Christmas Break Pt. 01

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Adam’s cock was hard. He had just woken up from a nap, on the couch with his older sister Elle. She was still sleeping and as such didn’t notice the evident tent his erect cock made in the blanket they were sharing. With just boxers on, his cock had found its way out of the flap in the front, just the gray fleece blanket between it and the open air. The idea excited him, having his privates so close to complete exposure, the idea of feeling cool air from the drafty window opposite the couch cross the sensitive head of his cock. He checked his sister’s sleeping face for signs of waking – a twitch of the eye, a flutter of lashes to signify a rousing from their mid-day, Christmas-break slumber. Seeing nothing there, Adam reached down to his cock and wrapped a fist around it, just below the head. Since Elle had gone to college and he no longer shared a room with her, he awoke each morning and greeted the day with a rhythmic up and down pumping of his erect cock in the mornings. Adam was a senior in high school but slow to develop. He hadn’t even masturbated until the last year or so. Compounding this was the fact that he went to an all-boys Catholic school and had never had so much as a female friend, let alone girlfriend. He considered as he stroked his cock that he was perhaps conditioning himself to get hard whenever he awoke. Not a bad way to wake-up, he thought. Careful not to wake his sister with a leg twitch or a groan, he quickly got himself to the edge of that warmth, checking again for his sister’s closed eyes as he prepared to grab a tissue from the box on the coffee table.

Much to Adam’s surprise, his brief glance towards his sister’s face sent a surge from his balls as a dark stain appeared in the blanket, blooming directly above where his cock-head touched the fabric. Startled at the suddenness, Adam jumped a bit, backing himself up against the couch’s armrest into a near-sitting position. His cock was still in hand, now exposed as the blanket was pulled off of him by an woken Elle. She was clutching the blanket against her chest, the wet spot now resting on her bare foot as she stared at Adam, his slowly softening cock in hand, briefly revitalized at the idea of this physical embodiment of pleasure now resting on his own sister’s soft skin.

“Adam, what’re you doing??” Elle demanded, her eyes glued on the strange tableau before her. She kept her gaze fixed on his cock, which Adam found to be particularly exciting. His young cock twitched and surged a bit, dribbling a bit more cum as he ran his hand to the head, involuntarily seeking out that pleasure even as Elle stared.

“I uh…it…it feels good…” he stuttered, aware that he should be feeling some sort of embarrassment, some sort of desire to cover up. But she just kept staring. She kept looking. And she didn’t really seem mad. If Adam had been asked to ascribe an emotion to Elle’s face, he would have said maybe curiosity, but not anger nor disgust, even as her eyes followed his to the stain on the blanket.

“What’s that?” she asked, leaning forward to look at the stain. “Oh my god…Adam, did you cum?” She said the word cum in a whisper, like a secret. He liked that. Her curiosity seemed to brighten and grow as she peeled back the blanket to inspect the dripping puddle of semen, a thick strand stretching from the blanket to her foot.

“Uh…no?” He asked, his face turning red in the face of his own sister inspecting his cum-puddle. Elle made a face. She didn’t buy it.

“Wait…were you looking at…?” Elle raised an eyebrow and looked down at herself, and the bit of cum on her foot.

“What? Oh, no, no way. I don’t think of anything, it’s more like going to the bathroom, I don’t even really think about it. It’s like a mind of its own down there.” Elle giggled. Adam had yet to let go of his cock, which was now nearly hard again. Elle pointed at it.

“So what, you just touch it like that til that happens?”

“Yup. Pretty simple.” He took her curiosity as permission to continue, letting his hand slowly glide to the base of his cock, careful not to rush this. It seemed tenuous, this arrangement on the couch. He knew very little about exploring sexuality but it certainly seemed best to keep such activities a secret from his parents, particularly when it was his own sister he was exploring with. Elle was a freshman at a women’s bible college in the Midwest, far from home here in Boston, and far from young men who, as her parents insisted, only wanted one thing. Adam thought about the one thing, finally realizing what it was his parents meant by that, as he stroked lazily. This wasn’t bad though, right? Besides, they weren’t touching – just talking.

“So, do you do this?” he asked, trying to keep the air light, factual. This isn’t a sex thing, he thought. Just siblings. Close siblings. Elle giggled.

“Well, not that.”

“Ha ha. You know what I mean. Your privates, do you touch them and, uh…cum, like me?” Elle shrugged in response.

