Cherry Cola

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I really get off on waitresses, especially older ones. The ones that like to fuck around with younger guys. It’s been my experience since quite early on, that those old broads are very kinky and have a ton of tricks under their skirts.

I was seduced as a young man by a bawdy 46 year old blonde named Greta. I was working part time at a Canadian Tire store and was a regular at the dinner across the road, where she worked. She was my first waitress, my first older woman, and believe me she could serve up one hell of a raunchy meal!

Greta was a wet dream come true! She was 27 years older than me, and had the biggest most suckable tits I’d ever seen in my life! They literally stretched the top of her pink uniform to the point where I was certain she’d be popping her buttons at any second. When ever she leaned over the table to serve me her tits looked as though they were about to spill out onto my plate!

The best thing about Greta though, was that she had the hots for me! I could she did because she always moved behind me to clear the table and made sure that her huge globes pressed and rubbed against my back. She was always teasing me too, kidding me about the young girls she’d see me with. She’d ask when I thought I’d be ready for a real woman!?

Late one night, Greta took matters into her own hands. We were alone in the diner and Greta “accidentally” dumped half a glass of Cherry Cola into my lap. She apologized like mad and then began dabbing the crotch of my pants with the hem of her uniform. The very first touch of her hand gave me a tremendous hard-on, instantly. Before I knew it Greta was no longer dabbing the moist spot in my lap, but rather rubbing it and pressing down on it with a horny and hungry look gleaming in Kayseri Escort her eyes.

I never realized that she was actually serious all those times in the past when she said she’d like to screw me. I always thought she was just playing around with me.

The next thing I knew the diner was closed for the nigh, and great told me to come upstairs to her apartment so she could wash the cola out of my pants before it stained. But I think we both knew what was really going to happen when we got there. As I waited, without my pants, in her bedroom, visions of her mammoth titties danced through my mind.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined just how truly immense and magnificent Greta’s jugs really were though. She stood in front of me braless, her uniform open to the waist and her tits looking like two huge, succulent melons. Greta laughed when she saw my jaw drop and my mouth hang open, drooling.

She offered me one of her tits, “Here Hon….this boob’s for you!”

I had never played with a breast that required two hands. Not that this presented a problem as I eagerly took her heavy jug into my hands. The longer I played with it the harder and longer her nipple grew, until finally Greta clutched my head and pressed me into her bosom firmly. She began moaning and believe it or not, she actually started cumming!

I felt as though I was going to suffocate between Greta’s huge, soft breasts. Sensing my breathing problem Greta pulled back and fed me one of her melons while she lifted the other one and began sucking on the nipple.

It was quite apparent to me that Greta was one very hot and horny lady! Of course by this time I was pretty damn horny myself! I licked and sucked on Kayseri Escort Bayan both her nipples until they were as thick and stiff as the tip of my pinkie finger. I nibbled them with my lips and teeth and drew wet circles around them with my tongue. Just as it seemed Greta was having another orgasm I sucked really hard and raked my teeth over her stiff nub making her scream out loud in pleasure.

Greta finally removed the rest of her clothes, pulling her uniform off, she joined me on the bed. I was horny for her cunt, I wanted to wrap my lips onto her pussy. I wanted to fuck her with my tongue. But she stopped my obvious attempts. Instead she had me lie flat on my back and proceeded to suck my cock and fondle my balls.

Wow, Greta was one great cocksucker! She performed incredible feats with her magical mouth. She locked her lips around the tip of my cock and sucked me so hard I thought my dick was being slowly amputated! Then once she had me all the way inside her mouth she wildly flicked and poked the sensitive underside of my cockhead and the entire length of my throbbing shaft with her talented tongue. She wouldn’t let me cum though. As soon as I was ready to blow she’d grab my balls squeezing them hard and firmly pulling my bag down tight until the urgency to cum subsided. She was a deliciously talented tease and was frustrating the shit out of me!

When she decided it was time to screw, sweet old Greta hit me with yet another surprise. She told me she didn’t want me to fuck her pussy, she wanted me to fuck her tits!

She lay back on the bed and had me straddle her chest. As I did her tits shifted and sagged against the insides of my thighs. But Greta said we weren’t quite ready yet, and Escort Kayseri reaching over she grabbed some Baby Oil from the night table. She told me to dribble some on her tits and my cock as well. “You can’t just dry hump these you know….!” she giggled, while I dribbled. I rubbed some oil on her soft tits and then Greta pushed them up and wrapped her fleshy globes around my oily prick. My cock slid back and forth between her slippery, warm breasts. As I thrust forward towards Greta’s face I actually lost sight of my prick each time it entered her make shift cunt. In fact it felt just as though I was fucking a cunt!

While I titfucked her, Greta was taking care of things by stuffing a big dildo in and out of her pussy. I heard it buzzing and humming away as she shoved it deep into her twat, angling it, pressing it against her clit. Every so often she slid it out and held it against my swollen bag and let it whir and tingle at my nuts. But again, she only did it until she sensed I was going to cum, quickly stopping, teasing me and making me suffer some more.

I had her figured out though, and when she came this time, I did too! Our bodies jerked and writhed together as the cum fired out of my prick. She had me so close to cumming so many times that I had quite a back up of cum and it squirted all over her face and into her hair. I kept ramming my dick back forth between her tits squeezing and pulling on her nipples and Greta kept crying out for more as she came hard herself.

When we both finished cumming I released Greta’s tits and nipples, withdrew my cock and we were both surprised by how much cum I’d unloaded, as her jugs feel apart. She loved the sight of her shiny, wet and creamed tits, and holding one up to her mouth I watched her lick it clean.

Me? Well, I just got another hard on by watching her and once she’d cleaned her tits off, we fucked again. Only this time I actually got to fuck her in that big old, blonde pussy hole until her cuntlips were crimson red and sore as hell the following morning!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32