Cleaning Cousin

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Where to begin? I suppose with myself. At the time these events took place I was a 28 year old guy, divorced and living alone in a small house I had bought with my ex-wife. I got the house because she found out that if she took it she took the mortgage with it and God forbid the bitch would have to actually pay a bill herself.

I had dated a couple of women after my divorce but frankly, I was so embittered by the whole thing that the only thing I wanted from a woman was between her legs and then only when I could have it without all the “buy me”, “buy me” and “what are you thinking” bullshit that went with dating. I would rather just jerk off than put up with the crap. That is unless I got lucky with some slut in a bar and could walk away the next morning. My family was worried about me, worried that I would never marry again and all that shit.

My story started one March evening when my mother called and told me that she noticed that I lived in a pigsty and I need someone to clean up after me. “So I took care of it for you. When you go to work on Saturday leave $20 and a spare key on the counter. Melissa will be over to clean for you. I’ll meet her and let her in and she’ll be gone before you get home. Then she’ll be back every Saturday. All you have to do is leave the twenty on the counter. No arguments or I’ll send your father over there and I’ll come and clean.” What else doses a son say to his mother but “Aw Mom!” and “Yes Mom”.

Well I was not thrilled with the idea of having my little cousin rooting around thru my house while I was at work. But the place could use a cleaning and she would be gone before I got home. But the $20 could buy me a good bottle of Scotch. But what the hell, it was probably worth the $20 to keep Mom happy, off my back and out of my house, as she did not approve of my smoking, drinking and loose women. So I went with it and just kept my mouth shut.

Melissa was my cousin, my mother’s sister’s kid. I had not really seen her since I was about 20 and she, 10. So to me she was just this little kid who I barley remembered and who I was sure would report all the evidence of my sinful lifestyle to my Mother. I was not aware of what she had grown into. Other than my mothers occasional comments about how the poor kid had no life and worked hard, and unlike her older sister she had no dates and was not popular. So she was either a nerd or downright ugly. Well “not my problem”

The first Saturday came and I got home from work and the place was clean. I mean CLEAN. The mountain of dishes in the sink were gone, the trash was taken out, the month old sticky spilled beer on the floor was gone, the soap scum in the tub and sink were missing, my laundry done, folded and put away and clean sheets on the bed. I could even see the carpet in the living room and remembered that it was tan and not chocolate brown. I had to admit it was worth the $20. I then spied a note on the counter.


Thanks for the job, I really need the money. I hope I did Ok. I put your porno mags in the drawer in the living room and put the booze in the cabinet over the frig. Your ashtrays are washed and in the drawer. I put this stuff away so your Mom wouldn’t see them when she came to pick me up and “inspect” and then bug you about it. After today I’ll be taking the bus so she won’t be dropping by anymore than normal. Thanks again


Well the kid was not dumb at least, and maybe she wasn’t going to be spying on me after all. This might work out not so bad.

Over the next several weeks I settled into a comfortable Muğla Escort routine with the cleaning thing. I left for work on Saturday left the money on the counter and came home to a clean house. I didn’t even have to be embarrassed if I brought a slut home to fuck. The only change I made was to double her pay. Mostly because I felt guilty about how hard the kid was working to clean up after me. Nearly three months went by and I never saw the kid. She arrived after I left and was gone when I got home. I did not even think about her much except to leave the cash out on Friday night. Little did I know that I would start thinking about her a lot and soon.

It happened near the end of June. Earlier that month my mother called to remind me that Melissa was graduating High School that week and it would be nice if I got her a card. Ok, I can take a hint. What she meant was buy her a present or put some extra cash in the card. That made me think about the Kid not being such a kid anymore and briefly I wondered how she had developed. Then I slapped myself and reminded myself that this was my cousin I was imagining naked.

