Christina: A View to Young Love

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Last summer – at Aaron’s urging – I went back to college on a “six-week blitz” to pick-up the last nine credits of filler I needed for my MBA. The classes met back-to-back Tuesdays and Thursdays; the first starting at three in the afternoon, the last ending at ten at night. The college (a branch campus of the University of Pittsburgh), was only a thirty-five minute drive from our home, but after working a half-day, then sitting in a classroom for the better part of six hours, it was often the most tiring part of the day.

For those of you who have never taken leave of your senses and taken-on the insanity that is the heart and sole of compressing an entire semester into six short weeks; all I can say is: “You don’t know what fun you’re missing!” The pace is fast and furious, the workload is extreme, and the deadlines verge on the impossible. And if that isn’t enough, over half of the term-projects (in my case), are team-based, which means finding time outside of class to meet with your fellow students to pull things together. Luckily, I was able to partner with the same two girls for all three classes.

Jen and Erin were both twenty years old, and rather than heading home for the summer, had decided to stay on campus and take the fast-track to graduation. They were bright and hard working, and more than willing to do their (and often my) share of the research demanded by our many projects. It was incredible. Even though I was old enough to be their . . . um, older sister, we quickly became fast friends. Between classes and on Saturdays when we met to work on projects, we were inseparable. They freely confided the demands they placed on their boyfriends, and how willing they were to explore the requests made of them; and I offered reassurance that it only got better, and that Aaron and I were always on the lookout for new ways to get each other off.

It was this openness that led them to offer their dorm room as a place for me to stay any night I was too tired to drive home. It was this sense of sisterhood that led me to accept that Saturday night before finals. It was that trust which gave me the opportunity to view that most erotic of scenes . . .

Aaron had left Friday morning to go help his brother and sister-in-law move into their new house near the inner harbor in Baltimore. Originally, I was to going to tag along and help Marie get settled in, but when Professor Thompson told Jen, Erin and me that our project needed another rewrite, all that changed. And with my lover away, I decided to take Jen and Erin up on their offer to stay over and wrap-up our assignment.

“That does it!” Erin said, as she hit the final keystroke, “All we need to do is go down to the computer center and print it out!”

Jen stretched, arching back. Her short-cropped T-shirt rode up on her firm, young breasts: the bottom curve of her pale istanbul escort pink areola peeking out. “Tomorrow.” she said.

“Why wait?” Erin asked, “If we do it now, we can sleep in and not have to worry about it.”

Jen stood up and stripped off her shirt, then pushed her shorts to the floor. “The computer center closed a half hour ago. Now if you two will excuse me, I’m going to take a nice hot shower.”

I settled back on the spare bed and watched as Jen walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower, leaving the door open. I couldn’t help but stare at her perfect body. Her breasts were a little larger than mine. Rounder too. 36 Cs I’d say. Her waist was trim; her legs long and strong. The legs of a true long-distance runner. And as for her butt, well, they don’t come much nicer

Jen twisted her long auburn hair into a bun and held it there with a rubber band. She turned. My gaze drifted down to the thin strip of neatly trimmed brown that radiated up from her protruding pussy-lips. She smiled, then stepped into the shower and drew the curtain.

“What time is it anyway?” Erin asked.

I checked my watch. “A little past midnight.”

“I’ll give you fair warning.” Erin said, “If you’re planning on taking a hot shower before bed, you’d better hop in with Jen. Otherwise its iceberg city.”

“That’s all right. I’ll wait til morning.”

Erin stood up and took off her sweatshirt and bra. Her 34 Bs spilled out. She made eye contact and smiled, then loosened the drawstring on her scrubs. As they fell to the floor, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her high-cut panties and pushed them to the floor as well. “Not me.” she said, “I’ve had enough cold showers for one week.”

With a wink, Erin turned and trotted off to join her roommate.

Again, I couldn’t help but stare. Erin gave new meaning to the word: petite. Her short blonde hair gave her the look of a pixy. Her waist was unbelievably small; and her hips incredibly narrow. If possible, her legs were even longer than Jen’s, and far thinner. As for her butt, it was small and tight.

Erin turned to close the bathroom door. I had to check. Yes. Her thick mass of pubes were the same whitish blonde as her shoulder-length hair. She was a natural.

I settled back once more to wait on Jen and Erin. I couldn’t believe how tired I was. Sleep beckoned. I slowly got undressed and then pulled on my favorite sleep-boxers and Aaron’s favorite workout T. I crawled into bed, and was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

“Quiet!” Erin giggled, “You’re going to wake her!”

Through the haze of sleep, I tried to fight myself awake.

“If she hasn’t woke up yet, she never will.” Jen said, “Now get back to work on my pussy.”

I lay perfectly still, and cautiously opened my eyes. The room was bathed in candlelight. Erin knelt astride beylikdüzü escort Jen; her face buried between Jen’s legs; her ass high in the air. Jen’s beautiful breasts glistened with sweat. She drew her knees up and clamped her thighs together, trapping Erin.

“Oh god!” she moaned, “Yes. Yes! Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh!”

