Cindy’s Awakening

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It was the summer of 1988, I had turned 18 in the spring, and recently graduated from High School. For years my older brothers best friend Troy had been coming over. We would play Dungeons and Dragons as a group until the early hours of the morning, or sit and watch movies together.

I was interested in Troy, and for more than just a friend. I had hoped that by turning 18 and graduating he would suddenly see me as more than just my brother’s little sister Cindy. He was always polite, and his smile… make me go weak in the knees. Troy was tall with dark hair. He was genuinely nice, he would hold the door for me and my mother when we went out.

But you see among the boys there is this unwritten rule that your best friends sister is off limits. Try as I may I just couldn’t get him to see me as more than just his friends little sister. I just couldn’t take it any more, I’d spend the evening with the boys, all the while my pussy would ache, my panties would be soaked. I tried flirting with him. I tried sitting close to him, asking him some ridiculous questions, I even tried “accidentally” pressing my breasts against him when I didn’t have a bra on and my nipples were painfully hard. Nothing worked.

One afternoon Troy came over to hang out. My parents were away, but Troy was always welcome around our house. The three of us were just hanging around for the afternoon, when my brother got a call from work; they wanted him to come in for a few hours to cover a shift at the arcade that he worked at. He complained, but I reminded him that he was saving for some new games, and the money would be a big help. Eric put a hand over the mouth piece of the phone and asked Troy if he minded hanging out at our place for a couple of hours, saying he would make up for it with pizza and would bring home a couple of movies. Troy said he was cool with hanging out and to go ahead and take the hours.

On the outside I was as cool as could be. On the inside, my stomach was quivering, It took all the self control I could muster to avoid shaking. Between my legs tingled and burned at the same time. I pressed my fingernails painfully into my palm to keep my voice even…

“Well, you boys figure out what you are going to do, I am bored… I’m going to go take a shower.”

The voices faded as I walked down the hallway to my bedroom. Walking in I flicked on the light and closed the door quietly behind me. My head exploded, I leaned against the door breathing heavily. My thoughts went to the living room, where we had the families shared aydınlı escort computer.

My brother had a stash of porn pictures that he would download from Bulletin Board Systems. He and Troy would look at the pictures when they thought everyone was asleep. Some times Troy would be up late into the night, and would be looking on his own. Some times I would sneak out of my bedroom and watch him while he was looking at the pictures. I would try and make mental notes of what he lingered on the most. I wanted to know his desires, I wanted to know what he liked, I wanted to be all those girls for him. Watching him looking at the pictures always got me turned on. Those girls that were there, taking the guys cocks in their pussies, asses and mouths. my pussy… my ass… my mouth… Troy’s cock. Those nights I would end up sneaking back into my bedroom and masturbating myself to sleep.

I heard my brother head out the front door and drive off. Knowing that Troy and I were the only ones in the house, I pulled off my shirt and bra, tossing them into the hamper. My nipples were rock hard and standing up. I wanted him to suck them, to lick them, too tug on them. I pinched my nipple hard, clenching my teeth with the delicious pain that spread through them. My hand shook from the force, it hurt so much, but I loved it, I could feel the wetness soaking my panties completely. I unbuttoned my cut off shorts and let them fall to the floor. My white cotton panties were so wet that they were see through and bunched up in my pussy lips. I had to peel them off.

I grabbed my stuff for the shower, and opened the door slightly, with any luck Troy would “accidentally” catch a glimpse of me walking to the shower. Luck was not on my side however, as I moved into the hallway I saw he was at the computer. I knew what he was doing, I knew the pictures he was looking at.

I went into the bathroom and turned the water on. I left the door partially open, enough so that if he walked by he would easily see me, but not enough to seem obvious. I stood for a bit looking in the mirror. My left nipple still throbbed where I had pinched it. Looking down between my legs I sighed. I had a fully grown out bush, but Troy lusted after the girls whose pussies were shaved bare. I grabbed a pair of scissors and trimmed the long hair, then sat on the edge of the bathtub with my legs spread wide and shaved myself clean and smooth. To this day shaving, or these days waxing, makes me so horny I usually have to stop a couple of times bağdat caddesi escort to make myself cum.

