Clara Teaches Her Younger Brother Ch. 02

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(chapter 2; all characters are 18 and over)

Okay so maybe I didn’t give you the whole story. I mean yes, I am pregnant, and yes, my brother Wyatt is definitely the only person I had sex with before it happened. But I guess I led you to believe that it only happened once on that visit. Maybe I’m just a little embarrassed about it? I haven’t really told anyone about this so I’m just sort of getting used to the idea. I don’t totally regret it though. I mean if your little brother was struggling with dating and you wanted him to be even a *little* bit as confident as you, what else can you do?

Okay yes, there are other things you can do besides fuck him. But I think in this case someone had to do something, and I guess that had to be me. So yeah, no, I don’t regret it. His life totally changed after that, I mean I think he’s gone on a few dates now. So uh, mission accomplished? And yeah, he has thanked me a lot, so that’s nice. And I think our relationship has improved too. He’s definitely texting me more and asking for girl advice, which I love. Although, side note, I definitely also feel strange about that. Why? Um, hello! I have his fucking baby in my stomach and he’s asking me about how to respond to some rando girl on tinder!

Whatever though. I’ll figure that out.

I think maybe right now you’re like, ready for me to tell you what else happened. I’m getting there. So if you remember, he was staying with me in my apartment in New York for a few days. Well the morning after we had sex was pretty fucking awkward. I think we were both in a little bit of shock about it. We didn’t talk the whole morning, and he kind of kept to himself a little, like on his phone and ignoring me.

Finally around 11am we were in my living room both on our phones, I just had enough of the silence. So I asked him what he wanted to do today. He didn’t really look me in the eye and sorta shrugged.

“Wyatt… this is a little weird. Maybe we should talk about this?”

“We don’t need to talk about anything, Clara,” he mumbled at me. He still didn’t look at me, which started to annoy me.

“Okayyyyyy. Can you look at me though? You’re acting weird.”

“No I’m not,” he insisted, and again, he kept his head down looking at his stupid Instagram.

“Wyatt. WYATT! Hey! Can you stop with your phone for a second?” Even I was surprised at how quickly I was shouting at him. He finally looked up. “*Thank* you! Geez. Can you tell me what’s going on?”

“Nothing Clara! It’s fine!”

I sighed pretty hard. I didn’t understand why he couldn’t just fucking talk to me. Boys are so immature and emotionally boring. “Wyatt, don’t make me pry it out of you. Obviously this is about last night.”

He didn’t answer. Well at least that was like, *sort* of an acknowledgment. I sighed again. I guess I had to do all the heavy lifting.

“Do you regret it? Do you feel bad about it?”

He just sort of stared at me and then made that ‘idunno’ hum sound.

“Well,” I said, deciding to be the adult in the room, “I feel good about it. I’m happy we did that. I wanted to help you. Plus it was fun, I thought.”

His eyes shifted around, looking at my feet, then the kitchen counter. I sighed again. “Can you just tell me what’s going on? Please?”

“I don’t know Clara! I guess I just…”

I leaned my head forward, impatiently. “Yyyyyes?”

He paused and swallowed pretty hard. I watched his Adam’s apple bob. “I dunno… it was… I just like… I can’t say it…”

“Hey. Come on. You can tell me anything. I’m not going to judge you. I’m your sister and I love you. Just say it.”

After another pause, he cleared his throat a bit and then finally let it out. “I guess… I just really kind of liked that. And it’s weird. And I don’t think I’ll ever get to do that again so that just like…. sucks.”

Okay I’ll be honest with you. That made me smile. I’m not sure why, exactly. Maybe because I did something that made him happy? Or because he liked it too? Or because for the first fucking time in forever he was actually being honest with me? I moved a little closer to him in the living room. He was standing next to my pink velvet chair, kind of leaning on the arm.

“Did you mean you liked doing that, like in general, or with me?” I tried to speak sweetly and softly so he’d feel safe to open up.

He paused again. Then I heard him verrrrry quietly let it out, eyes glued to the floor. “I guess both…”

“Well okay then, at least now we can talk about it! I mean, I liked it too. I don’t think it should happen again but that doesn’t mean you won’t do that with someone else, right? I mean now you know what you’re doing! Plus, I mean, I can tell you, you’re gonna make any woman feel prettttty satisfied.” I tried to get him to smile at this. He seemed puzzled or discouraged though.

“You don’t know that…”

I nodded towards his crotch. “Uhhh yeah I do. Wyatt… you are a lucky, lucky man. Women will be excited to do that with you.”

