Classroom Heat

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Lexi Taylor was not at all excited about the approaching end of the school year. With her parents impending divorce, home was the last place she wanted to spend summer break. Each of her mother’s phone calls worse than the last, if it wasn’t constant crying her mother was bashing her father. Lexi didn’t agree with what her father had done but he was still her dad and she loved him.

“Lex I really wish you would reconsider and come with us. It’s going to be a great summer. My parents beach house, a fully stocked bar and fridge. What could possibly be better?”

“Look Becca I’m sure it’s going to be a blast and as much as I don’t want to go home I don’t want to spend the entire summer with Josh flaunting his new girlfriend in my face either.”

“I’m sorry Lex, had I known that you guys were going to break-up I would have never said anything to Josh.”

“It’s okay Becca, really I’m over it I just don’t want to spend my summer being reminded what a jerk he is. I think it would just be best if I’m not around. I’ll just go home and listen to my mom bitch and moan about what a jerk my father is. Honestly I’ve been considering spending my summer right here on campus.”

“Oh God, now that sounds depressing as hell.”

“Yea maybe but my other options are just as depressing. I’m thinking maybe I’ll get a summer job until classes start back up.”

“I’m sure your parents will love that, we both know how they feel about you working. You’re in college to be educated not domesticated.”

The girls both broke out in laughter but Lexi knew Becca was right her parents would go ballistic.

“You know they have their own problems to deal with and besides I never said I was going to tell them. I’m going to be a senior next year, I should be able to do what I want.”

“Wow Miss-goody-two-shoes not going to tell her parents. That would be a first you usually tell them everything.”

“Well that was before I realized they had been keeping me in the dark for months about what was going on between them. I don’t see why they need to know everything that goes on with me. They probably think I’m still a virgin. I just don’t know what to do Becca I just really don’t want to go home.”

“I understand Lex, really I do. When my parents were going through their divorce I couldn’t stand to be around either of them. It got so bad I went and stayed with my grandparents for a while.”

“I wish I had that option but I don’t.”

“I know Lex. I’m sorry but if you’re serious about staying on campus and finding a summer job, I heard Professor Blackwell is looking for someone to help with summer classes.”

Lexi could feel a warm tingle surge through her body at just the mention of Professor Blackwell. She could feel her wetness begin to pool in her panties as her pussy began to ache with need. Noah Blackwell had a profound effect on her female anatomy. She had never been attracted to older men but Noah was the exception. His tall, lean, muscular form, and his salt-and-pepper hair. His sun-kissed skin and the bluest eyes she had ever seen. Noah Blackwell oozed sex and he knew it. The way he carried himself, his body language, and that voice, just hearing him talk made her pussy slick. She only hoped he hadn’t found someone yet. Suddenly staying on campus didn’t sound so depressing in fact an entire summer with Professor Blackwell sounded delicious.

Jumping from her bed and slipping into her sandals she quickly hurried across campus to Professor Blackwell’s office. Hoping the whole way she wasn’t too late and he had found someone. She found his office door shut and could see he was in a meeting with another student, so she took a seat and waited. A few minutes later the door opened and suddenly she was nervous and about to run out when she heard him call her name. There it was the voice that turned her body inside out.

“Miss Taylor, please come in and close the door.”

“If now isn’t a good time Professor Blackwell, I can come back.”

“I was actually about to go home but for you staying a little later isn’t a problem. Have a seat.”

Lexi could feel her entire body tense. She wondered what he meant by for her staying late wasn’t a problem. She could barely look him in the eyes for fear that he would see the effect he had on her. The office suddenly felt Kıbrıs Escort hot too hot and she could feel her cheeks flush.

“So Miss Taylor are you going to tell me what bought you to my office today or are you just going to stare at the floor.”

Professor Blackwell’s voice was deep and masculine and went straight to the mound of flesh between her thighs that was wet and needy. The excuse died on her lips as she dropped into one of the chairs across from his desk. Lexi finally managed to meet his eyes and when she did the lust that shown in them was almost her undoing. Desire churned in her belly and heat again flushed her cheeks. She wasn’t sure she could even speak but when she did she was surprised by how calm her voice sounded.

“I was wondering if you still needed help with summer classes.”

“I was hoping you would be interested and I was starting to get disappointed that everyone accept the one I wanted had applied. I was going to come to you had you not came to me.”


“Don’t sound so surprised Miss Taylor we both know that you are the only one who aced my class, which makes you more than qualified. You shine in my class Miss Taylor but what I really want is to see how you shine under me.”

Lexi swallowed hard as Professor Blackwell got up and came around to the front of his desk and leaned back into it almost close enough she could reach out and touch him. Her eyes were caught off guard by the very evident bulge. She was quick to turn her head not wanting to stare.

