfriends were in the room as well. They had the TV on, playing some sitcom Laura wasn’t really paying attention to.

She was playing a tower defense game on her phone. Her mostly bare legs were curled up under her on the couch. She became intensely aware of how little her shorts and red tank top covered her. She wasn’t even wearing a bra right now because they were on vacation in a cabin and were currently waiting for the others of their group to arrive.

They all weren’t wearing much as they were in Texas during summer. Aria was dressed much in the same way as Laura, only with a blue tank top and her sneakers were still on. Her brunette hair was held up in a high ponytail and her striking face was free of makeup.

The two guys were in t-shirts and basketball shorts, neither with their hair styled in any way. Logan, Aria’s boyfriend, still had mused hair from the wind, but Nathan’s managed to maintain flat neat, hair. They were both of similar coloring, though Logan’s hair was darker and his grew in with bits of red.

Laura wiggled her legs deeper under her. She glanced around the room. Plain end tables sat next to the three person floral pink couch and between two matching arm chairs. The guys had each taken an arm chair and the girls were on the couch. A TV stood against one wall. A hall led to the kitchen, two bedrooms, and a staircase that went up to three more bedrooms.

Logan looked hesitantly between the two girls and Nathan was trying not to look hopeful. He’d wanted a threesome – or more – for a while.

“I read a bit of it.” Aria continued. “You were reading about a threesome.”

Laura had been. It was a story she’d found online and had been immediately taken by it.

After a moment Laura said. “Yeah, I read my porn. For some reason watching it makes me uncomfortable.”

“Have y’all had a threesome?” Aria asked.

“Almost,” Nathan answered. “The other girl backed out at the last minute.”

“At the last minute?” Aria asked, miming fucking with her fingers.

“Yes,” Laura said in a moment of revelation. “Nathan almost had her pants off.”

“Would you really have sex with another girl?” Aria asked.

Laura let out a sigh and raised her head from her phone. She still didn’t meet anyone’s eyes. “I’ve thought about it. My first sexual fantasy was about another girl.”

“Yeah? Who?”

“Just a TV actress. No one I actually know.”

“Have you ever imagined someone you do know?”

Laura paused again. She pressed her lips together and glanced up to meet Aria’s eyes as her face lit up scarlet.

“Me?” Aria exclaimed. “You’ve thought about me?”

“You imagined having sex with my girlfriend?” Logan asked.

Laura didn’t say anything. Nathan raised one eyebrow, but was silent, too. Laughter came awkwardly from the TV. Laura pressed the next game button on her phone.

“Can’t blame you.” Logan said finally. “She’s sexy as hell.”

Laura looked up as the invaders swarmed her castle. Logan still looked awkward, but he usually talked so much he had difficulty restraining himself.

“You ever think about other guys?” Aria asked.

“No,” Laura answered, immediately this time. “Never as someone I actually know. Not even an actor.” She avoided looking back to Logan. It was partially true. She’d never fully imagined the act during sex or masturbation as she had with other girls.

“I’ve never imagined being with another girl, but lately I’ve been wondering.” Aria said.

Laura met Aria’s gaze head-on, the first time since Aria had brought up sex. They’d rarely talked about it in front of the guys of their group and never in specific terms.

Aria’s eyes ran over Laura’s body, her petite breasts, slim waist, and wide hips, for her body anyway. In contrast, Aria had d-cups and a wider, but no less curving body. Laura had found Aria attractive from the moment she met her. She’d only fully imagined having sex with Aria once and that was with the guys there, too.

In her mind, Aria had been eating Laura out, while being fucked from behind by Logan and Laura’s mouth was being fucked by Nathan. Hands roamed everywhere in their passions. Technically that wasn’t imagining having sex with another guy. The only man who was inside Laura was her boyfriend. That was imagining having sex with her boyfriend and another woman while she had sex with her boyfriend. Laura never let her mind move onto different positions. Had Aria imagined just another woman or maybe more partners than just two? Laura didn’t say anything.

“I know find me sexy. You might not think Logan is, but he might not mind of it’s just us two.”

“Um,” Laura started.

“We don’t have to do anything now.” Aria said.

As the pressure started to ease, Laura’s embarrassment did as well. Unconsciously she leaned into Aria, just a little. “Um, it is something Kocaeli Escort that has crossed my mind, with you.” She started talking as if the guys weren’t there. “Nathan, I know he doesn’t mind me thinking about other girls and I know he likes the idea of group sex, but I don’t know about other guys.”

