Classmates: Ibiza

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This is a follow on from Class Mates by Grace Fairway. Please check the brilliant original, and her other fantastic stories.

In the last Class Mates, Courtney heard posh girl Rebecca refer to her as ‘council scum’, and vowed her revenge. Upon learning that Rebecca had cheated on her A-levels, Courtney blackmailed her into spending the weekend on the estate. Rebecca became Bex — she smoked, drank, got fucked by scummy lads, and learned that she actually quite liked the chav life. But what came next?

Class Mates — Ibiza


Bex and Courtney just sniggered at the headmaster, knowing that this was about become very funny.

In the last five days, Rebecca Lunden had become an even bigger terror on the school than Courtney Miller. She was currently sitting in the headmaster’s office, wearing an outfit that the headmaster could only describe as ‘sluttish’. Her tits were virtually out of her bra, and no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t avoid seeing them.

‘I’ve become true to myself, ain’t I?’ Bex replied. ‘And it’s Bex, not Rebecca, you fucking moron.’

‘Why for God’s sake? Think of your future — you’re going to Oxbridge, for goodness sake!’ The headmaster pleaded, but Bex just smirked at him in response.

‘Maybe I am, maybe I ain’t,’ Bex replied. ‘Like I give a shit.’

If Dacres could spare any of his receding hairline, he’d be pulling it out in frustration.

‘I don’t understand. Why have you turned into a carbon copy of this failure?’ he asked, gesturing at Courtney.

‘FUCK YOU!’ replied Courtney.

‘I’m calling your parents this afternoon, Rebecca, and we’re getting to the bottom of this!’

‘I don’t think you will, mate,’ grinned Bex.

‘Oh, and why not? If you lose the Oxbridge place, it might be an embarrassment for us, but it’s a total disaster for you.’

‘Maybe,’ she smirked again. ‘I’ll be fine — but you are the one who helped me cheat, remember?’ Bex replied.

The headmaster glared, but said nothing….

‘Secondly, I will agree that Courtney has faults. She is really bad at leaving thing in places,’ Bex looked to her friend, ‘like her phone.’

Courtney grinned, and showed the headmaster the video of Bex on top of a man’s lap, fucking him. Dacres didn’t want to look, but he knew they had to be up to something, so he forced his eyes.

‘Oh Mr McMaster,’ she put on a show of moaning, ‘I’ve always wanted you, ever since you arrived this year. You are my favourite teacher, you know.’ Bex sounded like Rebecca again in the video. Well, when she and Courtney had worked out this plan, they’d imagined that McMaster would be more likely to want to fuck a posh girl rather a council state chav.

And their judgement of his character was spot on.

‘Oh Sir, this is sooooo good, God your cock is sooo big,’ Bex said, clearly laughing at the crapness of the teacher’s fucking technique, and grinning at the hidden camera behind the teacher’s back. She was putting on a show, and it clearly wasn’t for McMaster.

Dacres’ face fell, and lost all colour as he realised the gravity of the situation. Mr McMaster was his deputy headmaster.

‘Well, he’s been stupid,’ Dacres snarled at them. ‘But if this gets out, he loses his job — so what?’

‘Yeah, well, we thought you might say that, so we had an insurance policy,’ Bex grinned. He glanced at Courtney, who busy changing screen on her phone. Dacres had an awful feeling, in the pit of his sizeable stomach, that he knew what he’d see before they showed him.

And he was right.

‘Oh Mr Croucher,’ Bex moaned in the video, ‘it’s so much better than any cock I have ever had. Those silly boys are nothing compared to you. Oh god, I think I’m going to cum.’ Bex winked at the hidden camera in front of her, then pretending to yawn while the teacher continued to heave behind her. Once the teacher had finished, and had staggered off with his small tail between his legs, Bex reached for the camera and said ‘Hope you enjoyed the show, Mr Dacres,’ and blew a kiss to the screen.

The headmaster was paralysed. He didn’t know what to say or do. Two of his senior staff had been caught on camera screwing a student. One was bad enough, but two? They’d had to go, and Dacres would be next out the door. His career would be over — the school board would demand his resignation, and there wouldn’t be anywhere else hiring with the reputation this information would suggest about his leadership.

He rubbed his temples in frustration.

This week had been the worst of his teaching career. Not only had Rebecca Lunden and Courtney Miller caused havoc, they had bullied some of Rebecca’s previous girl set into silence. Not only had Rebecca been their leader, she had also been their confidant — she knew who had had a termination, who had been sucking off the other’s boyfriend, and many other secrets they’d want to keep quiet. And so, she made the girls fall into line very quickly, kaçak iddaa simply by reminding them what she knew.

