Christina’s Journey Ch. 05

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With Christina off the scene, Josh hadn’t seen or heard from her in a couple of months, he was at a loose end, he missed Christina for many reasons, he missed the sex and her, as a person, she was bright and fun, consequently he found himself spending a lot of time with his Japanese friend Hiroshi and his sister Asami.

When he met Hiroshi, he felt it was fate, sort of. He already knew a bit about Japanese people from the Japanese girl at the video library. She was the local product, born here of Japanese parents. Hiroshi and his sister, had arrived in the country, when they were young kids, eight and ten. They were really smart, spoke English fluently, with a slight accent, which he liked, and had westernised quickly. Asami, Hiroshi sister, was really pretty, smallish like a lot of Japanese girls, and quaint. Josh spent a lot of time checking her out, when he was at their house, there was a lot to like about Asami, even more than he knew, and being on a bit of a rebound after Christina, increased his interest. His observation didn’t go unnoticed by Asami, and she teased Josh sexually, with low cut tops and often no bra.

They became a threesome. They went to movies, on walks, the museum and art galleries, whatever took their fancy, and Asami always walked between them, often holding their hands. He felt a real closeness to her, he wondered if she felt it too. He had never been alone with her, or had any real discussions about anything with her. He wondered if his attraction had anything to do with his missing Christina.

On the day it happened, he had arranged to meet Hiroshi at home, and they would make plans for that night.

He knocked on the door, a few seconds later, it opened, and Asami was smiling at him.

“Hi Josh, come in. Hiro had to help Dad at work.”

Josh’s Kıbrıs Escort heart beat fast, only for the fact that he was alone with Asami for the first time, and he could see her nipples making dents in her silky top.

“Would you like a drink?” she asked.

He shook his head. “No thanks.”

She smiled. “Um, I have a question for you, please be honest in your answer.”

“Sure,” he half smiled, half frowned.

“Is it okay if I kiss you?” she was serious and slightly embarrassed. “I have a reason.”

Josh was elated, but tried not to show it. He nodded. “Sure.”

She stood on tip toe, and put her soft lips on his. The kiss was beautiful, and although not intended to be, sexy, a tease.

“What did you think?”she asked coyly.

He nodded and smiled. “Nice.”

She kissed him again, this time with her hands holding his face, and it was longer, and this time, with meaning.

“Was that better?” she smiled.

“Oh yes,” he croaked.

“My question is,” she said, holding his eyes with hers. “If you were my boyfriend, would kissing you like this be acceptable, be nice, you’d like it?”

“Definitely,” he felt like his face was on fire, his cock hard now.

“I want a boyfriend, Josh,” she gazed into his eyes. “I want you as my boyfriend. I have wanted this for a long time, but was afraid to speak about it to you. I can wait no longer.”

She put her lips on Josh’s again. They were so soft, and she moved them slightly, it was so sexy, and she was so close, her breasts touching his chest. He could feel himself getting harder, and for a brief second wondered how he was going to hide what she was doing to him. He needn’t have worried, as a moment later, she pushed her tongue into his mouth, and searched Kıbrıs Escort Bayan for his tongue. Now she put her arms around his neck, as their embrace got hotter and hotter, and her moan went through his body into his crotch, he felt her mound pushing hard against his cock.

“Touch me,” she whispered.

Josh fondled her breast.

“No not there,” she said softly. “Between my legs, touch my pussy.”

Josh hesitated, surprised, but only for a second, he was about to live a fantasy. He had fantasised about having sex with Asami more times than he could remember. Everytime, his hand became her sweet tight cunt, as he jerked off. He had seen her in a bikini, so had a fairly good idea what she would look like nude. He was intrigued by her breasts, they seemed different to other girls he had been with. The moment of his intrigue was here.

He massaged her pussy lips for a moment, and then parted them with his fingers, feeling her wet slit, making her groan.

“I want to make love with you, and you make me come,” she said softly. “Take my clothes off.”

He pulled off her top, then her skirt, and pretty mauve lace panties.

“Am I beautiful to you?”

“Fuck yes,” Josh garbled.

She giggled, he had never said fuck in front of her before.

“Now I undress you,” she said, pulling off his tee shirt, then his shorts and jocks. Her face frowned with pleasure, her lips pursed, as she saw his stiff cock. She couldn’t help but touch herself, and grasp his cock at the same time. She had been ready for him for some time, and her body jerked, and she gasped.

“Now Josh now.”

He laid her back gently, opened her legs, and she guided him into her cunt.

“Oh yes,” her voice trembled.

Their sex was hot and urgent, Escort Kıbrıs and after they had both come, she told him to stay inside her. They lay embracing, his hard rod buried deep in her.

They kissed, she gently fondled his balls, he stayed hard, and they fucked again.

He waited for her to make the next move. She slipped his cock out of her cunt, and licked her juices from it.

“We had better get dressed,” she told him. “And I think you had better go, I don’t think we should be found alone together. Wait out front, and when you see our car come in, come back, you know, like you are just coming.”

She giggled. “Oops, no we’ve just done that.”

Josh laughed. “Um, yes, we have.”

She slipped her clothes on, and watched him dress.

“That was wonderful, we are going to do it again aren’t we?”

He nodded. “Sure as much as you want to, you are my girlfriend now, aren’t you?”

Her face reddened, and she nodded. “I have feelings for you Josh.”

He put his arms around her. “Thank you Asami, I have feelings for you too.”

They kissed, and she ground her cunt hard against him.

“I want to make love again now,” she cooed. “Maybe later.”

He slipped his hands down and grabbed her tight arse, pulling it to him. She thrust as if she was fucking him, he was rock hard and she could feel it.

He pushed her back against the wall, pulled her panties down, and was inside her in a flash. It was then she dropped her innocence.

“Yes fuck me,” she cried out. “Fuck me hard.”

He did. Ten minutes later, she took his cock from her mouth, savouring his hardness. She heard the clock chime.

“Quickly, you must go, they will be here any minute.”

He waited a couple of hundred metres up the street, to be sure they wouldn’t see him, and to recover. His cock was still hard. As he waited, he put his hand down his jocks, and then sniffed his palm, he could smell Asami’s sex.

FOR the moment Christina is forgotten, what will his new friendship with Asami bring? See Chapter 6

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