Cindy and Mindy Ch. 06

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Chapter 6 – Back together

I woke up next to the still sleeping Cindy, her pretty face resting calmly on the pillow. Looking down all I could see was the vast expanse of her cleavage. My leg seemed to be wet, I guess that’s why I woke up. Looking under the sheets I could see Cindy’s cock prostrated limply on the clean white sheets, the great head laying in a puddle of its own pre-cum It still looked monstrous even at this size and I knew it gets bigger, much bigger.

The day before I tried putting the Princess in my mouth. It must have looked really ridiculous as Cindy laughed at my efforts, I could hardly get my jaw open around half of the great glans, and it was obvious that the shaft was too big as well. I had unnaturally wide mouth, just like the Aerosmith singer but my jaw was just too small. I left it at that but now that Cindy was asleep and the Princess was in it’s smaller state I figured I could actually manage its size.

So I quietly crawled under the sheets, picking the thing up from it’s puddle. Even completely relaxed I couldn’t wrap my hand around it fully. The great head which I saw grown to a scary purple monster pulsing with power was now laying dormant in the folds of her foreskin. Everything was still caked with her cum and smelt incredibly powerfully of sex.

I started slowly kissing the visible part of the tip, puling the foreskin back. The opening on the glans was big enough for me to fit tip of my tongue. This wasn’t even about sex, this was more like worshipping a pagan goddess. Cindy stirred occasionally at my kissing and tongue play but was still fast asleep.

Opening my mouth as much as I could I started taking the anaconda in. As my mouth went over the glans pulling the foreskin along I could feel the great arteries pulsing slowly against my throat, with Cindy’s heartbeats, even relaxed like this it still radiated heat and pulsed with power.

The many sessions I had with Mrs. Shanks and the last one with Mindy made it easier for me to take in almost half her limp length in a very short time. Somehow subconsciously Cindy put her hand on the back of my head not letting me off, not like I wanted to I was now a bit further than halfway.

That’s when I heard the doors slamming in the house below. Someone was coming.

“CINDYYY…I’m baack” I could her Mindy’s voice from below

“Shit, I have to get off of Cindy’s cock before Mindy comes in” I thought, but I Cindy’s hand made it hard for me to move.

“CINDYY.. wake up already stupid.”

The slow pulsing heartbeats I felt earlier were beginning to speed up, and I could sense Cindy stirring, she was waking up. The image of the XXL condom exploding flashed through my mind as I started pulling myself off fighting Cindy’s hand.

“Oh god that feels good, Chris what are you…” Cindy said waking up and looking under the sheets “Oh.. you have to get off or you’ll get hurt like that..” she said trying to help me off, but no matter how much we both pulled I still felt the same length of it inside, Cindy was growing inside of me, every inch I pulled the expansion made up for, and my throat was trying really hard to adjust to the brutal girth. If I didn’t hurry she could tear me apart just like that condom.

“Oh my god, your throat it looks absolutely bloated. I never even though this was possible.” Cindy Nevşehir Escort said with mounting excitement.

“Cindyyy.. there you are” Mindy said barging in through the door, Cindy quickly hid me under the sheets so Mindy wouldn’t notice me.

“Um.. hey Mindy” said Cindy trying hard to keep her voice composed.

Meanwhile I managed to get almost the whole thing out, the great head was now stuck in my mouth painfully locking my jaw open. I could feel Cindy’s heartbeats growing faster as the great head was gorging itself on more blood and expanding. I reached out grabbing onto the thick pole trying to push myself off. I knew Mindy might notice my squirming, but I was more afraid of what Cindy’s fully engorged cock might do to me.

“So what happened with Chris yesterday.. c’mon you have to tell me…. wait a second.. what’s going on here.” Mindy said as she saw Cindy’s expression of arousal and my struggling under the sheet.