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” Nathan said.

Laura continued even though now she was fully conscious of Logan knowing her intimate secrets. Even as he was in the kitchen, she knew he could hear her every word. The walls were rather thin in this house. “We usually have a fair bit of kinks, but I don’t think I’d need them to be as excited if it were with someone new.”

The guys were silent.

Seemingly without her telling it to, Laura’s hand reached out and caressed Aria’s face.

“I heard it can take you a while to cum and I wonder if as another girl, I could do it better.”

Aria’s grin widened even as she said. “I just take a while to cum, but maybe.Maybe Logan could learn a trick or two, though.”

“I think we all could learn something from each other,” Nathan said gently, intently watching both girls.

“The others will be here soon,” Logan said looking awkward.

“No, they won’t.” Laura said softly, not meeting his eyes. “I just got a text. They won’t be here until much later tonight.”

“In that case, we won’t have to wait on them to eat. Aria and I can go pick up some food.”

“Later,” Aria mouthed in an exaggerated motion as she got up to go with Logan. He didn’t seem like he noticed.

Nathan moved to join Laura on the couch and the two of them sat in silence for a few minutes, just holding each other. Laura fingered the necklace Nathan had given her and put the pendant to her lips.

“We probably wouldn’t have time to have sex before they get back, would we?” She asked.

“No, not unless we wanted a quicky and I don’t think that will satisfy you. Not right now.” Nathan said, his brown eyes sparkling.

“No, but it could take the edge off.” Laura said as she took off her tank top. Her petite breasts jiggled slightly and she put her arms up above her head as if her wrists were tied. She knew Nathan couldn’t resist her.

Their lips met and her hands shot to his head, fingers running through his hair as he probed her mouth with his tongue and she moved to straddle him. Laura thrust against Nathan’s hard penis and let her hands drift to his chest and shoulders. She stopped kissing him only long enough to take off his shirt. They stood together and used their hands and feet to push their shorts off.

“Right here?” Nathan asked, his lips still on Laura’s mouth.

“Yes, here,” Laura panted. She pulled back just enough to give Nathan a wicked grin. She always had more courage when other people weren’t actually there.

Laura pushed Nathan back on the couch. She didn’t actually have the strength to make him sit down, but he did so for her. The moment she straddled him again his penis slipped into her. Laura lingered for just a moment, holding Nathan still with the look in her eyes and a hand on his chest. She pressed her body closer, relishing the feeling of Nathan’s penis against her cervix, the feeling of her breasts against his chest, one of her arms around his shoulders and his hands on her


Nathan couldn’t take it any longer. He thrust in and out of her, moving her body as much as his own. Laura found his rhythm and moved with him, as much as she could. The two locked eyes, each beginning to moan their pleasure. Laura buried her head in Nathan’s throat, biting down in his flesh. He moaned anew. His movements became frantic. Laura’s cries even muffled by Nathan’s skin rang throughout the house.

She pulled on his hair, raked her fingers down his back. Her pleasure built as they moved together, as the whole of her body pressed against his. There was no physical feeling in the world she loved more than this man’s skin, just the right amount of softness and roughness. Laura pulled back again to look into his eyes. She could feel her orgasm begin to heighten and by his moans his must have been coming closer, too.

“Oh, Nathan,” Laura cried. “Damn, you’re good.”

Nathan stood, still holding Laura to him and turned around. He lowered Laura back onto the couch. Now he straddled her. Laura massaged her own breast while rolling and pinching one of Nathan’s nipples in her fingers. They kissed, tasting of sweat.

“Laura, Laura.” Nathan came right as he said her name.

Laura rolled her hips against Nathan’s throbbing cock as her orgasm peaked. She continued even after Nathan softened and his muscles relaxed. She loved riding through an orgasm even if Nathan had already come. He sat down next to her, pulled her against him and cradled her head against his chest.

“Now, that was lovely,” Laura said. “Short, but lovely.” She’d only gotten to cum once, but it was enough for now.

“We should get dressed.”

“I guess.” Laura said.

Logan walked in the front door Kocaeli Escort Bayan first just as Laura was putting her shirt back on. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen her breasts. They’d all been friends too long and too adventurous for him not to at least glimpse them. Skinny dipping had taken care of that. It had been dark and Laura had gotten her towel quickly, but she knew she’d been fully visible for at least a few seconds.

