Chloe the Homewrecker Ch. 01

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Will loosened his tie as he walked through the door. It was late and he was tired. ‘Hey honey,’ he half-whispered as he took off his jacket so not to wake his two young sons. His wife, Esther, walked out of the lounge in her silk dressing gown and greeted Will with a kiss on the cheek as she began the usual routine of asking how his day had been.

Esther had just turned 40, a few years younger than Will. She had a few wrinkles but was still very attractive and thanks to a few nip and tuck operations, had the figure of a 25-year old. She was 5’6 and had shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes thanks largely to the Swedish genes on her mothers side. Will and her had met 6 years earlier. Will was a play-boy at the time. His senior position in one of London’s top law firms meant he had money to generally do what he wanted, whenever he wanted. He often partied in New York and Cannes as well as visiting his luxurious ‘chill out’ pad in the Tuscan Hills. Will was the typical ‘tall dark and handsome type. He was 6’2 with dark hair and blue eyes. Despite his hectic schedule, he found time to work out regularly and so for his age, was well toned. With his good looks and fat pay cheque, it wasn’t a struggle meeting and fucking countless numbers of beautiful women. He was known for it. Almost every girl wanted to have him and every guy wanted to be him.

Esther had caught his eye at a glamorous function his law firm was throwing in a 5* Mayfair hotel. She was wearing a sheek purple dress which showed off her curves and was by far the best looking woman at the event. She was a career woman and so had never settled down although, if she was honest with herself, her priorities had recently begun to change and she thought she should have a family before it was too late. They sat together all evening, instantly connecting after being introduced by one of Will’s colleagues. They both drank too much champagne and after flirting outrageously on the dance floor, spent the night in one of the hotel’s most exclusive suites. The sex was amazing. So they continued to meet and fuck and soon after, began to ‘formally’ date. Six months into the relationship, Esther fell pregnant. Will, being from a traditional background, decided to do the right thing and proposed. They married 2 months later in an exclusive but intimate ceremony at a picturesque castle in his beloved Tuscany. Their first son Edward was born soon after the nuptials and 18 months later was followed by their second, Barney. Esther gave up her work as a barrister to look after the boys full time. Their marriage was okay but after their boys were born, the monotony of marriage hit. As a family, they easily slipped into a routine. Will worked almost every hour of the week whilst spending Saturday mornings with the boys and catching up with some work in the afternoon. Sunday was their only day as a family and usually involved hosting friends or visiting quaint English pubs for dinner. Will wasn’t unhappy but he was bored.

‘Would you like a drink darling?’ Esther asked whilst Will explained about a particularly difficult client he had dealt with that day.

‘Yes please, can you get me a whisky? I’m just going to shower.’

Will made his way to the top floor of their Chelsea townhouse and undressed from his tailored Saville Row suit and jumped in the shower.

He heard Esther come into the bathroom. ‘Here is your whisky darling… I also have a favour to ask you.’

‘I was wondering why you were being so nice.’ Will replied as Esther stuck her head around the shower door.

‘Do you remember Milly’s daughter Chloe?’ Esther didn’t wait for a reply. ‘Well, she’s decided to apply to law school and was wondering if you could spare an hour to help her with the application?’

Will certainly remembered her. They had met on several occasions, the last being about 6 months ago when she had offered to look after the boys one evening. He remembered thinking it strange that a rich 19 year old who was about to spend 3 months travelling the globe would need the money of evenings babysitting. She was the only child of the widowed Milly. Her father had died when she was young in a boating accident but he certainly did not leave Milly or his young daughter wanting financially after recently selling his telecoms business. Chloe had attended some of the countries best boarding schools throughout her childhood which meant her relationship with her mother was a little distant. However, what Milly lacked in love and affection she made up for in material giving and made sure her daughter had everything she wanted. There was, of course, something else Will remembered about Chloe. She was one of the sexiest women he had ever layed his eyes on. She stood around 5’7 with dark brown and eyes hair and olive skin. She had the face of a model with sultry looks and exquisite, pert lips the begged to be kissed. If her face was incredible, her body was even better. She was toned without being too muscley or skinny, with 32C breasts that defied Kıbrıs Escort gravity. Her ass was firm and her long tanned legs seemed to go on forever. She was perfect. Not only that, she was mature and oozed confidence which, to Will, made her seem beyond her 19 years and all the more appealing. He remembered the last time he had seen her as she turned up to babysit at their home. He greeted her at the door and despite her relatively plain outfit of high heels, tight jeans, a plain white strapped designer top and fitted leather jacket, Will remembered thinking she was sexy as hell. She had politely greeted him with a friendly air kiss and he had a relatively interesting conversation with her whilst trying to act cool and not gawp while he waited for his wife to get ready. In fact, he couldn’t remember anything else about that evening out with his wife other than seeing the sexy Chloe. His cock twitched at the thought of seeing her again.

