Chloe and the Rocker

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Chloe Martin was in her last year of high school. She had turned 18 a few months ago though she had developed early. Her breasts were 34D ever since she was 15. Her waist was curvy and she possessed a tight pussy and a fair-sized ass. Tonight she was going to a concert. No one famous but it was a hot local band. They were pretty popular and made news by being a local act bringing back glam metal. It was the middle of April and fairly warm out. Chloe lived in Ottawa and Canadian springs could easily just be prolonged winters. Normally she’d have no idea what to wear for a metal concert. Fortunately her friend Tirzah, also the band’s biggest “groupie”, suggested what she should wear.

Chloe put on a tight black top that barely contained her breasts and exposed the tops of them. Next she chose a mini skirt and heeled black boots. She brushed out her long copper hair and decided to keep it pushed back with a hairband. Giving herself a once over in the mirror, the teen decided she looked good. Grabbing her car keys, Chloe headed out the door. The concert was downtown at a place called The Rainbow Bistro. Tirzah had given her directions since that particular area could be hard to navigate and always slow going for drivers due to lots of pedestrians. Chloe lived on another side of the city but there wasn’t too much traffic and she ended up getting to the venue early.

Paying the entrance fee, the copper-haired beauty looked around. There was a bar in the back on a side wall. Tables had been pushed back and stacked against the furthest wall to make more standing room. The stage was in the front of the room and nearby was a staircase that lead to the upper half of the venue. All of the gathered audience so far were girls. Probably about her age since it was an 18+ show. Chloe noticed some girls from her high school and eventually found her friend.

“Heyy! You look great. They’ll notice you for sure,” Tirzah said.

“Do I want to be noticed?” Chloe asked playfully.

“Of course! It makes things more fun. The singer may pull you onstage or even better, want to see you after the show!” Tirzah explained excitedly.

“After the show?”

“Well yeah. I’m not the only girl they have sex with you know,” the redhead replied casually.

“You have sex with them?!” Chloe asked, shocked.

“Well…for a few months it’s just been Adonis. That’s the singer’s stage name. I’m sort of his favourite. But he’d totally go for you,” Tirzah told her.

Chloe wasn’t sure about staying. She always did have a fantasy of having sex with a rock star or someone in a band. But the guy would have to be gorgeous. Besides, she also wanted a committed relationship…or did she? She was totally confused but decided to stay. After all, Tirzah said they played very well. And it cost $10 to get in. Might as well not waste it. The teen was about to ask her friend something when the band came out. There were five of them, all wearing leather outfits. Tirzah pointed out Adonis and Chloe checked him out. He was tall with long brown hair that was styled with the help of hairspray. His lips were pink and he wore black eyeshadow. He wore tight leather pants with a leather vest and fingerless gloves. Chloe could tell he was hot even without the make-up.

She also recognized the drummer. His name was Tiago and he was in some of her classes. There were two guitarists, currently plugging in to their amps. The bassist had been ready and waiting. They were ready but Adonis was talking to a young woman who came out with the band. Her hair was a darker shade of brown then his and her breasts were about Chloe’s size. She looked a little older, maybe 21 or so.

“Who’s that girl?” Chloe asked.

“Crystal. She’s their manager. She also works the floor during shows to tell lucky girls that a member of the band wants to fuck them. Adonis was probably giving her instructions,” Tirzah explained. She flipped her fiery red hair and waved to the singer. “I love you!” she called out. He smiled at her, a dazzling smile that had Chloe hooked. He pulled a wireless mic from his pocket and spoke.

“Welcome to the Rainbow! We are Ignatius and my name is Adonis. We have a mixed set of covers and originals so let’s get to it!” Adonis said. His voice was deep and Chloe loved the sound of it. They started the first song. Chloe recognized it from one of her parents’ albums. It was Live Wire by Mötley Crüe.

“Plug me in, I’m alive tonight, out on the streets again,” Adonis sang. Despite his deep voice he sounded almost like the singer from Mötley Crüe. Chloe and Tirzah moved closer to the stage. Crystal, the manager, walked into the crowd. Probably scouting out hotties or something, Chloe guessed. Suddenly she wished that Crystal came to her and said Adonis wanted her. She was starstruck. Or crushing hard. Either way Chloe wanted him and she wanted him bad. The band had moved from Live Wire to an original that was apparently called izmir escort bayan Blood Pollution. Adonis’ voice was higher on this too and it was another fast-paced song. Chloe could tell they had a very sound but it was surprisingly melodic too.

