Chronicles of Danny Ch. 10

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Just a little short chapter that isn’t quite as explicit as previous ones, just an FYI for those who might be looking for more.


The next morning, Danny got up early after tossing and turning all night. They were still angry and anxious about what happened to them and thoughts about their future with Ashley made it impossible to sleep. With eyes dry from crying, Danny packed and wondered where they were going to live during the suspension. Danny hadn’t told their parents and knew that they wouldn’t be pleased to hear about it. Danny’s parents were never wild about Danny’s romantic exploits and the idea of telling them about the exposure sounded like the worst idea. Danny decided to mull it over in town before making a final decision.

As Danny finished packing, they scoped out the room to make sure they weren’t forgetting anything. As their eyes traveled across the room they stopped once they saw Morgan’s dresser that stood on the opposite side of where Danny slept.

The Mormon students’ dresser had four rows of shelves and as a result, was level with Danny’s bed. Danny wouldn’t have paid much attention to it before, but because it was the day after their humiliation, in which their sexual exploits with Ashley were captured on film, Danny’s senses were on edge. They walked to Morgan’s side of the room and stood next to the dresser. Looking back to where their bed was, Danny crouched down to be level with the surface of the dresser and held their hands out, making a rectangle shape with their index finger and thumbs. Danny’s hands shook as they saw through their hands the exact same frame the camera had taken of them and Ashley.

It was clear to Danny who had let the sorority in and the realization made them boil with rage. Up until now, Danny wrote off Morgan’s standoffish nature to the general conservative nature of the school. It was clear that Morgan’s lack of enthusiasm for Danny extended beyond simple aversion. Unfortunately for Morgan, Danny was suspended and didn’t have much incentive to resolve this issue in a polite manner.

Storming out of their dorm, Danny rushed to the main hall where many of the students were leaving for classes. Danny knew that Morgan returned from a morning science class. Sure enough, fifteen minutes went by when they saw Morgan walk into the building, wearing a long brown coat under a long black skirt. Her hair was wet from the snow outside and face was red from the cold. Danny knew it was about to get redder when they were finished with her. “You!” Danny hissed, forcing Morgan to stop in her tracks. “How dare you violate my privacy?”

“What are you talking about?” Morgan asked as she looked around, noticing that several of the students around her were staring after hearing Danny shout.

“Don’t act stupid. You let Kara and the rest of that sorority in our dorm so they could video tape me fucking and post it all over the internet!”

Morgan’s lip quivered as she avoided eye contact with Danny. “I…I didn’t do anything. And even if I did, maybe it was because you shouldn’t be doing something so unnatural with another woman…so close to my bed!” Her face grew more flush and she could feel sweat building up on her forehead.

“That is none of your business!” Danny shouted. “We never did anything while you were home. It’s one thing for you to disagree with my lifestyle, but it’s another thing to let people videotape me without my consent!”

“It doesn’t matter now. You’re expelled so I won’t have to deal with you!” Morgan blurted out.

Danny stared at her with their mouth open. “Expelled? I was suspended! And you wouldn’t know anything about this unless you were in on it motherfucker!” Danny lunged at Morgan, grabbing onto her coat and pulling it open, exposing her long-sleeve red sweatshirt.

“Hey let go of me!” Morgan screamed as she tried to fight Danny off. Morgan never fought a day in her life and so her way of defending herself was flailing her arms with barely any force. Swinging her hands only helped Danny pull the coat off of her and throw it to the ground. “Stupid dyke!” she spat at Danny.

Danny grit their teeth as they were tired of being called that hateful word. They lifted their foot and connected the kick towards Morgan’s midsection. She doubled over as the kick took the wind out of her. The crowd around them increased as they saw a fight break out.

With Morgan doubled over, Danny reached out and grabbed the back of Morgan’s shirt, pulling it over her head. Morgan was still out of breath and couldn’t even scream as she felt the cotton sweater get peeled off her body, exposing a plain white C cup bra. Her skin was very pale, perhaps the whitest Danny had ever seen.

Finally standing up and getting her breath back, Morgan felt a breeze of cold air brush against her exposed back and looked down. She gasped as she saw that she was shirtless and immediately wrapped her arms around her chest “ dirty pillows are showing!”

Danny raised an eyebrow and smirked, “Your dirty pillows? That’s what you call cloud storage them?”