Will turned away from his wife, feigning washing the soap from his face to hide his growing erection as he replied to his wife.

Uh, I think I remember her.’ Will lied. ‘You know I’m extremely busy at the moment though Esth, when does she want to meet?’

‘She’d really like to meet tomorrow, is that possible? The deadline for her application is coming up soon and she has rather left it until the last minute.’

‘Jesus.’ Will faked his frustration. He had every intention to make sure he had space in his diary for this young goddess. ‘I’ll tell you what. Tell her to swing by the office at 1 and I’ll meet her over lunch. I should be able to spare about 45mins although I’ll have to ask Jan to reschedule a few things. Tell Milly she owes me an extra big Christmas gift this year.’

‘Are you sure darling?’ Esther was excited, she loved being able to help out a friend. ‘You are so sweet.’

‘I know.’ Will winked after switching off the shower and turning back to face his wife. He got out and grabbed a towel as Esther planted a kiss on his lips.

‘Thank you darling’ she said as she made her way to the bedroom.

Despite his tiredness, thinking of Chloe made Will horny and he needed a release so followed Esther into the bedroom and entered just as she took of her dressing gown and got into their king sized bed.

So,’ Will said drying himself off. ‘Do I get some special rewards for helping out my lovely wife?’

‘Oh honey.’ Esther sighed. ‘I know you have but I’m really not in the mood tonight. I’ve had a nightmare day with the boys and it’s half past midnight. I have to be up in 6 hours to do their breakfast.’

Will was getting too used to being rebuffed and watched his wife close her eyes and turn away from him to face the wall.

‘Goodnight. I love you,’ Esther sleepily moaned. ‘I promise to make it up to you.’

‘Sure,’ Will replied somewhat frustrated. He left it a few seconds before automatically replying, ‘I love you too.’

He climbed into bed and closed his eyes. With the little bit of resentment towards his wife at not giving him what he needed, it was easy for his thoughts to quickly turn to Chloe. He fell asleep thinking he couldn’t wait for lunchtime.

He woke the next morning with a spring in his step. After saying goodbye to his boys and giving Esther a peck on the cheek he made his usual commute into work. His journey normally consisted of checking his blackberry calendar for that day and mentally preparing himself for each meeting and task he had before him. He was very good at what he did which warranted his high 6-figure pay cheque. Amongst his peers, his next career move was widely touted as being made a partner, the youngest the firm had ever had. He did his best to focus but his thoughts constantly turned to Chloe.

‘Pull yourself together.’ Will told himself as he walked through the doors of his prestigious law firm and made his way upwards in the lift to his office on 36th floor.

‘Morning Jan.’ He said to his PA as he breezed through the office.

‘Good morning Will. How are you this morning? Your coffee and papers for your first meeting are on your desk. I’ve rearranged your 12.30 meeting to accommodate the email you sent me this morning about your personal meeting. What’s the name of the young lady who is coming to see you?’

‘It’s Chloe Frasier. Could you book my usual table for 1 at The Olive? She’s the daughter of a friend of my wife’s and I promised to help her with her law school application over lunch.’

‘Of course.’ Jan replied, ever compliant. ‘Anything else?’

‘No. That’s great, thanks Jan.’ He said as he made his way into his office. It was a cold winters day but it was bright and crisp and the sun was just rising. He gazed out from his mahogany desk over London and it looked beautiful. He began reading his papers and became immersed in his work. For the first time since he woke, he was not thinking about Chloe.

Will looked up at the clock as the phone is his office rung. It was Kıbrıs Escort Bayan 12.45. The phone displayed Jan’s name.

‘Hi Jan.’ Will answered.

‘Will, Ms. Frasier is here to see you.’