Three of the star pupils, Holly Sheridan, Melissa Timmins and Tilly Rogers, had been suspended when a spot check of their lockers found ecstasy tablets concealed inside. They had all pleaded their innocence, and the headmaster had believed them — he was sure (quite rightly) that the ‘demon twins’ in front of him had had something to do with it, but he had to follow protocol in the absence of evidence. Rebecca had had no dirt on Holly, Melissa and Tilly, but when she had evilly suggested framing them, Courtney had laughed, and agreed to get in touch with a guy she knew to supply the drugs.

‘What do you want?’ The headteacher heard himself say, almost a whisper.

‘Just leave us the fuck alone, Dacres. We are leaving in a weeks’ time, so just cut us some slack, yeah?’ Bex grinned.

‘Oh yeah,’ Courtney joined in. ‘My friend Tasha Lomax is going for a job at a top beauty parlour in London, and needs a good reference. Make sure you say some good shit about her, right?’

Courtney produced a piece of paper, and pushed it across the desk to the headteacher.

‘Plus, you need to sign this passport reference for me.’

The headteacher nodded, a broken man. He knew he was beaten, and knew that these two held power over him for as long as their bitchy minds wanted him to be their plaything. He signed the reference form, and promised to give a glowing reference for Tasha. If that was all they wanted, he hoped and prayed that would be the end of it.

Bex and Courtney walked out of the office laughing, enjoying their victory. Bex flashed her tits to Mr McMaster, who was standing in the corridor, and then they lit up cigarettes right in front of him. He didn’t stop them — he wouldn’t dare. The two girls continued to smoke through the school until they left the main exit door, their laughter carrying throughout the school.

‘Why the fuck do you need a passport reference, Courtney?’ asked Bex once they were outside.

She smirked.

‘Cos, we’re going to Ibiza, bitch!’


Bex puffed on her fag outside while she took a break from packing her suitcase. Due to the stupid fire alarms in her home, she couldn’t light up inside without shrill noise echoing through the whole house.

Since her transformation, Bex saw the world in far more colour. Her stupid set of former friends were all hypocrites, all pretending to be better than the Courtneys of the world, whereas as Courtney showed her what true friendship was.

She thought about Jessica Vine. The silly bitch had gotten herself pregnant six months previously, and had pleaded with Rebecca to help her. Rebecca had helped arrange a termination, and had kept the paperwork of appointments at her home, so that Jessica’s parents didn’t find out that their precious angel was up the duff. When Jessica had come to the aid of another girl that Bex had thumped for not getting out of her way, and had squared up to Bex, all Bex had had to do was tell to ‘keep calm like they told you at the clinic’ and Jessica had gone bright red, and slunk away. Bex still laughed at the memory…

Two days to go, she thought. She was going on her first holiday. Her first real holiday, with her first real friend. No more visiting castles, or art galleries. None of that boring shit. She was going to party, party and party hard…

When Courtney had first told her that they were going to Ibiza, she was incredulous, but 10 seconds later, broke into a massive smile. That. Sounded. So Fucking. Great. Previously, Bex would never have been excited about a trip there — Ibiza was that chavvy place where council estate types went. Drinking, dancing and shagging. All Bex’s favourite things now, she grinned.

Bex’s mum and dad had agreed to pay for the holiday. Well, not quite agreed, but Bex certainly hadn’t given them the chance to say no. She knew the family secrets, and she knew how to deploy them to get what she wanted — she knew, for example, that her parents were playing away from home, and she had proof. Dad was fucking that bimbo of a secretary, and Mum was playing away with her coach from the tennis club. Not that either cared what the other did, of course — there was unspoken agreement that theirs was an open relationship — but what Bex had implied was that she might pass this evidence onto her father’s aunts. Her very rich Catholic aunts, who had trusted their fortune to his father to administer. He was their heir — at least, their current heir, as Bex had smiled evilly at him. If they were sent this pen drive of you and that slut Kelly together…

Bex stubbed the cigarette out onto the floor. Bex needed to text Jack to meet up before she left. She’d been angry with him for a day or so, after he’d put a video of them fucking together onto the web, but after watching it a few times, she had realised just how hot it actually was.

Bex picked up her phone, and found the web address.

The kaçak bahis video came to life, with Bex grinning into the camera wearing that very low-cut silver dress, the one she’d had on the first night they fucked. Jack was behind her, fucking her doggie style.

