Claire, The Unknown Redhead

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This is my first story, so I’d be incredibly grateful for any feedback. Please be gentle though, it’s my first time remember.

This is a little something from my memory banks. A story that’s been rattling around my head for a long time, but an old favourite I revisit every so often when I need something guaranteed to put a smile on my face and a spring in my step. It’s how I met my first love, my first real girlfriend and without doubt the dirtiest girl I’ve ever known. Her name was Claire.

We’d known of each other since we started high school, but never actually spoke to one another until one afternoon, purely by chance, we were both selected to run the 200 metre event at the city championships. This was my event and I’d love to say I’d trained all year, given my blood, sweat and tears for it, but that would be lying. I was fortunate enough to be naturally athletic and fast. Don’t get me wrong, I attended training, but I put in the least amount of effort I could get away with. Partly because I didn’t want to train, partly because I didn’t need to.

So, as usual before the event started I was sitting on the grass at the side of the track watching everyone else warming up and stretching to prepare when I heard someone approach behind me and in a soft, almost timid voice ask if this was the 200 metre start line.

“It most certainly is.” I replied without turning to see who spoke.

“Thanks.” Came the quiet voice.

Normally, I just sit in my own world, laughing internally at everyone else preparing hard for the race and knowing that I’d beat them anyway. This day however, something about that voice piqued my interest. Looking back now, I think it was because I knew everyone who ran my event and I didn’t know this voice. So, intrigued, I turned to see her standing a few paces from me looking absolutely terrified and not at all sure what was happening. I knew she was Claire from my school, I knew she was a distance runner and I knew she was one of the quiet ones in my year. One thing I didn’t know however, was what she was doing here.

“How come you’re still here, I thought the 1500 metres was finished about an hour ago?” I enquired.

“It did. Laura was meant to be doing the 200 but she’s rolled her ankle.” Came the soft reply

“Okay, so why are you here? I thought you only did distance running?”

“I don’t really know.” Claire replied, shifting her weight from one leg to the other and wrapping her arms around herself. “I guess I was the first person that Mrs. Robson saw when she heard Laura couldn’t compete. Lucky me.”

I noticed she started the blush a little and look down at her trainers at this last comment.

“Any tips?” she asked sheepishly

“Yeah, just go all out for the whole race. Don’t hold anything in reserve, just give it everything all the way round.” I replied, somewhat cockily

“Thanks. Are you not warming up?” she asked looking puzzled.

“Nope.” I said with a grin. “I can’t be bothered. But, feel free if you want to.”

Claire looked at me like she couldn’t work out if I was being serious or not, then, probably regretting talking to me in the first instance, started doing some stretching before her race, which was up next.

As she lined up for her race, I couldn’t help but compare her to the other girls she was competing with. Where they had muscular, powerful legs, Claire had long, skinny legs. Where they had nice round, muscular arses, she didn’t really have any curves to speak of. Slim body, small, flat boobs. Just your general distance runners body. Her hair caught my attention though. Flame red, shoulder length hair. If it had been a sunny day it would have shone, but even overcast as it was, it had a glow to it.

As they crouched for the start I shook my head and turned away, imagining her trailing dead last after the first corner. I heard the starting gun go off and couldn’t bring myself to look up, dreading to see her at the back. I heard the cheering in the stands as the girls got to the finish, but blocked it out as I took my lane ready for the start. I thought about nothing else around me other than crossing that finishing line first. The gun sounded and 25.7 seconds later I was crossing the line in first and setting a new City record in the process.

Sprint races are a total blur. At least for me anyway. The only things I ever remember about them is the start and the finish. The main part of the race doesn’t register at all. Even after I finish, it takes a good 5 or so minutes to come down off the adrenaline rush. I tend to focus on something and this time it was Claire. I saw her packing up her bag and making her way out of the stand and I couldn’t help but stare at her from a distance, like tunnel vision. As she turned she caught my gaze and gave me a small wave, then dropping her head and making her way out of the stadium before she could see me wave back.

After that, I’d see her around school and we’d say hi and that was about it. A few months later we left school and I never gave her a second thought kadıköy escort as I started my working life as an apprentice welder and fabricator. I stayed in touch with a few of my close friends, but as we got jobs or went to uni most of us kind of drifted apart, doing our own thing.

