Close to Sis Ch. 03

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First off, I want to thank all the feedback. I sent in the first story just to see how well I’d do, never realizing how many people would want more. Let me know how this one goes, I’d be happy to think up more for these two.


My eyes slowly opened. It was Saturday morning, and I didn’t have to work today. Sunlight streamed in through the gaps in the curtains, and I let myself doze.

Hearing muffled noises from downstairs, I realized that Mum and Dad were both still home, and by the sound of it they were having breakfast.

I rolled out of bed, pulling on some jeans and a tshirt, and went downstairs to join them.

“Brian! He emerges at last.” Dad was stood at the grill, fixing up some bacon while Mum was putting knives and forks out. I glanced at the clock.

“It’s only 9.30 Dad, what you on about?”

He chuckled, and Mum said he was just teasing. “It’s nice to see you up so early.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, “but it’s like a pig’s tail. Twirly.”

Mum looked puzzled, but Dad just turned around with a smile.

“Bri, that’s older than me.” He looked at Mum. “Too early,” he explained.

Mum set down four places, and Dad loaded the plates with bacon, scrambled eggs and fried mushrooms, and put down a plate of tortillas to wrap them up in. Danni never showed to fill the fourth seat, but it wasn’t an obligation in this house. Her food would be left in the fridge for when she did get up.

After breakfast and the clearing up, I headed for the door, with a glass of water.

“Brian?” Mum had called to me. I stopped and turned.


She paused, and said, “It’s nice to have you back.”


“You seemed down a while ago, but it seems like you’ve dealt with it. Whatever happened, it’s nice to have Smiling Brian back again.”

I laughed. “You know I don’t like that name Mum.”

“Well it fits, so it’s staying.”

I left, and headed up the stairs. Mum was right though, I had perked up. A few weeks ago, my sister and I had gotten together, not all the way but far enough to freak me out. My mind was twisted for a while, and though I’d tried to hide it, the family had noticed my distress. Until a week ago, when Danni had talked me out of my worries, and we’d made love. I’d panicked slightly the day afterwards as I’d come inside her, but she’d reassured me she was on the pill, and since then I’d been flying high again.

I opened the door to Danni’s room quietly, and closed it again once I was in. Her room was smaller than mine, but she was tidy, apart from a small pile of clothes against the bed, probably what she’d been wearing before she’d tucked in for the night.

She was still asleep, her body covered by the duvet, her hair covering most of her face. I crossed the dark room to her, and crouched by her bed.

“Heya sleepy,” I whispered in her ear. Danni smiled without opening her eyes.

“Drink this,” I told her, and held the glass of water to her lips. She drank it slowly, her eyes still closed.

“What was that for?” she whispered.

“For me,” I replied, and kissed her softly. She kissed back, her tongue slipping into my mouth, her hand sliding from her side to my face.

I pulled away, and only then did she open her eyes.

“Mmm, that was lovely. What was the water for?”

“Morning breath,” I said, smiling. With that, she threw a cushion at me, laughing.

“What time is it?” she asked.

“Around 10ish.”

“Really? Still morning then. Much too early to be getting out of bed.”

And with that, Danni flung the covers off the side of her bed, and moved to the wall side, allowing me to slide in next to her. I pulled the covers back over me, breathing in the scent of her body. I slid a hand up from her leg to her neck, seeing what she wore to sleep in, and was happy to discover just a tshirt and panties. Danni closed her eyes again and leaned in for another kiss, one that I happily returned. My hand slid over the front of her tee, feeling the softness of her breasts beneath, and the hardening of her nipples. Danni pulled away from me suddenly.

“Where are Mum and Dad?”

“They’re downstairs, but they think you’re asleep. They shouldn’t come looking.”

Danni smiled.

“If we’re caught, we are royally fucked,” she said.

I leaned towards her, giving her neck light kisses.

“I know. I won’t go too far. Just stay quiet.”

Danni’s head had rested on the pillow, her neck open to me, and she was breathing deeply. I kept kissing her neck, moving down to the collarbone, while my hand was slowly sliding underneath her tshirt. I moved it in a wide spiral, moving inwards, until my fingers were dancing around but not touching her nipple. I did this to the other breast, still kissing my way around her collarbone, happy she wore a loose necked tee.

“Brian,” she whispered. “Don’t tease…”

“Shhh,” was all I whispered back. She smiled at that.