‘God Jack, fuck me hard, you fucking bastard’ shouted Bex in her new common accent.

Jack didn’t reply, concentrating hard on fucking the new chav of the district.

Suddenly, Jack pulled down the dress, releasing Bex’s right tit out of the outfit.

‘Oh, ok,’ Bex said, smiling as she realised what Jack wanted. She pulled down the other side, exposing the left breast for the camera. He nibbled at Bex’s ear, and she let a large sigh of contentment and pleasure.

‘You are such a fucking skank, Bex,’ he was saying. ‘I’ve only known you a week, yet we’re fucking on your parents’ bed. You are such a whore.’

‘Fuck! I fucking love having your cock in me, Jack — fuck me like the slut you’ve made me,’ she shouted, still keeping eye contact with camera.

Jack pushed her to ground. With one hand, he’d grabbed the phone, and with the other, he was tugging furiously at his cock.

Bex lay on the ground, pussy and tits exposed for all to see.

‘Cum on my face, Jack,’ Bex said in her Rebecca voice. Jack loved the fact that he was marking that posh bitch Rebecca Lunden with his cum, and he did as instructed.

Jack groaned as pulse after pulse of cum hit Bex in the face. The moment the sperm covered her face, Bex orgasmed again.

‘Fuck, Jack, that was a load,’ laughed Bex as she spread the sperm all over her face.

Noticing that Jack was still filming, she got on her knees, and in her plummy ‘Rebecca voice’ said: ‘I am Rebecca Lunden. I used to be a stuck-up bitch, and now I’m a cheap skanky whore, who loves nothing more than a man coating my face with his cum.’

Jack laughed.

Bex continued as Rebecca: ‘I hope you enjoyed the show everyone.’ Running her finger over her face, she scooped up some of Jack’s cum. She bought it her lips, and gently ingested it, murmuring with pleasure.


Bex smiled as she shut the video off. She really needed to make it up to Jack for being such a bitch. Maybe she should let Jack take her anal virginity as an apology…


Bex and Courtney left the salon, having been full waxed for the trip. Bex had never had a full Brazilian before, but Courtney had persuaded her that all chav girls on holiday need to tidy up down there, that the discomfort was worth it, and that it gets better with every session. She believed her friend, but it still stung like hell.

From there, the girls went back to the tattoo parlour. Bex wanted to show a commitment to her friendship with Courtney. Inside the parlour, Bex and Courtney were inked with an interlinking B and C.

‘Didn’t bring any money again, Bex?’

Even before Courtney had finished the question, Bex was on her knees sucking Gaz’s cock.


‘So have you packed your bikini then, Bex?’ Courtney asked when they arrived at the airport.

‘Erm… well, actually, I don’t have one….’ mumbled Bex.

‘What the actual fuck?’ screeched Courtney.

‘Just a one-piece…’ Bex spoke to her shoes.

‘Fuck, Bex, do I have to sort you for everything?’ sighed Courtney, a mock sigh meaning she was looking forward to going shopping with her friend.

Courtney took Bex straight to the airport shopping area, and into a clothing store. The shop assistant took one look at Courtney and Bex, and she couldn’t disguise her loathing for the chavs coming into her store. Bex could lipread the assistant saying ‘chav trash’.

Courtney headed straight to the beachwear section. There, she started throwing bikini sets off the rails onto the floor, muttering ‘shite, boring, shite, shite’. But then, she suddenly found what she was after: ‘Perfect.’

It was a barely-there gold piece set. The cups of the bikini looked like they would barely hold her friend’s tits, and it was way too small anyway. Bex wasn’t sure what to say, but she remembered that Courtney had always been right when dressing her, so she trusted her friend.

Bex paid for the bikini, and she and Courtney strolled out of the store without bothering to tidy up all the bikinis on the floor.

They laughed at the undisguised anger of the shop assistant as they walked off.


Party, party, party! For the first three days of their two-week holiday, Bex and Courtney partied like the world would end tomorrow. Bex was a natural at getting guys to buy drinks for her and Courtney.

Bex would give the odd guy a blowjob if they bought her enough drinks, but only if they were good looking enough for her. On the second night, Courtney had offered Bex her first ‘E’. Bex had taken it without a second thought. Within half an hour she felt happy and loved up, swaying to the music. She hadn’t even noticed the handsome chav behind her beginning to feel her up.

Bex loved being felt up, and loved illegal bahis it even more when he could feel the guy’s hard cock against her…

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!’ shouted Bex, riding Tim or Tom or whatever the fuck they were called.