“Is that him under the bed” Mindy was asking uncovering the sheets. The sight must have been brutal, my mouth was grotesquely expanded over Cindy’s massive shaft with over two feet of thick saliva covered cock connecting the two of us. My hands, which looked absolutely tiny, gripping tightly on the massive shaft trying, in vain, to push away. Both of them gasped, and for Cindy it was just too much, the jerking, the blowjob and the sight before her pushed her over the edge causing a surge of blood to her cock which sprung up lifting my whole front body off the bed and expanding the great head to its hard massive pulsing purple proportions. With a sickening crunching sound my jaw was forced open like a walnut. Mindy gasped, both of her hands going to her mouth, and Cindy was already too far gone to notice she was clutching at the sheets and moaning heavily, soon also screaming in orgasmic throes. Mindy looked like she wanted to help but she didn’t know what to do, all she could do was gab onto the Princess to try and keep it steady.

With four hands pawing at her monstrous erection Cindy was completely lost, and her body tensed up in orgasm. I could feel the heavy hydraulic shock of Cindy’s cum travelling down the urethra pushing my fingers apart. Her cock twitched powerfully lifting me bodily several inches off the bed for a fraction of a second and as I fell back down I could feel the rush of cum into my mouth and throat, exploding through my nose.

With the second blow the flow was just too much, and my mouth was pushed away forcefully the great head swinging upwards angrily roaring cum over my back. Cindy covered me with thumb thick ropes of cum, while I was trying to cough the cum out of my lungs with my jaw hanging open.

“Cindy, you broke his jaw…” Mindy said when she noticed me clutching my jaw in pain…

“Oh,, no, no” Cindy said when she got down from her orgasmic platou, and as soon as she what she had done she started crying.

“How could you do this to him, you know how huge you are, you could have killed him…. What were you thinking” Mindy continued in rage, hugging me protectively to her bosom.

“But.. I didn’t. he.. he was… Chris you.. when I woke up. I told you to be careful Chris… Oh I’m so sorry… ” Cindy said dissolving into tears again

Not beeing able to speak in her defence I hugged the sobbing Cindy, and Nevşehir Escort Bayan caressed the deflated Princess, also trying to form the words my fault with limited success.

“You crazy little man, you really do love that monster, I almost feel jealous now” Mindy said

“Oh…pia..l..! Oh…pia..l..!” I tried..

“Hospital..?” Mindy asked, “no need, I have training with this. Don’t look at me like that this is the first time this happened but I had a summer job at a clinic and they let me do this kind of stuff because I was bigger and stronger that the students.” Mindy said, grabbing me firmly, sitting on the edge of the bed and after some feeling around everything was back to normal.

“There you go, offcourse we should still take you to the doctor to be certain that everything is fine.”

“OK” I said testing my jaw, which still hurt like hell. “But I think It might be better if we take a shower before that or would you like to explain this in the hospital” I continued with a significant look down my body criss crossed in thick jizz spurts.

At that everyone broke down into laughter.

“That’s a good idea maybe I could also join you to wash off from the trip. Besides, do you guys think we could do something about this.” Mindy said rubbing a large bulge distorting her pants.

“Ever since I saw Chris gulping down that anaconda of yours I can’t get it out of my mind.” Mindy said

“But we should let Chris rest, not now Mindy” Cindy protested.

“No I didn’t mean that silly…” Mindy protested. “But maybe Chris would let me have some fun with his own cute little prick.” Mindy said with a pleading look.

“But before that I think the two of you need a proper spanking for what you have done. Specially you Cindy” Mindy said rolling Cindy on her stomach.

“Hey what are you doing” Cindy protested.

“Now pull her pants down Chris” Mindy instructed me while she was holding her down. And she didn’t have to tell me twice. I pulled down Cindy’s pink panties exposing the vast expanse of white flesh.

“Now, do exactly as I do” Mindy said sliding out of her pants and taking the Queen into her hand started slapping Cindy’s ass. It was quite funny, my own prick was barely big enough to reach the flat surface of Cindy’s but making almost no impact, while Mindy reached over almost both buttocks causing tidal waves of flesh with each playfull strike.