Moving my kisses upwards and around the side of her neck towards her ear, my hand slid şişli escort downwards, still dancing lightly on her skin. It reached the waistband of her panties, and there it pushed underneath. I gave her earlobe a small lick, and slid my fingertips on her shaven skin, above her opening. Even here though, I could feel its warmth. I spiraled my fingertips lower, and then before I touched her pussy I withdrew my hand.

Danni opened her eyes questioningly, and opened her mouth in protest. Before she could speak I kissed her.


And with that, I pulled the covers up, and slid underneath them. Danni laughed, and her hands rested on my head, feeling where I was.

I slid down until my head rested above where I could feel her panties were. I skated my fingers up the inside of her thighs, feeling them shiver in anticipation, and I heard another sigh. Gripping the waistband, I slid her panties downwards, breathing in her musk. I paused, and then lowered my head slowly. Her legs were still quivering, and her hands on my head closed, gripping my hair loosely.

I blew onto her pussy, feeling her body jump. She swatted my head lightly, and lifting up the covers whispered hoarsely, “God Brian, just eat me!”

I quickly slid myself up, until I was face to face with her, my body lying on hers lightly. I could feel my hard-on touching her crotch through my jeans. She inhaled sharply, and smiled in anticipation.

“Shh.” I said, smiling. And I slid back down, hearing her exhale with suspense.

And after a pause, and with one quick movement, I gripped her hips and tongued her to heaven. I lapped at her slit, nibbled and sucked on her clit, and I stretched my tongue as deep as I could, sucking at her juices. Danni thrashed around me, her hands clenching my hair, her thighs squeezing and releasing me. But she stayed true to my request, and apart from one moan she had to release into her pillow, she didn’t make a noise.

After ten minutes of straight oral, I stopped, letting her relax. Her sheet was damp with sweat, and my chin was covered in her cum. I wiped it before throwing the covers off me, revealing Danni’s body for the first time that morning. Her light blue tshirt was rolled above her chest, from when she’d been stroking and squeezing her breasts, and her black panties were rolled around her knees.

I raised my arms in a triumphant pose, and she looked up and smiled. She reached her arms out to me, and I fell slowly into her embrace. She kissed me passionately, her legs twining around my body.

“I taste good,” she commented. “I know,” I replied.

“Thank you for that. I can’t think of a nicer way to be woken up. But I also know that we must be pushing it, and I need to get up before Mum walks in on us.”

I kissed her quickly before rolling off her, letting her get up.

Danni let her panties fall to the floor, and pulled her tshirt off. I took in her figure while it was on display, observing her curves and lines, watching her take a pair of white panties from her drawer and slide them on.

“I like those ones,” I commented.

She looked to me, and smiled. “I know. That’s why I’m wearing them.”

Danni had dressed, and gone downstairs while I went to my room to play Xbox. We couldn’t be together too often, or it might seem suspicious. After an hour or so, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and a knock on my door.


It was Mum. “Hi Brian, do you have any plans today?”

I pointed silently to the screen, which was paused.

“Ah, that’s a no then. George and Carol just phoned, and said they were thinking of going to see the new film that’s come out, the romance one, and they invited us. Want to come along?”

I hesitated. “Ah, not really Mum, thanks though. I could check out the new Guy Ritchie film, it might be on at a similar time, and we can meet up afterwards.”

“Great, I’ll get your dad to look at times.” And her head disappeared from sight.

I resumed playing, and after an hour and a few levels, Dad called up. I paused, and went downstairs.

The three of them were round the computer screen, looking at a timetable. Mum looked up.

“They’re on at the same time, that’s perfect.”

Danni looked round, and said, “Bri, I wouldn’t mind seeing RocknRolla, is it cool if I come?” I said that would be fine, and it was arranged that we’d all go out to dinner before the films started, and then drive to the cinema together and see the separate movies, and then meet up afterwards and drive home. Dad booked the tickets, and I went back up to my room, waiting for this evening.

