Clara Bow’s Academy for Ladies Ch. 02

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The new sissy stood barefoot; naked but for the soft white gown. Though bewildered and a little scared, her little cock poked forward in the gown, partly through fear and partly through excitement as she felt the eyes of the stern woman upon her. Clara Bow rose slowly from the leather chair she sat in, cane in one hand, she wagged a finger summoning Pepper forward. She was accompanied by the buxom Nurse Wykett; her ample buttocks and breast bulging in her white uniform, her black stockings and stilettos a far cry from the usual sensible shoe preferred by most in her profession. Mistress Bow smiled with satisfaction as she pointed her can at the protrusion in the gown.

“Well young lady, I think we’ll have a look at that first; gown off!” Pepper shivered and her softly freckled arms and legs were now accompanied by goose-pimples as Nurse Wykett took the gown from her, and uncovered a screen on the wall. The two smiled wickedly as they surveyed the soft curves of the ginger boy-girl; her nipples now stood firm from her puffy little breasts. Nurse Wykett took great pleasure in teasing Pepper’s nipples.

“You can see how the hormones have helped her; we shall increase the dose steadily; she’ll soon be the perfect little lady. I think we’ll do the ‘preference’ test first.” Nurse gently took Pepper’s little cock in her hand as Mistress Bow picked up the remote control for the screen. Pepper gasped as the buxom nurse softly worked her little pink penis back and forth, the pleasurable sensation made it stiffen and Mistress Bow then clicked the remote.

The two women smiled wickedly as Pepper was made to view many pictures as she was masturbated; firstly pictures of stern women had her little cock nicely lubricated and dribbling, and then she was shown pictures of very masculine males. Pepper’s cock stiffened noticeably as she was shown a handsome mature male in a mask; broad tanned hairy chest; his cock rigid and erect, whip in hand. Pepper whimpered with pleasure and humiliation. Nurse Wykett smiled triumphantly.

“Aha! That’s kaynarca escort hit the spot hasn’t it? You’d make a sweet little maid for someone like that wouldn’t you?” Mistress Bow sneered at Pepper as she enlarged the picture and whipped the air with her cane with her free hand. Pepper’s knees nearly buckled as Nurse Wykett worked the shiny little pink cock to the only outcome possible. Pepper thought of being rescued by such a male as she squealed like the little girl she was becoming and shot her dainty little offering across the wooden floorboards. Pepper’s anus tingled and clenched at the rubber pug as she dreamed of being entered and used like woman, as her little cock spat small blobs of cream to the delight of the her two mistresses. Clara Bow then pointed her cane at a leather padded bench, as Nurse Wykett wiped Pepper’s little pink bell-end with a soft tissue, the sensation making her wince as she dribbled still.

“We’ll have a look at that little bottom now.” Pepper’s little cock now hung limp as she was made to bend over the bench, and the two took great pleasure in spreading her soft white cheeks. Pepper’s little cock began to erect again as she felt the soft rubber plug being eased out from her hot little anus. Clara Bow sighed with contempt.

“You can say goodbye to this young lady! Why this is far too small for a young lady like you, and it’s soft too! We’ll soon have you fitted with one worthy of such a pretty hole!” Nurse Wykett smiled as she moved with deliberation to a draw, to ensure Pepper would see what she had for her. She removed a harsh looking white ceramic plug, at least half as big again as the rubber one. Nurse then took great pleasure in fingering her little anus to get it used to the idea of being invaded. Clara Bow flexed her cane and her pussy buzzed with pleasure as she watched Pepper’s discomfort as the cold hard plug was rudely pressed home by Nurse Wykett. Pepper whimpered pitifully; her little legs taut, on tiptoe as the smooth ceramic plug was squeezed into her sissy küçükyalı escort asshole. Nurse pushed it firmly into position with a deep sense of satisfaction. Tears welled in Pepper’s blue eyes, spoiling her pretty face. Clara Bow teased.

“Just think of the man with the mask; one day you’ll cry pretty tears when someone like him takes charge of you; it’s for the best that your bottom is prepared for what’s to come.” Pepper’s cock rose again and her balls and anus tingled as she thought of the picture that had made her come; the ceramic soon warmed making it more comfortable, though its unforgiving body remained rock hard in its tight little haven. Her stretched rectum pulsed and flexed as she tried to get used to it; the longer it remained, the more pleasurable it became. Nurse Wykett made lots of notes and she was weighed, re-gowned, and then sent to the pharmacy office. Tomkins was waiting outside to accompany her; she squeezed her hand tightly when she saw the tears in her new friend’s eyes.

“Don’t worry, it’s not all bad here; the other two girls in our dorm are dying to meet you.”

Back in the office, Mistress Bow was on the phone to someone.

“Yes; pretty, ginger…. Definitely never been interfered with; I’ll put you on the future suitors list then. Bye for now.” Across the town in a huge Victorian town house, Greville Hambleton, about to go riding stood with crop in hand as he put the phone down. His cock was stiffening nicely as he thought of his other favourite pastime; tight little ginger bottoms which belonged to debutant t-girls. He would attend the academy shortly and have an incognito viewing of the new redheaded sissy shortly. He swallowed hard and tried to keep his mind on horses for now.

Tomkins kept hold of Pepper’s hand as they waited for the pharmacist to make up the prescription.

“You’re very pretty… I hope you don’t mind me saying so, I take it you like being a… you know.” The two blushed together like girls half their age and then Pepper’s new friend continued.

“My sancaktepe escort name’s Marie Tomkins, I’ve been here since I was sixteen; I know all the dodges here, and when you’re ready, I can show you how we can come and go from here just as we please. There are lots of men in the nearby town, all willing to treat you, just for a kiss… and a little something else if you’re daring enough.” Pepper’s cock stiffened as she thought of being allowed to roam free, and as a girl too; the idea excited her no end. The dream disappeared as the haughty pharmacist appeared at the serving hatch. She was as stern as all the other women who policed the academy; she sneered down at Pepper through horn-rim glasses, pursed her bright red cheeks and sucked her cheeks into her high cheek-boned face as she observed the sissy before giving instructions.

“You be sure to take one of these at night and one in the morning. We’ll have you looking like Rita Hayworth in no time; I do like to see sissies develop a full bosom, a nicely shaped girl like you will have no problems at all.” The confident smile the pharmacist gave her before closing the hatch made Pepper’s nipples tingle as though the contents of the box were having an immediate effect; this feeling was accentuated as the ceramic plug nursed her anus; it served a double purpose as it ensured Pepper minced sweetly like the lady she was to become; it also made her little cock stiffen with anticipation as Marie led her upstairs; she so wanted to dress up in pretty girls clothes again.

As the two entered the room, two very cute sissies sat on the edge of one of the beds, both so feminine, one blonde and one brunette; they both said a soft hello to Pepper as the blonde one painted the nails of the dainty and feminine hands of the brunette. Pepper felt a little boyish in comparison to the two; both had really high heels on which made their slender and smooth legs look so sexy; their toe-nails painted so delicately. The blonde gave a warm smile to pepper when she saw her wanting look.

“We can do yours next if you like, and you can tell us all about you when we do it.” Pepper was more than happy to accept, and she hurried to the bathroom to remove her gown and she tingled with pleasure and anticipation as she slipped into her pretty Gingham dress.

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