Cleaning Service Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Readers: there may be some of you who notice this isn’t the original version. I changed the characters a bit and cleaned up my writing a little, but I assure you, the story is in its heart the same. All the series with formerly Jason and Marea (now Mark and Lily) will also change to fit it. I just was dissatisfied with my writing style (author’s constant process of trying to improve self). I also felt my characters needed to have a slightly different look and feel to them to them. Their personalities have completely evolved in my head to be different than I had planned so I’ve changed them very slightly in appearance to suit how I imagine them. Please enjoy. It’s still the same couple; you’ll see.


Chuckling to herself, Lily walked out of the bathroom, towelling her body dry from a quick shower. Her hair was piled on her head, still dry, and she knew exactly what she was going to do to Mark this evening. Her little show several days earlier had driven him nuts, and she could see the hopeful look on his face every time he arrived home from work that would disappear when he discovered she was in jeans and a t-shirt.

The past days had been hard for both of them. She knew it had been tough on her, anyway. Every single time Mark had reached for her, she had responded lovingly but only platonically, forcing her body to quiet and discourage any sexual advances he made. As she had walked out of the room in her sweatpants and smirked at him half naked in front of their bedroom door, her clit had been on fire. She had been aching as she cooked dinner for them but only smiled off Mark’s glares of frustration as he walked to the bathroom to have a shower.

This afternoon, however, she knew it was time to have a little more fun with him. Delving into the closet, she pulled out the bag of goodies and began to dress in the maid outfit, deciding to skip the makeup as she did not have enough time. After hurriedly dressing in the satin and lace and slipping into her heels she placed herself in the kitchen and began to start dinner. Just as she was draining the pasta and was about to set the table, she heard the key rattle in the lock and Mark walked in. This time the eager look on his face was replaced with the familiar glaze-eyed look he got when he saw something that made his hormones short-circuit.

Lily’s face was pink from cooking around the steam and her eyes sparkled as she chirped at Mark, “Oh, hello! I received your note that I should prepare dinner for you today, so I did! Let me put all this on the table and then I’ll tidy up the kitchen like you asked, and then be out of your way!”

Mark watched her move, his brain processing what she had just said. After she had made her trips back and forth to the dining table, he saw his opportunity. He rushed up behind her as she was standing in front of the counter and pressed up against her soft form, pushing her lower abdomen into the cold surface. Wrapping his arms around her, he grabbed her upper body and pulled it into him, lining her ear up to his mouth. His tongue ran lightly along the curves of her ear and he felt her wobble in her heels a little, sighing slightly. Grinning to himself, he breathed, “I think I want my dessert before dinner, hon. You’re on the menu.”

Her body squirmed against him and he pressed his fingers into the silky fabric covering her breasts. He squeezed the soft flesh roughly and reached into her bodice to pull the mounds out of their coverings. Her brown nipples were hard and the aureoles were crinkled with arousal. Pinching the nubs, he pulled on them slightly and smiled to himself as he heard Lily moan.

“And what a tasty thing you are,” he added, now gently applying pressure on her back to push her body down to the counter. He quickly dropped to his knees behind her and flipped up the layers of satin and crinoline that covered her round bottom. Giving the round cheeks each a light spank, he pulled the lacy panties down quickly to her ankles and put pressure on her ankles to raise one foot, then another, to remove them. He tossed them aside and placed his hand on her lower back, using the other to ease her legs apart and to expose her shaved pussy lips to antep escort his view.

Lily foggily considered that she was supposed to be in control of this situation, but lost all nagging thoughts as Mark’s hot tongue slipped between her swollen labia to flick against her equally swollen clit. Her back arched and she spread her legs wider as she felt his lips begin to tease and nip at her folds.

The sensations made her moan as she pressed back against Mark’s face, wanting more. Her heels made her bottom arch upward slightly, turning it and exposing all of her glistening slit to Mark’s eager mouth. Her wide-set ankles removed her stability, and all she could do was grip at the counter and whimper encouragingly as gentle suction surrounded her most sensitive part. Her long stockinged legs quivered around Mark’s face, and his hands were kneading her round bottom, spreading and pushing the smooth cheeks roughly.

“Ooh, ready, are we?” Mark smirked as one long finger pushed gently at her tight and wet opening, slipping easily into her folds. He sucked in his breath as he felt her muscles clamp down on the digit, and used his other hand to thumb her swollen clit slowly as he watched his finger slide in and out of her, dripping with her juices.

Lily moaned loudly and tried to look over her shoulder at him in vain. She could not see him over her raised bottom, and so closed her eyes and sucked in her breath sharply as he unexpectedly added another finger. Wiggling her rear at him slightly, she cooed, “Mark, use your fingers to do that thing…” Her voice trailed off as she felt him pause, and then felt a smack against her left cheek.

