Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 03

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Brooklyn Chase

Stef was rudely awakened by her cell going off on her nightstand. She reached for it out of the haze of sleep. She looked at the display on top and tried to focus on the caller ID before answering the call. It was Kendall and it was nine o’clock.

“You’re up early, Kay,” Stef croaked, clearing her throat as she answered the call.

“I was curious to hear about your date with your chemistry nerd neighbor. However, I didn’t expect you to still be sleeping. Does that mean you were out later than planned?

“You could say that,” Stef admitted.

“Did you do it?”


“Bet he loved that,” Kendall said, with the hint of a smirk in her voice.

“We both did,” Stef confessed.

“You enjoyed sucking Cole’s dick?” Kendall asked, in somewhat disbelief.


“You’re such a slut. You’d enjoy sucking off your chem. teacher, Mr. Stern,” Kendall added, with a laugh.

“Would not! And besides, at least I’m going to get a good grade in chemistry now.”

“Heavy price to pay, girl,” Kendall said.

“Not really,” Stef shot back.

“How so? Cole got a nice…”

“It’s gorgeous!”

“What? Are you saying he has…”

“Bigger than Jordan’s and thicker too. It’s an anaconda.”

“It is?”

“It’s beautiful. A real mouthful.”

“My god. Who would’da thunk the geek had a nice dick,” Kendall said amazed.

“It was a fun ride too,” Stef proclaimed.

“You didn’t! You fucked him too?”

“Oh, yeah! I couldn’t let that big beauty get away without hitching a quick ride,” Stef confessed.

“Oh, my god! You’re making me hot and jealous. I can’t believe it! You took Cole’s virginity too?”

“Yep! It was great! He reached places inside me I didn’t even know I had. We both came together at the end. It was blissful.”

“Fuck! I can’t believe it. You’re making me horny and wishing I had a turn,” Kendall admitted. “Are you going to try for another time with him?”

“Kay, I think I might. It was more than just a fuck too. It was different than with Chris or Jordan. Cole and I go way back. Being with him was kinda surreal. Different.”

“What’re you saying? You can’t be seriously falling for…”

“I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m just telling you it was different than just screwing Chris or Jordan. It seemed to have more meaning somehow,” Stephanie explained.

“It was just different because it was so big and felt so good,” Kendall tried to reason.

“Well, that’s true but, no…it was definitely more than that,” Stef concluded.

“Geez, that’s wild! Here I thought you’d have a good tale about being grossed out but instead you have me wondering about screwing him too,” Kay admitted.

“He’s mine for now,” Stef told her friend.

“Okay…okay, just thinking ahead. How did Michelle make out with the other guy? Don’t tell me he was hung like a …”

“I don’t know. They were gone by the time we got back to where we left the cars.”

“Probably a quick one then,” Kendall decided aloud.

“I’d bet Mark came fast the first time too, just like Cole did,” Stef offered.

“So you blew Cole first then fucked him?”


“Well, you probably made his day,” Kendall stated.

“Yeah…he was going to say something at the end, in front of my house, but he chose not to. He did thank me but I told him no need,” Stef concluded.

“Wow, this is getting interesting. What’re you going to do now?” Kendall questioned.

“Well, I suspect we will be getting together soon to study. I’ll see how Michelle feels but I wouldn’t be opposed to getting with Cole again,” Stef proclaimed.

“Yeah, let me know what happened with Michelle.


“Want to hit the mall? I have some shopping to do,” Kendall stated.

“Sure. When?”


“Okay…I’ll be ready,” Stef said.

About eleven as she was finishing a late breakfast her cell rang. By the read-out she could tell it was Michelle. She finished the cereal in her mouth and answered the phone.

“What’s up, Michelle,” Stef said.

“Hey, Stef. So how did it go with Cole?” Michelle asked, with a little bounce to her voice.

“Great actually! How about you and Mark?” Stef probed.

“He’s actually a very sweet guy,” Michelle answered.

“What does that mean?” Stef probed again. “You like the taste of him?”