“What are you talking about, Küçükçekmece Escort Clara…?”

“Your fucking dick Wyatt! It’s huge!”

“It…is? I thought this was like what everyone had.”

I laughed and shook my head. “Mm-mm. Nnnnnope.”

I watched him smile, a pure, uncontrolled grin. He felt proud of himself for the first time that I could remember, at least. I didn’t want to butter him up too much, but I sorta blurted out, “maybe one of the biggest I’ve been with.”

“Holy shit, really? But you’ve been with like, a lot of guys!”

“Ummmm yeah. I have. And let me tell you, I didn’t expect my little brother to top the list, soooo…”

It did make me happy to see him smile. “So… you would do it again with me then?” He said, clearly mustering up some courage or some kind of boldness I hadn’t really seen in him.

I took a loud breath in, sort of unconsciously looking at his package as I did. “I meannnnnnn…we probably shouldn’t do that again Wyatt.”

“But… you *would* do it again, like…. if I wasn’t your brother?”

“Well…yeah, duh.” Okay I should be honest with you here and say I was feeling a bit of heat on my end. I know that’s wrong, I know it’s gross, I know, I know. But objectively, it was pretty hot last night and he really did have a pretty magnificent cock. I cleared my throat and figured we should get out of this space. “So why don’t we go and get some lunch somewhere? I know a good sandwich place not too far.”

I watched him deflate a bit, but it was different than other times. His body was rigid and I swear I saw him lightly thrusting towards me, feet planted. This felt more like those times when I’ve told a guy I didn’t feel like fucking and he’d say “oh yeah babe no problem” but then try really hard to ‘cuddle’ on the couch and graze my nipple hoping to wake my pussy up, versus my brother’s typical version of disappointment. I mean it makes sense. We’ve had sex, he’s a dude, and I figured he had a pretty intense boner right now. Okay I need to stop thinking about my brother’s boner.

We left and got lunch, and I tried to keep us in public, neutral places the rest of the day. I figured we’d both cool off after that. We walked around a lot, crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, and I took him for ice cream.

“Clar, can I ask you something?”

“Uh, sure, what’s up?” I said with a mouth full of Peanut Butter Cookie Dough ice cream.

“It’s about last night…”

“Oh. Uh, okay… go ahead.” I braced myself as I swallowed another spoonful.

“I was just sort of wondering… was I… was I okay? Or like, good, or whatever?”

“You mean…. in bed?”


I paused, letting my ice cream melt in my mouth a bit. How could I answer this? I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but also it was just his first time and I pretty much drove the whole thing. “I mean, for a first time I think it was great, yeah.” My voice was a little weak and I knew my brother was going to pick up on that. Dammit. Why can’t I ever lie?

“I know you don’t mean that…I knew I would be bad at that.”

I pulled us over to a bench and sat down, and put my arm around him. “Wyatt, no, don’t say that. You were definitely not bad!”

“Yes I was. I didn’t even know what I was doing.”

“No one knows what they’re doing the first time! That’s normal. I didn’t have a clue. The first time I gave a guy a blowjob he told me I scratched his dick with my teeth and I was mortified!” I laughed, hoping he would too. He looked at me and sort of smiled a little.

“Seriously? You seemed pretty good to me last night.”

“Well, yeah, I mean, I’ve had a lot of practice. That’s just what you need. It takes a little time.”

“But like, I want to get really good at it. But how will I ever know if someone’s telling me the truth about how I was? What if I think I’m good but really I’m awful? That’s kind of why I liked you teaching me…I knew I could trust you.”

“Someone else will be honest with you, I promise.” He was starting to look down again. I really did feel bad for him when he did that. This…this was what got me into this mess! I can’t help myself, I want to help my brother! “What can I do to cheer you up? I fucking hate seeing you sad…”I elbowed him in the ribs lightly.

“I just… I think I was hoping you could maybe teach me some more?”

I felt torn at that moment. Yes, I really want to help him. But is this wrong? Or bad? Or going to fuck me over later? All the thoughts I had. So I said, “I.. just don’t know if I can do that Wyatt. What would you even want to learn? I gave you the basics.”

He shrugged. “I dunno. I don’t know what to do with…” he motioned to my pussy area, which for some reason kind of sparked something in me.

“Ohhhhhh. Yeah. That does take some education. But any girl you’re with will show you what she wants.”

“But why can’t you just show me? It feels so much easier with you.”

