Christy Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Home for the Holidays

“Why are my parents so uptight?” Tina groused to herself as she cleared out four months of accumulated odds and ends from her sister’s room. “Yeah, sis is coming home after a semester interning at the World Court in Den Haag in Holland. Big deal. Sis goes to Europe and be a glorified file clerk so I have to miss Teddy Steven’s Christmas party.”

Teddy is one of those guys even parents like. Smart and a jock and his parents have money. It’s such a drag missing the party because Teddy’s parents are never home and there is always at least one keg. Don’t forget the guys. The brainy guys and the jocks will be there. Guys to talk to and guys to make out with. It doesn’t get better.

Tina kicked an empty box down the hall. “Mom and Dad knew weeks ago Christy gets back,” she groused to the walls. “They’re the ones who piled all this junk in there. They should get it out. But no, that’s not what parents do. They make their slave girl daughter stay home on a Saturday night and do their cleaning for them while they go off to some Christmas party of their own. So Dad’s boss is throwing it. Who cares? Christy won’t mind if no one is home when she gets in. She’s 21 and she’s been to Europe! She can open her own doors!”

The doorbell chimed in the front hall.

“Christy,” Tina thought? She looked around quickly to see if the room was clean enough. It would do. At least all the boxes and jumble sale clothes were out. Tina ran down the stairs, her bare feet slapping against the hard wood floors. She slid up to the front door and peered out the peep hole. She barely recognized the girl standing on the porch. When Christy left, she had long blond hair and dressed like miss prim. The girl outside had short, spiky, black hair and was wearing a leather jacket.

“Mom is going to kill you!” Tina squealed as she opened the door.

“Let her try!” her sister laughed. “She’s the one who wanted me to expand my horizons. Well, she got her wish. I’ve expanded!”

The sisters hugged, and then lugged Christy’s bags up to her room. They dumped the two suitcases on the floor and Christy tossed her backpack on the bed. Christy tossed the leather jacket on a chair. She was wearing tight black jeans that showed off her ass (no panty lines), a white sleeveless t-shirt that said BOOM CHICAGO in red letters across the front and funky looking black shoes with elastic panels. Tina smiled to herself. Christy looked hot! Mom and Dad would be furious.

“Hey squirt,” Christy said sitting down on the bed and fumbling with her backpack. “Sorry I missed your birthday. How does it feel to be an adult?”

“I wouldn’t know,” Tina said as she plopped down on the bed. “I’m 18 but I’m still in high school. Mom and Dad think I’m still 12. They wouldn’t even let me go to a party tonight.”

“I’m glad you’re here,” Christy said. “I got you a couple presents, but I can’t give you this when the ‘rents are around.” She handed Tina a small box wrapped in glossy white paper with red lipstick kisses forming a barber shop pole design.

Tina looked at Christy puzzled. What could Christy give her that Mom and Dad shouldn’t know about? She tore off the wrapping paper and opened a box that said Pocket Rocket on the lid.

“Best vibrator made,” Christy said with a huge grin. “Use that on your clit and you’ll be cumming in no time!”

“Christy!” Tina squealed as her face turned several shade of red. “You were such a casino siteleri prude! What’s gotten into you?”

“Mom’s the prude,” Christy said leaning back and stretching. “My horizons have been expanded. I am a woman of the world now!”

Tina was in shock. Christy had been so straight laced. She always acted so conservative, always the good girl. Now here she was giving pocket rockets as gifts? Tina looked at her sister stretched out on the bed across from her. She noticed something strange. Christy wasn’t wearing a bra, and her nipples were poking against the fabric, and there were bumps that shouldn’t be there. Involuntarily, Tina reached for her sister’s tit and asked, “What’s that?”

Christy laughed, “I told you, I’ve had my horizons expanded. Wanna see?”

“What is it?” Tina asked?

Christy pealed off her t-shirt to reveal pert, C-cup breasts topped with large, brown nipples that now were pierced. She fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples to better show off the stainless steel rings. “Cute, aren’t they?”

“Oh my God,” Tina said slowly. “Mom and Dad…”

“Don’t need to know,” Christy interrupted. “It’s none of their business anyway. They’re my tits and I like my rings.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?” Tina said lightly touching the steel ring in her sister’s right nipple.

