Chiara and Annie Ch. 01

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Hi, my name’s Chiara. This is a story about my first experience with another girl. It happened during my freshman year of college, all the first year dorm rooms were taken so they bumped me up to room with a sophomore. I was really nervous because I had no idea what to expect.

With my parents following, I found the room and opened the door. I squeaked in surprise when I saw my new roommate, she was at least six feet tall and could’ve been a model! She had the body of a goddess. Her hair was as black as coal and so were her flashing eyes. I later found out she was an awesome 36d-26-34.

Let me take you back a bit here, I’m tiny, I’m five feet tall and 100 pounds in a wet tee shirt. I have short red hair and blue-green eyes. Some have said I’m pretty but mostly I get “cute”. For those that give a shit, my measurements are 32a-22-28.

“Hi, you must be Chiara. I’m Annie,” she said as she shook my hand.

“Hi Annie, these are my parents Dan and Kristen.”

Everyone shook hands and Annie assured my folks that she would make sure I ate and behaved myself. I was thinking oh great, just what I need a mother hen.

My parents left shortly afterward and then it was just me and Annie. After I unpacked Annie and I flopped and talked about school, boyfriends and all sorts of stuff. Annie was actually pretty cool, and we had a lot in common.

Things went really well my first few week thanks to Annie. She introduced me around during frosh week as Kiki, so the name stuck, which only added to my ugh, “cuteness” factor.

It was a crappy, rainy Saturday morning and I had hopped into the shower, letting the hot soapy water warm my skin. casino şirketleri Annie knocked on the bathroom door and poked her head in.

“Hey Kiki, I need to pee, I promise not to flush okay?”

“Sure Annie, I’m done anyway,” I said. I was very surprised when the shower door opened and she stepped in to join me under the stinging hot water.

Annie grabbed the shower gel and started lathering her magnificent breasts. “God Kiki, haven’t you ever seen another girl naked before?”

I blushed and stammered “Well yeah but the showers at the gym aren’t quite so close together. And your nipples are dangerously close to poking out one of my eyes.”

Annie giggled and bounced her boobs in my face, ” what ya gonna do about it short stuff?”

Don’t ask me what crazy thought possessed me, but I reached up and tweaked one of her nipples. Annie moaned softly then grinned at me. I smiled back but wasn’t sure what I was getting myself in to but whatever it was I knew I could trust Annie.

“Do it again short stuff,” she murmured to me. I reached up again and rolled her nipple between my finger and thumb. “Have you ever been with another girl” she asked.

“Never,” I said. My hands started washing the frothy lather from her boobs which she seemed to enjoy. Annie’s hands slipped to my hips and she smiled at me shyly.

“Neither have I,” she said. “But from the first time I met you something made me want to be with you. I hope you’re not freaked out or anything!”

I giggled and said, “Freaked out about the fact that a six foot Amazon wants to have sex with me? That happens all the time!”

We both giggled at that and I casino firmaları suggested that we get out of the shower before we got all pruney. As we stepped out we grabbed towels and went to lay on Annie’s bed. Neither of us being sure what to do we decided to cuddle and see what happened from there.

I lay nestled under her arm with my head resting on her shoulder. My mouth was mere inches from her boob, so I kissed it softly above where her towel covered her. Her quick intake of air gave me more courage so I eased her towel off her breast until I could see her hard nipple. I flicked out my tongue and swirled it around, eliciting a deep moan from Annie.

I smiled up at Annie and asked “how’m I doing stretch?”

“Better than my last boyfriend shrimp, he just kinda slobbered all over me”

I giggled and licked her nipple again, and felt Annie’s hand caressing my lower back and slowly lifting my towel up past my bum. She rested her hand on my bare butt and started gently squeezing it as I squirmed around a bit.

“Annie,” I said. “what if this changes things? You’ve been such a great friend I don’t want to lose that.”

Annie chuckled and told me that at least half of the girls in the dorm slept with their roommate or another girl. I looked at her with an impish grin and asked her why she waited until I showed up.

“I don’t know,” she said,” But when I first saw you I knew I had to get naked with you and see if you felt the same way.”

I got off Annie’s bed and let my towel drop to the floor. Annie looked at me hungrily then laughed and said she loved that my pussy was shaved and it made me look like I was twelve or thirteen. güvenilir casino I pouted and asked her if she wanted me to put my towel back on.

Annie looked stricken and leaped from the bed and wrapped her arms around me, “No Kiki, you’re perfect! I was laughing because we’re such opposites, yet we’re so much alike.”

She stepped back and let her towel drop too, showing me her hairless pussy. I giggled and said she looked at least twenty. Annie wrapped me in her arms again and squished my face between her boobs. I could feel the heat of her pussy against my belly and got even more turned on.

“Annie lay on the bed and spread your legs for me,” I said.

When she was positioned I got on my knees beside the bed and leaned over until my face was an inch or two from her hot pussy. I slowly let my tongue drag up her wet slit, surprised that she tasted both musky and sweet at the same time.

Annie shivered and gasped when my tongue bounced against her clit. Guessing that she liked having her clit played with, I attacked it with a vengeance, batting it back and forth with my tongue as I slipped a finger into her.

“Oh god Kiki, that feels amazing! Don’t stop baby!”

I replied with a muffled “Murf” as l lapped up her delicious juices. I slipped a second finger into Annie and bit her clit just to see what her reaction would be. I didn’t know what I was doing, I was just touching her the way I liked to touch myself. Annie bucked and shouted as she came in my face, gushing her juices on my fingers and into my mouth. I drank as much of it as I could and the rest dribbled down my chin.

When Annie finally calmed down, she raised her head and looked down at me grinning and glazed with her cum, she started to laugh. I couldn’t help myself and joined her. I slowly crawled up onto the bed and lay beside her, still giggling. We kissed softly then both fell asleep.

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