‘Great. I’ll be a few minutes, can you get her a drink? Thanks Jan.’

‘Consider it done.’ Jan said as Will hung up.

He made is way to the opposite side of his office where a long mirror stood. He checked himself. His pin-stripe navy suit, white shirt and red tie fitted him to perfection. He ran his hands through his hair as he exhaled and made his was to his office door.

He opened it to find Jan and Chloe chatting away, Chloe obviously making Jan laugh about something or other.

Chloe turned to face him and smiled as she heard the door open. She looked as good as Will remembered and had dressed for the occasion. She was obviously going for the professional but sexy look that many young up-and-coming women in his office tried to pull off but none as well as this. She wore a trendy grey trouser suit with a white shirt that revealed enough of her chest to be sexy without being slutty. Her red 5-inch heels and matching clutch hand bag added a bit of colour and her hair was up in a professional looking bob. She held her thick black jacket with fur lining in her hand. Everything she wore looked expensive and she oozed class, instantly fitting in to her surroundings in the law firm. Despite her age, if someone had said she had worked there for several years, most would believe them. Her cheeks were tinted red and Will couldn’t tell if this was her make-up or the bitter outside temperatures, either way, she looked adorable.

‘Chloe, great to see you again.’ He said as he approached her, arm outstretched ready to shake her hand.

‘You too Will. Thank you so much for seeing me at such short notice, I really do appreciate it.’ Chloe continued to smile as she took Will’s hand and shook it whilst giving him a friendly kiss on the cheek. It was a meeting of peers rather than one would expect of two people with over 20 years difference.

‘How is your mum?’ Will said, making small talk as he released her hand and once again drank in her amazing looks.

‘Oh you know, mum’s her usual self.’ Chloe said with a smirk. Will knew Milly was a high maintenance bitch and replied with a knowing nod.

‘Right, I’ve booked us a table across the street. I’ve only got 45 minutes I’m afraid but we should be able to get you started on this application’

‘That’s perfect.’ She replied as they made their way out of the office. Several men stopped in their tracks to gawp at Chloe as they made their way to the lift with a few more women throwing her jealous looks. What they would do for a lunch date with the infamous Will Hartley.

They took their table at The Olive and Will asked Chloe about her recent travels around South America. Chloe eloquently talked about her adventures around Argentina, Chile and Brazil at all times keeping her mature demeanour intact. They ordered their food and a glass of wine, the waiter unsurprisingly paying extra attention to Chloe. They continued to talk, joking back and forth and sharing their best travelling stories with eachother.

As they both sighed after laughing at one of Will’s encounters in France, Will paused and remembered why they were there. ‘So Chloe, I guess we should address why you’re here. Tell me, why law school?’ he asked.

‘Well, it’s actually you who inspired me,’ she admitted, ‘I mean, look at you… look at your life! You’ve got everything. The perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect wife…’

Will did something he rarely did. He spoke without thinking. ‘Being married isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…’ He caught himself before he said anymore but the damage was done and he looked down realising his mistake as Chloe was taken aback.

‘Oh God’ Chloe said. ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean… Fuck. I’m sorry Will.’ She looked forlorn.

‘Hey, Chloe. It’s nothing. I shouldn’t have said anything.’ He wanted to reassure her so put his hands on hers. ‘It’s fine. It’s me that should be saying sorry. That was inappropriate. You’re the daughter of my wife’s friend for fucks sake!’

She smiled at him as his hand remained on hers. ‘Will, it’s okay, you know. I am not going to say anything. You know I’m not really close to my mum. I won’t breathe a word.’ He had no reason to, but he believed her 100%. ‘And I don’t want to sound contrite’ she continued, ‘but do you want to talk about it? I’m a pretty good listener.’ She said.

Will wasn’t the ‘opening up’ type but as the food arrived, he launched into explaining how he felt; how routine had hit, how he was often incredibly bored and how he wondered whether Esther was ever excited by him any more.

‘Will,’ she said looking him in the eye, ‘I am sure there is not a woman on this planet who would spend time with you and not be excited.’

She stroked his hand gently as she said it and smiled Escort Kıbrıs confidently. His cock reacted and his stomach lurched. ‘Is this really happening? Get a grip, man! She’s only 19!’ Will thought to himself.