“Lexi you are a smart girl and not to mention sexy as hell, and the cause of this,” pulling her from the chair he placed her hand on his crotch and her eyes widened as she felt his massive cock grow harder under her touch. He leaned closer and let his tongue circle her ear lobe. His hot breath tickling her spine. “Classroom 203 tomorrow evening, eight 0’clock. Wear something sexy and don’t be late. Tardiness is punishable by my hand on your backside.”

He cupped her ass in his hands and then turned and left her alone in his office hot, horny, and wanting his cock. Lexi returned to her dorm room to find it empty and a note from Becca telling her she was beach bound and wishing Lexi a great summer. Lexi locked the door and left a trail of clothes into the bathroom. She only hoped a cold shower would extinguish the fire that Professor Blackwell had ignited in her, but somehow she doubted it would. The water was cool to her flesh as it cascaded onto her body but she could still feel the burn of his touch.

Lexi had been tossing and turning for hours unable to sleep. The shower had not helped Lexi still felt tense and uptight. The air conditioner was on but still she felt hot. Lexi pulled her night shirt over her head and slipped out of her panties that were damp with need. Lexi cupped her breasts massaging and pinching her nipples until the point of pain had her whimpering. She imagined her hand was Professor Blackwell’s hand as she let her other hand trail down to her aching wet, folds. She slipped a finger inside and pulled it out again using the wetness to lubricate her clit. The more she circled and rubbed her clit the wetter she got. She could hear her breaths become labored and heavy. Her urge to cum was too great to continue the slow torture so she picked up the pace and within minutes her body was trembling and shaking as her orgasm shook her. Finally sated and relaxed she closed her eyes and drifted off into a blissful sleep with visions of Professor Noah Blackwell dancing in her mind.

Lexi spent most of the following day fighting the nausea, the she knew was due to the overwhelming bundle of nerves that knotted her stomach. She still couldn’t believe that of all the girls on campus he wanted her. By 6:30 that evening she had showered four times and gone through a dozen outfits wanting to pick just the perfect one. She wanted to wear something sexy but yet leave something to the imagination. She finally decided on a white lacey bra and panty set, a blue jean mini skirt, and a sheer white blouse that accentuated her cleavage. She chose a pair of wedged sandals that would add a little height to her short 5’5″ frame. Lexi could feel that familiar warmth start to spread through her body as she thought about his hands on her.

Dressed and ready Kıbrıs Escort Bayan and feeling more than confident as she left the dorm making her way across campus to room 203. Professor Blackwell was sitting behind his desk when she entered the classroom.

“On time I see Miss Taylor. I’m almost disappointed, I was rather looking forward to smacking that hot, little ass of yours.”

Those words went straight to her greedy cunt as she watched him move past her and then she heard the click of the lock. He came up behind her and his hand pressed against her hip pressing her skirt tight against her skin. His other hand circled her waist and pulled her close. His body was hard and tense and she could feel his cock swelling against the curve of her ass. His lips brushed against her neck as she breathed in his scent.

“You look absolutely delicious tonight Lexi.”

She leaned into him loving the feeling of his body so close to hers.

“Thank you Professor Blackwell.”

“Please Lexi when we are alone like this Professor Blackwell seems so formal, call me Noah.”

Her body tensed as his hands began stroking her thighs inching her skirt up higher.

“Mmmmm Noah,” her words barely a whisper as she moved her arms around his neck pulling him in closer.

“That’s right Lexi, tell me tell me how good it feels. I want to hear you tell me how bad you want my cock in that sweet, little pussy. I’ve seen the way you look at me in class, like you want to rip my clothes off. That’s such a sweet distraction. Do you have any idea the difficulties I have in class when you are there? My fucking cock stays so hard. I’ve seen you squirm in class. Tell me was it because you were wet thinking about me fucking you so good. God just like you are so wet right now!”

His hand had pulled the thin fabric of her panties to the side and let his finger sneak inside. She shifted in his arms, now facing him he pulled her face to his. Lexi’s lips parted instinctively, and his mouth met hers in a kiss like no other. Her many dreams of him now a reality. Their bodies crushed together as the kiss deepened. It was like her only purpose was to please him. His tongue slid into her mouth, reaching for her throat. Her heart beating fast in her chest, pumping blood that seemed to grow hotter as it eagerly rushed through her. Below, something more powerful stirred. Her breast felt taut with desire that resonated in the dark slit between her thighs. She could feel Noah as he pushed her forward until his desk was pressed into her ass. He eased her back until she was flush with the desk.

His hands reaching to undo her skirt pulling it down over her hips and then peeling her panties down. She lay bare to him her pussy dripping and throbbing as he looked down at her, licking his lips before descending his mouth into her soft mound. He gently kissed her skin, her inner thighs and then his tongue slipped out and parted her folds. Lexi gripped the edges of the desk and bit back a cry as her back arched. Her toes curled, and her ass rose up off the desk, exposing her to his hungry mouth. Noah sealed his lips against her mound, pressing the flat of his tongue on her opening, then sliding it upward to tease the tight nub above. Pleasure surged through her body, not the long slow burn of her hand when she masturbated thinking of the man who was now owning her body.

