Cherry on Top Ch. 13

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All characters are at least 18 years old.



It was unlike anything I’d ever seen.

Not the club itself. Based on what I’d seen on TV and in movies, the club wasn’t anything extraordinary. Booths with tables ringed the dance floor, offering a bit of privacy and relative quiet from the fever of the rest of the room. Large doors on the other walls seemed to lead even deeper into the club, perhaps private rooms or something. Forming the ceiling above the dance floor was a seamless sheet of black glass, and I could easily imagine it as a sort of observation deck.

No, what made Taboo stand out was its patrons. Nobody was here alone, and too many of them shared physical characteristics with their partners. It might have even been safe to assume that everybody here shared blood with the person they were dancing with. There were a surprising number of older people here. Some were simply older than what one would suppose the average club hopper would be, while others were legitimately, factually old. Most of them weren’t partaking in dancing, opting instead to lounge in booths with their partners.

Dad put a hand on my shoulder and pulled me toward him protectively. He was surveying the club critically, yet also seemed intrigued. His hand slipped down to cup my torso under my arm, then slid further down until he was palming my waist. Biting my lip, I clung to him, savoring the thought that I was dad’s woman here. And judging by how this club worked, he was mine alone.

“Anyway, you guys have fun!” Stef called over the music.

“Wait, you’re leaving?” I protested.

“We’ve got a song to catch!”

Brie looked like she wanted to say something more, yet didn’t seem to fight too hard when Stef dragged her off to the dance floor. Drew took his mom’s hand and moved to follow suit. Ms. Hammond looked at us abashedly, especially at dad, before letting her son sweep her off for a dance. It felt so surreal that everybody was… okay with what was happening.

Noticing he wasn’t moving, I looked up at dad. He was still taking things in, apparently, and I nudged him to one of the booths for a quiet place to talk.

Snapping out of his daze, he looked down at me as we walked, then seated himself across from me at the table. “Hey princess. Sorry, it’s just a lot to take in. And Drew and Colette…” He paused, watching them grinding against each other out there with the other couples. “So many things make sense now. And I couldn’t help but notice you weren’t all that surprised.”

As he turned back to me, I blushed. “Um… Yeah. I found out a few days ago.”

He shook his head. “And you didn’t take issue because we’re the same.”

Nodding sheepishly, I looked back out at my friends. Ms. Hammond was casting a glance at us from time to time, most likely still worried what dad would think, and Drew seemed to be enjoying the hell out of it. Stef and Brie had their hands all over each other, roaming through their hair and under their clothes.

“Cherry,” dad said, making me jump. “Do you want to go out there?”

I wet my lips and swallowed, wistfully watching Stef and Brie fondle each other right in the open. I wasn’t as bold, obviously, but I couldn’t help but feel aroused at their shameless display. Dad took my hand and pulled me to my feet, dark desire in his eyes. My single word of hesitance was drowned out by the music as we moved among the dancing couples. He took me by the waist, and with my backless dress his hand was on my bare skin. His touch felt electric, and I was having trouble holding still. I felt like jitters weren’t a good fit for dancing, but dad took over. He wasn’t using modern dance moves, which made me giggle a bit and helped ease my nerves. Dad was dancing a bit more classically, though it wasn’t strictly ballroom stuff, but rather a more casual form. Next to all the people grinding and shuffling around, I felt oddly elegant as I followed his lead.

The song changed to something dad would find difficult to dance to. Trance or dubstep, one of those; it was all so confusing sometimes. I guess dad finally decided ‘when in Rome’ and took me by the hips. My breath hitched as he pressed his crotch to my ass. He was hard in seconds, driving his length between my cheeks. Nearby, Drew was pressed up against his mom, each hand with a fistful of her boobs. She was biting her lip hard as wet spots appeared on the front of her dress.

“Oh my God,” I breathed as dad dry humped me in the middle of the dance floor. Drew was milking his mom right there. She was lactating? Wait, was she pregnant? Had Drew knocked her up? I felt my panties moisten at the prospect and grit my teeth. Damn it, I was turning into a pervert. I was turned on by the thought of dad fucking me because I loved him. Why was I aroused by the thought of Drew putting a baby in his mom?

Because you want your dad’s cum inside you.