“Yeah, I mean…I think comment backlink everyone does. A few girls at school say they’ve never but I think they’re just worried about not being able to take their vows or something. But I don’t really shoot stuff like yours. It’s just…wet.”

“What?? Like you pee yourself?” This seemed to Adam to be an extreme male-female disparity. Elle laughed, pushing aside the blanket, exposing her bare legs. She was wearing a pair of Christmas themed, red and green striped boy shorts that came up to the crease of her hips, small and just beginning to broaden. Adam thought she looked sexy, but decided against telling her this. He watched intently as Elle brought her hand to the gusset seam of her shorts, placing the pads of her fingers against her crotch and pressing down. His hand moved faster on his cock.

“I just…do this. Rub it.” She moved her hand a little faster, eyes still locked on his cock, the head of which was beginning to drip a mixture of remaining cum from his first load and precum from his imminently approaching second.

“Can I, maybe see it?” He asked. He couldn’t believe what he was saying, but it seemed completely block-headed not to ask. All he wanted in life, at this moment, was to see his sister’s pussy. He felt a twinge in his cock as he imagined Elle’s bare cunt displayed before him, imagining rubbing the fluid from his cock-head against her lips and the opening of her tight young hole. Elle peeled the crotch of her shorts to the side, gathering it against her thigh to expose herself to her brother. Her mound was tufted with a small amount of light brown, curly hair which was largely absent from her vulva.

“Wow.” Adam’s cock felt harder than it ever had before. He could tell that if he didn’t slow down, he’d cum. He pumped with shallow strokes, just rubbing the head as Elle started to massage the tiny nub above the opening of her cunt. She pushed back the skin around the nub and looked up at Adam.

“You probably don’t get much female anatomy at school, huh? I know they didn’t tell us much and we’ve got them…” Elle shifted back and looked down, inspecting herself. She had attended the girl’s school across town, the type of institution that secular kids and parents alike joked had one-word sexual education: no.

“That’s my clitoris.” She said, letting the skin fall back into place as she rubbed it. She moved her hand down to her hole as she pushed the tip of her finger inside. Adam wanted to put his finger there. He stopped stroking his cock to prevent cumming again. He never wanted this to stop. “This is my vaginal opening. The whole outside part is my vulva. The whole thing feels good to touch. Sometimes I spend Saturday mornings in my dorm, when my roommate has field hockey practice, playing and seeing what feels good.” She pushed a little more into her pussy. “This feels good…” she trailed off as he watched her finger flex inside her pussy, pressing up. Her leg straightened, her foot flexing against Adam’s inner thigh as she moaned. Adam put his hand on her leg. She jumped a little.

“Do…do you mind? If I touch you?” he asked. Elle shook her head.

“Its fine. I like. It feels good to feel your hand while I do this.” Adam started rubbing her calf as she moved her finger in and out of her wet hole. It was starting to drip between her ass, onto the couch. Adam made a mental note to clean it up later, but hoped that the puddle would grow bigger in the interim. He felt compelled to take a taste. He made a second mental note to lick the spot before using the cleaner. “Do you like watching me?” Elle asked.

“I do. A lot. It looks really good. I bet it feels soft.” He was slowly pulling her leg towards his cock, hoping she wouldn’t freak out when he made contact. Her leg felt so warm. He wondered if people came on legs often.

“Do you want to touch it?” Elle asked, eyes still fixated on her brothers cock.

Adam tried not to jump up and rush to his sister’s hole; he didn’t want to seem too excited at the prospect and scare her off. He shrugged.

“Sure.” he pushed himself up, kneeling between his sister’s legs. Her finger was still inside her pussy as he placed his hands on her thighs and bent forward. His cock brushed up against the couch. He had to make sure not to grind into it too much, he could only imagine how close he would be to orgasm once he touched his sister. He moved his right hand from her thigh to her hole, placing his index finger up against hers. She kept her finger inside, so he slide his finger against hers, stretching her open just a little more. She moaned.

“I’ve never done two.” she said, looking down at him. “It feels so good.”

Adam followed her lead, moving his finger in rhythm with hers. It felt incredible. He could smell it as well – a tangy sweetness. He wondered what it would taste like. The fluid seeping out onto his fingers was clear and sort of sticky. He debated placing his mouth on her hole and comment backlink Botu sucking but instead, he drew his finger out slowly and licked it, trying to be subtle.

