Chronicles Of Nicky: Long Haired Lucy Ch. 02

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[Please read the first part before starting to read this part since it is very much mandatory to understand the characters]


After he heard the sounds of Jasmine and Lucy going downstairs, Nicky slipped out of his room and entered jasmine’s room to find his mobile. To his utter shock, the mobile phone was missing. He got nervous and his heart sank. He was pretty sure Jasmine had found about the mobile and he was ashamed about his dirty plan now. He didn’t know what to do and so he decided to act normally like nothing had happened.

The next morning, he avoided Lucy and went to the Gym directly. In fact he avoided her completely for the next two days and concentrated on the work at Gym. The gym timings were from 6 AM in the morning to 10 AM and then from 5 PM in the evening to 9 PM. Between the two timings, Nicky worked as a personal fitness trainer for rich guys.

One day, when Nicky was preparing to close the Gym after the morning session some lady with a scarf around her head entered the gym. She approached the main desk where Nicky was seated.

“Hi Nicky whats up?!” The Lady said.

“Umm… Hi! Do I know you?” Nicky said without recognizing who it was.

The Lady quickly undid her scarf which was covering her head. Suddenly, a thick braid fell down from the Scarf down to her Knees. Now, Nick realized who it was once he saw the thick braid.

“Oh! hello Lucy. I didn’t recognize you all of a sudden especially with your hair hidden beneath the scarf.”

“Hehe. I know” Lucy replied with a smile. ” Many people identify me with my hair.”

“So what brings you here?”

“Well, you know. I am a divorced thirty three years old mom having two kids and now I am gaining weight also very fast. With very little exercise, I might develop a pot belly within a year.” Lucy said with a wink.

“Haha. Good joke Lucy. You look perfectly fine to me. Now, I wouldn’t call you as out of shape even though you have a little fat in your body. But believe me, it actually adds up to your beauty.”

“Thanks for the compliment.” Lucy smiled. “Jasmine told me that you have a pretty good gym here and that you are a personal trainer also. So I wondered if you could help me get back in shape.”

Nicky’s heart skipped a beat. Me? Lucy’s personal trainer? Now, that would be my wildest dream come true, thought Nicky.

“Hello… You here?” Lucy waved her arms in front of Nicky’s face.

“Yeah. Well, I was training to remember how many clients I am training this month. You know Lucy I would really like to be your personal trainer. Just tell me at what time you’ll be free every day.”

“I can make myself free between 3 to 4 pm every day. How does that work for you?”

“3 to 4? Very good! I am free that time. So can we start from tomorrow?”

“Sure. So tell me how much you charge and all that.” bursa üniversiteli escort Lucy smiled.

For you, I’ll do it for nothing, Nicky thought. He could not control his excitement about the thought of training Lucy with all her long hair. He would be having the time of his life. Somehow, he should make sure that no one was at the gym from 3 to 4.


The next day

Time: 3 PM

Nicky was anxiously waiting for Lucy at the Gym. He was wearing reebok track pants and a Black t-shirt showing his muscular frame.

Lucy entered the gym five minutes later. Nicky was filled with lust as Lucy came wearing a tight black leggings which fit exactly to her flesh and he could clearly make out her features of her lower body. Lucy had a pretty big ass and this made Nicky’s heart beat repeatedly. She wore a black sleeveless and most of her body was exposed. Her breasts were trying to come out and they fit tightly in place with the t shirt and he could make out her nipples and it looked bigger in shape also.

Nicky expected Lucy to wear her long hair in a bun but Lucy had once again braided her her which fell below her knees. With her height of 5 foot 9 inches, she does have a very long hair. And her braid was very shiny with thick jet black hair which he badly wanted to grab hold of.

“So how do you think I look with the gym outfit?” Lucy asked.

“Looking good. So why don’t we get started, Lucy?” Nicky wanted to get down to business fast.

He couldn’t keep his eyes off her braid which was as thick as his forearm and it was swinging left and right as she walked.

“okay Lucy, let us start with the warm up. I want you to stretch your body. Just follow my lead”

Nicky showed her the exercises and told her to do 10 reps each. Meanwhile, he was inspecting Lucy and her body, not to mention her long braid also.

Each and every time her body stretched, the curves of her body drove him crazy. She was like a sexual beast with this much long hair which was nicely oiled and braided and shiny.

She was doing the stretching exercises correctly. So he couldn’t interfere by correcting her.

Next, he showed her how to do crunches. For doing cruches, Lucy should lie on her back on the gym mat. Nicky knew it would be hard for Lucy to do the crunches without his help.

Lucy lay on the gym mat and her long braid was sandwiched between her back and the mat. Nicky told her it was important to do 3 sets of 10 reps compulsorily. But, Lucy could only manage 3 reps on the first set.

When Lucy couldn’t do the fourth rep and was about to bring her head down, Nicky bent and caught hold of her head with his right hand. He was directly behind her head and could see the full cleavage of her breasts which were huge and soft.

“Lucy, I’ll help you escort bayan out with a little pressure for the next 7 reps, just keep doing the crunches.”