“ please give me back my shirt!” she whimpered. “I’m indecent!”

“Sorry, not happening.” Danny said as they bent forward to grab the sides of Morgan’s skirt and pull down as hard as they could.

Morgan’s eyes bulged as she saw her skirt fall to her boots, exposing a white slip that was high enough on her midriff to cover her navel. She screamed as her hands left her torso to fold over the old fashioned undergarment. “I’m naked!”

“That is not naked.” Danny said as they tried grabbing the slip, “I’ll show you naked!”

Morgan backed away from Danny, looking around for any exit possible and in a panic, she pushed against the door. “No! Leave me alone!” she shouted as she ran outside, not caring that she was running into the freezing cold in just her underwear. At least it would still be on her body. Unfortunately for her, Danny was right behind her and shut the door on Morgan before she could escape. Morgan felt the wind chill from outside and thought she was free until she heard a loud RIP! and a hard tug on her slip. She yelped and turned to the door just as she felt a draft brushing against her legs.

“Forget something?” Danny asked as they walked outside holding Morgan’s ripped slip in the air. It had gotten caught in the doorway and was torn completely open.

Morgan was left standing in just her bra and a white pair of Hanes-her-way panties. They were large, covering most of Morgan’s seemingly plump buttocks. By now her face was completely red from embarrassment as her knees bent to cover the front and back of her underwear. With her midriff more exposed, people could see that while she wasn’t overweight, her stomach had no muscle tone and was flabby rather than tight and the curve from her thigh to her ass gave some indication of cellulite.

“Oh my god! People can see me in my second underwear!” she cried as she turned around and saw the large number of students walking by, stopping when they saw a student out in the winter cold without any clothes on.

“Second underwear?” Danny asked, “That’s a thing?”

“Well yes! It’s necessary to cover my…my womanhood in case a perverted person like you takes them!”

“Well then, let’s see if you have a second bra.” Danny joked. They walked around Morgan who was paralyzed with shame, leaving her bra unattended. Danny grabbed onto the back and unhooked it.

“AHH! What are you doing?” Morgan screamed as she grabbed onto her bra cups for dear life, her bra was showing and that was bad enough, did she really need to show her actual nipples?

“Showing off your dirty pillows!” Danny said as they grabbed onto the bra straps and tried pulling them out of Morgan’s hands. Morgan clutched harder on her cups and tried planting her feet firmer into the ground to pull away from Danny. The straps to the bra lengthened as Danny and Morgan pulled against each other, unfolding the cups and exposing more of Morgan’s cleavage.

“STOOOP!! LET GO OF MY BRA!” she screamed.

“Okay!” Danny said with a wicked grin.

Morgan saw the grin and knew what Danny was thinking. “NO WAIT!”

It was too late, Danny let go of the bra straps and they shot towards Morgan, hitting her in the shoulder blades. “OW DARN IT!” she cursed as the stinging pain hit her and she let go of the cups. As the bra fell to the ground, so too did Morgan’s breasts as they bounced from the momentum of their own weight. Her small pink nipples were already hard. Morgan’s jaw dropped, her arms immediately wrapped around her breasts again as she saw the equally shocked faces of all the students around her.

Morgan had never been this exposed ever. Even at a beach she always wore the largest bathing suit she could, the thought of just showing her belly button was enough to make her feel like those sinful harlots she disliked. the cold made it even worse, the sharp wind nipping at her bare flesh, it felt like penance for the awful thing she did to Danny. True, lesbian sex was wrong, but Wrath was also a deadly sin. Given her current state of turmoil, Morgan was starting to think that she was being humbled as the laughter from the other students around her got louder, demoralizing her into a frozen state of shock.

“Still not fully naked.” Danny said as they stared at the shaking Morgan. Her knees banged together while shoulders heaved up and down. It was hard to tell if the red color on her cheeks was from the temperature or embarrassment but Danny was feeling better by the moment. It felt good to be in a state of power rather than being powerless.

“No! Please stop!” Morgan begged. “I need my panties! They’ve already seen too much!”

“Unless there’s a tape of you fucking someone you better drop those panties!” Danny said as they grabbed onto the sides of Morgan’s underwear.