A few years later, I was out in town having a few drinks, getting over a bad breakup, trying to drown out the argument that was still going on in my head. It was always going to end badly, she’d left someone to be with me and now history was repeating itself. Toward the end of the night, when I was good and fucked up, I saw something out of the corner of my eye and couldn’t help but be drawn to it. A bright, glowing red shock of hair in among the sea of blonde and brunette on the dance floor.

I propped myself against the wall and watched this hypnotic sight in front of me, totally transfixed in my drunken state. As I started she turned and I got a good look at her face, she was strikingly beautiful. Defined, high cheekbones, deep green eyes, petite nose and that hair. Long, wavy red hair. In my alcohol fuelled mind I couldn’t process it all, but she looked familiar. Then again, everyone looked familiar tonight and I knew none of them. When she saw me looking her way she looked away at first, probably thinking I was weighing up how to make my move. Then she looked again, this time looking more intently my way until the penny dropped.

She charged across the floor and pretty much threw her arms around me, screaming in my ear.

“Dan! I can’t believe it’s you!”

I had no idea what was happening, so started to peel this random woman off me. She must have cottoned on to what I was doing, so released her grip.

“It’s so good to see you, I hoped I’d run into people from school. You look good. Totally hammered, but good.” She screamed in my ear over the deafening music.

I must have looked like a confused mess, just standing looking absolutely baffled as what was happening. Clearly she picked up on this and thought better of forcing the issue.

“Well, it’s great to see you again, I’d better go find my friend though.”

And with that, she was gone.

I have no idea how I got home, or how I managed it, but I did. I just remember regaining some sense of consciousness mid Saturday afternoon. The only reason I knew I was awake was because my head felt like it had a pair of rhinos fucking inside it. After about an hour I managed to drag my carcass from my bed and into the kitchen to get some painkillers and water. I slumped on the sofa with my head in my hands, trying to piece the previous night together and all I could manage was fragments, leaving me with more questions than answers, mostly trying to work out who that girl was.

I grabbed my mobile and had a few texts, a missed call from some telemarketers and a Facebook friend request. So, I opened it up and found this friend request was from the girl from the club last night, I recognised the hair. It took a while to register, until I saw the name; Claire Robertson. “Holy fuck, it’s Claire from school.” I thought. That’s why she looked so familiar. I accepted the request and was about to set my phone down when it buzzed to say I’d received a Facebook message from Claire.

“Hey, how you feeling? I didn’t think you’d be up until tomorrow seeing the state you were in last night! lol”

That’s fantastic, a girl I barely know and haven’t seen for years is telling me what a mess I am.

“The way I feel, I’m surprised I woke up at all.” I replied. “I’m sorry I didn’t recognise you in the club, I was pretty far gone.”

“Don’t worry about it, if I was that drunk I wouldn’t have recognised my own reflection.” Came her response.

“I’m not entirely sure I want to see my reflection today. I reckon he’d probably tell me what a dickhead I am.” I lamented.

“I’m sure it’s not that bad. Anyway, how’s things? Besides the hangover of course. I’ve just moved back after finishing uni, thought I’d see who was still living here from school.” She replied.

We spent the next half hour or so catching up, sharing stories on what we’d done and where we’d been. Turns out she’d studied environmental sciences at Bristol University and was hoping to settle there, when she caught her fiancé in bed with another woman one afternoon. So, she moved back home to the opposite end of the country to get as far away as possible and start again anew. I gave her the abridged version of what happened between me and my ex, Rebecca, and we sympathized with one another, offering our condolences on how each other’s relationships had ended so badly.

I was close to wrapping up our little catch up and head for my pit to wallow away my hangover when she dropped a surprise on me.

“If you want to, I’d like to catch up more in person. What are you up to tonight?” Claire asked

“Besides dying slowly from this hangover, not a lot. I’m not sure it’s a good idea me going out to a bar again tonight. Not after last kaynarca escort night anyway.” I replied, feeling sorry for myself.

“That’s no problem, I could come round to your place and we can hang out there.”

