Cindy’s Mother Ch. 02

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I want to thank everyone that sent feedback and would appreciate your thought on the second chapter.

* * * * *

This continues from where chapter 1 finished and begins with both Jamie and Sylvia entering the master bedroom.

I was still feeling a little remorse to what had just taken place and was questioning my integrity in all of this.

“I don’t think this is a good idea Sylvia,” I told her, as I stood at the door to her bedroom.

She let go of my hand and walked over to the bed, undoing her robe as she went along, letting the garment slide off her shoulders and lower down to her waist, just above her bum and holding it there so as not to reveal any more skin.

“Come over to me and tell me you don’t think this is a good idea,” she said, turning her head to the side to look at me while dropping her gown to the floor.

Her beautiful behind was now in full view to my hungry eyes and I was impressed at how round and firm it looked. A woman of her age usually has a little sag in her body, but this, from where I was looking, did not apply to Sylvia. I’ve got to admit that I was very tempted to just go over to her and bite her juicy looking bum, but I wanted to keep my composure and not look as desperate as I was, even if I could start to feel my cock getting aroused again.

She turned around a little more, now bringing into view for the first time her breasts. I must have had a dazed look in my eyes as they were fixed onto her chest, because she told me to come in and close the door behind me, which I did, but only realised after I had done it. I knew that there was no turning back now for me, as soon as she revealed her breasts to me I was hers. My mouth must have been open as I stared at her gorgeous cleavage, but I didn’t care and I couldn’t help it. I really don’t know what size they were, but I know that they were probably bigger than average and looked so full. The real focus of my attention though were her nipples, which were a dark pink colour and seemed very suck able to me.

Now she was completely turned, facing me and giving me a full frontal view of her naked body. My gaze reluctantly moved its focus of her sexy breasts so I could check out the rest of her body, which looked to be in the same prime condition as her bum and breasts. Taking in all of her body I travelled my Büyükçekmece escort vision lower down passed her stomach to her crotch, disappointingly finding both her hands covering her self and leaving me gagging for her.

“Its your turn now stud, take off your clothes,” she said, somewhat assertively.

I actually thought she sounded quite sexy and I was too aroused by this woman to not listen to her. I started unbuttoning my shirt as fast as I could, but she stopped me and told me to go more slowly, so she could enjoy the moment. I wanted her to be happy too so I began again to undress, trying my best to go as slow as possible. I thought I would give her some of the same as she had given me, so I turned around away from her and started to take my shirt off, first of 1 shoulder, leaving in there a extra second and moving to the other, doing the same thing and letting it slide down off my back revealing my muscular back to her, which had been the result of hours intense training in the gym.

I then moved to my pants, but got stopped again, this time however, it wasn’t her voice it was her hands. She had moved up behind me and brought her arms around my body, stroking my chest, paying extra attention to my nipples. Her body felt so smooth rubbing against mine and I was enjoying her playing with me when she moved down to my pants, forgetting about the slowness she asked for previously and just pulled them down as she fell to her knees, leaving her facing my bum, and my cock free to face the wall.

I could feel her hands grabbing and massaging my cheeks, causing me to lean out to rest against the wall with one and hand and leaving my other free to stroke my fully erect cock, while enjoying her soft touch

She rose from her knees and began to move her hands off my behind and guided them up along my spine very slowly all the way to the back of my neck, causing me to shiver as she did so. Sylvia pressed her body tightly against me again as she brought her hand down to grab my cock and at the same time kissing the side of my neck, moving along to my cheek and nearing my lips.

“Turn around,” she hissed in my ear, as she released her hold on my cock.

Before I was even fully turned she had her lips on mine, mauling my mouth with hers and pushing her breasts firmly against Çatalca escort bayan my chest. Moving us both back against the wall, we continued to kiss each other and I felt my hands moving to Sylvia’s nice round ass, pulling her even tighter towards me with my cock now brushing against her pubic area. It was a nice tickling sensation feeling her hairs rubbing against my cock and she seemed to be enjoying it as much as me judging by the moans she was making.

Without breaking our kiss we began to move towards the bed, well I think we were going in that direction, but wasn’t really looking as I was to busy sucking on Sylvia’s tongue. As we neared the bed Sylvia pushed me down and fell straight on top of me, our lips still locked together and my hands still firmly on her sexy ass.

I tried to turn her over on her back so I could free my cock from under her weight but she was having any of it and rolled us back over with her on top of me. She was quite strong and seemed to like being in control of the situation, which was fine with me.

As we continued to kiss I felt Sylvia’s hand reach between our bodies to get hold of my cock and at the same time she lifted her body slightly to position herself over my hard cock. I could feel my cock head being brushed by her thick hairs and her pussy lips as she held me in place and finally lowering herself on me. My cock disappeared deep inside of her in one slow erotic motion that caused us both to break our kiss and groan, hers being louder than mine and more prolonged.

We just stayed in this position for a couple of minutes without actually moving our bodies but instead just enjoying the feeling of us both being entwined together. After a while when I thought it was right, I began to lift my hips upwards in short hard thrusts, pushing myself as deep as I could into Sylvia and listening to her moan after each one. I just kept up this slow hard pace, but each time I tried to thrust up a little harder than the last and her moans were getting louder with each one and had now she had began to move her body in rhythm with mine. We were both now increasing the pace and she was now sitting upright, her hands leaning on my chest and riding my cock hard. I looked up at her to see her eyes were closed, her mouth slightly opened, caused by her panting Escort Esenler and her breasts were dancing up and down.

I could feel my cock getting ready to explode again as she carried on pushing herself down on me as hard as she could and I was going to cum very soon. I started worrying about Cumming inside of her, cause I was not wearing a condom and I didn’t want to get my girlfriend’s mother pregnant.

“Sylvia, I am going to cum real soon,” I said breathlessly.

She put her hands over my mouth and just continued bouncing up and down, lifting herself higher than before and bringing her body slamming down with a force while she started screaming in lust. I started to mummer something out but she pressed down more on my mouth and tried to insert her fingers into it, making me suck on them. I sucked on them harder as I felt myself Cumming inside of Sylvia and she stopped riding me, falling back on top of me and replacing her fingers from me with her mouth. We both were panting into each other’s mouth as I tried to trust some more into her, feeling the last drop of cum leave me.

I was laying there still out of breath with Sylvia on top of me, now nibbling on my ear again and even though it was the most amazing sex I had ever had in my short life, I was still worried about what we had just done.

“I cant believe what we have just done Sylvia, I feel very guilty about this all situation,” I told her.

She just continued playing with my ear lobes and started to kiss my neck and back up to my mouth. “Well I do not feel guilty about anything, it felt so natural what just happened and I know that you enjoyed it as much as me,” she whispered in between kisses.

“And in fact, I know that you want it to happen again Jamie and I want the same,” she added.

I lay there stroking her lower back with my palms, listening to what she was saying and I must admit that she was right; I did want this to continue.

“We better get dressed before someone finds us together like this, My husband will be home any time now,” Sylvia calmly said as she started to climb off of me.

I reluctantly let her get up, watching her sexy body move across the room towards her wardrobe as I sat up, still in shock about the whole situation. I snapped out of my daze when I heard the door downstairs open. That’s it I thought, we are going to be caught out on our first time together. I was panicking big time, but Sylvia calmly ushered me up and told me to hide in the closet and to stay there until she came for me. I gathered my clothes hurriedly and sneaked into the closet, praying that we would not be caught.

To be continued…

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