A few weeks later I was hosting a bachelor party for one of my poor deluded friends. He was getting married and anticipating wedded bliss to overtake him. NOT! Stupid sucker, getting pulled in like that, the least I could do was arrange a good send off as he departed for the world of matrimonial Hell.

I set up the party for a Friday night anticipating that it would run into early Saturday morning and most of us would need the rest of Saturday and Sunday to recover. I arranged to take Saturday off, set up the strippers / whores, the booze, and I talked a friend of mine into closing his restrant early and letting us use it, I figured I was all set.

The appointed night came and it was a hell of a party everyone who wanted to, got blown or fucked at least once and we all got shitfaced drunk. A couple of us dropped the groom to be off at a hotel room with one or two of the girls around 5AM and then we went home. I don’t remember how I got there or if I had anybody with me or not. I do remember waking up around 9AM naked in my bed with a killer hangover. I dragged my sorry ass out of bed and headed for the kitchen, the aspirin and something to wash the cotton mouth away, then back to bed. Once I was lying down again and the room stopped moving, I realized that I had bumped into a girl in the hall. “Well I guess I did not come home alone anyway.” was my only thought before passing out again. I woke up again a few hours later felling a little more human and horny with a raging hardon. I lay in my bed in the darkened room and started to stoke myself. Not hard, just some gentle masturbation to get the blood moving. I laid there stoking slowing heading for heaven when a female voice said, “Whatever you had last night must have not been enough for you.”

“Oh shit,” I thought, “someone’s watching me jerk off.”

I looked up and saw a really cute and familiar looking brunette sitting in the chair across the room. It was hard to see her well in the dim sunlight that filtered through the drawn blinds. But I could tell that she was well put together. Wearing short jogging shorts that almost let her pussy lips hang out and a strap T shirt that was a size to small and really showed off her really nice well rounded tits.

“This must be what I brought home last night.” flashed through my mind. “Not bad, I got lucky this time.”

Out loud I said, “I thought you had gone, but since your still here why don’t Muğla Escort Bayan you come over and help me with this.”

With that she got up from the chair and walked over and sat down on the bed. She seemed to hesitate for a second before she reached out and gently took my meat into her hand and began slowly stroking me. Now that my hands were free I reached up and traced the shape of her tit through her top and gently ran my finger over her tit until I reached her nipple. It was standing straight up hard as a rock and at least a half inch long. I took hold of it between my thumb and forefinger and gently pinched it. A shudder went through her entire body and I knew she was ready for more. I reached down and took the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. She was braless and her perfect breasts fell out and stood straight out, round and ripe.

I reached out and slowly kneaded her breast and pinched the nipple and she started these little mewing moans, all as she was stoking my cock up and down. After a minute or so of this I sat up and took her nipple into my mouth. Working it with my tongue, flicking back and forth while my hand slid down over her belly and into the waistband of her shorts. Then into her panties and down to the fuzz of her mound. Her lips were swollen and ready and her slit was oh so very wet. With my first pass down her slit with my finger I ran over her clit and elicited a groan and shudder. I let my finger find its way into her hole and started working it back and forth while the heel of my hand rubbed her mound and clit. Within seconds she blasted an orgasm drenching my hand, the bed, and her shorts. I thought she was going to yank my dick out by the roots she squeezed and pulled so hard.

As she finished her shuddering and leaned against me to catch her breath she whispered “That was the best I ever had and I am going to thank you for it properly.”

“Why don’t we get these wet pants off you first” I whispered back.

She stood up and slid pants and panties right down over her thighs and ankles revealing a perfect round ass.

“God, what a body, and she is so hot! Wherever I found this one I got to go back. I wish to hell I could remember” I thought.

Then without missing a beat she sat back down on the bed and dropped her mouth onto my cock. She ran her tongue around the head and slowly slid me into her mouth until I felt my head hit the back of her throat, and then she slid off and repeated the process. Up and down always with the steady sucking pressure. It was a fantastic blow job but I wanted more I wanted to get that pussy into my mouth. I reached down and pulled her legs up over my head so her sloppy wet pussy would be in my face.