Courtney was on the same bed being fucked by James/John/Jake/whatever. They had had swapped guys twice during the night. Tim/Tom/whatever had a smaller cock than James/John/Jake, but he was much vigorous in bed.

The two guys pulled out, then proceeded to cover Bex with cum after she begged them to cum on her face and tits.

Courtney laughed: ‘Bex, are you addicted to cum?’

Bex smiled and licked some of the cum into her mouth.

‘Fuck yeah!’

When they weren’t partying or fucking, Bex and Courtney sunbathed on the beach. Bex had never been to such a hot place before. Her parents had usually taken her skiing, or on art holidays to cities like Florence. If there had been any sunbathing, it had been in conjunction with swimming at the hotel pool, before her parents had taken her to some fucking mind-numbing (she realised now) gallery or some such shit.

As Bex laid back relaxing, Courtney grinned at her friend. Bex had been getting admiring looks from men all day. That hardly-there bikini was drawing a lot of attention. Bex had been unsure at first with the bikini, and it had taken Courtney half an hour and a couple of blue wkds before she had agreed to wear it. Acts of reluctance like this made Courtney realise that little traces of Rebecca still remained, and it was Courtney’s desire to make sure that this holiday saw Rebecca dead and buried forever.

Time for the next stage, thought Courtney…

‘Bex, rub some fucking sun cream on my back, will you.’ Courtney turned round and unclipped her bikini top. Bex was startled — Courtney had gone topless on the beach.

‘Courtney, what the fuck are you doing?’

‘Fuck’s sake Bex, they are just tits, and look around you. Half the women here aren’t covering up, are they?’

Courtney was right on two counts. Most of the women were topless around them, happy to flash their tits, but that objection meant the little of Rebecca that still existed had re-appeared. Exposing herself at night to some chavvy boys was one thing, but on a whole beach with countless people around…

‘Fucks sake Bex, I ain’t got all day, and I don’t want to end up looking a fucking lobster.’

Bex’s hand was slightly shaking as she opened the bottle of sun cream, and squirted some on her hand. Bex proceeded to massage the cream into Courtney’s back. After two minutes, Courtney whirled around. She grabbed Bex’s shoulder and rotated her 180 degrees so that now her back was facing Courtney.

With one pull, Courtney whipped off Bex’s bikini top and threw it behind her, out of Bex’s reach. Bex was too startled to say anything, but she crouched down with her breasts to her legs as Courtney began to rub the cream over Bex’s back.

Finished, Courtney laid back on the sun lounger, and squirted some sun cream on her chest and spread it all over. Bex was still in a state of shock, but laid back too. Courtney passed her the sun cream and Bex, almost trance-like, repeated the act, smothering her breasts with the cream.

Both sat silently on their loungers for ten minutes, until Courtney spoke up.

‘Bex, I’m parched, go get a fucking drink will you.’

‘OK,’ replied Bex. ‘I can’t find my top though.’

‘You don’t need a top to get me a drink, the bar is just there.’

Bex looked up. The bar was about 200 yards away. She’d need to go past a group of lads playing volleyball.

‘Well?’ said Courtney. ‘Here’s some money, go and get me a fucking drink.’

A strange calm came over Bex as she took the money from Courtney, and got up out of the lounger to walk towards the bar.

‘Hey guys, cop a load of the tits on that,’ shouted one volleyballer as Bex went past.

Two more of the players wolf-whistled, and Bex warmed up to the idea of these strange men ogling her. She grinned at them, and blew a kiss at them.

‘Give us a feel, darlin,’ shouted one lad.

‘Ya can’t touch what ya can’t afford dickhead!’ laughed Bex in reply.

Courtney smiled. Bit by bit, Rebecca was dying — Long Live Bex…

Over the next few hours Bex got more and more used to moving around topless on the beach. When on holiday before, it had always been a dull one-piece. Now she loved seeing men look at her tits, wolf-whistling and jeering as she walked past them.

Suddenly, a huge, good-looking black guy approached the girls.

‘Hi ladies. My name is George. I run a club here in Ibiza, and I’m always looking for pretty ladies to join my team.’

‘What sort of club?’ asked Bex.

‘Lap dancing club,’ laughed Courtney.

‘Ugh, fuck off,’ said Bex.

‘Well, ladies, come now. It’s not all bad, I assure you. I can give beautiful girls like you both here a chance to let lose, make some serious cash, and have some fun while doing it,’ George said, in a measured tone with a hint of mystery, designed to appeal to these girls. George knew the type. Skanky council estate bitches who’d whip their clothes off for a few quid. These two were perfect examples.

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