Maybe it was the hangover or lack of sleep or just wanting to end the conversation, but I agreed without really understanding what I was really agreeing to. I gave her my address and she said she’d be over about 8.

I trudged off back to my bed and passed out for what felt like an eternity, only being woken be the sound of hammering on my front door. The room was dark, only a sliver of light coming in from the streetlights outside. I looked at my phone and saw it was 8:20. I wasn’t sure what had woken me until I heard the door banging again and I suddenly remembered Claire was coming over. I ran to the door and opened it just as she was about to knock again.

“I was getting ready to head home thinking you’d gone out.” She said with a grin. “Then I remembered you were hungover this morning and probably sleeping it off.”

“Yeah, something like that.” Was all I could think of in response.

I ushered her in and took her coat and was about to show her to the living room when I realised I only had a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt on. Claire must have sensed something and told me not to worry about it as I should be able to wear what I want in my own home. So we sat, ordered pizza and drank a few beers each, me hoping it’d take the edge off the hangover, and caught up. Before I realised it was approaching midnight and we’d moved on past the beers and cleared a bottle of red wine I had stashed away for emergencies.

We laughed and shared stories of people we knew from school, life after school and what the plan was for the next 10 years when I saw Claire bite her bottom lip, looking like she was mulling over a thought. Without any prompting from me she took a big mouthful of wine and told me what she was thinking.

“I had such a crush on you at school. I used to always watch you whenever I could. That’s why I did that 200m race all those years ago, I figured I might get to talk to you.”

I didn’t quite know what to say, so figured I’d try and play it off as the drink talking.

“Bullshit. I never saw you anywhere and we barely spoke. If it was that big of a crush why didn’t you tell me?” I asked.

“It’s not Bullshit at all, it’s true. I didn’t do anything about it because I thought you’d laugh or blow me off, if you even knew who I was. Besides, I was a teenage girl, I had no idea what I wanted.”

“So does that mean you do now?” I asked.

“It does. That’s why I’m here.” She said softly, then leaning in to kiss me.

At first it was a light kiss, almost apprehensive, expecting me to pull back. I was a little shocked at first, but I started to kiss her back and could feel her body move closer to mine as the kiss got heavier. I could feel her tongue in my mouth, pressing against my own and heard her take a deep intake of breath.

As we missed, I felt her hand move to my shorts, resting on my upper thigh and gradually going higher up until it disappeared under the fabric. I felt her fingertips on the head of my cock first, and I let out a little moan, and Claire took this as her sign to carry on. Her fingers wrapped around my cock and started stroking it from head to base, making it harden as she did so. In no time at all I was fully hard and she started to stroke me faster, making me let out another groan. She broke off the kiss to tell me to take my shirt off and lie back, which I did without question. As I lay back, she moved herself off the sofa and onto the floor, kneeling in front of me. She leaned towards me and slid my shorts down, so I was sat totally naked on the couch. I felt her part my legs and scoot forwards to get inbetween them. She gave me a cheeky grin and then reached for my dick again and continued pumping it.

As she did, Claire started to kiss my chest. Just soft little kisses, but all heading down towards my cock. She slid down and started to kiss my balls whilst still working my dick in her hand. I was in absolutely ecstasy. I’d seen it done in porn, but I’d never had any girl kiss and lick at my balls before. All I could think was how good it felt and how much I was looking forward to her sucking my dick.

I didn’t have to wait long. Her hand slowed and I saw her grinning from ear to ear. She bit her bottom lip again.

“Can I suck you off now?” she asked.

“I didn’t know you needed permission. You can do anything you want.” I replied.

Claire let out a girlish giggle. “Tell me you want me to do it.”

“Okay, I want you to suck my dick.” I answered, wondering if this was a drunken dream.

“Yes sir.” She replied, before adding. “Tell me just before you cum.”

I told her I would, and her hand slide to the base of my cock, holding it straight up. She lowered her mouth to it and then touched the top with the tip of her tongue before running her tongue kartal escort all around the head, then closing her lips around it. It felt absolutely incredible, the suction of her mouth mixed with her tongue running over my cock was unbelievably good. As I groaned in pleasure, I could see her looking up at me, making eye contact. She released her hand from around the base of my dick and reached for one of my hands, and moving it to the back of her head. With her hand on top of mine, she got me to grab a handful of her red hair, and got me to push her head down over my cock.