It smelled wonderful, musky and sweet, and I had to taste it. I drove my tongue down directly into her and wiggled it around. She responded by mashing it into my face. I pulled it out and started running from her hole up to her clit and back again. All it took was three passes and she shuddered and came again this time nearly drowning me. I mean she came! I had heard about female ejaculation and even seen it in porno flicks but I never experienced it. It was like she pissed all over me. But what a turn on! I dove back in for more. I licked and sucked like a man possessed. I could not get enough of this ones sweet nectar. But while I worked on her she was sucking and stroking me for all she was worth. I felt the cum rising in my balls and racing up my dick.
She must have felt it too, as she pulled off until only my head was Escort Muğla in her mouth. I shot stream after stream into her mouth and could feel her swallowing gulp after gulp of my cum. But she never got off my dick. She just kept sucking and I never even started to get soft. She just kept working me and I kept working her cunt like a starving man.

A few more minutes and she finally slid off me and lay beside me. Now she reached over and kissed me like I haven’t been kissed in a long time. Soft and slow with her tongue slowly sliding over mine and across my lips. Finally she broke it off and stared into my eyes and said “I want you to fuck me. Fuck me like I have always wanted to be fucked by you”

At this point I was running on hormones I would have given anything this beautiful sexy woman asked of me, but what she asked was what I wanted to give her more than anything else. I wanted to feel my cock slide into her pussy, to be enveloped by her silken smoothness and feel her warm wet insides slide over my manhood.

I leaned over and kissed her as softly and as slowly as she had kissed me while I slowly moved over on top of her. I got myself positioned between her legs with my still hard dick pointing at her honey hole. But I did not enter yet as I wanted to get in as far as possible I lifted her legs up and put them on my shoulders, only then did I push myself into her. I let it slide in deeper and deeper, slowly. When I got less than halfway in I felt resistance and she suddenly slammed down onto me for all she was worth, impaling herself on me with a groan. It was marvelous, wet and oh so very warm all encompassing my cock and the muscles of her pussy rippling over me. I did not even have to move to feel her. Not to tight so I could last long enough to give her pleasure and not to loose so I could have enough friction to enjoy myself. I slowly started to pump in and out slowly so she could get used to me and to prolong the pleasure for both of us.

It did not take long before her breathing became quick and shallow. I knew she was going to have another orgasm. I was curious to see if it was going to be another eruption of female ejaculate or just the ordinary everyday orgasm. I found out shortly as she grabbed the sheets beneath her and sprayed girl cum out all over us both. With my dick filling her hole is was like putting you finger in the garden hose. She squirted it all over. It was such a turn on to be fucking her and have her squirt up and hit me on the stomach, the chest, and in my face. It was just a few more strokes and I knew I was going to blow my load. But before I did I had to ask.

“I am going to cum. Can I cum inside or should I pull out?”

“Cum in me. I want to feel it fill me up.” She answered.

With that I started to shoot again and again. It was while I was blowing my load I heard her say “It feels so good. I always wanted this. I always wanted your cum in me. Always wanted my handsome sexy cousin’s cum in me.”

Suddenly it was all crystal clear. Why she looked familiar. Why she acted like she had know me forever. I didn’t meet her in a bar and bring her home last night. This was my cousin, my cleaning cousin and I had just fucked and sucked my cousin! The best sex I had had in years and it was with my cousin!

What made it worse is I knew how wrong it was but I wanted her again even more, and again and again. Oh shit! I suddenly realized that I was in love with my cousin and wanted nothing more than to fuck her again and again.

What was I going to do? I’d probably be arrested and jailed as a cousin fucker, a seducer of innocent you cousins. Shit my life was over! Unless, we could keep the secret. Could we? Could we get away with it? There is no way I wanted to let this beautiful sexy creature get away from me. I would have to try to hide it.

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