Clayton’s Available Ass

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Clayton Smithers sat in his jail cell wishing to God he had never tried the scam. At first it had worked fine; the diploma mill had sold him the diploma and arranged what looked like good references, even responding with glowing letters of praise if anybody ever asked about the qualifications of Doctor Clayton Smithers. It had been a sweet deal with money coming in and all kinds of sexy women patients to fuck but it had come to a sudden end. The FBI had busted the diploma mill and tracked down the “graduates” who had been using the diplomas the same way as Clayton had, to swindle and otherwise take advantage of suckers.

Now he was charged with multiple counts of rape and fraud and his female victims were so outraged they had testified at his hearing and had even given permission for videotapes of them to be used as evidence. Clayton had foolishly taped himself and the women having sex while they were under hypnosis and now those tapes would be used against him. His bail was one million dollars but if it had been one dollar, he couldn’t have paid it because all his assets had been seized as the fruits of an illegal enterprise and he didn’t even own the clothes he was wearing; they were jail issue. “Could things possibly get any worse,” he wondered.

He found out. For the next several hours the prisoners in the block of cells were allowed out into a tiny cement courtyard for exercise or whatever else they wanted. Clayton preferred sitting on his bunk feeling sorry for himself. Even if he had wanted to go out, he couldn’t have because two large men were suddenly blocking his door. Terrified, Clayton Smithers remembered how the arresting officer had warned him about how other prisoners would want to anally rape him. Actually, “warned” isn’t the right word; “gleefully informed him of what would happen” is more correct.

“Smithers,” the first man said. “You got a really cute ass and we’re gonna fuck you.”

“We’re gonna fuck you whether you like it or not,” the second man added.

“But, how can you do that? We’re all men,” the victim-to-be asked.

Both men laughed and the first man said “Your asshole will be as good a fuck as a woman’s cunt. Better than some cunts I’ve fucked.”

“You can’t. I won’t let you.”

The two men stepped into the cell and one of them slugged Clayton in the stomach. He collapsed and lay on the floor, groveling from the pain.

“That’s just a sample,” a voice said. Clayton couldn’t see who was talking because he was doubled up in pain.

The second voice was even more threatening. “We’re gonna fuck your asshole and if you don’t wanna cooperate, we’ll beat the shit out of you and then fuck you.”

Clayton continued to lie gaziantep escort on the floor, still in pain but it was starting to recede. His fright was even worse than his physical pain. He believed the two men would take turns raping him and if he objected or tried to stop them, they would beat him half to death and then rape him. There was nothing he could do to prevent being raped, but he could possibly avoid being beaten up.

The two men yanked him to his feet and waited for Clayton to answer them. He could hardly speak but he forced himself. In a trembling voice, he asked, “What do you want me to do?”

“Take your mattress off your bunk and put it on the floor,” the first man commanded him. When that was done, he continued. “Take off your pants and lay down and spread your ass cheeks.”

One man was barring his exit and the other was behind him. Either could have beaten him to a pulp using just one hand and there was absolutely no chance against two of them. Clayton did as he was told, hoping to get the ordeal over with. Naked below the waist, he lay face down on the mattress, reached back and spread his buttocks.

Clayton felt his legs being spread farther apart by the man who had been behind him. Next he felt something cold and slimy on his ass, then something thrusting inside and spreading the cold, slimy stuff. He realized it must be soap from the metal dispenser and would be used as a lubricant and that the rapist was spreading it with his finger.

The man’s soapy hand and his other hand roughly took hold of Clayton’s buttocks and spread them further apart. “Holy shit,” he said. “This guy’s got the hottest ass I ever seen.”

“Hurry up and fuck her then,” his accomplice demanded. “I’m horny too.”

“Put your fingers here and open up your asshole,” the first rapist told Clayton, who trembled to obey, dreading what was about to happen to him.

He felt something blunt pushing between the fingers that were holding his ass open. It pressed harder and incredible pain suddenly rocketed through Clayton’s body as it broke through his anal sphincter and into his rectum. “Ah,” the man grunted and pushed his cock in deeper.

As it went in farther, a new kind of pain arose as the intruding erection pressed against Clayton’s prostate gland. The victim was sobbing as the invasion of his bowels continued but even while the agony reverberated throughout his body, he realized that it would have been worse if he hadn’t first been lubricated with soap. Finally the penetration stopped. The pain seemed to be subsiding slightly while the assailant lay on top of his victim. “This is the best ass I ever fucked,” he told his companion. “Not only is she soft like a girl, she’s tight as a virgin’s cunt.”