“Y’all couldn’t have done it in the bedroom,” Logan asked, jerking his head to the side. “At least the smell of grease might overcome the smell of sex.”

“At least someone has gotten some already.” Aria said.

Logan informed them. “We just got cheese burgers and fries and cokes.”

They ate in relative silence. The conversation that did exist managed to remain away from sex, mostly.

The kitchen was relatively small for a house with so many bedrooms. There were two downstairs and three upstairs. The kitchen had a sliding glass door and the wall it was in was almost entirely made of glass. The counters were colored in yellow and the cabinets were a light brown, and the fridge, microwave, and dishwasher were all black. The table was a reddish brown and could seat eight. It made the room seem even smaller than it actually was. The chairs were a similar color with an orange floral pattern on their cushions.

“What do y’all want to do until they get here?” Logan asked as he finished the last of his fries.

“There’s all kinds of stuff we could do.” Aria said.

Logan glared at her.

“What? I didn’t mean sex stuff, but now that you mention it…” Her eyes twinkled.

“I brought some board games,” Nathan said to save Logan.

Laura knew Nathan wanted to see where the sex talk might lead, but he had to save his friend. You couldn’t let someone get caught up in a situation they didn’t want.

“Oh, thank god. I don’t care which one. Let’s just play one of them.”

As Nathan ran to the car to pick up the board game, Laura remained at the kitchen table thinking to herself. Aria and Logan gathered up the trash and took their cokes to the living room.

Did Logan really feel too awkward talking about sex in such blatant terms and the actual possibility of at least just the girls having sex? Or was he attracted to Laura and didn’t want to think about his best friend’s girlfriend like that? For years Logan hadn’t seemed to have an issue teasing anyone in their group about sexual topics, but recently he’d stopped with everyone. Maybe it had finally become real and awkward.

A thunderclap shook the house. Laura started and looked around. Seemingly out of nowhere the skies had darkened to near night. As she watched rain began to pelt the small empty field and the small bit of woods. Other houses were nearby, but unseen because of the trees. Laura’s phone belted out the warning chime and the others started seconds after hers.

A severe weather warning. The rest of their group was probably going to join them even later than expected, if at all.

Laura walked into the living room just in time to see Nathan emerge, dripping wet and carrying several board games.

“I guess we are down to just board games and movies tonight, guys.” Nathan said. “Which one do we want to play?”

He laid them side by side on the coffee table. They had brought Munchkin, a deck of cards, Clue, the Game of Dirty Life they had made, and Exploding Kittens.

“Let’s do dirty life,” Aria said.

They broke out some beers and liquor and started playing. Some of their rules including taking shots, like when you got sent to jail or had to do a drug. By the end of the game, Laura had contacted two sexual diseases, had a sex change, six kids, been to jail, done crack with a striper, divorced her husband, and married the striper. She’d had to take three shots in a row, quite a bit for her small body. The others hadn’t fared much better. Or maybe it was.

“What do y’all want to play now?” Laura asked, slightly slurring her words.

“We could play poker,” Nathan suggested.

“Oh, I’m awful at that.” Laura said. “We never play often enough for me to get good.”

“Maybe we should change that.” Aria said. “But we don’t have anything to bet with.”

“It could be strip poker.” Nathan said.

Laura looked boldly around to see everyone’s reactions. Aria looked like she was down. Nathan definitely was. He suggested it.

Logan surprised Laura. “You know what? I’m down. We have to be on even footing, though. You should take off your bra, Aria.”

Aria slipped her arms out of her bra straps, unhooked it, and pulled it out from the neck of her shirt. It was white and lacy.

“Y’all know I’m not wearing a bra.” Laura said. “I think we’re all down to three items, excluding shoes.”

“Everyone kick off your shoes and socks.” Logan said as he started shuffling the cards.

Logan, Aria, and Nathan did so. Laura just swayed her bare feet a little. A small smile played on her face. Maybe Logan didn’t feel so Escort Kocaeli awkward after all. He dealt the cards. Only two for each of them.

“Could we play regular poker?” Laura asked. “Texas Hold ‘Em just seems weird to me.”

“Sure thing,” Logan said, reshuffled the rest of the cards, and dealt out three more to everyone.

Maybe she should have stuck to Texas Hold ‘Em. Laura had a three, seven, two jacks, a ten and a king. She could come up lucky and have the best hand, but she doubted it.