It was no coincidence that the thought in my head had been voiced by Lexi. She’d become porno videolar the symbol of depravity in my life. And yet the thought had been my own. I wanted to give myself to dad. Taking his hands in mine, I guided his fingers to my nipples through the dress. He pulled away, and when I looked back at him his expression had grown guilty. Spying the bar off to one side, I pulled him over and waved the bartender down.

“What can I get you folks?” he asked.

“Whiskey. Whatever you have, neat.” Dad still looked a bit flustered, but at least he figured along the same lines as me that he needed a drink.

“Got it. And for the lady?”

“She’s not old enough to drink.”

“As you like.”

The man poured dad a finger of liquor and went about serving other patrons. Dad eyed him suspiciously before downing the glass. “That guy made it sound like the drinking age is negotiable.”

“I think it is,” I said, and dad raised an eyebrow. “I was asking Lexi about this place before she came. The twins, my other friends, told her that they had no problem serving them alcohol. And honestly, considering everything else going on here, not carding the drinkers is probably the least of their concerns.”

We spotted Drew and his mom moving toward the doors leading deeper into the club, making out the whole way. The chest of Ms. Hammond’s dress was soaked through, and they disappeared down the hall together.

“I suppose that’s true enough,” dad decided. His gaze lingered on my chest and I squirmed a bit. Bringing my elbows in, I tried to push what little I had into cleavage, but dad pulled my arms away and my chest flattened again. “That’s better.”

“You sure you like this?” I asked, and he nodded firmly. I smiled shyly and he tipped my chin up, leaning down to kiss me. As it went on, we grew more desperate, more hungry. I climbed onto his lap and he spread my legs so I could straddle him while we made out. His fingers made their way into my hair, running along the roots before wrapping a length around his fist. I gasped, panting like a bitch in heat as he nibbled on my lips. The bartender came back our way, and dad tapped his fingers next to his glass for a top-up. He broke free of our kiss to down it, then we resumed indulging in each other. I could taste the whiskey on his tongue, and I messed his hair up when I grabbed his head, wanting more. We repeated this a few more times, once with me taking a sip from the tumbler as well. Each time left dad getting bolder and bolder, and I loved it.

His kisses turned gentler, and he released my hair so he could trail his fingers down my back again, cupping my ass as his hand wrapped under me. I purred happily, moaning as his fingers crept closer to my holes.

“I want you inside me,” I whispered in his ear. Surprisingly, he didn’t withdraw. Maybe he was just drunk enough to be honest with what he wanted. Heeding my wish, his finger slipped inside my panties, becoming slick with my wetness. I shuddered as it glided over my rear entrance, then spasmed when it ran across my clit.

“Are you okay, princess?” he murmured, and I nodded.

“Just… can’t wait,” I groaned in response.

“We can’t rush this, darling.” He began teasing my button tenderly, and I writhed in his arms. I couldn’t believe we were doing this in public. My dad was fingering me in front of other people. Despite that, all I could focus on was dad. With how entranced by him I was, we may as well have been alone. He gazed lovingly at me as he rubbed, tinged with forbidden lust.

“Dad…” I moaned. “Wait, wait, wait. Oh God, dad, please!”

“Don’t be scared, Cherry,” he crooned. “Let go for me.”

“Dad, you don’t understand, I–“

I climbed down from the stool and tried to sprint away, but dad found my nub again and clutched me to his chest as he continued teasing it. My legs trembled as my control slipped. I keened as liquid started spraying out of me and onto the polished ground. A few patrons leaped out of the way and watched with fascination and revulsion as I came. Tears streamed down my face out of embarrassment, but my violent expulsion wouldn’t stop.

When it was finally over, dad dropped the hem of my dress back down. He’d been holding it just high enough that I didn’t get it dirty, but nobody had seen me underneath. But by this point it didn’t matter. I wanted to dig a hole in the ground and disappear into it. Dozens of people had just seen me piss myself, and dad had done nothing to stop it.

Before I could really break down, dad slapped some money onto the bar and scooped me up in his arms, carrying me over the puddle and toward the exit. People were looking our way, and I threw my arms around dad’s neck and buried my face into his shoulder, ashamed to see the looks we were getting.

We passed through the double doors, leaving the blast of the music behind, and I finally let out my gasping sobs. “Dad!”

“It’s alright, princess–“

“Why porno video izle did you do that?” I wailed. “You made me piss myself in front of all those people! It was so embarrassing, I wanna die!”

“Hey, no dying, baby,” he murmured. “And you didn’t piss yourself.”