“It’s improper for a maid to use her employer’s name unless given permission, you naughty girl,” he grinned, knowing she loved the sharp contact. Eying the slight redness forming on the creamy globe, he raked his nails along it gently, loving to see her shiver.

“Mmm. Sorry. Can you please curl your fingers inside of me, sir? It feels so –” she stopped and squealed abruptly when for a few seconds Mark pushed downward onto her front wall and wiggled his fingers fiercely, curling and pushing them into another sensitive spot. She made a keening, mewling noise that sent electric bolts through Mark’s body and made his already throbbing erection feel like it was going to burst. Just as abruptly as he had started moving his fingers, he stopped and withdrew them from her.

A whining noise came from above the frills framing her exposed rear end and Mark chuckled, standing up to feed her his fingers. The whine turned into a purr as he felt her wet tongue curl around the fingertips and her hot mouth suck leisurely on each finger individually before drawing both into her mouth and fellatiating them. He bit his lower lip and rubbed his crotch into her bottom, pressing the hardness in his jeans up against her wetness and grinning as she jumped from the contact of rough denim against her smooth skin and exposed folds.

He withdrew his fingers smoothly, ignoring the protesting moans, and opened the drawer immediately to the right of Lily’s thigh. He saw her head turn, the frills on the hat wiggling as she tried to crane her neck to see what he was doing. Shuffling through the contents of the drawer, he selected what he wanted and grinned, closing it with a slam that made her jump against him and dig into his crotch even more firmly. He stroked her smooth ass soothingly before sliding his hand up under her dress and crinoline to the small of her back, rubbing the soft skin he found there just as reassuringly. He smiled at her trusting purrs, and knelt down again to plant a kiss on each of her ass cheeks.

“Bear with me, Lily, this might be a bit odd at first…” his voice trailed off and before Lily could question what he was going to do, she felt a firmness only slightly bigger than Mark’s fingers slide into her. Gasping, she lifted herself up to look over her shoulder and laughed as she saw the dark fluffy ends of the feather duster contrast with the pale skin of her bottom. Her laughing quickly turned into moans as she looked into Mark’s grinning face. He looked pleased with himself as he began to slide the handle in and out of her.

She looked around with her eyes half-lidded, knowing that was not what Mark had taken out of the drawer. She mentally tried to list everything in there: spatula, whisk, wooden spoons — “Aah!”

Her train of thought was broken as Mark leaned down again to plant his lips firmly on her clit. He sucked on it gently as he used his tongue to tease back the hood, coaxing the sensitive bud out of hiding and then flicking the rough tip of his tongue against it relentlessly. Lily collapsed back down onto the counter and writhed, now suddenly very aware of the slightly bulbed end of the duster handle buried deep inside her. Mark began to slide it in and out of her, watching the varying thicknesses of the handle appear and disappear into her wet opening as he tongued her sensitive bud.

“Mark –” Lily whimpered but corrected herself after another sharp smack on her behind. “Ooh, Sir, that feels so good!”

He squeezed her bottom in response and kept his mouth firmly against her, ignoring the urgent throbbing in his jeans. His nose was filled with her scent as he begin to slide the duster in and out of her faster, controlling his entry so as not to hurt her by slamming in too deep and too hard. She squirmed against him, and he knew she was wet enough for him to change tools. He quickly pulled away from her as she lay there panting and withdrew the duster. Tossing it on the counter gently next to her face, he smiled as she grabbed it and made a show of licking it clean. He spanked her again lightly and chuckled, leaning forward to bite on her ass gently, making her squeak in surprise.

“Easy there, you minx,” he grinned and pushed something much more cold than the duster against her swollen lips. He gently eased the cool object into her, and she gasped at how much thicker it felt compared to the previous toy. She closed her eyes, assessing the new invasion, and judged it to be no thicker than Mark’s cock, if not thinner. She breathed heavily, shifting a little uncomfortably and trying to get used to the coldness and thickness. Mark ran his hands along her inner thighs soothingly and murmured soft encouragements at her to relax as he began to slide it in and out.

Lily bucked her hips upward, feeling the immediate pleasure surge from the penetration to engulf her body. She whimpered and looked over her shoulder, watching Mark stand up to be able to stroke her back and watch her face closely as he fucked her with whatever-the-hell-that-was. He grinned and gently guided her to lift her upper body to him, kissing her lips as her face turned up toward him and cupping her full, quivering breasts still jutting out of her dress.