“No, silly…well, yeah…but that’s not it. I mean he’s really quite nice. We had a good time,” Michelle explained. “It was different than my normal dates.”

“How so?”

“Well, usually the guys are so anxious to get their rocks off they are either agitated or pushy for me to do it. Mark was more gentlemanly. It was a refreshing change. Made me feel more appreciated even though it was understood I would blow him,” Michelle claimed.

“Did you?”

“Of course, but he offered to let me off the hook,” Michelle mentioned.

“Cole too,” Stef agreed.

“By the time we sat down on one of the benches, I was happy to do it for him,” Michelle claimed.

“Me too. How was it?” Stef asked.

“Nice. beşiktaş escort He’s about average in the cock department but tasty. It was kinda cute. He was hard as stone the second we sat down. I had trouble getting him out of his pants. He lasted less than one minute once I had my mouth on him,” Michelle stated.

“Poor guy, barely got to enjoy it, huh?” Stef proclaimed.

“Well, I have to admit something,” Michelle announced. “I did him twice!”

“You did?” Stef asked.

“Yeah. It happened so quickly and he stayed hard while I played with it afterwards. I asked him if he thought he could go again and he just cutely nodded yes,” Michelle said.

“I fucked Cole after I blew him,” Stef offered.

“No way! You did?”

“Yeah, he has a gorgeous cock too.”

“He does? I thought about fucking Mark but passed on the idea. So you did it. Wow! How was it?” Michelle asked.

“Michelle, when I say he has a gorgeous cock, I mean a big monstrous gorgeous cock,” Stef elaborated.

“How big we talking about?” Michelle queried Stef.

“Over eight…maybe close to nine when he’s fully stimulated. And it’s thick too. A real major mouthful,” Stef claimed, with a giggle in her voice.

“You got to be kidding me! A science nerd with a real weapon, huh?” Michelle asked.

“Oh, my god! It was a phenomenal ride,” Stef moaned.

“Damn! I’ve never had one that big yet,” Michelle stated.

“It’s a treat,” Stef claimed, but immediately hushed her voice as her mom entered the room.

“I bet,” Michelle agreed, on the other end of the phone.

“Michelle, I got to get running to meet Kendall to go to the mall. You want to come?”

“Sure, when?”

“Noon. You can come here if you can make it by then.”

“Okay, wait for me. I might be a minute or two late. Bye.”

“See ya.”

When Stephanie hung up her mother said, “What was a treat, dear?”

“Oh, nothing.”

“Oh, I thought you might be talking about your date with Cole?” her mom asked. “How was it?”

“It was fun, Mom. He and I still have a lot of fun memories from when we were kids,” Stef explained.

“I like Cole. He’s a very nice boy and smart too.”

“You would like him.”

“Well, Chris and Jordan are nice too but I think Cole is a better catch.”

“Mom, I’m not trying to catch anyone before I head off to college. Just want to go out on a few dates is all,” Stef said.

“Well, I just like Cole,” her mom concluded.

“I got to run, Mom. We’re going to the mall,” Stef said, as she placed her now soggy cereal in the sink and washed out the dish.

“Who’s going, Stephanie?”

“Michelle, Kendall, and me.”

“Who’s driving?”


“Be home before dinner, okay?”

“Sure, Mom,” Stef said, giving her a peck on the cheek.

Stef was ready when Kendall got there but they had to wait ten minutes for Michelle. They were on their way to the mall at quarter after twelve. Kendall had told Stef she wanted to look at casual clothes for after the prom and maybe a new swimsuit.

“So, Michelle, how was your date with your new chemistry lab partner?” Kendall asked with a grin.

“It actually turned out much better than I imagined it would,” Michelle replied.

“You too? Stef said she had a better time than she expected.”

“Yeah, Mark is okay. Not as nerdy as I feared.”

“I’m beginning to worry about you two. Sucking the dicks of two of the brainiacs from school and enjoying it,” Kendall said, with obvious amusement in her voice.

Stef and Michelle laughed too. “Yeah, and I’d do it again in a minute,” Stef stated.

