Chloe Discovers SPH Ch. 15

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“Wow, he really is soooo tiny.” Jade couldn’t stop giggling. “And he was probably still kinda erect. That was like 2 or 3 inches, tops.” She raised her hand and made the typical small dick gesture, holding her thumb and forefinger just a few inches apart. “And I didn’t see any pubic hair at all, is he still under your teenage boy regime? Hahahah,” Jade could barely hold in her laughter.

“Of course, I always want to see his little baby winkie hairless. That way he’ll always be reminded of his well “endowment”, especially when he’s all soft.” Chloe beamed at Jade.

“And he’s so obedient,” Jade still couldn’t believe that in just a few weeks, her sweet Chloe had turned this big guy into her lap dog, eating out of her hand.

Greg’s head was still flushed red as he stepped out of the locker room. Jade grinned at him with a triumphant smile. Chloe had already gotten 10 pairs of the bikini briefs. “Here, we’ll buy some right now, you don’t need your old briefs anymore. These fit you much better.”

The girl at the cashier scanned the price tags. “Ok, 10 bikini briefs. Do you need a bag?”

“Bikini briefs?” Greg turned to Chloe questioningly.

“Don’t be so complicated. This is a men’s model, they’re just called that way,” Chloe comforted him.

“That’s right. The model guarantees a snug fit when you don’t need that much of suspensory. You tried them on, right?” The salesgirl assisted with a grin.

Jade couldn’t pass on this opportunity. “Yeah, they fit like a glove.”

Greg lowered his eyes in shame and quickly paid. He just wanted to get out of this situation as quickly as possible.

Once inside the cafe, Greg got in line while Chloe and Jade found a somewhat hidden spot.

“Here, this seat is perfect. Let me show you the size enhancement sleeve. This is it,” Chloe couldn’t wait. She took the sleeve out of the shopping bag and showed it to Jade, who was sitting next to her, under the table.

“Ah, I see. He can insert his little pecker here and then he can fuck you like he has a bigger penis,” Jade took the dildo in her hand. “It is actually very fat, I cannot nearly wrap my hand around it.”

“Exactly, this one is only respectable 6 inches, but the girth makes it a real steamboat, cannot wait to feel it in me. At least then I can say a ‘dick’ is fucking me, hahaha,” Chloe happily announced. “And this little silicone loop, they call it lilly loop, is pulled over his penis to the root. That way he stays hard even if he doesn’t feel anything in the sleeve.”

“This loop is also so small, unbelievable that he can get it over his penis. I haven’t seen a single dick where you could get this over the head. And for the sleeve, that’s a great idea, I’ve really never seen anything like it. Is it safe though? Is the silicone sperm proofed and sealed and won’t cause any problems or pussy irritation?” Jade squeezed the sleeve examining it in her hand.

“I don’t know, but that’s an easy problem to solve. Greg has regular sized condoms at home, right? We’ll just use those. Then this will be the first time for him to roll istanbul travesti a condom on a regular sized dick. He is so lucky that he met me.”

Chloe realized at that moment how embarrassing this will be for Greg. And how proud he would probably be at the same time, for the first time having a real dick hanging between his legs, even though the 6 inches didn’t even count as a really big cock for the girls.

“And the condoms you bought?” Jade was eager to see them.

Chloe looked in the bag that only contained the condoms now. “Wait, they are very hard to find, haha.” She pretended to hold a magnifying glass in her hand as she peered into the bag.

“Come on, show me,” Jade was genuinely curious now.

“Here!” Chloe handed Jade the package.

“Wow. This is awesome. They wrote ‘Extra Small’ on the package. That’s a super marketing idea, hahahah.” Jade opened the package. “Oh, and they printed it on every single condom too. I bet no guy would ever put that on his nightstand.” Jade was really enjoying herself and playing with the condom in her hand.

“Let’s not tell Greg you know everything exactly about his 4-inch 1/8 pee pee just yet though. It’s so much fun to keep him guessing just a little longer. And I am sure he will comfort himself that you could not really see everything in his new undies.” Chloe whispered.

“Deal, I think it’s more fun that way too.”

Greg came back to the table with 3 large coffees.

“Thanks babe, you are the best bf ever” Chloe kissed him on the cheek.

Jade took a sip and eyed her cup. “Why does this say ‘Big G’ on the cup, Greg?”

“Uhmm, I don’t know, the guy behind the counter asked for my name when I ordered, I didn’t know he put it on the cups.” Greg was genuinely surprised and now Greg and Chloe also saw that the same writing was on their cups.

The two girls turned to the counter and eyed the guy.

“Wow, baby, you are so attractive to all kinds of people. I think he was flirting with you. Look at his hair, his trimmed eyebrows, his clear skin. If he’s not into guys, I’ll eat my head off. And he’s obviously interested in your undergarment section too, hahaha. Big G, this is really hilarious.” Chloe chuckled and let her hand wander up Greg’s thigh.

Greg couldn’t figure out why the guy had written that. Ok, he was quite good looking and now that he thought about it, the guy had also looked him in the eye for such a comically long time when ordering. But was “Big G” really supposed to be a reference to his…? The guy was pretty tall himself and without meaning to, Greg imagined that he would probably have a much bigger dick himself than Greg did. The guy probably wouldn’t be wearing bikini briefs, but boxer briefs with a big, filled pouch.”

Chloe leaned toward him and whispered, “Do you think he has a big cock?”

Greg blushed again, “I don’t know.”

“Of course, you don’t know, but you were thinking about it just now. It’s written all over you, babe” Chloe knew she just caught him. “Maybe I should go talk to him?”