“My turn” Cindy yelled after a while, putting Mindy in the same position. I watched in awe as Cindy’s still slightly limp cock wrapped itself around Mindy’s buttocks causing even bigger waves of flesh.

Both girls were getting quite hot at this play, I noticed Cindy was getting hard again and, large droplets of precum would hit me with each slap now, and Mindy was already heavily leaking on the already soaked bed. That’s when they both turned towards me.

“Your turn now..” they said in unison flipping me over. I braced myself for impact, and I felt first Mindy’s fully erect massive dong hit my ass, soon followed by Cindy’s semi-erect dong which wrapped itself around y tiny ass cheeks with a wet sloppy sound. It hurt but I could tell they were being much more gentle than with each other.

Two strikes later the impacts were replaced by two meat slabs rubbing against my skin, I felt Cindy’s rod Escort Nevşehir growing hard as two sets of hands turned me around on my back.

My average 6″ dick was trapped between the girl’s two dongs, they were so thick that less than half my total length was protruding between their cocks. It looked like a toothpick stuck between two tree trunks. The girls were now sensually rubbing their dongs on each side of my tiny one. I put one of my hands on the Princess, and the other on the Queen and my hips started moving on their own. I was cock fucking the twin Amazons kneeling above my prostrate form.

“Ohhhh, Chris I just love the feeling of your tiny little King rubbing against us….” Cindy squeaked in delight

“King.. ohh.. I like that Cindy, very clever now the whole royal family can play together…” Mindy joined Cindy in a her delightful squeek. “I think I know what our King would like to see…. Come here Cindy” Mindy continued leaning over to Cindy, mashing her tits against Cindy’s. And then the two twin giant goddesses kissed in a long gentle but passionate kiss. It was a few moments before I could remember to breathe again.

After the long kiss they both turned their hungry gaze towards me. Their hands absently rubbing at their monstrosities.

“I have an idea Cindy, are you thinking what I’ thinking” Mindy said to Cindy

“I think I am Mindy”, Cindy replied as they both turned their hungry gaze towards me, their hands absently rubbing at their cocks and breasts, spreading the thickly oozing pre-cum over their bodies.

“How would you like to fuck the two of us together” they said in that maddeningly sexy unison, finishing the sentence with their full red lips connected in another breathy kiss.

“The queen..” Cindy said pulling in Mindy’s cock to her lips for a kiss, “…and the Princess” Mindy continued pulling in Cindy’s thick cock and licking the whit globes of pre-cum from the cleft in Cindy’s immense glans, “.. are waiting for your decision.”

“It’s good to be the King” I said getting up, and pressed together Cindy’s large breasts together letting Mindy tit-fuck her sister.

“Fuck me Chris, take me from behind.” Mindy urged me, pushing Cindy down on her back. The girls now had their monster cocks trapped between their breasts and were wildly gyrating against each other tit-fucking and sucking each other.

Bearly tearing myself away from the sight I moved to the back of the duo. Two wet, steaming hot pussies were exposed to me, and I buried myself to the shaft in Mindy’s snatch, grabbing onto her voluptuous ass and pounded away. Alternating between the two, trying to make them both come at the same time soon bore fruit and I could feel both of them coming close to an explosive orgasm.

They were soon both shaking violently, followed by loud splashing sounds as their monstrosities sprayed what looked like a gallon of cum between each other. And before I could do anything to protest they pulled me on top of the bed between each other almost drowning me in their cum, the final spurts still dribbling as they slowly rubbed the giant fleshy tips against my face and body.

“How about that shower than Chris” they Chimed in unison.

“I we just had one, but I there is absolutely no way I would complain on another one.” I answered, to which we all had a laugh.


I had lots of fun with the girls that summer before they went to the university. The dislocated jaw proved to be a great advantage as I later learned how to dislocate and replace it on my own, this was something that the girls, and specially Cindy appreciated a great deal.


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