After the fourth song Adonis spoke again. “We need help from a lovely lady for this next one.” He walked along the stage and stopped by Chloe and Tirzah. Chloe felt her heart beat faster at his nearness. “What’s your name?” the singer asked her. He didn’t speak into the mic but his voice was just as impressive.

“Chloe,” the overwhelmed teen replied.

“Chloe, do you want to come up on stage with me? You don’t need to do too much and you may have fun.”

Tiago was playing a drum solo to distract the audience. The rhythm pounded in her head but she wanted to be up there with this man, her new crush. Even better, he only seemed a few years older. “Sure,” Chloe answered. Adonis grabbed her hand and pulled her onstage. She felt a shock of excitement at his touch.

“So this is pretty straightforward. If you can just dance for this and let me touch you. Not inappropriately, just sort of placing an arm around your waist and maybe lifting your chin so you can look right at me,” Adonis explained.

“Sounds easy enough. I don’t mind you doing those things with me,” Chloe answered.

“All right.” He raised the mic to his mouth. “Give it up for Infernus’ drum solo!!” The girls of the audience cheered loudly. It really seemed almost deafening. “I guess you call this next one a love song. This is First Night Together originally done by David Hasselhoff!” Adonis exclaimed. The music kicked in and he started singing. Chloe danced near her friend.

“Lucky girl. Bet you’re having fun,” Tirzah said loud enough for Chloe to hear. The copper-haired girl nodded and moved to the center of the stage. Adonis was soon beside her. He gently lifted her head up to meet his eyes.

“There’s a look you got in your eye, all aglow and so inviting. Telling me: you’re watching my every move. Why should we wait for awhile, when your touch is so exciting? Full of fire, burning beyond control,” Adonis sang. As he started the chorus he wrapped an arm around her waist. He pulled her close and Chloe loved it. Her heart hammered, her pulse was racing and her pussy was getting wet. There was a solo and after that Adonis let her go. The teen was very nearly crestfallen. “Give a hand for the beautiful and sensational Chloe!” the singer requested. The audience applauded but Chloe suspected they have been jealous of her. She was about to step down when there was a tug on her hand. She turned around questioningly and saw Adonis. The gorgeous singer pulled her close and kissed her lips quickly.

“He totally likes you!” Tirzah exclaimed after she helped Chloe off the stage.

“Uh-huh,” the copper-haired girl muttered. She was dazed and now totally attracted to Adonis. Forcing herself to focus, Chloe watched the band for the rest of the show. The originals they played had very sexual lyrics. Some were more subtle but they all fueled Chloe’s thoughts of what it would be like to have sex with Adonis. Especially if he lived up to the contents of his lyrics. They ended with a flourish. The guitarists played fast as they dropped to their knees. At the same time the bassist was laying on his back and Tiago stood at the drumkit, throwing a stick into the audience. In the front of everyone else was Adonis, on his knees with the mic in one hand and his fist raised in a classic rock pose. Amidst the cheering the band disappeared backstage. Crystal sent three girls after them. Seeing Chloe’s sad expression, Tirzah went over to talk with the manager.

“You don’t have to worry. Adonis isn’t seeing anyone tonight,” Tirzah reported with a pout of her own.

“Upset that your lover shunned you?” Chloe teased.

“Funny. No, I’m betting he really wants you and just didn’t want to pressure you. You’ll probably be asked at the next show or the third one. If you go,” Tirzah replied.

“I’ll go. That was the horniest hour of my life,” Chloe confessed. Tirzah laughed and the two girls left the Rainbow.


It had been a week since the Ignatius show at the Rainbow Bistro. Chloe had masturbated heavily in that time, much more than she ever had. Today she sat in class, the school uniform skirt showing off her nice legs. The T-shirt was white with IHS written on it for Immaculata High School. The class was waiting to head all the way from the north wing of the second floor to the larger gym below the cafeteria and ground level. There was a band giving a lecture on music theory as applied to heavy metal. That lecture was for the music class and after the band would perform for some chosen classes that would all gather in the gym where the stage was. Chloe heard others at lunch saying it was Ignatius. She really hoped they were right but even if it wasn’t they escort izmir had another show tonight. It would make sense if they were at Immaculata though. Tiago went here and could probably convince the administration to let him do it.