“Doesn’t it taste good?” He looked up at Elle, surprised.

“You’ve tasted it?” he asked. Elle pulled her finger out and brought it to her mouth, sucking her wetness off before plunging it, coated in spit, back into her pussy. Adam groaned at the sight of it.

“Of course I have. You know, if you want to, you could taste it. Like…from my hole.” she seemed nervous to ask, but Adam had his tongue buried into her before she could finish. It tasted even better when direct from the source. He felt her fingers rubbing up against his tongue as he tried to get as deep into her as possible. She pulled her finger out and began rubbing her clitoris again. He wondered if he should stop with his tongue but her breathing was getting heavy so he figured something was going right. He slid his finger back in, and then another to replace hers. She moaned loudly as he did.

“Another one, Adam…” he pressed his ring and index fingers together, his middle finger below them like a triangle and pushed them inside, meeting resistance in the form of the tight, soft walls of his sister’s warm cunt. Elle let out a noise somewhere between discomfort and pleasure and moved slightly as if to get away from his fingers. He pursued her cunt, moving his hand along with her, committed to stretching her. He liked the way it looked, the way she would whimper and then moan at each subsequent, increased intrusion into her virgin hole. His tongue no longer fit into her pussy with his fingers and so instead, when she squirmed away and moved her fingers from her clitoris, Adam placed his lips and tongue onto her swollen clit, sucking and licking as her noises become pure enjoyment. She brought her hands down to each side of his face as he tried to move his fingers deeper into her. He wanted to be enveloped.

As she started to clench her hips up, pushing her wet cunt into his lips and tongue, Adam slid his left hand down between the couch and his body, reaching to where his cock was wedged between the sofa cushions. He gripped his cock and began to buck into his hand, fucking his fist as he felt his sister’s cunt twitching around his fingers, her clit drawing tight in spasms. His hand was slick with precum and he had to stop every few strokes so he wouldn’t waste his load on the pullout.

“What’re you doing?” he heard Elle ask, her grip on the side of his head loosening as she craned her neck around, watching her brothers ass raise up and down on the couch. He stopped licking and looked up at her, his fingers now flat as he continued trying to stretch her open.

“I’m touching myself.” he said, confused.

“You’re humping…” his sister’s voice was derisive. He felt embarrassed at how much she knew, how little he knew. “…that’s how you have sex.” she finished. He was irritated with her, and felt a twinge of anger as he imagined stretching all five of his fingers inside her tightness. He sat back onto his knees, his cock bobbing straight out as he withdrew his fingers from his sister, watching her hole gape and then shrink back almost to its original size, a nearly imperceptible chasm. He wanted to replace his fingers with his cock. He wanted to feel how deep she could take him, and then thrust deeper.

“Hello?!” he shook himself from his reverie and looked at his sister. She giggled. “Earth to Adam,” she said, and rolled her eyes as she hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her shorts. “I said…”

Elle lifted her legs towards her chest as she slide her shorts down. In this position Adam could see her pussy pressed between her thighs, a row of puffy pink folds. Her wetness was a gathered shadow at the base of the folds. Adam wanted to press his hands against the back of her knees and enter her just like this. She threw the shorts on the ground next to the sofa and spread her legs onto either side of Adam.

“I said why don’t you come up here and do that?” Elle looked nervous despite her playful tone. Adam softened from his earlier irritation, knowing that for all her greater knowledge, they were together in their naivete. He smiled as he shuffled forward on his knees. He looked down at his sister. Her cheeks were pink, her lips red and full. She looked to Adam like she had just run a race. He imagined she had, imagined doing this at a finish line, with people watching, cheering as he fucked his sister, her running shorts around her ankles as she bent over a hurdle and encouraged his deep strokes. His cock twitched. Elle looked up at him with a nervous smile as he placed his hands on the armrest. He dipped his pelvis downward, brushing his cock against her pussy lips. The wetness of his precum, his saliva, and his sister’s wetness made his cock glide easily across her vulva, up her slit and across her clitoris. She inhaled between lightly pressed lips, a sound of nervous comment backlink Programı suction as he positioned his hips so that the head of his cock was trained over the entrance of her virgin snatch.