Around six thirty, after I’d had a quick shower and thrown on a shirt and jeans, we all piled into the car, and drove to a pizza place near to the cinema. George and Carol were to meet us in just under an hour, so we had time to relax and enjoy our meal. Danni looked stunning. She’d had a quick shower too, and was dressed in a thin white top, with a red skirt that went to just above her knees. Sexy, but not mecidiyeköy escort slutty. Her hair was left to hang straight down, and it shimmered in the low light of the restaurant. She was sitting to my right, and I found it hard not to keep turning to stare at her. More than once her hand brushed mine under the table, and each time it did my heart rate tripled. Before I knew it, the meal was paid for, and we were walking the short distance to the movie theatre. George and Carol were stood outside, and Mum and Dad greeted them.

“Been waiting long?”

“No, we just arrived, perfect timing.”

Mum turned to Danni and I, and said, “Right kids, we’ll meet you by the car. Our film finishes at ten, maybe ten fifteen, so we’ll be out then.”

And with that, we left, heading to different areas of the building.

“Danni, you want anything to eat, drink?” I asked her. She thought for a few seconds.

“I’m pretty stuffed after the meal, but we could share popcorn if you want.”

“Sounds good. I’ll grab the tickets.”

I was surprised, but I was the only one in the queue. I knew the film had been out for a while, but I expected more people than this.

The guy behind the till explained that because it was the later viewing, and the film was on a weekday, the numbers would be low. He told me where to go, and left me to it. I waited by the stairs for Danni, and when she arrived, I explained what the till salesman had said. Her eyes shone when she heard, but she didn’t say anything.

We walked slowly to the screen, and there wasn’t anyone asking for tickets so we walked in.

The room was empty, except for a group of teenagers near the front. Danni went straight for the seats nearer to the back, and I followed. We sat down, and sat through the trailers, talking quietly about the others films. Which was better, Snatch or Lock Stock, but the film started before we reached a decision.

The lights dimmed, and the screen whirred, expanding outwards. I relaxed in my seat, stretching my legs out. My right leg bumped against Danni’s, and I left it there, letting it rest against hers. She held up the box of popcorn, offering me some.

“Salt or sweet?” I whispered to her. She brought her face close to mine, and with a playful smile whispered back, “What do you think?”

I laughed quietly, and took some, eating it slowly. Sweet, of course. While the film played on, I rested my hand on Danni’s, which was on the arm rest, and stroked it lightly, just enjoying the touch of her. I looked down to the hand I was stroking, and saw past it, to Danni’s bare leg. She had raised her skirt up, exposing her thigh, but was watching the screen. I kept stroking her hand for a bit, and then I reached out, and rested my hand on her leg, stroking that instead. She smiled, but kept watching the film.

Seeing what she wanted, I stroked higher, pretending not to notice doing so, nonchalantly taking some popcorn with my left hand. My right hand kept sliding, until I felt the elastic of her underwear. I had been stroking the tops of her thighs, not the insides, so touching her underwear wasn’t too intense. My fingers started sliding, following the elastic around to her hip, and then inside again, slowly, until I felt the temperature of her skin rise. My fingers cruised inside her thigh, staying light. I got my index finger, and rested it directly on her pussy, through her panties, just letting it stay there, applying gentle pressure. And then I started to wiggle it, very slowly. I kept this up for a few minutes, just enjoying myself, when suddenly Danni took my hand in hers, and laid it on my lap.

I didn’t know what had happened. Had I gone too far? I was about to turn to her, to question her, when she slid off her seat, and moved in front of me.


Her hands moved my legs apart, and she moved in between them, her face smiling impishly. She quickly undid my belt, the button, and pulled the zipper down silently. I raised myself up, letting her pull my jeans down, and she freed my cock, breathing gently on it.

I couldn’t help but look at her. She was staring at my lengthening cock with a look of desire, watching it grow, until it was fully hard, and pointing straight upwards. The group of teenagers near the front was still there, but they hadn’t moved all the time we’d been here, and I was sure they wouldn’t now. Danni held my cock in one hand, near the base, and looking up at me, licked the entire length. Her tongue was like silk, and I let out a sigh of pleasure. With that, she moved up, and breathed into my ear, “Shh Brian. You know.”

Smiling, she returned to the floor, and with that, she started sucking the head of my cock.

She didn’t move, she just held the head in her mouth, bathing it, and rolling her tongue around it. The feeling was intense, the sudden warmth of her mouth a pleasant contrast to the cool room.

Danni then slowly slid her mouth down, still rolling her tongue but letting it slide down my shaft now, until almost my whole şişli escort bayan cock was inside her mouth. I didn’t move, letting her take control, but my hands were stroking her hair, partly so it didn’t fall over her face but also to distract myself slightly. She was good, very good at sucking me off, and I wanted to enjoy this, not just blow up within seconds.