“NOOOOO!” Morgan screamed. WHOOSH! RIIP! She felt the cotton garments get torn from her waist and saw Danny’s mouth drop at the surprise they saw. Morgan didn’t have just two cloud file storage pairs of underwear covering her sex. Also under her panties was a leather chastity belt that had a small metal lock over the leather crotch. From the back, the leather straps ran together to make a thin strip that ran between Morgan’s ass cheeks forming a thong. Her hands frantically dropped from her breasts to cover the leather cloth and her eyes grew as wide as dinner plates. “PULL THEM BACK UP!”

“Wow…I didn’t know people actually wore those.” Danny said.

“It’s to protect my virginity!” Morgan shouted as she crouched down to better cover herself. With hardly anything shielding her pale body, Morgan’s teeth began to chatter the longer she was outside.

“So much work to get dressed in the morning.” Danny joked, “No wonder you took so long in the shower. I thought it was from masturbation but I suppose that would be impossible.”

“Damn, look at that ass.” A student behind Morgan commented.

Morgan gasped as she realized her thonged ass was exposed and turned around to cover both cheeks. Spinning in a circle, Morgan’s hands would cover her crotch, then her breasts, then her ass and then repeat in the same order. As she spun around she noticed bright flashes going off like gunshots. They were taking pictures of her and were getting glimpses of every angle of her body.

Because being naked in public was a new experience, Morgan learned fast that there was never going to be enough hands to shield everything she wanted to conceal. Seeing that her attempt at keeping her modesty had failed, Morgan lowered her torso and cried, clutching her breasts under her arms and rocking back and forth. “I’m sorry.” She whimpered as she bent forward. “I’m sorry Danny. I’m sorry…I’m sorry!”

Danny smiled and tossed the ripped panties to the ground. They knew that Morgan’s apology was sincere because the feeling of being exposed was all too familiar to Danny. They knew that the moment the last piece of clothing leaves a person’s body, they immediately want to rewind time and undo the situation that led them to their sense of vulnerability. No one wants to be seen as lesser than their peers and college is the worst place to be seen naked or fucking. Danny and Ashely experienced both, but Morgan got to experience it for the first time and Danny knew that the humble pie they served to her would have a lasting impact, the same impact Danny needed to serve to Kara and Cammy.

Satisfied with getting revenge, Danny left Morgan, her cries fading behind them. Granted, they were still suspended and their fate with Ashley was in question, but they did get back at one of the many women who they planned on getting revenge on.

“Holy crap, is that a chastity belt?” a familiar voice asked.

Danny looked around and smiled when they saw Natasha standing on the sidewalk looking at Morgan who was still huddled on the ground, body shaking as she was too embarrassed to move. “Natasha!” Danny said as they ran to hug her. She was wearing a long grey coat and scarf.”How did you know I was going to be here?”

” I tried calling you last night and got worried when you didn’t answer.” She said, ” Can’t I come to this school once without someone losing their clothes? Why did you strip your roommate?”

Danny almost developed tears again just from thinking about it. Instead they took a deep breath and said, ” walk with me to my car and I’ll tell you all about it.” And indeed they did tell Natasha everything. How Morgan helped the sorority videotape them and Ashley having sex, how the police set the two of them up to be held captive and how they had to live the awful humiliation of being undressed in front of the whole school.

When Danny was finished Natasha shook her head and gave Danny a tight hug. With her arms squeezing her friend as hard as she could, she whispered into Danny’s ear. ” I swear to you that sorority is going to pay. The fact that Kara’s mom lets her do this makes me so glad I’m leaving. Fuck this school.”

“Wait, I thought you we’re expelled.” Danny said

Natasha laughed as she let go of Danny. “Ha! They wish. Kara’s mom wanted me expelled but the president was sane and just offered to suspend me. I told her I needed to think about it. Honestly though, I’m done with this school.”

“But what are you going to do now?”

“That’s the other reason I came to talk to you. Mistress Victoria wanted to speak with you. Thanks to her, I won’t have to worry about going home and she asked me if you were employed.”

“Really?” Danny asked, feeling a tinge of levity at the thought of getting a job. ” what for?”

“You’ll have to ask when we get there. But that doesn’t concern me. What does is how you’re doing. How are you doing with Ashley? I imagined you two are going through a hard time since you were both suspended.”

