Clive and Max Pt. 01

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It was my first year in secondary school and Clive was in my class. My parents lived on four hectares about five kilometres from my school and Clive’s family lived not far from us; we could easily drop him off.

This only happened a few times. Our two mothers would chat over a coffee and then mum and I would continue our way home. Clive was not my best friend and besides giving him a lift home, he was not in my life at all.

I lost all contact with Clive, he seemed to disappear off the face of the planet; until we met again in our twenties.

I finished secondary school and was glad it was over. It had not been an easy time for me as I was bullied for being gay. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to make of my life in the way of a career, so I drifted into a temporary job at first and then after a Government Exam I landed a plum job with the Department of Foreign Affairs in Administration. I kept my sexuality secret and I worked hard. In a short space of time I had enough saved that I could buy a small apartment in Melbourne.

I was always looking for something or someone and sex filled that void. I knew all the saunas and was a weekly visitor. I certainly had some very hot times with some very hot guys and some very ‘not so hot’ guys. In the end I had little to show for all the time and money I had spent. The only special people in my life were a handful of close friends and no special man in my life.

However, life was good and I was extremely comfortable. However, deep down, I always wanted to try something different to earn money; if only I knew what it was!

In the meantime, Clive had become a Human Rights Lawyer and held a good position in that field. Buried deep in his work, he became well known and whilst he had friends that loved him dearly, his sexual contact with men was only to scratch the itch he occasionally had.

Separately, we both realised that Sydney was the place to be. A thriving big city with a bigger gay scene; warmer weather, and opportunities for a varied lifestyle. Sydney’s ethos was: work hard, play hard. I certainly took up the opportunity to ‘play hard’ in the many bars, saunas and dark rooms. Clive ‘worked hard’.

Both of us moved from Melbourne to Sydney within the organisations we worked for. Initially I was happy but the nagging ‘I want something different’ was back after a short time. Clive on the other hand was enjoying the beaches, the bars with friends and his new boss.

George, was a fan of Clive’s. He and his wife would have Clive over for dinner regularly or maybe to a game of football or the beach at Balmoral.

I Sakarya Escort used to frequent a ‘keyhole cafe’ in Neutral Bay and became quite good friends with the owner. He was straight. He knew that I was gay. We liked each other and over time became good friends. One day Howard told me that he and his wife wanted to move to Perth and ‘would I be interested in taking over the cafe!’. I was shocked and initially I was like ‘why would I give up my good job and good pay to run a coffee shop?’

The rest is history. Best decision I made. Chatting to different people daily. Regular coffee drinkers, from all walks of life. I made money too! Just me and three staff selling lots of coffee, cake and tea. Sometimes receiving, not only, good money tips but also for the share market. I was invited to gallery showings or the opera.

It was here that I met Clive again. Basically, when I didn’t run the coffee shop I wasn’t there where he was there. But now that I had bought the cafe, I was around when he was around.

At our first meeting I was fairly sure it was Clive but I was caught in the ‘it cannot be true’. This happened twice, but on the third time of his visit I introduced myself fully. ‘Hi Clive, it is Max; Max Schwarz!’ He just stared at me. Then it came: Max!

‘Yeah, Max! We knew each other at secondary school. We were in the same class together but I believe you are maybe one year older than me?’

‘Max!! Yes… wow… wonderful. How are you?’

So, it begun.

Clive still looked as handsome as ever and I felt my heart miss a beat or two. He also looked like a typical boring Lawyer even if he did sport a trendy beard. But I had always seen a sparkle in his eyes that meant there was a tiger underneath.

At first I thought he was married and probably had children. It turned out I was wrong. After a few more coffees he asked me if I wanted to have dinner.

I wasn’t knocking back a chance like this. During dinner he confessed he was gay. Then he asked the question that would change our lives: ‘I suppose you are married to that hot blonde that works in the cafe and have five children?’ He was grinning from ear to ear.

‘NO! I am gay also.’

Clive and I were in our early forties and had not lost interest in each other emotionally or physically; but here we were, two adult men, in love, married and entwined in each other’s arms as we woke up on this wonderful Saturday morning.

I loved it when Clive cuddled up behind me. Holding me firm in his muscular arms. His flesh against my flesh. He would snuggle his Adapazarı Escort mouth into the back of my neck and occasionally kiss the nape. My body would purr. The feel of his hands on my body gave me goose bumps all over and an instant erection.