With my nether region smooth, I finally got into the shower and washed off. The shower did nothing to ease the fire burning in me. Once I finished and dried off, I had a look; Troy was still sitting in the chair, his eyes glued to the monitor, one hand on the mouse clicking through images, the other was in the open zipper of his pants.

I was still completely naked. My heart was pounding in my temples. I was shivering with a mix of trepidation and excitement. I forced a step down the hallway, then another. I ended up at the entrance to the living room. I thought of walking straight in to him, but I faltered, I couldn’t take that next step. Instead I turned and went into the kitchen, walking quickly through the kitchen and to the door leading to the other end of the living room behind Troy.

I peeked around the corner. Troy was looking at images of girls taking guys deep into their throats. Troy looked over towards the bathroom, then back to the screen. He moved his arm around a bit. I heard him sigh, a bit of a moan escaping from his lips. I took a tentative step out into the room, then another closer, behind him.

Troy gasped. It was only then I realized I could be seen in the reflection of the monitor. Troy fumbled around a bit trying to put himself back into his pants. Then he stopped, realizing from the reflection that I was standing there naked. He turned slightly, looking dumbfounded as he saw me there, naked. I walked forward, licking my lips, walking around in front of him. Looking down I could see the tip of his magnificent cock poking out of his pants. That smooth flesh that I wanted so bad.

His eves glided over my flesh. I could feel his gaze across my skin. His eyes were on my tits. I could feel them engorging, I would feel my hard nipples getting even harder. His eyes went lower, seeing my freshly shaved pussy. A smile spread across his face, a different smile than usual.

“I uhhhhh” he started.

“Shhhh” I said trying to sound as alluring as I possibly could.

I knelt down in front of him. My mouth watered. I was still a virgin in every sense of the word, I had never even touched a man before today. I didn’t know anything about sex except what I had seen in the pictures and the dirty magazines. But I knew that these women took long hard cocks in their mouths. I struggled a bit with the button and the zipper of Troy pants, bahçelievler escort but finally got them opened, and slid down along with his underwear.

His dick stood straight up. I could see that the head was engorged and leaking pre-cum out of the top. I took hold of it at the base, and squeezed a bit. His balls moved around slowly, some times hanging loose and other times contracted tight. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but when I stroked his cock up and down he let out a moan and closed his eyes.

As I stroked up, a large glob of precum erupted from the tip and started running down the shaft. There was something about the sight of the thick clear fluid running slowly down his length. My stomach quivered again, and a licked the fluid off him. I had never tasted something so incredible. I wanted more… a lot more.

I did like the girls in the magazines. I wrapped my lips around him sliding my lips down, taking him deeper. I was frustrated when the tip of his cock hit the back my throat and I gagged a bit. He was only about a third of the way in my mouth. I couldn’t help but be jealous, and angry, with the girls I had seen who could get the guys all the way in their mouths, with those beautiful cocks in their throats.

My hand went between my legs and started rubbing myself. I was so wet that my hand was instantly soaked. I worked my mouth up and down a bit, stroked his cock up and down. It didn’t take long his stomach contracted, and I felt his hand in my hair. His balls contracted tight. The sweet liquid was flowing down his shaft. His back arched. I felt his cock swelling in my mouth. I had no clue what to expect, but then he erupted in my mouth. I think my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as my mouth was flooded with thick, hot cum for the first time. Nothing has ever compared to that feeling, how deliciously slutty I felt kneeling naked in the living room in front of my brothers best friend, his cum running down my throat. I had to swallow several times to get it all down, I knew I didn’t want to waste a drop, and I didn’t want to let his cock out of my mouth.

An orgasm ran through my body as his cock went soft in my mouth.

I sat naked in his lap and we flipped through a lot of the dirty pictures that Troy liked best. Even though I had just cum, and I could still taste Troys cum, I was getting hornier and hornier looking through the pictures. The girls were so lucky having all that attention, all those hard cocks. I wanted it all for myself, I wanted to be those girls for Troy. Sitting with my back towards him, I took his hand and put it between my legs.

“I want to lick your pussy,” Troy whispered in my ear.

Unfortunately my brother came home quicker than I had hoped, and I had to run into my room, leaving Troy to get his pants back.

Staring at the pictures as well.

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