“Anyone want new cards?” Logan asked.

“Two,” Aria said.

“Three,” Nathan replied.

Laura thought for a second. Maybe she should keep her king. “Two.”

She discarded the three and seven. Her new cards were an ace and a nine. Didn’t quite make anything, but now she had a pair with an ace high.

“Dealer takes one. No betting, unless you want to up the anty to more than one piece of clothing?” No one answered. “Guess not. OK, show your cards.”

Laura didn’t know much about poker, but the second she saw Logan’s hand she knew she lost. He had a royal flush.

“K, I win.” Logan said. “I beat Laura. You have just a pair, ace high, but you beat Aria. You have nothing and Nathan, you have a straight, so you beat Aria and Laura. Should we just have one person take something off?”

“No,” Aria said. “More fun this way. Everyone except the highest.”

Hm, shirt or pants? Laura didn’t have a bra to cover her would be bare tits and her shorts weren’t covering much as it was anyway. She stood up and took them off, revealing a little red thong. Laura sat back down and crossed her legs.

“Uh-huh,” Aria told her. “We get to see.”

Even through her liquor, Laura flushed. She uncrossed and sat normally. “There. Happy?”

“Yes,” Aria and Nathan said together.

Aria took off her shorts, too, and showed off her matching white thong. Nathan opted for his shirt, revealing little hard nipples.

Logan dealt again. Laura’s hand was even worse this time. All low cards. She was destined to be naked. That might not be such a bad thing.

The rain picked up, hammering into the house. Laura shuddered, her nipples hardening at the thought of the cool wind gusting around. Everyone in the living room seemed to notice them poke through her tank top.

“Alright, let’s see ’em.” Aria said.

Yep, Laura lost again. Nathan won with just a pair of fives and a queen high.

Panties or shirt? Laura tried not to bite her lip as she watched Aria take off her panties and Logan his shirt. He was tanner than she remembered. And Aria must have been freshly waxed.

“Come on, honey.” Nathan said.

Laura took in a breath and pulled her shirt off. All three of them seemed to take a good look at her breasts.

“Yep, nice and perky. Next round.” Laura demanded.

Only one more article.

“So, Nathan, what’s your most extreme sexual fantasy?” Aria asked. “We know Laura’s.”

“Honestly, what might happen now.” Nathan said while he studied his cards.

“A four way?” Aria said as she switched out a couple cards.

“Not necessarily four, but group sex.”

Logan looked up from his hand, eyebrows raised. Nathan shrugged.

“What about yours?”

“I guess this, too.” Aria said, eyeing Laura.

“Logan?” Laura asked, taking the heat of herself.

“Well, I’ve had sex in public and we do a lot of kinky stuff, so I guess it’d be a three way. Though…” Logan looked around. “I’m not really sure how a four way would work.”

“Like I said earlier could be one way.” Laura said before she thought about it too much.

“Y’all ready?” Nathan asked.

Laura looked up sharply, startled.

“To show your hands.” Nathan clarified.

“Though, it could pertain to sex, too. Would y’all actually want to?” Aria laid down her cards. She had a good hand. Pair of aces and a pair of jacks. Not amazing, but better than the others. Laura had jack shit, again.

“Well, I guess that means I’m out.”

“Or someone could be in.” Aria said. “I’m serious. I know the guys are ready to play and I’m making a puddle over here. We could just start, but I have to ask. Do y’all actually want to?”

Laura sat still on the couch. She was sitting next to her boyfriend and their two friends, also a couple. The four of them had been friends for years. Would this make it weird? Could they go on with life as if knowing intimate details about someone you weren’t dating didn’t matter? Did it matter?

She’d thought about this for a long time. She’d thought about having sex with a girl for even longer, longer than she’d known anyone in this room. It was time to finally take the plunge, if the others were willing.

Laura stood and slipped out of her thong. “Yes, I’m willing.” She stood still, exposing her whole body in broad daylight. Both men’s penises jerked upwards in response. Even through their shorts, Laura could see that. “Aria seems right. Guys?”

“She is.” Nathan said.

“Logan?” Aria asked.

Logan hesitated. “Maybe you girls could while we watched.”

Laura nodded. “Sure.” She swallowed and tried not to shake with nerves. What if she was weird sexually and Nathan just never said anything?

Aria got up from the arm chair and sat next to Laura. “You sure?”

“Yes,” Laura answered. “I want to.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32