Erin continued to lap away at Jen’s pussy. The sounds of her aggressive technique filled my ears. Their mingled scent engulfed me. I couldn’t believe the scene unfolding before me. It was unreal. My mind raced. Back to the porn movie Aaron and I had watched the Saturday before. To the raging hard-on Aaron had gotten watching the two cock-tease beauties go down on one another. To how this private performance was every man’s fantasy. To how HOT, the scene was getting.

Without warning, Jen pushed Erin onto her side and then onto her back. Quickly, she squatted over Erin’s face and ground her pussy hard against Erin’s probing tongue.

“That’s right Erin, suck my pussy. Make me cum. Make me cum!”

Jen continued to grind her pussy against Erin’s hungry mouth. She leaned forward, pressing down on Erin’s thighs. “Spread your legs.” she said, “Wider. Wider!”

Erin worked her legs wider and wider apart. Jen leaned forward and pulled a monstrous dildo from under the pillow and thrust it deep into Erin’s pussy. She squealed at the intrusion. “Do you want me to turn it on?” Jen asked.

Erin nudged Jen upward. “Oh god yes!” she said.

Jen lowered herself back down, then switched-on the huge phallus.

A muffled groan escaped Erin’s lips. Jen laughed. “You like, that, don’t you?” Another muffled groan.

I slipped my left hand inside my shorts and began to finger my pussy. Jen looked right at me and stared. I held still, eyes closed. Jen giggled, then moved off the bed and walked over to me. My heart began to pound. I could feel her breath on my cheek. The sound of the dresser draw opening almost made me jump out of my skin.

“What are you doing?” Erin asked.

“Getting Big Bill.”

Jen walked back to the bed. I pulled my hand from my pussy and cautiously opened my eyes.

“Suck my cock!” Jen commanded.

Erin got on her knees in front of Jen and began licking and sucking the big strap-on. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

“Lick my balls too!”

Jen shifted her stance, giving me a better view of her . . . equipment. The strap-on was a good ten inches long; thick and heavily ribbed. The fake scrotum with its heavy balls swayed naturally between Jen’s legs.

“Get on the bed. On your back.” Jen commanded, “Spread your legs. Wide! Grab your ankles.”

Jen climbed on the bed and knelt between Erin’s splayed legs. She placed the head of her latex cock against Erin’s waiting pussy and entered her quickly. “Put your legs on my shoulders.”

Jen esenyurt escort lowered herself until her full weight was resting on her forearms. Erin reached around and dug her fingernails into Jen’s gorgeous ass. “Fuck me.” she said. Jen complied.

Almost instantly, “Ugh. Ugh! Ugh!” Erin cried.

“That was too easy.” Jen laughed, as she pulled out of Erin’s pussy, “On your knees!”

Erin complied.

“You have such a gorgeous ass.” Jen complimented, “How about I fuck it?”

“You want to fuck my . . .”

Before Erin could finish her protest, Jen’s thumbs were spreading open Erin’s ass-cheeks. “Jen, no.” Erin whimpered as Jen drove in her full length. “Please Jen, nooooooooooo. It hurts.”

Jen held still in Erin’s ass. “You said Trevor wanted to fuck your ass, didn’t you?

“Yes.” Erin sobbed.

“And you want to please him, don’t you?”

“I guess.”

“Then what’s the problem? From what you’ve told me, Big Bill is a lot smaller than Trevor.”

“Well, yeah.”

“And remember how sore my ass was the first time Sam butt-fucked me?”


“Well, the first time always hurts. You just have to learn to loosen up. So quit bitching and let me fuck this gorgeous ass of yours . . .”

As I lay there watching Jen fuck Erin’s tight little ass straight away, a part of me wanted to go over and show these two novices the right way to butt-fuck. But that would have given me away; and worse still, with my boxers now completely soaked with my own cum, put me in the awkward position of having to explain why I was so turned on. I continued to lay still, faking sleep.

After a dozen or so slow thrusts, Erin seemed to really be getting into it. “Oh god. This does feel good.” she said.

Jen took hold of Erin’s slim hips and quickened her pace.

Another dozen or so quick thrusts.

“Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh! I’m cumming!” Jen laughed, “I want to cum on your ass.”

Pulling from Erin’s ass, Jen began flogging her butt-cheeks with the fake cock; milking every last drop, “Oh god that was great.” she laughed.

Erin turned around and began sucking Jen’s breasts. Another round?

“Yeah babe!” Jen moaned, “Suck me. Suck my tits.”

Erin’s technique was incredible. Her tongue swirled round and round Jen’s thick nipples. With expert timing, she moved from side to: licking, sucking, kissing, nibbling. Jen fussed open the belt that held the strap-on in place and tossed it under my bed. Erin moved her onto her back and began finger-fucking Jen’s pussy as she continued to suck her breasts.

Erin’s fingers were a blur, working their magic on Jen’s pussy.

“Make me cum. Make me cum. Make me cum!” Jen pleaded.

Erin quickened her pace.. In moments, Jen’s body began to writhe. Erin nipped at Jen’s rock-hard nipples. “Oh god! I’m cumming!”

Exhausted, the two coeds collapsed into each others arms.

“I can’t believe we didn’t wake her.” Erin said., after treating herself to a long, wet kiss.

“Some people can sleep through anything.” Jen said.

Little did they know.

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