Greg swallowed. “No, travesti istanbul really, there’s no need. You know I’m not into guys at all. Please.”

“Haha, babe, I am just kidding. I know you wouldn’t do that. His expectations seem a little high, too.” Chloe stroked his crotch where she could feel his little hard one.

“Oh,” Chloe turned back to Jade “by the way, I told you about that nice guy at the sex store. He put his number on the bill. Here, maybe you can do something with him. We don’t need the bill anymore, do we Greg?”

Greg was very much against giving Jade the bill that listed all her purchases. But what could he say. After all, what did Jade want with Jake. Had Chloe told her about his apparently huge cock?

“Thank you, greatly appreciated!” Jade took the bill while still deliberately looking at it a little too long, smiling.


They talked for a good half hour more and then decided to head home. The guy who had been working behind the counter was now busy clearing the tables. When they got up, he had just arrived at their table. He loaded everything on his tray to be cleared, stopped in his tracks for some seconds, and finally grinned at Greg and the girls. “Have a nice day, beautiful people!”

“You too,” the three replied. As they walked out, Jade asked Chloe “Did you see the amused look on his face?”

“Yeah, what was that about?” Chloe asked.

“Well, I left the condom I still had next to my empty coffee cup. OOOOPs, I think he got the message, hahaha”. Jade laughed out loud.

“Hahahah,” Chloe just loved her friend for being as naughty as herself.

Poor clueless Greg could only wonder what the girls were laughing about again. He hoped it wasn’t about him again.

When they just arrived home, Chloe got a call from her friend Luzy. She lived in another city and wasn’t as close a friend as Jade, but the girlfriends exchanged their stories regularly. Chloe flopped down on the bed, her legs still outside on the floor. She hadn’t had time to take off her shoes yet.

As time went on, however, it became uncomfortable. While she was still talking, she waved at Greg, who was brooming the room. She pointed to her shoes and mouthed a “please” to him. Greg understood. He knelt beside the bed and carefully began to undo her shoelaces. When he looked up, he realized he was looking directly between Chloe’s thighs. She was still wearing her short gray dress. And she wasn’t wearing panties, he suddenly remembered. Slowly he took off her shoes. Chloe made no attempt to obstruct his gaze. On the contrary. Willingly she spread her thighs wider than necessary.

She looked down at her now obscenely open legs and mesmerized Greg. Greg’s gaze was fixed on her now completely exposed vagina and could not break away. While holding the phone in her left, she let her right hand slide between her legs and spread her wet pussy lips. She crooked her finger in a beckoning gesture towards Greg and tapped her pussy twice. Greg understood. Kneeling, he leaned forward and began to lick istanbul travestileri the pussy of his dreams.

Chloe’s hand moved to the back of his head, directing his movements.

“My new guy? Yes, of course, still have him, haha, he is here today, too.” She was still resuming her talk. “He is, um, downstairs right now. You know, doing his household chores.”

“Oh no no, he doesn’t live here yet, but he does not mind helping me clean. I feel he is like almost into it. Yeah. He really is a rare find.”

“Right, I still have this two-story condo. And if you’re not careful, it gets dirty really fast, especially downstairs. So, you really need someone to diligently go over that every now and then. Preferably every day.”

Chloe slid a little further forward so that her pussy came to rest outside the edge of the bed, giving Greg even better access to her pussy.

“Equipment? No, he doesn’t need a lot of equipment for that. He’s very careful with the little bit of equipment that’s available to him. He really gets into all the corners and takes a lot of time doing it too.”

Greg could hear her words. He wondered if Luzy understood what Chloe was talking about. This would be so embarrassing. At the same time, he felt praised and proud. He eagerly licked her throbbing pussy and drank her sweet nectar, which was now gushing out of her love grotto in increasingly violent gushes.

“Yes, you’re right. Everyone should have a guy like that. Next time I’ll introduce him to you. I promise. Baby, I really have to go to the bathroom. The coffee from earlier is doing its thing. Let’s talk again soon.”

“Yeah, definitely, see you then, love u girl.”

Chloe hung up. She felt her urge to urinate getting stronger. But she didn’t want to get up, her arousal was already too strong. Greg’s lips had made her pussy glow. She took both hands to the back of his head and pressed him tightly against her. Her pelvis jerked involuntarily against his face. She would do it today. Yes, she would finally do it. The ultimate submission.

“Yes, that’s it baby, suck me harder, oh yeah.”

Greg had an inkling of what was to come. He had heard her, she had to go to the bathroom. Yet she stayed wouldn’t let him go, let alone stop. Here he was, kneeling between his girlfriend’s thighs, diligently licking her pussy and awaiting her golden shower. Twice she had announced it to him, more in jest though he thought. He didn’t want it to happen and yet he did.

Chloe’s pussy moved to the rhythm of his licking. She felt her pussy convulse and twitch. Another lick over her clit would do it.

“Oh yeah, yeah keep licking me there, open wide, baby boy.”

Greg felt the first gush of her juice hit his mouth. Salty, he found, but not unpleasant “Oh yeah, keep it up, keep doing that, don’t you stop now.”

Another gush filled his mouth. “Swallow, don’t let it spill in the bedroom.”

Greg swallowed. Chloe had good control of her piss stream. She filled his mouth and gave him time to swallow, only to fill his mouth again. She lost count. It must have been 8-12 times before she finally felt the urge to urinate lessen. Greg licked her swollen pussy a few more times.

Exhausted, Chloe rolled to her side. “Wow, that was amazing babe, I love you! And I cannot wait for you to fuck me with your 6-inch fake dick.”

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