Danny opened their mouth to speak and then they stopped to let out a deep sigh, as if Natasha were finally unleashing some hidden pent up steam that Danny hadn’t let go. file upload “Shitty.” Danny began, “She said she’s going to go back to her parents until she can figure stuff out and I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again.”

“Oh baby.” Natasha said as she hugged Danny a second time. “You’ll see her again. You both experienced something that no one should have to go through so it makes sense that she might want some time to heal from it.”

“I know.” Danny said as they followed Natasha to the parking lot. “It just feels like she’s still uncomfortable being together.”

“That could be.” Natasha said, “She’s only dated men up until now and this is her first time being away from home. Even without being publicly humiliated three times, going against years of conventional norms is a lot to deal with. Also, she’s probably stressed about her academics so I would just give her space and think about what you’re going to do during the time that you’re suspended.”

By now Danny was at their car and had their hands resting on the roof for stability. ” how long will that be?”

Natasha tilted her head, feeling guilty for being such a downer and touched Danny’s shoulder., “As long as she’s going to need.” She pulled out her keys and said, “now come on. Let’s not keep my mistress waiting.”

Danny forced a smile as they watched Natasha get in her car. They waited for Natasha to drive away before getting into their own car door and punching the arm rest, letting loose a night’s worth of frustration.


Danny parked next to Natasha and followed her inside the club. It was strange being there during the day. On the outside under the gray skies, it looked abandoned, a hollow structure that only artistic types would care about. That was completely different once they were inside.

As soon as the two of them were buzzed in, Danny and Natasha heard just as many voices resonating down the halls as they would have during an event. Natasha led Danny down the hall across from the door and like before, Danny could hear a series of screams, moans and panting from the rooms they passed. Men and women called out in their own special way to whatever torment was inflicted upon them. “They do shoots during the day.” Natasha said.

Once the two of them were at the end of the hall, Danny could see the dungeon again, empty, save for mistress Victoria sitting at the bar in front of a laptop. Danny almost didn’t recognize her since she wasn’t in leather. Instead her hair was tied back in a ponytail and she was wearing black thick rimmed glasses. She was casually dressed in jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. She looked up from the computer and smiled when she recognized Danny and Natasha. “Oh good you’re here.” She said, “Pull up a chair. I trust Natasha spoke to you already?”

Danny nodded. “Yeah, you said this was about a job? I’m not sure if I’m really qualified for here.” Danny didn’t mind a little kink but the thought of them performing in front of people made them feel nauseous, particularly since they unwillingly had given a performance already.

Mistress Victoria waved he hand in the air. “Oh it’s not what you think. Natasha said you were majoring in technology and I wanted to ask you about your experience so far. How tech savvy are you?”

Danny’s anxiety faded from their mind and was replaced by enthusiasm as technology was their forte. “Most of my work is with basic website authoring and uploading pics and videos onto them.”

“Do you have experience working with cameras?”

Danny nodded but held their hand out to hold their finger and thumb a small distance apart. “A little bit, nothing fancy, just hand held cameras. I knew a lot of friends who were in bands which led to shooting a lot of not so great music videos.”

“How hard would you say it would be to run something like this?” Mistress Victoria asked turning her laptop to Danny to show them the main page to the dungeons’ website. It had the logo of the name on top and a black background. On the front was a picture of a woman’s naked back with her hands bound above her head.

“I think I could manage that. Unfortunately, I would’ve been able to tell you I could make some improvements since I was learning basic web authorship. that was of course before I got suspended.” Danny said in a bitter tone.

Mistress Victoria’s eyes widened as she took her glasses off. “Why were you suspended?”

Danny pinched the bridge of their nose, not wild about restating the tale but told it a second time. At least Natasha was there to offer physical comfort to Danny in the form of backr ubs and hand squeezes. Mistress Victoria had a different reaction, her facial expression went from shock to outrage and then finally a trembling anger. Danny actually thought she might break her laptop. Mistress Victoria spoke when Danny said, “so yeah that’s been my night.”

Mistress Victoria shook her head and said, “I swear to both of you that I’m going to see to it that this sorority will be wearing layers of clothes in fear of losing them when I’m finished.” she sighed as she held up her hand and shook her head. “All right first things first, Natasha, take Danny to my place and you both can rest there until you find an apartment. I will figure out how much we can compensate you for working here and-“

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