With that command, Nicky placed his left hand on her back and her braid was caught in the middle of his palm. He gave a little pressure with both his hands on her head and back. Her thick hair felt so soft and he could even smell her hair and Nicky’s cock was already getting big at the feel of her hair.

Every repetition Lucy did was a moment of euphoria for Nicky. Her hair felt silky soft and the fragrance of the oil she had applied to it smelt heavenly. Nicky’s cock was close to Lucy’s head while helping her with the crunches and it was like his cock could sense Lucy’s long and voluptuous braid and it was wild with excitement.

After the first set got over, Nicky raised Lucy’s head a little by placing both of his hands on Lucy’s soft and shiny hair and then with his left hand grabbed her long braid and carefully placed it on her front over her left breast. Lucy was surprised at this.

“Thought it would be easier for you with your long braid at your front.”,Nicky said.

Nicky found a smile at Lucy’s face at the mention of the word ‘Long Braid’ and it increased his excitement.

Lucy started the second set and again failed to go on at the third rep. Again, Nicky placed his right hand on Lucy’s nape of her neck partly touching her hair and then gave her the necessary push for Lucy to do her crunch. He got a very nice view of her cleavage which revealed her plump breasts which were tightly pressed by her t-shirt.

Since her breasts were big, the long braid which was placed by Nicky on her left breast fell down during her 6th rep and Nicky quickly grabbed the long braid using his left hand and placed it this time between her two plumb breasts. Lucy didn’t seem to notice as she was struggling with the crunches and was tired already.

“That was pretty tough!” Lucy said. “Don’t you think I have to take it a little slow at the beginning.”

“No! I am the trainer and I am training you to get fit. So do not ask any questions and start with the third set.”, Nicky chuckled.

During the third set, Lucy’s braid fell down like before but this time Nick got hold of her braid with the left hand and continued helping her without placing it over her. With one hand on the nape of her head pushing her and with the other holding her braid with a tight grip, Nicky’s cock got rock solid.

After the set was over, Nicky let go of the braid. He quickly got up and didn’t wait to watch for Lucy’s reaction. He just wanted more of her long hair.

“We’ll concentrate on your laterals today.”, Nicky directed Lucy to the Lats Pull down machine.

Nicky explained to Lucy how to properly do the lat pull downs. He sat on the seat and raised escort bursa his arms to grab the rod and demonstrated how to do the exercise properly.

“Just try to do the same as I have done. I’ll make corrections and guide you.” Nicky said.

“Umm… Okay! Hope I do it good.”

Lucy sat on the seat with facing the slotted weights while her long braid was on her back facing Nicky. Nicky set the weights to 40 pounds so that it will be tough for her to do more repetitions.

“Three sets of 8 repetitions each will be enough for this exercise.”

Lucy grabbed the rod and pulled it down each rep. Just like Nicky thought she was not able to do more than 3 reps, so Nicky stepped into action. Nicky placed both of his hands on Lucy hands in such a way that most of his arms are also touching Lucy’s. He applied a little force so that Lucy could manage to do the complete rep. While coming down, Nicky’s face was directly next to Lucy’s head and he could almost touch Lucy’s hair with his nose.

He could smell Lucy’s hair during every repetition and with his hands placed on Lucy’s he could not control himself. He could also sense Lucy getting excited by this.

After the last rep, Nicky’s mind was not with himself and the animal instinct inside him completely took over. Instead of taking away his arms, he pushed Lucy a little further on the seat with his torso and he sat with his legs on either side of Lucy pressing her plump buttocks and he pressed his face in Lucy’s hair and inhaled deeply.

He found that Lucy was not resisting him which made him shift his arms from Lucy’s over to her plump breasts and kneaded them with ultimate passion. Lucy gave a moan!

Nicky tightened the embrace with his whole body pressing to Lucy’s plump, voluptuous body. He started digging her hair at the exact spot where her braid has started with his nose. At this moment, he felt Lucy pulling his hair by bringing her arms backwards which made him drill his cock on her buttocks and knead her breasts more. Nicky was in heaven!

The end of Lucy’s long braid was coiled and was sandwiched between Nicky’s cock and her buttocks. Nicky moved his hand’s from Lucy’s breasts to Lucy’s face and started kissing her neck to her lips in wild fury. One of his hands went over her hair and he grabbed a fistful of her well oiled and combed hair at the crown of her head and pulled it. It was pure ECTASY!

Lucy responded by giving in her tongue to Nicky’s mouth and they were eating each other’s lips with their tongues tangled together. With his right hand, he moved it over her left side and caught hold of her thick braid and pulled it to her front and caressed it from the top of the braid to the end and then he coiled the long braid in his wrist by grabbing the end of the braid and pulled it. With one hand pulling a fistful of her hair at the crown and one hand pulling her coiled up braid while they were eating each other’s lips sitting on the Lat machine, it was an Epic Sight!

To be continued on part 3 [Guys, if you want me to continue this story, leave some comments. Because I’m thinking of working on a different genre and then come back to this at a later time]

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