Close Encounter

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I’ll grab your hand and pull you into a dark room with a good lock, with a cozy bed and a big blanket. I will close the door and click the lock. I want to bring you close to me with my hands on your hips, and as you come near slowly kiss you on your lips, carefully massaging your tongue with mine.

Still standing just inside the closed door, you’ll brush your lips softly over my neck, kissing and massaging untill I can’t possibly be still for any longer. I want to lean my back against the wall while you press your whole body against me, and we grab hold of each others hands passionately.

I will reach around behind you and delicately pull your shirt over your head, only now for the first time separating our lips. I want to slide my hands over your back feeling the warm softness of your skin. Then I will slip my fingers under the enticing lace of your bra, unhooking it while you let it fall of your shoulders to the floor. You will then pull me forward away from the wall and I will pull my shirt off over my head, and you will grab it and throw it across the room behind you.

Moving more quickly now, as our hearts beat faster, I fumble with the buttons on your jeans, sliding them down from your hips so you can step out beşiktaş escort of them, leaving you only in pink panties. Still sporadically stopping for an amorous kiss, you unbuckle my belt, followed by the button. Then you can grab both my jeans and my boxers, pushing them down untill my throbbing dick is exposed, taking them down to my ankles where I step out of them. You push me back against the wall then you bend down and rest on your knees, taking my cock with your hand. As you slide your lips over the head, I have to tilt my head back and moan in ecstasy. You slide forward and back sucking and licking, stopping occasionaly to carress my balls with your tongue. Harder and harder, you thrust it deeper into your mouth untill I explode with pleasure and cum into your mouth. Once finished you slide it out of your mouth and stand again.

I immediately grab your butt and pull you up to straddle me, and I carry you to the bed. Lowering you down to sit on the sheets, with your legs over the edge of the bed, I grab the cute pink panties and pull them over your hips and onto the floor. Spreading your firm, sexy smooth legs, you slide your wet pink pussy anxiously forward to the edge of the bed. I kneel beşyol escort down in fornt of you, and you lean back with your arms behind you, looking down at me and watching, with your hair resting just over your firm breasts. I move closer, and delicately lick your clit, spreading the lips with my tongue. I flick my tongue back and forth, and you let your head fall backward, letting out an excited moan. Massaging my tongue all over your pussy, you get wetter and wetter, arching your back, and we both begin to ache for my cock to slide in. I get hard again, turned on by the euphoria your experiencing.

Lifting my head now, you slide backwards and lie on the bad, with your legs spread wide, waiting for me. I climb onto the bed, and place my arms on either side of you as I position myself to enter you. I reach back to the bedside table and grab a bottle of warming liquid, which I drip a little onto the tip of my penis. I softly rub the head around the trembling hole of your cunt, lubricating everything. Then, as you close your eyes and bite your lip, I slowly push my dick into you, and we both take a deep breath.

Starting slowly, I slide in and out, brushing my lips softly over yours, followed beykent escort my a deep kiss. Then as our passion to fuck each other overwhelms us, I thrust harder and faster and you lie there receiving and wrap your legs around behind me. After a few erotic minutes, we slow down, and I slip out of you. I stand at the side of the bed, and pull you gently towards me off the bed. We kiss passionately for a second, stumbling towards the far wall. I hold you by your hips and turn you to face the wall. With your hands against the wall you take a few steps away from it, so your butt sticks out to my rock hard cock, looking behind you at me with an expectant, sensual look. I come close, and with my cock in my hand I slide it up into your cunt and unhesitatingly shove it faster and faster into you. We both have our eyes closed and enjoy ourselves as we fuck as hard as we can. After another minute I pull out and you turn around, and guide me back onto the bed with your hands on my bare chest. I lie on my back and you slide down on top of me working it hard. In only a few seconds I have to hold you close and turn you around on your back and fuck you until I come deep inside you and we both finish sweaty and exhausted, trembling against each other in almost disbelief.

I slide out and roll over onto my back beside you, and reach over to the bedside table again to grab a cigarette to share with you. We lie there, not having said a word since we came into the room, and stared at the smoke rising lazily from the tip of the cigarette.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32