I watched as my dick was literally swallowed by her. I could feel it press into the back of her throat and still she kept going, getting me to push her head down. I felt her nose rest in my pubic hair, against my chest and it was an incredible visual to go with the feeling, knowing my 7inch cock was in her throat, and she wanted it there. She started to come back up until just the head was left in her mouth before pressing on my hand lot make me push her back down again, this time quicker. After a few more of these, she removed her hand and started going faster, letting me know she wanted me to push her head down fast.

I took the not so subtle hint and before long I was fucking her mouth, holding her head still and thrusting my hips up, forcing my dick into her mouth. I could feel my balls start to tighten as I felt her moans vibrating up my dick and into my body.

“I’m going to cum real soon” I managed to get out between short, sharp breaths.

She swallowed the head of my cock deep into her throat one last time before slowly sucking back up my length. She moved back slightly as I grabbed my dick and started to masturbate in front of her face.

“Yeah, that’s it. I want you to cum on my face. I’ve imagined you cumming on me a thousand times over, now do it. Cover me in your cum.” She pleaded, looking me in the eye the entire time.

This sent me over the edge and with a groan I unloaded my cum, exploding all over her face. I must have closed my eyes as I came and when I reopened them I could see Claire licking cum from around her lips. She looked in total rapture, tasting my load. As I started to come down from my orgasm, Claire scooped up cum from her face and started to suck it off her fingers, swallowing it all down.

Before I could do or say anything, she stood up and straightened out her dress, before scooping a drop of cum off the material.

“Looks like I spilled a bit.” She said before lick it from her finger seductively. “I can’t keep dirty clothes on.”

She grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it up over her head, revealing she had no underwear on. Her naked body was perfect. Nice, pert B cup tits, narrow waist, wide hips, tight ass and toned legs. I was awe struck. Instinctively I reached out and pulled her towards me, getting her to straddle me on the sofa, her nipples at the perfect height for my lips, I leant in and took a nipple in my mouth, kissing it and brushing the hardening point with the tip of my tongue. I felt her back arch, her body pressing towards mine.

I wrapped my arms around her and picked her up off my lap as I stood, holding her tight against me. I kissed her lips as I turned around a lay her gently on the couch, switching our places. I broke off the kiss and started to kiss down her neck, behind her ears, nibbling on her earlobe, and along her collarbone. I kissed my way down to her breasts, making my way around the edge of her nipples, occasionally brushing gently against the tip, denying her what she wants. I feel her hands on the top of my head, trying to push me lower, but I resist and slow down my kisses, making her wait longer.

She groans as I kiss around her belly button, running my tongue around it while I roll a nipple between my finger tips. I start to kiss down from her belly button and I can feel her back arching again, her legs starting to spread. I kiss to the top of her opening, hearing her breathing quicken. At this, I pull away from her pussy and start to kiss down the inside of her thighs, starting all over again working towards her slit. Claire groaned in exasperation as I make my way down her thighs, which makes me smile a little, knowing I have her exactly where I want her.

I start to kiss around her outer lips, running my tongue lightly over her inner lips, enjoying her taste. I skip over her clit, causing her hands to tighten in my hair, trying to almost drag me back to it. Not wanting to disappoint, my tongue finds her clit, lightly brushing against it and around it. Her body almost jolts as I touch it, a sharp intake of breath before groaning loudly, her hands still in my hair. I start to apply more pressure, using long, slow strokes of my tongue.

Whilst I do this, I bring my hand up and my fingers start to probe her pussy opening. The more pressure I apply with my tongue, the further I press my fingers into her. Soon I have 2 fingers inside her, stroking towards me. I cover my lips over her clit and begin to suck gently, alternating that with tongue strokes. Claire’s breathing is now fast and ragged. She’s tried to form words, but all she can manage is animalistic noises of pleasure. I feel her pussy tighten around my fingers, pulsing, almost grasping at them to go deeper. My tongue now licks harder and faster, knowing she’s about to cum.

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