Once in the gym, Chloe’s heart raced. She saw one of the guitarists and the bassist for Ignatius. That meant Adonis was around too! The two that were on stage had more sedate outfits than at the Rainbow show. Probably a restriction placed by the administration. This was a Catholic school after all. Adonis came from the doors leading outside. He wore leather pants, what looked like a muscle shirt and a sports jacket. Chloe hoped he noticed her. She could hear him talking to his friends.

“I hope this goes well. Last time I did anything here they stuck me with a horrible mic and I got kicked out of music class,” Adonis said.

So he had been at Immaculata at some point. Cool! A few other classes were coming into the gym. Chloe was wondering how to get the attractive singer’s attention when he turned and saw her. “Hello,” he greeted warmly.

“Hi,” Chloe whispered.

“Coming to the show tonight?” Adonis asked.

“God yes,” the teen replied. He smiled and was about to say something when Tiago, the other guitarist and Crystal came in just before another class.

“Time for the pre-show,” Adonis said and hopped back onstage. The band got ready and the high school kids crowded around the stage. Starting with a slow intro, Adonis’ came out low and clear. “You want it slooooow. And you want it easy, baby. Keep on pushing babe, like I never known before…” Chloe was impressed how easy it was for him to control his voice between low and high. The music teacher was glaring daggers at Adonis. Obviously she still had something against him. Maybe he wasn’t a model student. The copper-haired girl watched in fascination as Adonis and Ignatius rocked the school stage. Girls swarmed the stage, trying to touch the gorgeous singer. Chloe felt a twinge of jealousy, even though she had decided she wouldn’t care if Adonis had sex with other girls. As long as she was one of them. Especially if she could be his favourite like Tirzah.

It seemed to be near the end of the set. After all the next classes started soon. Adonis had removed his jacket and set it on an amp. “We got one more song for you and if you liked us we’re at the Babylon tonight. I agreed not to get too R-rated but I just have to do this one! It’s called Sex On Fire!” Adonis exclaimed. The music came in heavy and melodical. “I wanna take you and do you on the wall. Anything you want baby, we can do it all. It can be soft, it can be rough. Doesn’t matter cause we’ll never get enough,” he sang. Chloe was absolutely hooked. And she was getting wet, right there in the gym! Suddenly Adonis pulled her on stage with him, singing the second verse directly to her. “Let’s do it in the bed, do it on the floor. Head into the kitchen and do it all some more. Go into the bathroom and do it in the shower, getting harder and harder hour after hour.”

Chloe’s heart beat fast during the rest of the song. Ignatius finished their set and unplugged. The bell rang and the students slowly filed out of the gym. Chloe started to go too but Adonis called her name.

“Yes?” the pretty teen asked.

“What’s your last class?” he inquired.

“English,” Chloe replied.

“Missing one class won’t affect your grade. And Tirzah said you have a car,” Adonis observed.

“I do,” Chloe confirmed.

“Let’s go somewhere and I can…show you the VIP fan experience. Or at least that’s what your friend calls it,” the singer whispered.

“Sex? With you?” Chloe asked, heart racing.

“If you want to.”

“Yes! Um, just let me go to my locker. My car is a red Dodge. Can you wait there?” the teen asked. The singer nodded and went to speak to Crystal quickly. Chloe went to her locker on the third floor. She had a change of clothes in her locker. Should she change? Or would he care if she kept the uniform? If he went here he was familiar with it. Maybe he liked how it looked. The girls’ shirts tended to be tight and a lot of them had the hem of their skirts shortened. Besides, she wouldn’t be dressed for long. And she didn’t want to keep Adonis waiting. Chloe brushed her hair and put a quick coat of pink lipstick on. Grabbing her car keys, she ran down the stairs and out the door. In the parking lot the copper-haired girl found Adonis leaning on her car.

“Where should we go?” Chloe asked once she walked over to him.

“I have an apartment not too far from here if we go down Lees Avenue and take the freeway. I live alone so we wouldn’t be interrupted,” Adonis suggested.

“Sure. Just give me directions and we’re good to go,” the teen replied. Unlocking the doors she added, “Hop in.”

