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Cory and I were lab partners for our chemistry class. But fuck chemicals when there was the intense attraction between us like there was. Cory was a good-looking guy, a little short, but I’m not one to pass judgment.

I had invited him over many times, for dinner, drinks, to hang out with some of my friends, and to listen to play his guitar. He was not, and still is not the best guitarist in the world, but once you’ve had a bottle of wine, he sounds great. And for another thing, he would always sing Jack Johnson songs. Sexy as hell, even if I’m not the biggest fan.

This one night in particular started out as any other. He brought me the requisite bottle of Beringer White Zin, and I made my famous garden corkscrew pesto pasta, with sautéed chicken. It’s a favorite dish of mine, and I always get rave reviews when I make it. The garlic bread was just finishing up, so I finished my glass of wine, refilled it, and took the last drink orders before dinner.

Several of my friends just wanted rum and cokes, or screwdrivers, so it was easy. Dinner was great. We all enjoyed the food and each other’s company. As we finished up, we sat around and just talked about all sorts of different topics, from school, the news, sex, especially sex, and telling jokes.

I don’t think I had thought of the possibility of anything happening between Cory and myself, so I was surprised when he started flirting with me in earnest. He and I are naturally big flirts, but as soon as I noticed it was intentional, my interest was piqued.

We congregated around the couch, where he sat with his acoustic guitar. Our drinks full, we were content to listen to the music and relax. Cory was a great sport, taking requests, and singing his best. Slowly, friends stood up and announced their need to go home to sleep. I stood and wished them a good night, and thanked them for coming over. While I was up, I refilled my glass again.

My spot next to Cory was still empty, so I resumed my position next to him. Only a couple of friends, and one of my roommates remained. While we listened to Cory play, I reached my hand to his thigh, and began caressing it up and down. My friend and roommate moved to my bedroom when Cory announced he was all done.

As the four of us went to my room, Cory got a phone call, and went to the balcony to talk. He was out there for a while, so I went out to ikitelli escort check on him. When I went out there, he came back in with me and sat on the couch. I kept running my hands across his back, then down his leg. It was at that point, while he was still on the phone, that he told me he wanted a threesome with my friend and me. I was giddy, and ran back in to my bedroom, while Cory followed me. Mind you, I live on campus, and while I’m in an apartment, it is not as spacious as a normal apartment would be. The three of them, Cory, my roommate, and my friend monopolized my bed, while I sat in my computer chair. Our conversation gravitated towards sex so frequently, that it became the main topic.

My roommate, still a virgin and planning to stay that way, took her cue, and left for her bedroom on the other side of the apartment. My other friend made room for me on the bed, and I eagerly jumped up.

Pretty soon Cory was rubbing my leg, then hers, then both of ours. Cory’s phone rang again, and he took it in the front room. At that point I whispered to my friend that Cory wanted to have a threesome. I asked her if it was okay. She said, “Chris, I haven’t even had sex yet!” then followed up with, “for my first time I want it to be just me and a guy I actually like!”

We laughed when I realized what I had just said. She knew I was far-gone, so it didn’t bother her. It ended up becoming a joke between us afterwards. Cory finished up his call, and came back into the room, sitting on the other side of my friend.

I don’t describe myself as a lesbian. I’m probably bisexual, but have not yet confirmed that. I’ve never had sex with a woman, or even had a threesome with another woman. The most I’ve ever done is kiss them. Sometimes just one at a time, other times more. And that night, I was drunk, which would describe my condition every time I have ever kissed, no, made out with another girl.

Cory watched in awe as my friend and I started to kiss, simply at first, then much longer and deeper. I had finished my bottle of wine, and I was in a very pleasurable place, so I was happy. Cory scooted between the two of us, effectively separating us. Then, he started kissing me passionately while rubbing my friend’s leg. He would trade off every couple of minutes, kissing me, then her.

