Cinema Verite

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The images of the movie on the screen seemed electric in the small room. Or perhaps it was the fact that Katherine was curled up on the bed beside her. They had watched this flick together before, but last time the erotic tension between them was not so thick as to be felt. She felt her pussylips swell slightly beneath her jeans.

Hoping that Katherine couldn’t smell her as she recognized her own scent rising, she shifted among the pillows to draw the curve of Katherine’s ass closer to her own stomach. Katherine moaned softly at the sudden closeness and pressed her full hips even more snugly into the hollow between her thighs.

Walking her casino siteleri fingertips along the soft skin of Katherine’s arms, she circled the very tip of her nipples around beneath her hand. Katherine closed her eyes and sighed, arching her back into her hands. The movie had ceased to hold any interest for the pair of women on the bed.

Katherine turned sharply away from her grasp. As she spun to face her new lover, she crossed her arms over her chest. Grabbing the pink t-shirt, she pulled it over her head, untangling it from the mass of dark curls that swing around her pale face.

She gasped as Katherine revealed her bare breasts. This slot oyna was nothing like coming out of the shower together and changing in the bathroom. The moment had a sexual charge. Katherine apparently felt it, too–her soft pink nipples sprung up as the shirt was lifted away from them.

Her hands reached out in a tentative motion to have those small, round tits against her fingertips. Rounding out her palms she rubbed the nipples until they grew even more hard. Katherine smiled with pursed lips and closed her eyes.

At the signals of Katherine’s obvious pleasure, she slid her arms around the tiny, firm waist. Their lips touched and parted, canlı casino siteleri allowing a meeting of tongues and matched, mutual desire. Their eyes opened.

Quickly and without hesitation, the rest of the clothes were removed. Buttons and zippers and an awkward tugging at denim preceded flesh on flesh. Soft, small fingers in a warm bundle of coarse, curly hair and swelling anticipation. Sounds of moans and squeals were matched by crashing metal and screams on the screen. This distraction was only a momentary pause from the heights of pleasure. Katherine called out her name, accompanied by evident lust.

At last, the two friends could curl together with comfort. Both had been satisfied by warm mouths on warmer pussies. Fingers gentle and insistent on red clits, hard like small cocks. An afterglow like the closing credits left them each in a reverie of remembered ecstasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32