She slowly went back up to just sucking my head, and just as my balls were beginning to tighten she stopped, pulling away. My cock was shiny with her saliva and my precum, and she saw a few drops ease out of the tip, and lapped them up, each time making my hips jerk as I was brought closer to cumming, but never over the edge.

With that, she sat back on her seat, with a smile. I just looked at her in expectation, wondering what she was doing.

“Danni?” I breathed.

“Don’t touch it, I’m saving that for later.”

“Danni, please? You can’t do that, this is torture.”

She turned to face me, smiling. “You’ll thank me. Just trust me.” And she gave me a light but long kiss on the cheek, and then went back to watching the film.

I grumbled slightly, pulling up my zipper. Mr Happy was still excited, and I had to lock him back up.

The movie was nearly over, and I’d missed the middle, so wasn’t sure of what was happening, but waited it out. When the credits rolled, we both stood up and walked out, to meet up with the parents. They were both by the car, talking away to George and Carol.

“Hiya, how was the film?” Dad asked.

“Disappointing,” I replied, not looking at Danni.

But she said, “Hey, it’s not late yet, and you two aren’t working tomorrow, why don’t you guys head off for a drink?”

Mum laughed, and looked at their two friends. “Do you two want to stay out for a drink?”

George said that sounded great, and Carol agreed, saying they could drive Mum and Dad home if they wanted. Dad thanked them, and handed me the keys.

“Alright, see you later then,” he said.

Danni and I walked back to the car, her holding onto my arm gently as we walked. I finally saw what she’d planned, and I couldn’t wait to get back.

Pulling into the driveway, we looked at the house with its single porch light on, and smiled at each other.

“You are a sneaky, clever, amazing woman,” I told her as we got out of the car.

“I know,” she replied, laughing.

I unlocked the front door, and then turning round to say something else, was immediately kissed by her. I swung the door shut mid-kiss, and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her to me. She broke off, smiling brightly, and kissed me again. I moved my hands to her ass, and lifted her up, while she wrapped her legs around me. That basketball practice had paid off after all, I thought, as I walked up the stairs and into my room, clicking on the light, still carrying her.

I turned and fell onto the bed, her on top of me. She started undoing my shirt buttons as I started pulling her top up, and when she finished she let me undress her. I lay there, shirt open and her in her white bra and red skirt, sitting on my crotch which was straining to be unleashed. Danni felt my cock through my jeans and laughed, bouncing once or twice, and then leaned down and kissed me, letting me undo the clasp of her bra while our tongues danced. I groaned into her mouth as I slid the cups off her chest, and reached down to her skirt, sliding my hands up the sides of her legs.

Danni undid my jeans for the second time that night, pulling the material down my legs, me helping her, but as she was still sitting on me it didn’t go far. She got off me and stood up, and I did too, standing next to her. My jeans fell to my ankles and I stepped out of them, kicking them aside. I wrapped my arms around Danni, loosening her skirt and letting it fall to the floor too. We stood together, both wearing just underwear. My boxers were tented, with a small patch of precum showing. Danni squirmed slightly, eyes closed, but she was smiling. “God Brian, I’m so wet,” she whispered.

I stepped closer to her, and smoothly pulled down her panties, trailing my fingers on her legs on the way down, then retracing them up as I moved my hands to her waist. She pulled down my boxers, but she stayed kneeling for a second, breathing on my hardness. We were even again.

She then crawled onto my bed, on all fours, and rested her head against the sheet, her pussy glistening in the light. My cock was eager for her, and as I moved closer I saw Danni shiver with lust. I slid my hands over her hips, and placed the head of my cock at her entrance, letting it rest there for a few seconds. I leaned forward, and kissed her lower back, making her wait. When Danni turned round to see what I was waiting for, I thrust forward, burying myself within her. She moaned loudly into my pillow, and I gripped her hips and pulled myself out, thrusting within her again. I pushed myself as far into her as I could, trying to fill her up, and Danni pushed herself against me, lowering her chest and arching her back, letting my cock push against the sensitive parts within her. I thrust again, hearing Danni swear with pleasure, and I knew that if I’d blown it in the cinema I wouldn’t be as lustful now, as desperate to fuck. I was wild.

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