Clementine Photo-Album Princess

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Clementine was in the kitchen of ‘M’s house preparing some afternoon coffee. She was dressed in early 1950’s style with a patterned circle skirt and sheer blouse over a slip, bra, garter belt and vintage stockings with nice shiny black leather open-toe pumps. She wore no makeup except for some lipstick and her jewelry was limited to some tasteful dangly earrings. Of course her finger- and toe-nails were prettily painted. Clementine loved it when she was able to stay over at ‘M’s house for an entire week, she was able to dress full-time and allowed to pamper herself from head to toe as a real lady might.

As she stood by the kitchen counter her mind strayed to the events of the previous day. Yesterday ‘M’ had interrupted her housekeeping to ask her to accompany him to the SR (Sex Room) in the cellar. There she had found a plain wooden straight-backed chair set up before the video cameras. ‘M’ had seated her in the chair, no bindings or anything, but he had made it clear she was to keep her hands in her lap. Then as she waited ‘M’ had undressed himself completely, he had turned on the cameras and focussed them on her face and upper body, and he had come to stand beside her chair with his bare cock level with her mouth.

Reminding her to keep her hands in her lap, ‘M’ had asked Clementine to raise her skirts above her stocking tops and to spread her legs so he could enjoy the sight of her nyloned legs and straining garters. ‘M’s beautiful cock was already hard at this stage and he held it next to her face and directed her to look into the camera so he could capture this initial moment. From the monitor next to the camera Clementine could see her face with a man’s big cock held next to her mouth. ‘M’ directed her to lick her lipsticked lips, to make her hole wet for him to stick his cock into. Clementine carefully coated her lips with her saliva, she didn’t want to smear her lipstick!

At this point ‘M’ had placed the head of his cock at her lips and gently pushed. Clementine Kartal Türbanlı Escort allowed the penis to enter her mouth and ‘M’ held it there, with just the fat head inside.

‘M’ said, “whatever you do, don’t take your mouth off my cock, Clementine… and keep your hands in your lap!”

Then ‘M’ had used one of his hands to fist and stroke his cockshaft, long purposeful strokes that brought his hand from the base of his cock to the point where they hit her lips, his cockhead always remaining inside her mouth. He was plainly and without artifice masturbating into her mouth!

Minutes passed and ‘M’s cock grew and grew in her mouth as he stroked it. Clem sat in the chair with her skirts up and legs parted, her red painted lips straining to contain his cockhead in her warm wet mouth and endured his hand hitting her lips on each stroke. Soon she could taste his precum oozing and Clementine carefully teased his pisslit with the tip of her tongue. ‘M’ groaned and with his free hand grasped her hair at the top of her head and he held her head there at the tip of his cock as he fucked a few shallow strokes into her mouth.

“Look at me!” he directed and Clementine met his eyes. She could see he was leering slightly, most obviously enjoying the sight of her face impaled on his cock.

“Now look in the camera,” ‘M’ said and Clementine looked towards the camera and the monitor beside it. It was an obscene sight! Her red painted lips were ovaled around his shaft with saliva-precum foam at the corners, her distended mouth looked like a well-fucked vagina, the veiny wet fat cockshaft sliding in and out, coated with their juices.

“So many pretty girls at the end of my cock,” grunted ‘M’. Clementine knew it was his habit to talk when nearing climax…

“I’m almost ready, I need you to take every drop.”

He continued stroking his cock into her mouth, his other hand still holding her hair. “Eat all of it and Daddy will think about Kartal Otele Gelen Escort buying that dog.” (For reasons best left unexplained Clem had been asking ‘M’ to get a dog, a big dog.)

“Look into the camera while I cum Clementine!” Clementine quickly drew her eyes back to the camera… she had been studying his balls, swinging so close to her chin, she imagined them filled with his lovely manly sperm.

She felt the cockhead in her mouth pulse and suddenly his warm manly essence flowed and squirted as he continued stroking. Just the dickhead was in her mouth, and it was spewing its load into her mouth. Clementine struggled to swallow what she could, all the time keeping her eyes on the camera as ‘M’ had directed. Despite her best efforts she could feel wetness dripping from her mouth, especially as ‘M’ kept shallowly fucking his cock into her face as he came. He never stopped stroking and the cum was intense and there was a lot of it!

Gradually ‘M’ slowed his stroking and the pulsing cumload tapered off. Clementine peevishly used her tongue to caress the cockhead in her mouth, hoping for more sperm and because she knew it made ‘M’ happy.

‘M’ was still holding her hair but he let his cock-stroking-hand drop and they posed for the camera for some moments, his hard cock still inserted in her mouth, Clem looking directly into the camera lens.

“I’m going to take it out but don’t close your mouth, keep it open,” said ‘M’ and he slowly pulled his cockhead from between her lips. Clem kept her lips open in that obscene oval fuckhole shape and as the penis pulled away thick strings of cum stretched from her mouth to his dick. “What a lovely image,” said ‘M’ with a laugh, he was obviously watching the TV monitor too!

The monitor showed her face with the bloated still-rigid penis beside it, her lips parted into a fuck-hole, the inside of her mouth most obviously coated in his thick sperm. ‘M’ rubbed his cock along her mouth, then Kartal Ucuz Escort he inserted it again, fucked a few strokes into her mouth and pulled his cock back out to display it and her obscene mouth-hole to the camera. Again he fucked into her mouth and then withdrew…

There were gobs of white cum around her lips and chin, gobs stuck to his cockshaft and a few dollops had collected on his big hairy balls.

“Kiss my balls, thank me for the treat,” said ‘M and he used his hand still holding her hair to direct her mouth towards his balls. Clem was frantic with lust and she nuzzled her mouth against his lovely balls, kissing them, worshipping them.

“Now lick my balls with your cummy tongue!” Clem’s heart jumped at these sexy words and she eagerly licked at ‘M’s beautiful balls, making a lewd show if it… Anything to please him. ‘M’ groaned and muttered, “From my balls to your belly, fresh-made Daddy juice…”

Suddenly Clementine was startled back to the present from her daydreaming of the previous night, her attention brought back to the kitchen, as ‘M’ came up behind her, reached an arm around her waist, and said into her ear, “How’s my pussy?”

Clementine enjoyed ‘M’s little naughty names for her, she knew he used them when he was horny and it pleased her that he continually thought of her in a sexual context.

‘M’ placed a heavy book on the kitchen counter and said, “look at this my dear.”

The book was a photo album, ‘M’ opened it and showed her pages and pages of amateur snaps, all different girls posed with the same cock, some sucking it, some with cummed-on faces, some with their tongues out licking hairy balls. The photos were all eerily similar.

“This is my collection of cocksuckers, Clementine, gathered over the years. As you can see many girls have had the priviledge to have my penis in their mouths, the joy of eating my sperm…”

‘M’ turned to the last page of the album where Clem could see a picture of herself, her cum-smeared mouth open like a pussy, her eyes looking directly at the camera, with ‘M’s slimy penis held an inch away, the strings of his sperm quite visibly connecting his cock to her mouth!

“And you’ve the honor to be my most recent cock-sucking sperm Princess, my dear” said ‘M’ with a smile.

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