“It did when I got it pierced,” Christy said. “Not that bad, really. I love the way they feel now.”

“You do?” Tina asked skeptically.

“My nips are always stimulated,” Christy said with a mischievous grin. “I love the way they feel when I tug on them. Go ahead, give them a little tug.”

Tina took the ring in her fingers. The metal felt warm and so smooth. She pulled on it lightly. Christy’s nipple stood out erect like a chocolate kiss.

“You know what feels really good?” Christy asked in a conspiratorial whisper. “When someone sucks on my tits and plays with the rings. Why don’t you try? It’s fun.”

Tina dropped the ring and sat back like the thing was electrified. What did her sister say? Did she really just ask her to suck her titty? “Umm, I don’t know. That’s so lezzie.”

“Oh come one,” Christy chided. “Who taught you how to kiss?”

Tina blushed at the memory of kissing her sister. It was the night before her first real date. She’d told Christy she really wanted to make out with Brad, but she was afraid she’d do it wrong. Her pussy tingled as she recalled her sister’s soft tongue. Sis kissed a hell of a lot better than Brad ever did. “Well… Just to see what its like,”

Her skin tingled as she leaned over. It seemed to take ages for her mouth to reach her sister’s boob. All the while, thoughts raced through her head. Dad’ll kill me. Christy is so hot! This is wrong. Is that going to taste funny? I’m not a lezzie. Is this going to turn Christy on? Finally, Tina’s mouth reached Cindy’s breast and she sucked the nipple into her mouth. Her tongue slid around the fleshy mound, then gently flicked at the top. She slid her tongue under the ring and pulled on it just a little. Tina felt her pussy getting wet.

Christy wrapped her arms around her sister. She stroked her long brown hair with one hand and rubbed her back with the other. “Ooh, that feels nice. Suck it like you’d like to have you’re tities sucked. Don’t be shy.”

Tina sucked harder now. She nipped at her sister’s flesh with her teeth. She was really starting to get into this. She felt the swelling of the nipple and her sister’s slot oyna breathing get quicker. Her hand was playing with the other tit now too. She liked the way Teddy did that to her. She hoped Christy liked it too.

Hands gently pulled Tina’s face away from the tit. For a brief moment, fear shot through her. I did something wrong. Christy’s pissed at me now. But then she felt Christy’s soft lips on hers. Her mouth opened and she felt her sister’s tongue slide into her mouth. They kissed passionately. Tongues chasing each other from mouth to mouth, wrestling and then chasing some more. Tina felt her shirt being tugged up and her bra being undone. Tina had to let the kiss end when Christy pulled her shirt over her head.

“What are we doing?” Tina said as much to herself as to Christy. She looked into her sister’s pretty brown eyes and felt all mushy and melted inside. Like when she was first dating Teddy, but different.

“Shhhhh,” Christy said. “Take off those shorts. I have something else to show you.”

Tina kicked off her shorts as she watched Christy dig in her large suitcase. She stopped to kick off her shoes and jeans before coming back to bed. Tina noticed that her ass was at least two shades lighter than the rest of her body.

“A tan line,” Tina asked? “In December?”

“Yeah,” Christy said with a shrug. “It took me over a month to start tanning nude. I’ve still got a bit of a cottontail.”

Christy plugged in a long, wand-like device the jumped back on the bed. “I got you the home edition, this is industrial strength,” she said waving large vibrator. She leaned back and spread her legs. Tina noticed that Christy’s pubes were shaved off. She also noticed Christy had another ring on her clit.

“It’s a hood ring,” Christy said when she noticed where her sister was staring. “It’s like someone’s always playing with my clit. And it feels so good when I use this!”

Christy placed the humming vibrator on her clit and began to moan. One hand guided the vibrator while the other played with her pussy. Tina rubbed her own clit. “Am I really getting off watching sis frig herself,” she thought?

A wicked smile spread across Christy’s face when she saw Tina playing with herself. “Here, let me help you,” she said as she placed the vibe on Tina’s mound. Tina closed her eyes and leaned back as the vibe sent waves of pleasure through her body. She was lost in the sensation of the toy on her clit. Then she suddenly felt a warm, wet sensation join the buzzing. She opened her eyes to see Christy licking her pussy lips.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Christy purred in a throaty, sexy voice as she plucked a brown pubic hair from her mouth.