Elle reached down between them, taking hold of his cock as she drew it closer. He felt at once the first hand on his cock, and the wetness of her cunt against it. His sister moaned and drew her hips up slightly. Overwhelmed by the goodness of it, of her warm hand and her wet cunt, he focused on the grain of the upholstery on the couch, the stain on the carpet. His mind overtook his attempts at distractions as he imagined the stain to be from his mother, masturbating on the floor with his cock in her mouth. What was happening to him? He shook his head and looked down at Elle. She nodded.

Adam had only to push forward with the littlest effort to be inside of his sister’s virgin hole. He felt resistance, more than he expected from how greedily her cunt had taken his fingers and tongue. He looked at her again.

“Hey, Elle. It’s ok. Relax.”

“Will it hurt?”

“Well, we’ll find out, right? I’ll stop if it does, I promise.” Adam wasn’t sure if he’d be able to stop, once he got further in. The sensation of just half his cock-head inside her was enough to set him off. He was focusing on saying the alphabet inside his head to abate the load he knew was building fast as he felt his sister relax beneath him.

“Ok. Hey Adam?”

“Yeah, Elle?” He could tell that if he pushed now, he could bury himself inside her. He wanted to. He waited.

“I’m glad this is with you.”

“Me too.” Adam sighed as he pushed forward and felt Elle’s cunt wrap around him, sliding in to half depth as she squeezed her knees against his hips.

“Does it hurt?” he asked, stopping all movement as he awaited her answer, desperate to pump his sister until he was drained.

“Oh my god, yes…but no!” Elle was wincing, and laughing a little. Adam was confused, but decided to side with his sister’s laughter as he began pumping into her. He watched her face transform from pleasurable laxity to immeasurable pain while he drove his cock into his sister’s cunt. He looked down, watching his length disappear and reappear, pushing in deeper each stroke until his thrusts brought his balls against Elle’s ass, smacking with a wet noise as her hole dribbled around him. He wanted to go fast. He wanted to flip her over and fuck her until she screamed. He wanted to make her wet herself.

She began to beg. He was surprised by the language that came out of his well-behaved sister. He smiled as he imagined his parents hearing her.

“Yes. Adam. Don’t stop, fuck my pussy. Take my virginity. Make me a whore. I’m a cockslut, Adam. Fuck your sister’s cunt.” he felt all of her internalized, repressed and now budding sexuality pour out of her in words he barely understood the meaning of as he rammed her harder, her voice a wavering staccato, rising and falling in intensity as he bottomed out in her cunt. He liked when she talked and grunted his approval every time she called herself a whore or begged for his cock.

Hearing her affirm all his filthy thoughts, the dirtiness of her accepting all his darkest fantasies – ones he didn’t even realize he had, even – brought him so close he couldn’t have stopped if he wanted to. He reached down and grabbed his sister’s breast through her t-shirt, finding a hard nipple and pinching it gently. She reached down, lifting her shirt, granting him greater access in approval of his manipulations. He lowered his head, bracing himself against the armrest as he sucked on her nipple and shoved his cock in, the angle thrusting upwards to glance the roof of her cunt.

“Oh my god, that…Adam…harder, just like that…” He remembered when they first started, how her hooked finger had made her body shudder. He sucked her nipple and let it pop out of his mouth as he gripped the armrest and pumped shallow and hard, imagining the inside of her pussy and targeting the spot she had tapped earlier. He felt her go rigid beneath him, his mouth hovering over her breast as she froze, her moans becoming minor squeaks as he fucked her faster, harder, more shallow. He felt her fingers dig into his hips as her pussy clamped down onto his cock.

“Oh, Elle, I’m going to…” He felt his load building. He felt his sister twitching, the pressure inside her snatch building as his cock swelled and stretched her further. He pushed forward, sliding inside his sister completely, his contracting balls against her ass, pressed against her mound.

He began to cum. His load came in waves, spurt after spurt filling his sister’s pussy as he began pumping again, riding his orgasm on a long wave. He looked down as he continued to fuck her messy cunt, watching their cum leak and froth at her opening. He groaned and watched his cock jerk and twitch as he pushed it deeper, reaching down to pull out and deposit the last few drops on the outside of her pussy, before pressing it back in with the head of his cock, pushing in deep again to force it as far back as he could. He wanted to fuck his cum into her until he was hard once more and do it all over again. He never wanted to stop. He slowed his pace as he softened, looking down at Elle. Her eyes were wide.

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