“How can you deny what just happened?” I grumbled, trying to regain my composure. “What if my friends saw?”

“It wasn’t piss.”

I frowned and looked at him. “Of course it was.”

“Sniff.” He set me down and raised the hand that had been fingering me up to my face. I recoiled in disgust, but he coaxed me into taking a whiff. Instead of urine, whatever liquid was coating his hand smelled more like when I was turned on. “It’s your juices, Cherry.”

“Hm, okay,” I sniffled. “But it’s still gross, and it’s still embarrassing! And they don’t know what it is!” I pointed back toward the doors.

He looked around us indicatively. “Seems to me the people in this establishment would be the most understanding of what just went on, wouldn’t they?”

I gawked at dad. “Alright, I guess you’ve had too much to drink, because that’s just ridiculous. Like, absurd. We’re definitely going home.”

“You’re one to talk, Cherry,” my dad countered with a grin as we slowly made our way up the stairs. “You’re as red as your namesake.”

“I’m still blushing from what happened back there,” I scoffed, even as the alcohol burned my neck and ears up. Red hair, red dress, red face; I must’ve looked ludicrous.

We stepped outside into the crisp night air, which had a slightly sobering effect. Dad and I walked a little straighter as we made our way over to our car, and found Lexi waiting near the parked vehicles.

“Leaving already?” she said quizzically when she saw us.

“Yeah, this place might not be our speed,” dad explained.

“Aw, well that’s a shame. You look pretty hammered though. I’ll call you a car.”

“That’s alright, I think I can get us home fine–“

“No drunk driving!” Lexi snarled. Dad and I almost flinched, and she quickly composed herself. “Sorry. Just… trying to keep my friends safe.” With a sigh, she whipped out her phone and dialed a number. “Alain, bring the car around. Parking lot near the club.”

When she hung up, dad spoke up. “I’m sorry, you’re right. That was reckless of me, I don’t know what I was thinking.” He turned to look at me, a mixture of dread and sorrow in his eyes. “I need to keep my daughter safe too. I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to her.”

Lexi nodded just as a luxury sedan pulled up at the curb. A well-groomed gentleman stepped out and opened the door for us. “Good evening, monsieur, mademoiselle,” he said politely. He sounded French. “My name is Alain. I will be your chauffeur for the evening.”

“Alain will take you home,” Lexi supplied.

“How do you have our address?” dad said with a squint.

With a teasing smile, Lexi simply said, “You live next door to Coco, remember? I even walked you home.” She winked at me, knowing the memory would irk me.

“Ah! Of course. Ugh, I’m really out of it.” Dad climbed in, and Lexi gave me one last vulpine grin before I followed him and Alain closed the door. Dad looked at me before turning his eyes downward. “I’m sorry, Cherry. Seems I’m doing nothing right tonight.”

“It’s okay, dad.” Alain got in the car and began driving. “It’s Valentine’s Day. Just being with you for it is enough for me.” I nuzzled up against him, and he petted my head as the city outside passed us by.

“I don’t deserve you,” he whispered. I let the car ride lull me to sleep, and when I woke up, dad was setting me down in my bed. “Goodnight, princess.”

“Don’t go,” I mumbled, pulling him down toward me.

“You should be getting some sleep, baby,” he chuckled. “You’re a lightweight, and that whiskey hit you hard.”

“At least get me out of my dress,” I said with a pout. Dad gulped but complied. I sat up and raised my arms and he pulled the dress off, dropping it to the floor when he saw my bare breasts. “Panties too. They’re still wet.” Off came the panties, falling into a sopping clump on the ground. I held my arms outstretched, and dad seemed to really be struggling at this point. “Cuddle.”

He nodded and began taking his clothes off too, until he was down to his underwear and slipping into bed with me. I shuffled into his arms and he kissed me on the forehead. “Sleep now, Cherry. I love you.”

“I love you too,” I said, rolling on top of him to straddle his hips.

His eyes widened in alarm. “Cherry, what are you doing?”

“Getting what we both want,” I whispered, reaching behind me and tugging his erection free from his boxer briefs. “Don’t even try to deny it. For somebody who’s supposed to have whiskey dick, you’re throbbing.”

“Cherry…” He floundered for a response, but all he could come up with was, “We shouldn’t.”