It was erotic as hell, and then suddenly istanbul escort my friend decided she was going to the couch. I knew why, and in all honesty, I was relieved. In the same second she shut the door behind her, Cory and I started to rip our clothes off. We both knew what we wanted, and we both knew we were about to get it.

While my memories are blurry and fuzzy because I was so drunk, I can’t give details about everything. I do remember most of it, but not everything, or what order they happened in. Cory impressed me by coming prepared, as in bringing his own protection. That was a nice touch, but I was prepared just in case, as I always am.

I remember him settling down onto my comfortable bed, while I crawled up and started toying with his cock. I don’t remember anything spectacular about it, other than it was there, but I do remember his moans. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I sucked his swollen dick into my mouth. As I ravaged his cock, he played with my tits. Using both his hands, he lifted them and squeezed, rubbing my nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

I could tell he was enjoying my oral attentions, so I slowly backed off, and sucked his left nut into my mouth. I can remember the warmth and texture of them – slightly pebbly, but soft, and of course, the egg shaped solid center. Mmmm, just the memory gets me hot still.

He was paying tons of attention to my breasts, which was turning me on to no end. As I raised myself, I asked him to eat me out. Now, I’ve never been fond of that expression, but for some reason it was the precise thing to say right then and there. Cory and I exchanged places, him kneeling between my legs, and me on my back with legs spread.

Cory leant over and kissed me first, crushing his chest into mine. God that kiss was fucking hot. He lowered himself, and gently spread me open even wider with his fingers. His tongue gently reached out and licked all over, smearing my juices even farther than they were before. My hips started rocking slowly, and he had just started!

His tongue suddenly pulled back, and then attacked my clit. He flicked it with a fury I’ve never experienced before or since. The more he licked, the harder I bucked my hips at his face. When he covered my clit with his mouth and sucked, I thought I was going to pass out. It was at that moment I demanded kadıköy escort he fuck me.

He pulled himself up, got off the bed and found his shorts. Cory came back to the bed, sheathed in the condom. Now this is the point where my memory gets fuzzy, but I know he entered me, while I was on my back. In all honesty, we fucked in about every position possible. I am pretty sure that I was riding him reverse cowgirl when he came, but I’m not completely positive.

After a short break, we started up again, this time with me on my knees at the side of my bed (I have a high bed), and him standing at the edge. While he pounded into me, I came, and then begged him to fuck my ass. And fuck my ass he did. Feeling his cock ram in and out of my tight hole, I was screaming his name. I didn’t care who heard us. I was getting mine, and I didn’t give a fuck about anyone else.

Cory came a second time, and tossed the condom in the trash. I lounged on the bed, allowing my body to delight in the sensations. Cory knelt on the floor, and started freaking out, saying he had to go home. I thought maybe he was having a drug interaction or something, so I asked him to stay. However, he kept saying he couldn’t sleep next to anyone.

That was a relief. I’ve never asked, nor wanted a hook-up to sleep over. My philosophy is: we fuck, and go our separate ways. It’s easy, and it has almost always worked for me.

The next morning, I awoke to see condom wrappers on the floor, and some of my toys strewn about. I hadn’t even remembered using them the night before. I tentatively got up, afraid if I moved to quickly my head would pound furiously. As I reached for my robe, I opened the door and headed to the bathroom.

Upon exiting, I realized my friend was asleep on the couch. I was afraid she heard everything. However, she woke up shortly after I did, only to announce she had been so tired the night before, she had passed out as soon as her head hit the throw pillow. I was relieved, to say the least.

But that didn’t last long. My roommate came out of her room, and as we were making breakfast, she commented on the large smile on my face. I just smiled even more after she said that. Then she told me she heard everything from the night before. At one point she thought I was being attacked, and almost called campus security. Thank god she didn’t. She said she could even hear him slap my ass. Wow. We were loud.

I really let loose that night, and I was glad my lab partner and I became more than “Labby’s”. I had bruises and sore spots to remember what an intense night of fucking we shared. He was great, and I knew I had to make sure it happened again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32