His whole body pressed against me, spooning. Feeling his chest, his legs, his erection pushed between my bum cheeks. The thickness of his seven and a half inched uncut cock gently thrusting against my skin. His hands slowly caressing my erect nipples. I would push back against his toned body. His cock leaking cum in my crack. I would turn, as much as I could, and we would kiss deep and long. Tongues interplaying, saliva mixing in our mouths.

The hottest thing, apart from being fucked, was his hand running down my belly to my hard cock. He would wrap his hand around my shaft and I would gently thrust my cock through his fist, my uncut knob leaking into his fist as he pulled back my foreskin.


I had already prepared my hole with some lubricant, as if what we leaked wasn’t enough, so that he could enter me quickly. I would reach around his body and pull his firm gorgeous arse into me. Moaning heavily, he would thrust his thick cock between my legs. All I could think was ‘fuck me now’.

Clive liked to savoured these moments; being a little bit more romantic than I. He also liked hearing me scream as he gently squeezed my nipples. He said it made him ‘even hornier’.

His hands leave my six inched average cock and he forcibly grabs my chin and bites into my neck. ‘Oh yeah. Bite me hard and then fuck me hard!’

My cock was as hard as a ‘morning wood’; rock hard. I was ready to explode with all the pre-cum dripping from my knob. He continued to bite me gently; then licking my neck or nibbling on my ear-lobes. I was in heaven. In another world. Gasping with total pleasure.

As Clive thrust between my legs, the knob of his cock hit my balls. That turned him on even more. He would grunt occasionally. Whispering in my ear ‘I am going to fuck you so hard you will not walk for a week’. I purred. ‘Yes please’.

I was totally in his control as his hands stroked my body; then suddenly I felt his rod push into my waiting wet hole. His thickness stretching me. I moaned loudly. He couldn’t push any further. His pubes hard against my arse.

He motioned that he wanted me in doggie position. Naturally I didn’t fight his request!

His cock remained inside me as we manoeuvred our bodies into position. He pulled out a little and then thrust hard and deep into me. I lost my Serdivan Escort breath. His hands went to my nipples. ‘Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.’ I was panting hard. He then fisted my cock. I was flowing. He stroked me until I blew all over the bedding. I wasn’t the biggest cock in town but I blew heaps. He scooped up what cum he could and thrust his fingers into my open mouth. I licked all the cum from each finger. He kept thrusting. Riding my arse. I knew he would soon get around to doing what he, and I, liked most. Fuck me like a wild man.

He licked any leftover juices off his fingers, ‘mmmm… you taste good!’

He grabbed my hips.

This was it. I was about to be fucked!

He pulled out so that his knob was just near the opening of my hole. I loved feeling the pressure of his knob right on the opening and he too liked the total sensitiveness there. He moved only slightly to rub his knob on the inside of my wet hole. It drove us both crazy.

Then he thrust deep within. ‘Yaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!’

There are no words. I love being fucked. I was born to be fucked hard.

His thrusting became faster.

Each thrust pushing my body away from him, but he followed me.

I buried my head in the pillow. Screaming. Pre-cum flowing from my cock again. Each thrust was glorious. Filling me up.

He started swearing at me: ‘take my big cock you little bastard’, ‘take all of that cock you fucking cock sucking bitch’.

I loved his dirty talk.

His pounding was massive.

‘Please, please, cum in me, cum, cum.’

‘You want my cum?’

‘Yeah, please, give it to me’, begging now.

He held my hips in place while he raped my hole. Right up into me. Deep. I loved this. I waited, kept my head buried in the pillow as I moaned and screamed. This made him even hotter. I wanted the reward. His big load of cum in my man cunt. Knowing that when he pulled out, a big dollop of cum would follow his big dick and run down my legs.

He blew.

‘Aaaaaaaargggggghhhhh! Take that you fucking whore. Take my load you fucking slutty man bitch.’

I took it. I reached around and grabbed his beautiful firm buttocks and held him firm against me.

He kept thrusting despite any attempts to stop him.

My arse felt sloppy, wet and loose.

Clive thrust one last time into me and left his big thick cock inside me.

This was another ‘best bit’.

Finally, I would try and keep his hard cock inside me for as long as I could. I liked to feel the fullness of his manhood and I would be disappointed when his cock went down and slide out of my hole always with a ‘plop’. In the mean-time we would fall into a spooning position. All cosy under the bedcovers. We would go to sleep for a couple of hours. Who needed drugs?

When we awoke from this this glorious fuck session and sleeping, we would shower and continue with the day.

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