Close Relations Ch. 01

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I love feedback — Thanks Jack


This is dedicated to one of my fans, thanks for being a motivation. 😉


“So wanna do it…?”

As we lied there on the basement of our parents 3 story house, I stared into her deep brown eyes, as the light hit them showing a hint of gold, I knew she was being serious.

The first time I met Cassandra was 6 months ago I was 19, my dad dropped the bomb letting me know he was getting married and Cassandra was going to be my 18 year old sister, she and her mom were moving in immediately. Since then the house has been hectic with wedding planning and the getting accustomed to my soon to be sister.

It was ridiculous growing accustomed to certain things, the way she would prance around the house in nothing more than a tank top and the smallest booty shorts ever, the nights were worse she would wear sheered gowns or plain t-shirts with panties/thongs. The biggest problem was that she was hot and she knew it, she is six feet tall, nice toned body, 36 C tits, firm round ass and the hips to match. Her dreams and goals were to be a model and she could without breaking a sweat.

To be honest for the last 6 months she has been my greatest fantasy picturing her in her tight boyshorts, slight glimpses of her ample cleavage and the sweet scent of her long deep red hair. She haunted my dreams, tortured my days and drove me to the edge at nights, I was in lust for the one girl I couldn’t have… my soon to be sister.

The night before the wedding I was taking a swim, drifting in the pool, it was so relaxing, contemplating life, past, present and just getting some r and r from all the worries of the world.

“Care if I join you?” a voice from the sliding door approached me in the well lit pool.

I was speechless it was Cassandra and she was wearing a short blue dress that moved lightly with the wind.

“uuuuhh…” I slurred not being able to respond.

With a light giggle she jumped in the pool right next to me.

“What are you doing?” I said laughing while she whipped her hair out of the water.

Giggling she dived towards me pulling my head underwater.

Lifting my head out of the water I stood frozen noticing her braless nipples piercing the thin damp fabric of her dress.

I was speechless… and getting hard…

She slowly approached staring into my eyes… stealing my glance… I couldn’t breathe.

“So what you wanna do?” she asked softly.

My penis twitched as my imagination jumped.

“Probably smoke a bit later…” I stuttered as confidently as I could.

“Hmmmm…” her eyes were now tracing my chest followed by light brushes of her finger.

“What about you?” escaped my heavily breathing lungs.

“I donno…” as her other hand brushes my thigh innocently “… but I wanna have some fun…” she continued as her fingers lightly bahis firmaları brushed and folded over my now hard cock.

I inhale “we can’t…” closing my eyes I tried to be strong “… we’re…”

“Not yet…” She said seductively interrupting my losing argument. I opened my eyes and she was now walking towards the shallow end of the pool, with each step more and more of her soaking dress that clung to her prefect body began to reveal itself. I was lost as her prefect round ass came into view.

“So…” she said turning squeezing the excess water out of her hair “… we gonna smoke?” she gave me the wickedest smile disappearing into the house.

What a tease, I couldn’t go down to the basement with this hard on but I was definitely way too turned on to let this night pass me by. Fast drying myself and throwing my shirt over my head I ran down to the basement, I took my cock and put my waistband over it to hide the effects that she was having on me.

As I entered the basement she was lying on her back with the already lit joint offering it in my direction.

“Thanks…” I tasted it lying down beside this goddess.

We lied on the warm carpet talking about everything, anything and some of the most random things ever, and then…

“So you wanna do it…?” her eyes were content, honest and full of lust… I get up knowing how bad this situation can get but she isn’t taking no for an answer. Stopping me against the wall she pushes against me heavily breathing in my ear.

“Cum on…” her hot breath tickles my ear “…lets have a lil fun…” sensually biting my ear her lips trace my neck slowly dropping to the floor.

I am lost, stuck in a trance as she peels away my swim suite freeing my 7 inch cock.

She licks her lip as her hot breath now tickles the motion of my cock. Her tongue traces the head and slowly combines with her lips gently trace the outside of my cock. In a quick motion she retraces the shaft ending on the tip, standing to her feet!

“Huh?” I am broke, I need this to continue.

“I’m bored…” she said starting to move.

It struck a nerve, in a split second 1 million things popped in my head. She was a tease, she wanted this, and she pushed me to this point… I was hard, I needed relief and she knew she was the cause.

“No…” I said softly, roughly grabbing her arm.

I pushed her against the wall holding her jaw, her hair half way covering her face as I notice her heaving chest. My cock still out of its confines was now pinning her to the wall.

“You started this …” I mumbled “…you’re gonna finish it!” I snapped roughly pushing her to the floor, having her face close to my cock, waiting in anticipation of my soon to come wrath.

She looked into my eyes with a sense of fear, shock, excitement and a hint of lust.

“Dean, Wai…t…” Before she could continue I thrust my cock between her lips, grabbing her hair, forcing out what kaçak iddaa ever ability she had to escape away down her throat.