“Quit talking and start fucking”

Putting his hands on Clayton’s fleshy hips, the assailant did just that, slowly drawing his cock most of the way out of the abused hole and ramming it back in, even farther this time. Although pain still swept through Clayton’s body, it seemed to be much less this time and every subsequent thrust of the cock into his rectum hurt still less until the agony he had felt at first was just a memory. The immense pain from the stretching of his anal sphincter had been of very short duration also and had completely disappeared. Instead of abusing his prostate, the man’s cock seemed to be almost caressing it. Clayton was no longer crying or begging because the agony that he had experienced had disappeared, although the cock was still plowing in and out of his ass. The line between pain and pleasure can be a thin one and, as the man drew his cock back and drove it forward again and again, the sensation that radiated throughout his body, increasing with every stroke, had evolved into pleasure.

The feeling increased as the assault continued and Clayton was squirming on the mattress from the enjoyment of having his ass stretched, his rectum filled and his prostate massaged. The man on top of him noticed this and laughed. “It hurts, don’t it, Smithers? It’s gonna keep hurting for a long time,” and he started driving his cock in harder and faster, giving Clayton even more pleasure.

Both men were enjoying themselves but only the one on top was going to cum and he could feel it would be soon. Laughing, he taunted the man he was raping. “I’m gonna cum in your ass, Smithers. Gonna give you a nice assfull of my jazz.” He rammed his cock in and out faster until, with a grunt, he ejaculated, keeping his promise. Although he had climaxed, he continued sliding his cock slowly in and out of the ass that had felt so great until his cock began softening. He pulled it out then, and wiped it on the plump, naked thighs that lay in front of him.

“Okay, your turn,” the first man said to his confederate.

“About time.”

While the first man stood at the cell door, the second knelt on the mattress between Clayton’s legs, pulled down his pants and underwear and covered his cock with the liquid soap. “Hold your cheeks open,” he ordered the man he was about to rape. Clayton was glad to comply.

The ass that was about to be fucked was dilated from the first man and slimy with soap and semen so no lubrication was needed. With his victim helping by holding his buttocks open, the second man guided his cock to the waiting hole and eased the head in. Putting his hands on Clayton’s hips as his partner had, he drove all the way in with one thrust.

Once again, pain reverberated from Clayton’s anal sphincter but only a tiny amount and it was quickly followed and overwhelmed by a wave of pleasure. More such waves swept from his ass throughout his body, causing him to squirm on the mattress, it felt so good. He was enjoying the second cock even more than he had enjoyed the first.

Like his partner, the second man thought the squirming was from pain and he laughed at his victim. “Hurts like Hell, don’t it. You better get used to it, cuz we’re gonna fuck you every night. Guys in the pen are gonna fuck you too, once they see what a nice cunt you got.” Clayton secretly smiled at that; he was already looking forward to it.

For now, though, he would enjoy the sensations the second man’s cock was giving to him. Over and over, the man plunged in and out, sighing from the fun he was having. Pleasure piled up in Clayton’s body with every stroke and he moaned aloud from it. Once again the rapist laughed at the suffering he thought he was causing, and he started fucking Clayton even faster.

He was ready to cum and he also taunted his victim about how his ass would be filled. “You gonna be shitting my jazz all day tomorrow,” he gloated.

As he climaxed and ejaculated, the second man gave one last hard thrust into Clayton’s ass, stretching his anal sphincter and sending an extra shiver of pleasure through his body. Like his partner, he continued to stroke his cock in and out, draining his semen, until it softened. When he removed his cock, he wiped it on Clayton’s thighs and got to his feet, leaving the victim lying face down on the mattress.

After his pants were back on, he turned to Clayton to taunt him again. “Don’t forget, we’re gonna fuck you again tomorrow night at the same time. If you give us any shit next time we’ll kick your ass before we fuck it.” Both men got to their feet, laughing at what they thought of as a joke.

When they were gone, Clayton got to his feet, painfully because he was a little sore. He smiled, though, at the great time he had enjoyed from the two big stiff cocks that had just finished plugging his ass. Sitting on the toilet seat, he cleaned himself off as well as he could with the meager amount of inferior tissue he had been allotted. His cock was semi-erect and, as he thought of the wonderful time he had just had, it became completely stiff. He smiled and started masturbating, thinking of how the next night would be even better.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32