“I’m going to hell,” Tina muttered. “Go ahead. It feels great.”

Christy dove in like a starving man to a feast. She stuffed the vibrator between her own thighs and went to work on Tina with fingers, lips and tongue. Christy licked and sucked Tina’s clit. Two fingers slid in and out of the wet slot while the tongue raced over lips, clit and flicked inside to taste and explore. Tina moaned and bucked her hips against her sister’s face.

“I’m going to make you cum like never before,” Christy promised.

She worked three fingers deep into Tina’s pussy. Using her fingertips, she massaged a spot deep inside her vagina. It felt like a fleshy pad behind the pubic bone. While she worked her fingers deep, Christy trained the vibrator on Tina’s clit. Tina felt waves of canlı casino siteleri pleasure building. Waves that emanated from her pussy and rolled through her body. Her pussy muscled contracted around the fingers stroking her insides. Her muscles tightened as the waves built in intensity. Her back arched. Her legs tensed. Her hands grabbed at the blankets. She squeezed her tits as the waves built to an intensity she’d never, ever felt before.

Then the dam broke! A tidal wave of pleasure washed through her nervous system. She let out a scream and grabbed the bed for security. She was cumming. She was coming so hard it felt like her pussy was shooting off like a cock. Her pussy was squirting! Somewhere in the back of her mind, she felt embarrassed that she might be peeing on Christy’s hand. But that guilt was drowned out by the intense pleasure flowing over and through her.

When the orgasm finally subsided, she opened her eyes and saw her sister’s smiling like a Cheshire cat. Tina looked down as Christy slid her fingers out. Tina felt the pang of guilt again when she saw the bedspread was wet and Christy’s hand was wet. “Umm,” Tina said. “I didn’t piss on you. Did I?”

Christy broke out in peals of laughter. She licked her slick fingers and laughed some more. “No baby sister, you didn’t pee on me. I wouldn’t mind if you did, but no. Congratulations Tina, you’re a squirter! When I found out I could squirt, I wondered if you could. You can babe.”

“Can I make you squirt,” Tina asked?

“I bet you can,” Christy said beaming.

Christy played instructor while Tina licked pussy for the first time. Tina was surprised how easily her fingers slid into Christy wet cunt. She had four fingers in when Christy told her how to find the sweet spot deep in her pussy. Tina worked her fingers inside her sister and played the vibrator over the clit. Watching her sister get more and more turned on was strange. She felt like she was seeing a replay of her own orgasm. Christy squeezed her tits and tugged on her nipple rings as she rode the waves to orgasm.

Tina giggled with delight when Christy came. She was bucking and thrashing and jets of clear, viscous fluid gushed out over her hand. “This is really cool,” Tina thought.

When Christy stopped cumming, Tina flopped down on the bed and gave her a deep wet kiss. The sisters lay together in silence for a long time. Tina was overwhelmed with what had just happened. She couldn’t believe how nice it felt to be cuddling with her sister. She really loved the way she felt when Christy was eating her and fingering her. She liked the taste and feel of her sister’s pussy. She was felt a warm, glowing feeling pleasantly washing through her. Still, she felt confused.

“Umm, Christy,” Tina asked? “Does this mean I’m a dyke?”

Christy burst out with peals of throaty laughter. She mockingly felt Tina’s arms and legs. “You don’t feel like a concrete retaining wall!”

“You know what I mean…” Tina said petulantly as she hit her sister over the head with a pillow.

“Ok,” Tina said. “Let me ask you. You’ve just been with a girl. Do you still want to fuck a guy?”

Tina though for a moment. This was fun. Messing around with Teddy was fun too. “Yeah,” she said. “I love you, but you don’t have a cock.”

Christy laughed and hugged her sister. “Then you’re not a dyke.”

They both laughed and hugged each other. “I gotta ask,” Tina said. “What happened to you over in the Netherlands?”

“My horizons were expanded,” Christy said with mock Shakespearean drama. “Just in more ways than Mom anticipated. I’ve got a lot to tell you about, but we’d better get cleaned up before the folks get home.”

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