His tongue moved from her clit as his fingers spread her wider his tongue dove deep into her dark, wet cunt. His tongue licked, sucked, and fucked her pussy until finally she unraveled, his name spilling from her lips. He didn’t stop he continued with soft, velvet licks until again her body was shuddering. Lexi lay panting and almost breathless losing count of the orgasms his tongue had wrecked on her body. Her hands fisted in his hair as he plunged two fingers inside her, stroking her, rubbing the insides of her walls as his mouth returned to suck on her clit. God it was too much, the tension, the pleasure. His other hand moved up to tug at her nipple with his fingers. Lexi came violently, thrashing on his desk, her pussy rippling around his fingers. Lexi lay shaking, she was unaware of Noah removing his clothing. He settled between her thighs and she heard the rip of the condom foil. His cock quivering at her entrance. Escort Kıbrıs

“You’re ready for me, “he said aligning his erection with her opening and entered her partway. “Jesus, Lexi,” he growled. “You feel so goddamn good.”

She gasped as he invaded her. He was so big. He adjusted her legs opening her as he sank deeper, nestling in her tight channel. He grabbed her hips and began a study pace moving in and out of her. His eyes pierced hers as he stretched and moved inside of her. He circled his hips nudging his tip forward. He continued his slow thrust enjoying the way she tightened and clenched around his cock. Suddenly his hips flexed and with one fierce stroke he rammed into her. She cried out and he echoed a low moan of desire. His chest pressed against hers as he claimed her mouth, kissing her roughly with her taste still on his lips, as he pounded into her.

“Wrap your legs around me,” he demanded as he continued his assault.

She did as she was told. Lifting her legs opened her to him further, and his cock bore deeper into her, hitting a spot deep in her that ignited with each stroke. Her body tightened and contracted around Noah’s pummeling thrust.

“I’m going to cum,” she screamed, already trembling.

“Yes,” Noah cried. “Yes cum for me Lexi.”

Her climax crashed through her and seconds later his body was tensed and jerked, releasing into her long and hard, her name spilling from his lips. His body crashed on top of Lexi, her legs stilled wrapped around him and his cock still buried deep in her core.

“That was fucking amazing Lexi. I knew it would be tense but I never knew it would be so powerful.”

“It was everything I had dreamed it would be, and more.”

She let her hand touch and caress his chest, running her hand over every ripple. She could feel his cock growing inside her. Noah eased himself off of her pulling her with him until she was sitting on the edge of his desk and he was nestled between her thighs. Her mouth found his skin salty with sweat as her lips moved across his chest. He pulled her closer and his tongue licked trails up and down her neck, nipping at her ear lobes, while his hands cupped and massaged her ass. Her breath caught as his hand came down hard across her ass causing desire to spike through her.

“I’ve wanted to do that since the first moment you walked into my class.”

Noah turned her so she was facing his desk gently pushing her down. Lexi stretched her arms out across his desk as his hand continued its sweet torture to her ass. She could feel the warmth of the stings then it was his lips she felt.

“I’m going to violate your ass and trust me you’re going to love it.”

She clenched her cheeks tightly but his hands still managed to splay her cheeks apart. She felt his tongue licking the very top of her ass. She could feel her legs as she felt his tongue move lower circling the hole pushing its way in. Her nails dug across his desk as her scream trapped itself in her throat. Her body started shaking as Noah’s tongue literally fucked her asshole. The exotic sensation felt so good. His hand reached around and began rubbing her clit sending shock waved through her. Her breaths became ragged as her orgasm built. She tried to hold back but the pleasure was so raw, so intense between his tongue in her ass and the assault to her clit she was sent over the edge and her body began convulsing as her orgasm ripped through her. He had been pleasing her so well but now it was time for her to please him. She stood on weak legs as she lowered herself to the floor. His cock stood hard and beautiful waiting for her mouth to devour it. She clasped her hand around the shaft stroking his velvet skin flicking her tongue out to taste the pre-cum that glistened on the tip. Her lips finally wrapped around him as she sucked him into her mouth until she felt him in the back of her throat. Noah rocked his hips, sliding his thick, hot length in and out of her throat with slow, firm thrust.

“That’s right Lexi suck my cock baby. Fuck your mouth feels so damn good. Deeper Lexi, suck it deeper. Let me feel some teeth. Fuck Lexi, Mmmmm.”

His hands gripping her face pushing his cock deeper. Her mouth worked vigorously sucking and licking until finally he tightened and was filling her mouth with all that he had. He slid to the floor and pulled her into his arms.

“You’re going to be one hell of a summer assistant. What happens in here after class will be our secret.” She nodded in agreement and rested her head on his chest. “I just hope you’re ready for one hot summer Miss Taylor.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32