His blackberry rang and he pulled his hand away from hers and answered. It was Jan.

‘Will, it’s 1 o’clock and Mr Briggs is in your office waiting for you. You need to get back here right now.’

‘Shit. Thanks for calling Jan. Tell him I’ll be there in 5.’ Will hung up.

Chloe smiled at him realising they’d gone over time, ‘Sorry for keeping you Will.’

‘Don’t be. It’s been… well… interesting.’ He said with a raise of the eyebrows. ‘And, shit, we haven’t even discussed your application. What are your plans this evening?’

‘Ummm…’ For the first time, Chloe looked slightly embarrassed but replied, ‘for you and your expert advice, I’m totally and utterly yours.’

Will was so turned on by her reply he almost came right there and then. ‘Ha ha. Well then… How about we meet for a drink about 8.30 at Chanceries? I know the owner and we’ll easily get a table.’ He hoped dropping info one of London’s most exclusive bars would impress her but she wasn’t phased.

‘8.30 would be great. I’ll see you there.’ she stood up to give him the customary kiss on the cheek to say goodbye. As she leant in to him, almost at a whisper, she said, ‘I cannot wait.’

She kissed him on the cheek as the waiter brought his jacket. He threw enough bank notes on the table to easily cover the cost of the lunch. ‘I’ll see you later.’ He said with a warm smile making eye contact once again as he turned to make his way back to the office.

Will had one of his least productive afternoons since he had begun working at the firm. All he could think about was her and the suggestive comments she made during lunch. I am sure there is not a woman on this planet who would spend time with you and not be excited…. I’m totally and utterly yours…. I cannot wait. And neither could he. Will watched the clock all afternoon and made his way from the office at 8 in plenty of time to meet Chloe.

As he jumped into a cab, his blackberry rumbled in his pocket. It was just another email but as he read it and closed it down, he saw the picture of his wife and boys on his phones background. Reality hit. What was he doing? He was a family man. She was more than half his age! He had never been so tempted to pursue an opportunity in his whole life but he was being an idiot. He couldn’t do this. He’d meet her at the bar and explain he had to get home. It was the right thing to do.

The traffic was light and Will got to the bar 15 minutes early and was greeted by a familiar door-man and shown to a booth. The interior of the bar was luxurious, the clientele exclusive and the prices were reassuringly expensive. Normally he would have loved to have been there, it was one of his favourite London venues, one of the few places where you could easily meet new people but conversely, if one wanted, could have a lot of privacy. He ordered himself a beer to drink to kill time before having to summon some inner-strength to apologise and head straight home once Chloe arrived.

Will spent his time waiting coming up with the excuses as to why he had been urgently called away – a family crisis? Some unfinished work? A mystery illness? He looked at his watch, 8.45pm. It was getting late, ‘Maybe I should just head home and text her?’ He thought.

Something caught the corner of his eye. Will looked up and Chloe was walking towards his accompanied by the same doorman that showed him in. Will was transfixed.

Her hair was up in a bob once again but it was more loose this time and to one side, classy but very sexy. Her eye make-up was more obvious than the afternoon, her eye shadow was smoky in colour and her eye-line was dark and pronounced her gorgeous brown eyes even more. Her lip gloss was subtle but accentuated her lips and gave the affect of a constant moisture. She had glamorous long gold dangly ear-rings studded with crystals. As she neared the table she removed her cream high collared jacket to reveal a black long sleeved dress that was tight around her perfect figure. The dress came to half-way between her knee and her hips, revealing enough of her long, sexy slender legs. As she turned slightly to hand her jacket to the door-man, Will noticed the dress was completely backless revealing her perfect tanned skin. She was wearing high gold heels that looked expensive and again, had the matching hand bag. She looked like she had been styled by an A-list celebrity designer.

‘Hello you.’ She said confidently as she reached the table. She saw the way Will looked at her and she was loving every second of it. The extra effort she put in getting ready this evening was paying off.

‘Hey Chloe… You look… Well, you look amazing.’ Will struggled to get his words out as he stood to greet her. He was used to being confident, even cocky around beautiful women but he had never been this dumfounded before. All thoughts of returning home left his mind, he knew he had to have her. He lent in to give her a kiss on the cheek and could smell her expensive perfume. She was an attack on every sense. ‘She has it all,’ Will thought to himself.

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