“There’s a lot of things we shouldn’t have done, daddy.” My porno video hushed voice seemed to be making him harder, and I lifted up so I could sit back down on his manhood, pressing it against his pelvis. My naked sex was spreading nectar all along its length, and dad groaned helplessly. Perhaps not so helplessly though; he was putting up a lot less of a fight than he should have. I bit my lip as another sudden pulse went through his cock.

“Some lines can’t be uncrossed, baby,” he warned, looking more torn than I’ve ever seen him. I placed my hands on his chest, basking in how strong he felt.

“Then tell me to get off you. Tell me you don’t want me and these past two weeks have been a mistake.”

He sighed, resigned, and shook his head. “You’re many things, Cherry. But you’ve never been a mistake.” He looked down at our privates, caught in uncertainty again. “Cherry… Is this your first time?” I nodded, and he hesitated again. “Are you sure you want your first time to be with me?”

“No. I want every time to be with you.”

He looked at me, expression gentle and just plain happy. With a nod of finality, he held up a condom he’d been holding, and my eyes blazed with ardor. He’d been ready for this eventuality. Taking it from him I tossed the condom, wrapper and all, off to the side. Dad could only stare after it dumbly.

I lined him up with me and slowly began sitting down. Wincing as he spread my lips, I wondered if my sense of scale was off. Was dad really that big? No, it was because I was small. And tight, I noted with frustration. Then I felt him touch something inside me, something that felt ephemeral. Mustering all the courage I had, I sank lower and felt my father pierce my maidenhead. Stars of pain exploded behind my eyes, and my legs buckled. The only thing that prevented me from painfully plunging down the rest of dad’s length were his hands shooting out to catch me, grabbing my waist and holding me aloft.

Clenching my teeth, I waited for the pain to subside, gasping when it finally lessened to a manageable level. “Thanks for catching me, dad,” I grit out. I took a deep breath as the last of the pain went away. “We can keep going.”

“Easy does it, baby,” he murmured.

The rest of the way down wasn’t a walk in the park either, but at least it was also starting to feel pleasurable. My walls parted for him, and I groaned in equal parts agony and ecstasy. Both ended in relief when he bottomed out in me. He’d reached another barrier, and based on Sex Ed class, this one was not so easily breached.

“Perfect fit,” I remarked, and he gazed up at me, his expression unreadable. “I love you, daddy.”

“I love you, angel,” he said.

He’d never called me his angel before, and I wondered at the significance. Perhaps another time. “Please. Make love to me, daddy.”

I pushed up off my shins, moaning as the uncanny feeling of being turned inside out shot through my body. My legs still felt weak, and I dropped back down, thrusting him deep inside and forcing a sharp cry out of me. Dad gripped my waist again out of concern, ready to lift me off of him, but I held his hands there, continuing to bounce on him. It was pleasure surging through me, and I counted my blessings that the pain had passed so swiftly.

My cherry was popped. It was almost a shame that Lauren wasn’t around anymore so I could rub it in her face. But I didn’t want to think about that bitch, not now of all times. Dad’s face was painted with both innocent bliss and erotic euphoria. Love and lust, perfectly intertwined. The feeling had almost escaped me: I was finally one with my father.

His thick cock pounded into me, and I dug my nails into his chest as I moaned. He was gripping my waist hard now, taking control of the rhythm and slamming me down onto him with such need that I thought I would break. But I was ready to break a thousand times as long as dad put me back together.

His member throbbed several times, and then warmth blossomed inside me, somewhere deep that I never knew existed. This extraordinary sensation overwhelmed me, and I squirted all over his groin, body trembling uncontrollably. His orgasm intensified as he watched me squirt, and for a while we got caught in a loop of feeding each other’s climaxes.

I barely had time to register that my dad had cum inside me before he flipped us over, and suddenly I was lying on my neck and shoulders, with dad standing over me and thrusting his cock back into me. I screamed in rapture, throwing my arms over my head and letting him fuck me raw. Every now and then I’d get a twinge of pain laced in with all the pleasure I was feeling, and it enhanced the feeling the way a tang of sourness made something all the sweeter. Maybe such rough sex so soon after losing my virginity was hurting me, but it was dad. The feral look in his eyes as he claimed me forever was worth it. He finally wanted me as much as I wanted him.

With a fierce grunt, he loosed another load into me, and I was already so full from the first round that cum began dripping out of me past his cock. Panting, he fell to his knees, finally letting me lie back down on the bed as I tried to catch my breath. My brain was fried. It was becoming hard to think. Thankfully I could still understand what he was saying through the haze.

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