As they drove, the singer placed his hand on her bare thigh. Chloe felt a shock of excitement run through izmir escort her. She turned onto the freeway and soon onto another long street. As per Adonis’ instructions, the girl drove to the end of the street they were on. As it branched into Beechwood Avenue, she turned right down that street, ignoring the bridge on the left. Soon they were in a quiet neighbourhood. Chloe parked on the side of the street. Adonis led her into the apartment building and up a flight of stairs. On the third floor, he opened the door to an apartment at the end of the hallway. It opened into a large living room. In one corner was a guitar, bass and an amp for each. On the couch was a stage outfit, probably laid out for tonight. Chloe removed her shoes and placed her socks in them. The singer appeared with a small wrapper in his hand.

“Do I need this or are you on the pill?” Adonis asked.

“Actually I am. Tirzah suggested it after I said I wanted to have sex with you,” Chloe admitted.

He smiled and pulled her close. Then his lips were on hers. Chloe melted in his arms and kissed back deeply. They made out for several minutes before Adonis broke the kiss. He led her to the bedroom and pulled off her clothes and underwear. The teen responded by removing all of his, then he pushed her on the bed and crawled atop her. They kissed again, tongues swirling in each other’s mouths. Soon Adonis sat up and turned her over. Understanding came quickly and Chloe got on her hands and knees. He grabbed her ample ass, squeezing it hard. The teen moaned as his cock pushed in and he began humping her. His hands still groped her ass, squeezing and fondling. Eventually Adonis grabbed Chloe’s hips and held tightly. He pushed in further, feeling resistance. The singer’s thrusts became harder and faster. Chloe moaned loudly as her breasts bounced up and down.

Adonis continued to fuck the 18 year old’s ass. He pulled her up to just her knees so she sat on his cock. Then he kissed along her neck. She moaned again and sought his lips, kissing him. Her breasts kept bouncing as the singer had his whole cock up her ass. Chloe screamed as her orgasm hit just as Adonis ejaculated. She felt hot semen shoot into her ass as she finished cumming herself. The teen slowly got off the rocker’s cock. He pushed her down again, kissing her lips once more. Then he sat on top of her, humping her breasts with his still-wet cock. Chloe smiled as she watched Adonis’s cock slide across her breast. It rubbed against her nipple, making it hard and wet with semen. He did the same with her other breast before sliding his cock in between. She pushed her breasts against the sides of her lover’s cock as it thrust away. Eventually he ejaculated, spraying semen all over her breasts.

Highly sexualized at this point, Chloe licked up as much semen as she could and swallowed it all. It tasted tangy for a few seconds but was really sweet after. Adonis lifted Chloe’s leg and pushed into her pussy. There was resistance here too but he slowly pushed through her hymen and began thrusting.

“God yessssss Adonis,” she moaned.

Adonis thrust slowly, attentive to his lover’s first time. Chloe was appreciative of this. She was also loving every second and kept moaning and gasping. His tongue licked along the leg he held in his hands. Gradually his thrusts sped up and became harder. Chloe gasped for breath as she started thrusting against the singer’s cock. He pushed in deeper, filling Chloe’s pussy with his cock. She squealed in pleasure as she felt her pussy tighten around Adonis’ cock. She came again, screaming at the top of her lungs. Adonis ejaculated for the third time, shooting several loads of semen into her pussy. He pulled out and Chloe pounced on him, kissing deeply and passionately. The singer returned the kiss with just as much passion. Then he pushed his tongue into her mouth and intertwined it with hers.

After they kissed for several minutes, Chloe made sure Adonis was comfortable lying among his pillows. Then she crawled between her legs and grabbed his cock. The girl started stroking it as she licked from the base to the head. Adonis caressed her face as she kissed the head and lashed at it with her tongue. Adonis moaned softly as Chloe took his cock into her mouth. She started sucking slowly at first, still stroking near the base. Soon she worked out a rhythm, sucking harder and licking the tip in her mouth. Chloe removed her hand, swallowing more of the singer’s delicious cock. Her head bounced up and down as she sucked hungrily. Eventually Chloe was deep throating Adonis’ cock. She had to fight against her gag reflex but continued diligently despite this. It wasn’t long before he ejaculated for a fourth time, sending hot semen straight down the teen’s mouth.

“Thank you. This was so amazing,” she breathed after swallowing the semen and gasping for air.

“I should thank you. You were very wonderful. I hope we can do this again,” Adonis said.

“Definitely. But next time I want to watch you fuck Tirzah,” Chloe requested.

“I may be able to make that work,” the singer replied.

“Okay! For now I need to head home and get ready for the show tonight!”

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