Clara and Karl: The Beginning

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Unsatisfied, Carla pulled the violet vibrator from her dripping, yet unsatisfied pussy lips. Pouting she thought about Karl and the way she used to be satiated after each one of his nightly visits. Frustrated, she slipped out of her bed and entered the bathroom. As the steam clouds clouded the mirror, Carla let her mind wander . . ..

Carla had been working the counter at the only movie theater in the metropolitan area for three months. She worked the 2 to 10 shift, six days a week, which meant she had to lump her classes at university in the morning. Her schedule left little time to meet, let alone date, anyone. She stared longingly at the couples coming in for the twilight matinees on Fridays and Saturdays. One Thursday evening in April, everything changed.

“One please,” Carla heard as a dark hand pushed a crisp ten-dollar bill across the counter. Looking up from her chemistry textbook, Carla looked into the dark brooding eyes of one of the handsomest men she’d ever gazed on. His blue gray eyes seemed to go on for ever. His chestnut brown hair was cut Sefaköy escort in a way that framed his face and accentuated his cheekbones. His lips were full and she noticed his bright, straight teeth. She blushed as she handed him a ticket stub and his change. “Enjoy your movie.”

As the man walked away, Carla notices how his suit pants and crisp shirt looked like they had just been taken off the hanger. She had especially liked how his tie, which had been loosened, accentuated the gray flecks in his blue eyes. Sighing, Carla went back to her textbook wishing her shift was over so she could pleasure herself while imagining the man’s eyes and beautiful, yet strong, hands roving over her body. Her visions became more and more vivid as she waited for the clock to strike 10. She made change and handed ticket stubs as patrons came and went, all the while picturing the pleasure the man could give her. The thought of his lips on her and his hands roaming her body made Carla feel the dampness seeping into her boy shorts.

The tension Escort Yenibosna between Carla’s legs mounted as she rode her bicycle back to her apartment. Barely, stopping to acknowledge her cat’s greeting, she stripped her overcoat and vest off. She quickly took her clothes off and jumped on her bed. Reaching into the nightstand she found her vibrator and prepared to enjoy her fantasy.

Running her hands across her taunt nipples, Carla let out a moan as the points hardened. She then ran her left hand over her taught stomach and into the juncture between her legs. She had shaved three days ago and she enjoyed the running her fingers over the stubble. When she reached the cleft above her clitoris, she moved down and felt the dew seeping from her pussy lips. Moaning again, she worked her middle finger into her pussy. She pictured the dark, beautiful hands of the stranger at the movie theatre and felt a new wave of dampness coat her fingers. She continued to move her fingers up her mound, slowly circling her hooded clit each tome Halkalı escort bayan getting closer to the sensitive button yearning to be touched.

Just as she was about to give in to her craving, the shrill ringing of the house phone rang. Cursing, she tried to stay in the moment and brought her finger back inside her caressing from the inside. Positioning her vibrator between her pussy lips, Carla shrieked with pleasure as she turned it on and the pleasure within her intensified. Moving her hand back to her un-hooded clitoris, Clara took time to savor the anticipation before pushing her pleasure button. As her orgasm wracked her body with pure pleasure, Clara let her mind drift. She exploded with joy and saw nothing but a white light.

Coming down from her delicious high, Clara got out of her bed and took a hot shower. She brought herself to another orgasm with the pulsating showerhead. After washing her hair, shaving her legs, and her pussy, Clara dried herself and put on her favorite pair of pajamas.

Before turning off the lights, Clara checked the messages on the answering machine. It was Tom, the theater manager, asking if she had seen a pair of sunglasses a patron had stated were missing. Muttering about how the call could have waited until morning, Clara made sure her cat’s water and food bowl were full and contentedly went to sleep.

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