“Because I’m you’re Maltepe Escort fucking sister…” I chuckled a little at this. I guess it also seemed a *little* late to be playing that card. He wasn’t laughing with me though. He seemed serious. I felt myself starting to cave. “How about I’ll think about it, okay?”

He smiled. FINALLY. Jesus. This boy is killing me. “Can we go to the botanical garden now? It’s getting late,” I said and got up. I hoped this would change the subject for a while.

We walked around the flowers and trees, laughing and joking around. It felt good to be connecting again. Reminded me of old times. We made fun of some dumb tourists trying to use a stupid selfie stick, and laughed when a boy audibly farted in the green house exhibit. I could sense us getting closer. It was nice. I hate how it had to get us here, but at the end of the day is that so bad? I mean, yes, it is. But I just don’t care. Or at least, I didn’t then. I missed my brother being my friend.

After a long day being out, we grabbed some burritos and headed home. My roommate Sammy was getting ready to go out, seemingly to a club or something. She had on black stiletto heels, a mesh crop top that fell just under her boobs, and a bright green mini skirt. You could see her leather-look bra underneath, barely holding her in. She had pretty large tits; bigger than mine I think. She’s never shown me but I saw her bra hanging over the bathroom door once. It was a 32DD. They looked good on her.

“Whoa, Sammy, you look sexy girl! Where are you off to?” I called to her from the kitchen, setting out plates for us to eat. She came in and Wyatt just sort of stared.

“Iiiiiiiiiiii am going to a friend’s birthday party,” she said in a mock-flirting sing-songy tone. “I think it’s at some dance place, and that girl Eva is gonna be there. We’ve been flirting for months and I really just want us to finally make OUT.”

“Ooooo I hope it happens! You definitely look fire in that outfit. I don’t know how she’ll resist you,” I laughed, and pinched Wyatt in his butt covertly to get him to stop staring at Sammy’s chest.

“What are you guys up to tonight?” Sammy said as she checked her eye makeup in the living room mirror.

“We’re prettttttty beat from a long day, I think just chill here.”

“Are you having fun here, Wyatt?” Sammy flashed a smile at him, which I noticed made him blush a bit. Boy, he really could not fucking handle attention from women.

“Yeah, it’s pretty um… pretty great.” He mumbled.

She grabbed her black leather clutch bag from the dining table and moved towards the door. “Okay, have fun tonight you guys! Hopefully see ya tomorrowwwwww,” she said, melodically.

“Bye Sam,” I called. The door slammed and I heard the click-clack of her heels going down the stairs. “Jesus Wyatt.”

“What?!” He looked offended, somehow.

“Um, you were ogling her like a dog waiting for a steak dinner.”

“I was? I mean… sorry. She’s pretty hot though, I couldn’t help it!”

“You can be a little less obvious though, god. Your dick needs to chill the fuck out.” He laughed at this, seemingly proud of himself.

After dinner we sat together on the couch, pretty cuddly. It was nice to be close. I laid my head on his shoulder and sort of drifted to sleep. I woke up maybe an hour later, the Netflix still buzzing on the TV. I watched his stomach slowly rise and fall; he was out. But I noticed something else just then: he clearly had an erection through his lounge shorts. I’m telling you, with him you’re not going to miss that, it’s fucking obvious.

A part of me wanted to get up and leave, but another part had this idea to just take his dick out and suck on it like an ice pop. I felt pretty out of control, and then kind of ashamed for having that thought about my brother. So I tried to just split the difference and sneak another peek. I checked his breathing again — he was definitely out cold.

I gently lifted his elastic waistband up and over freeing the head of his cock. It was staring at me, magenta and throbbing, almost like it wanted to jump out of its skin holder. I have to say, he has a pretty attractive penis. Circumsized, which I like. Thick, curved, and a nice shade of pink. Veiny all around. Manly. His balls were a little small for me but I figured he’d sort that out in a few years. This whole thing kind of got me horny. The temptation to wake him up and have him see half of his cock lost inside my mouth was getting stronger, but I resisted. I swiftly covered his dick again, seeing it protrude commandingly against his blue cotton shorts.

Wyatt woke up almost immediately after this. He grumbled a little, and I looked up at him, my head still cradled on his shoulder. He smiled, meek and tired.

“You uhhh…. you okay there buddy?” I cooed, motioning with my eyes to his boner.

“Well you’re laying on me, what do you expect…” he said coolly. Was he flirting with me?

I made Mecidiyeköy Escort an ‘mm’ sound and shifted my body so my chest was more in view. I was wearing a silky blue cami with white eyelash lace, so there was a bit of cleavage. Wait, was I flirting back? Shit.

