City Heat

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Thank you to all who have read, commented and offered encouragement, especially to availableslave2u for her suggestions.

À Lui.


It was hot. The heat was oppressive, weighing down into the lungs, making it difficult to breathe. It was the sort of day where a person could not move, not because of laziness but because it was near impossible to lift a muscle. A day where the sun filtered through the clouds of haze hovering over the city, sending shafts of dull beams through half open windows desperate to catch a whiff of the non-existent breeze. A day where the air was heavy with mirages, perspiration and warmth, forcing the body to move in a slow shuffle. It was a glorious day.

She stood in the middle of the kitchen, his shirt barely concealing her naked body as it clung to her curves. She could still smell him on the garment, the scent of their lust still lingering on her skin as she felt a rivulet of sweat run down her back. Impatiently, she lifted her heavy hair and tied it in a messy knot at the nape of her neck. She shivered slightly as her back suddenly cooled, hardening her already tender nipples. Shaking her head, she moved around the room, pulling out what she needed for a cup of coffee. It didn’t matter that the sweltering heat made her clothes stick to her like vinyl; she needed that jolt of hot caffeine running through her veins. Her movements were muffled in the thick air. She could hear the muted sounds of the shower still running and the sluggish traffic of the city outside. She smiled as she measured the amount for two cups. If he didn’t want it then she would be more than happy to sacrifice herself in drinking the other cup. Her coffee had too much blood in it anyway.

As she waited for the coffee to drip from the machine, she stared into nothingness, leaning against the wall by the window. Wiping her forehead, she glanced out. She could barely make out two people below in the shade of the shop, fanning themselves profusely, trying to beat off the infernal heat. Just watching them made her sweat.

As she continued to gaze into the shimmering Kıbrıs Escort heat, she felt a splash of cool water drop onto her shoulder, rolling over her collarbone. His arms circled around her waist as he pulled her to him, his lips on her neck tasting her slightly saline skin. She leaned into him, feeling him through the thin fabric. He was still wet from his shower, his damp skin pressing against the shirt. She briefly wondered if he even attempted to towel off. Probably not.

“It’s hot,” he murmured, his lips roving across her skin. She closed her eyes.

“It is,” she agreed.

“Why didn’t you turn on the AC?”

She shrugged as she arched her neck slightly, exposing more skin to him. “I guess I like the heat – the winters are too damn long, too cold with too many clothes.”

“Then I don’t think you need this.” His lips never leaving her nape, he slowly undid the few buttons holding the shirt closed and peeled it off of her. Tossing it aside, his hands roamed over her breasts, feeling their weight. His fingers slowly circled her sensitive nipples, tweaking them into stiff peaks. He began to pinch them, harder with each roll until she arched her back, the pleasure of the pain coursing through her body. Dragging his hand over her torso, he caressed her skin, his lips at her ear. Her blood quickened as she heard the deepening of his breathing, his tongue flicking at her neck. Groaning, she moved to turn around, to reach for him. His arms tightened around her, trapping her to his sweating chest. “Don’t,” he whispered. His hands splayed, he seared her curves, catching a rolling drop of sweat running down her ribs. She threw her head back against his shoulder, her body tense, her hands grasping his forearms. Sucking her earlobe through his teeth, his fingers slid between her thighs and through her slit, her juices seeping out, covering his fingers. Smearing it over her clit, he began to rub, his touch light as he teased her favourite spot. Nuzzling her neck, he murmured, “So wet for me.”

“Always,” she breathed.

Almost roughly, he turned her and pushed her against the wall, Kıbrıs Escort Bayan pinning her hands under her body. Biting her shoulder, he cupped her hips, his hands digging into her flesh. Her skin shivered in anticipation as she felt his hardness at her entrance. Spreading her legs slightly, she arched her back, trying to draw him into her. Pushing back, she began to grind against him, whimpering her need. He chuckled deep in his throat, his teeth nipping her skin as he slowly teased her, drawing his shaft through her slickness, lightly grazing her clit. His touch scorched her skin. Resting her forehead against the wall, she began to move with his lazy strokes as she panted hard. Imprisoned between the wall and his sweating body, she could barely move to ease her desperate ache. Licking her suddenly dry lips, she whispered, “Please.”

“Please what?” he asked, his fingers almost imperceptibly rubbing her clit, his breath heating the light sheen of sweat coating her neck.

“Please… I… ” her voice trailed off in a whimper.

“What do you want, baby?” he asked again, his circling fingers slowing, the head of his shaft just resting at her entrance. “Tell me what you need.”

She was only able to moan in response. He slowly stroked her hard nub, just slightly slipping into her heat. She felt an intense throbbing; whether it was from her or him, she couldn’t tell. Her back covered in goose bumps despite the warmth and a shot of thrill ran down her spine. She shivered.

Her groans of frustration became quiet sobs, wordlessly pleading him to end her torment. She could feel the curve of his smile against her neck; he grabbed her hips and slowly pushed into her in one fluid motion. Squeezing her walls at the welcome intrusion, she sighed in pure delight as he filled and stretched her. He began to drive into her deeply, her hips meeting his rhythm. Giving her ass a smack, and then another one, his thrusts became deeper and harder. Snaking an arm around her waist, his fingers found her throbbing clit and began to rub it in time with his thrusting. Her blood boiling, she felt the pulses of excitement Escort Kıbrıs settling deep in her pelvis, threatening to take her over. Her nails scratched the wall, trying to grip the smooth surface as she felt herself being driven the edge. His groans mingled with hers, the air heavy around them, stifling the echoes and the sounds of wet skin slapping against each other. She felt the trickling of sweat rolling down her temple as he pressed his lips against her neck, biting and sucking her skin. His strokes became erratic, less controlled, his rubbing more insistent. He moved his mouth to her ear, and whispered those words she needed to hear, “Cum for me, baby girl.” Her body tense, she closed her eyes and calling his name, she felt the tight ball of pleasure explode as she gave into the intensity of her orgasm spreading through her like liquid fire. She felt him jerk wildly, his loud groan vibrating through her core. Her walls pulsated around him rhythmically, trying to milk his last drop before he collapsed against her, pushing her further against the wall. His face pressed against hers, his hot breath tickling her salty skin, she could feel the thundering racing of his heart against her back. She shuddered, her body still throbbing, the exquisiteness leaving her completely breathless.

They stood entwined pressed against the wall, their breathing slowing, their bodies slick. He slowly withdrew from her, and she turned and lightly kissed his lips, gently licking them, tasting his sweat. The coffee machine chirped the last drops, disturbing the quiet silence. Grinning down at her, he said, “That means that it’s time for something else.”

She pouted. “But I do believe that my coffee is done.”

“What do you want, coffee or me?” he chuckled.

“What, you mean I can’t have both?” she asked, her twinkling eyes belying the innocent tone. With loud laugh, he soundly spanked her as she walked past him to the bedroom. At the door, she turned around and blew him a kiss and winked before stepping in and smoothing the rumpled sheets and turning the pillows. With a smile, he poured out two mugs of coffee. Glancing out, he noticed two people busily packing their folding chairs away and closing their shop as a sudden gust of wind swept through the street. The cool breeze stirring the still kitchen, he grabbed an ice cold water bottle from the fridge before joining her with the coffee in the dim bedroom.

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