He pushed the firm tool inside of her and guided her to stand up gently, turning her around and picking her up to seat her on the edge of the counter. Looking down curiously, Lily laughed loudly to see the curve of the ice cream scoop protruding from between her legs. Mark grinned at her and grabbed the curved metal to draw it in and out of her slowly, watching Lily watch the penetration. Her eyes became glassy and her mouth dropped open a bit as she began to pant slightly. Her cheeks were flushed and her hair dishevelled, and her hat sat very much askew. The full mounds of her chest quivered as she began to tremble, waving the hard pink nipples invitingly. He kissed her again, pinching and teasing at her swollen buds, and moved his hand up to stroke her cheek.

“You look so fucking sexy, Lily…” he murmured as he broke the kiss and trailed his lips down her neck and over her chest. He nipped at her skin and heard her whimper softly between pants of pleasure. Encircling the taut buds of her nipples with his tongue, he heard her whimpers escalate into moans as she grabbed his head and held it to her sensitive skin, arching into him and pressing the bundles of nerves into his hot mouth. He knew she needed to cum by the way she was writhing and groaning, and knew how he could do it, but was not sure if he wanted to let her: she had been torturous over the past few days. As he knelt between her spread thighs and watched the handle of the kitchen utensil sliding in and out of her, he pondered his choice. He could make her cum and then take her, or leave her now, or just take her now, or…

His thoughts were interrupted by a soft purr as Lily’s fingers trailed over her clit and began to rub. He grinned, realizing his decision had been made for him. He would make her cum and then take her right there in the kitchen. She had given him release the first time, anyway, and he did so enjoy hearing her moan. He grinned as he placed his fingers on top of hers, and decided he would let her help; watching her face contort inches from his was appealing before capturing her cries with his mouth. His eager cock throbbed in agreement at the thought, and he pressed her fingers into her, smiling and nodding his permission as she looked at him questioningly.

Understanding, she bit her lip and smiled at him happily, closing her eyes and propping herself up with one hand as she exposed her body to him. Her free hand rubbed fiercely at her clit, teasing the bud as only she knew how. Mark’s hands were kept busy, kneading handfuls of her breasts and pumping the ice cream scoop handle in and out of her willing pussy. He watched her face as she gasped for breath, licked her lips, moaned, opened her mouth. Every move was sensual and he dove at her neck, licking and biting gently and making her moans raise an octave in pitch. He lifted up a nyloned leg and hooked it around his hip, spreading her even wider open. His mouth claimed hers for a quick moment before nipping up her jawline to attack her ear.

“Aaah!” Lily gasped and tossed her head back, her body almost reverberating with the tremors of pleasure she was feeling. Another pinch of her nipple along with a tug on her earlobe caused her to buck sharply, driving the firm metal into her even more suddenly. A loud mewl resounded in the small kitchen, and Mark grinned, knowing she had to be close. He wrapped his free arm around her and cupped her opposite breast, kneading at it gently and pinching and flicking the aroused bud on it. He growled against her neck as he ran his tongue lightly back down her jaw, feeling her body tense familiarly. He nipped at her lower lip and kissed her forehead, knowing it would get her attention. She looked up into his eyes and the erotic sight of her teetering on the edge of orgasm near made Mark cum in his pants.

Biting his own lip and breathing deeply, he held her to him and whispered against her ear, “Cum for me, Lil. Cum hard. You look so fucking sexy right now, and I want you to cum for me.”

He watched her closely, hearing her whimper softly before tensing and freezing, her eyes snapping shut, and her mouth open in a silent scream. He grinned at the familiar trickle of wetness he felt pooling at the bottom of the ice cream scoop and in his hand and eyed the beautiful arch her body created, jutting her full breasts and swollen nipples outward invitingly. The calm broke and she shivered, crying out loudly as Mark’s mouth clamped on hers, capturing her scream. She shivered in his arms and kissed him feverishly, moaning into his mouth and squirming on the edge of the counter. He continued to pump the ice cream scoop in and out of her, slowing his speed and stopping as her fingers did. She panted heavily against him as he withdrew it to a sharp intake of breath and held it up for her scrutiny.

She laughed through heavy pants and took it from him, giving it a quick lick before depositing it in the sink off to the side. When he was confident she could hold herself up, he backed away from her, grinning, and turned his attention to his now straining jeans.

He heard a giggle and the clack of heels and he snapped his head up as Lily quickly hopped down from her perch, grabbed her discarded panties and her duster, and ran off to the bedroom. Wide-eyed, Mark dashed to the door and grabbed the handle with a creeping horrible feeling that it was locked. Rattling the knob and confirming his suspicions, he groaned loudly and thunked his forehead against the door, knowing what was going to happen. Lily would wait in there however long it took for her to feel confident that he had sufficiently calmed down, and it would be another frustrating few days for Mark.

“God fucking damnit,” he muttered and stalked off to the bathroom, resigned to his fist and frustrations.

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