“They look nice…” he breathed. I grinned slyly at him. “So…did you think about it some more? Will you teach me how to be good in bed?”

My defenses were low at this point. I couldn’t think of a reason to say no, especially not after seeing his hard dick again. Don’t judge me for what happened next…

I put my hand on his inner thigh, landing just centimeters below his balls, which were clearly outlined as his erection pulled the fabric upward. I raised my head off his shoulder, letting my nose and cheek graze along his neck up towards his mouth. My pinky inched up his leg, and I felt his balls lightly against my finger. I felt his heart rate quicken. His breathing paused for a second.

“Maybe I can teach you a little more…” I exhaled and kissed him, squeezing his thigh gently. He thrust toward me, and I felt his hardness rub against the outside of my hand. He let out a heavy breath as I kissed along his cheek up to his ear. My tongue toyed with his earlobe which made his body seize up. Guess I found a sweet spot. In between ear kisses and licks I whispered instructions.

“Take control… grab my body and push me back… then kiss me and start slowly kissing my neck…”

To my surprise he actually did what I said. He grabbed my upper arms and forced me against the couch back. He was in control of me. I was suddenly delighted.

“Run a finger on my pussy… just tease me…”

He did just that. His fingers lightly dragged on my labia over my green satin panties. I felt a jolt of pleasure and my spine sort of snapped back. “Ohhhhhh that’s itttttttttt,” I purred at him. He meekly smiled at me. I got impatient and pulled aside my panties, exposing my pussy. We both looked down and saw it glistening with wetness.

My breathing got heavier. “Do you know about the clitoris?”

He shook his head while running finger tips along my outer pussy.

“The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman. If you touch it right, you’ll make a woman cum. Let me show you mine.” I spread my lips a bit and exposed my clit, which was swollen pink and pleading for attention. He seemed fascinated. I saw him reach for it but grabbed his hand. “Make sure your fingers are wet first…” and I took two of his fingers and pressed them against my tongue, which I stuck out to put on a show. I licked them like they were his dick, and smiled a bit naughty-like.

“Ok… now use one finger and slowly rub around in circles.” He did. I felt an immediate surge of desire and pleasure and let out a totally unintentional moan. He smirked at this, clearly proud of himself. “…take off my panties…” I said breathily, hungrily.

He scratched me a tiny bit as he tried to grab them and peel them down my legs. Suddenly I was bare and uncovered. He just stared at me.

“Should I… ffffffinger you?”

“Just keep rubbing my….ahhhhhhh yes yes yes…. my clitttt…” I had to close my eyes and threw my head back. He was actually doing great. He kept a circular motion going and kept spitting on his fingers to keep them wet. My hips started gyrating towards his hand as the sensation built.

“Ok.. now use your…ohhhh fuckkkk…. use your tongue and…. and just…. lick my cllllit like how your finger is…” I was too far in it to open my eyes. But suddenly it intensified. His warm tongue began circling my clitoris. “Yes oh my fucking god… slow is good…don’t fucking stop…. don’t stop keep going oh my god oh my GOD…”

My voice was close to squealing as it kept growing. His tongue continued in circles, firm and pointed. He did this for several minutes and I dug my nails into his hair, pushing his mouth onto me. What I really wanted in that moment was for him to fuck me but an orgasm began to build and I lost control.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCKKKK I think I’m gonna cum I think I’m gonna cum I think I’m gonna fucking cummmmmm ohhh goddddddddd!” My hips convulsed and the orgasm washed violently over me. My legs sprang in opposite directions and I put a hand on his shoulder to stop his licking. My body went limp in satisfaction, leaving me no energy to think about who had just done that to me. I sank into the couch, heart rate slowing and body feeling like melting jello.

I opened my eyes after some time of being passed out. Wyatt was laying next to me, masturbating over his pants. Makes sense, I think. After what he just did I’d figure he’d need some relief.

“Hhhhhiiiii…” I said weakly, glancing up at him while he rubbed his cock.

He looked back at me nervously, perhaps wondering if he shouldn’t be jerking off in front of his sister.

“Maybe I should help you with that…” I said dreamily. There was hunger in his eyes.

I got up, adjusted my bra, and grabbed his waistband, lifting it up and over his engorged head.

“Ooooo… what a big boy you are…” I said as I took his dick in my hand, looking into his eyes mischievously, feeling klike a bad girl. I ran my thumb up and down his frenulum and watched him seize up in pleasure. Then I used my nails to tickle and tease his balls and felt the air from his powerful sigh.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32