With each thrust I hear small moans and murmurs, lost in lust I want more, her hand is now pushing on my legs but the feeling of her throat tickling the head of my now throbbing cock is too much. I pick up the pace and am now fucking her face, trying to go further and further in.

Her eyes water as she feels the first hot flow of cum shoot down her throat. My orgasm shudders throughout my body and I feel myself pulling back, but I am now being held up with her hands gripping my ass, with each spurt she squeezing my ass as if begging for more, swallowing as much as she could. Even after my orgasm died down her assault continued and she kept sucking wanting more… I feel my cock remaining hard. I could only look down on the assault; she was such a tease, such a pro, such a fucking SLUT!

I pull away and in a motion she scoops up the remaining cum that she could not swallow past her lips and sucks each of her fingers.

My cock twitches… I feel my rage building… Of all the nights she teased and flaunted her body in front of me and now she is nothing more than my cum slut…

“Get the fuck up…” I pull her up and push her towards the pool table “… bend over…” she puts her hands on the edge of the pool table, with her ass slightly out “… you think you can be a fucking tease the rest of your life!” I say more sternly as I smack her ass.

She moans.

I smack again and slowly caress the perfect specimen that haunted my perversion for the last 6 months!

She ass slowly pushes out more as I slowly move the short fabric to expose her panty less ass!!!! I was in shock, scanning the room for reason and logic and finally noticed that her tiny thong was lying at the same spot I was assaulting her face!

Grabbing her hair I push up on her whispering in her ear “You were fucking playing with yourself!?” With my cock brushing her clit “Yes…” she moans trying to sway her hips for more contact. I now know what she wants.

She is now arms length still holding the edge of the table as I tease my cock along her slit, her ass pushed out as far as she could… wanting… waiting. I feel her push back more trying to get my cock to penetrate.

Smack. Smack.

“What the fuck do you think your doing!?” I continue the assault on her ass.

“Please…” she sways her ass more biting her lip with her hair covering half her face. The sight was too much, I wanted to fuck her so bad, but I needed to tease her, her wanting me was fueling my thirst, I will dominate her.

“What…?” I whisper.

“Fuck me…” she moans.


“Jesus dean, just FUCK ME!!!” she shouts irritatingly as she started to storm out of the room.

I grab her forcefully twisting her arm bending her over the pool table, in a swift movement I hike up her dress and ram my 7 inch kaçak bahis cock deep in her soaking cunt.

“aaahhhh…” escapes as if she just had a sigh of relief.

My thrusts are long and powerful as her walls are accepting and clenching my hard cock. I kiss her back slowly moving the straps of her dress. Her breathing picks up with each thrust; I push her more into the table, faster… harder…

“Yessss…..” she feels herself Cumming.

Letting go of her arm, I pull out my cock.


I slow up my pace feeling her cunt squeeze my cock with each thrust. The more she came back to meet my thrust the more I stepped back. Soon she was in the same position, arms length hanging on to the edge of the pool table, ass in the air… waiting for my cock.

“You want to cum?” With each slow thrust was keeping her on the edge.

“Yes…” she said sadly “… I’m soo close…”

“You gonna be a good lil sister?”

“Yes!” she answered as she felt me pick up my pace “… mmmmmm…” she caresses one of her perky tits ending with a tweak of her nipple.

I reach around her ” cum on my cock!” I say hoarsely as I play with her clit.

“oohhh….” her orgasm shutters through her as it starts in her back and moves through her core “YES!!!!” she feels her knees giving out as she collapse to the floor.

Breathing heavily she tries to contain herself.

“I’m not finished with you slut!” I lift her onto the pool table, legs hanging over the edge. I pull her close to the edge and raise her feet over my shoulders as I penetrate her now dripping cunt.

Her lifeless body just accepts the pounding as her delicious breast bounce to my movement.

This will take forever I thought as each thrust pushed her more into the center of the table and I would have to pull her back.

I climbed on the table keeping her legs above; she was in a fetal position on her back as I began the assault, mounting her as I plowed my cock harder and harder into her hot fuck hole. Soon I saw new life as she was breathing new life. She grabbed my neck and pulled me into her pink lips for the most passionate kiss ever.

I feel my cock beginning to swell, as in perfect harmony she releases the kiss and now plays with her clit.

“mmmmm….” she moaned on her back “…thank you…”

With that her walls clenched on my cock forcing me to blow my load deep into my soon to be sister’s tight cunt.

I feel my orgasm throughout my whole body as my never ending orgasm leads me to fall lifeless on her body.

After a few minutes I pull myself to the floor, the sight is Cassandra lying passed out, head over the pool table edge, completely exposed with her dress around her waist beautiful tits out and my cum slowly trickling from her pussy.

I decided to leave as I felt my cock coming back to life. Turning off the basement light I can’t help but think… What am I going to do after the wedding?

To be continued…


Thanks to all you fans and everyone who motivate me to write better stories. I am always open to ideas and opinions. Thanks.

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