“You fucked Cole. I just blew Mark, but I might consider fucking the poor boy if we go out again,” Michelle agreed. “He is kinda cute after all.”

“You two are the biggest sluts in school,” Kendall jokingly stated.

“Yeah, we are! Fucking the nerds and loving it!” Stef claimed and they all laughed aloud.

The shopping at the mall was fun. Kendall did get her casual spring clothes and she and Michelle each picked out bikinis on sale. Stef only bought two new bra and thong sets. She didn’t tell the others she hoped to be wearing them for Cole. It made her smile inwardly to think about it.

Sunday started out uneventful and it looked like just another boring day around the house until Chris called. He wanted to go for a ride and she knew what that meant. Every time they went for a ride, he ended up between her legs, but she didn’t mind. She was actually quite horny for some reason. Thoughts of Cole and their time in the park popped in her head with increasing regularity. In the past her horny thoughts had always involved Jordan’s big cock deep inside her or Chris licking her pussy until she had to push him away. Not now though. Her new thoughts focused on Cole.

She still liked Chris though and decided to wear clothes she knew he would love. She wore one set of her new lingerie, a short skirt, and a tank top. It was a nice spring day so she would not need a jacket. She was beşyol escort ready when he got there and after saying goodbye to her folks, was off.

Chris looked over at her as they drove and talked. He had worked on his car all day Saturday and proceeded to tell her all the boring details. She caught him stealing looks at her bare legs often and that made her inwardly smile. He kept looking at her tits too, so Stef glanced down one time when he was turning a corner to see that her nipples were erect. They were poking through the top of her thin lacy bra and the tank top. Chris had his window down and the cool breeze in the car was having an affect on her nipples.

Chris’ constant glances at her body were making her even hornier and she decided to take matters into her own hands. She shifted in the seat, raising her left leg up, which caused her skirt to ride up. Her thong-covered pussy was just barely hidden away under her tightly stretched skirt. Stef slid her hand onto Chris’ upper thigh as she looked at him. When he turned to her reacting to her touch, she smiled. Her twinkling eyes and seductive grin were highlighted further when she licked her lips for him. Chris groaned and squirmed in his seat a little.

“Fuck, Stef. You’re going to make me have an accident,” Chris claimed.

“What’s the matter, don’t you want to play?” Stephanie asked, knowing full well the answer to that.

“Oh, god, yes. But we need to park somewhere first,” Chris pleaded.

“What do you have in mind?” Stef asked, sure he had a destination in mind.

“I thought we would go to the forest preserve. I have a blanket and a small picnic basket in the trunk,” Chris mentioned.

“Oh, that sounds delightful,” Stef replied and her hand squeezed his inner thigh just below his crotch making Chris moan lightly.

Stef could see the beginnings of a hardon pushing out the front of his basketball shorts. Chris had come dressed for action too. Just a tee shirt and the loose fitting gym shorts made for easy access and removal. She thought about teasing him further by touching his cock through his shorts or even pulling him out and sucking on it a little for him. She had blown him once before as they drove and he nearly ran off the road when he came in her mouth. She decided to avoid the accident potential and just wait.

It took another fifteen minutes to get to the park. Her hand had continued to massage his leg and there was no doubt his cock was fully hard inside his shorts. The pained look on Chris’ face told Stef what she needed to do for him to start. Chris pulled into the park and tried to find a spot away from everyone else. Many others had the same idea about the park on such a nice day, so finding a somewhat secluded spot meant parking at the back end of the lot.

When Chris killed the engine, he looked over at Stef. She knew what he wanted and needed and was all too willing to help him out.

“Stef, you ready to go?” Chris asked weakly.

“Yeah, but I don’t think you can walk right now. Am I right?” she asked, with a sweet grin and amused voice.

“Well, it might be difficult at that. Looking at you is only going to make matters worse too,” Chris agreed with a chuckle.

“Keep an eye out for people,” Stef said, as she shifted out of her seatbelt into a kneeling position on the seat.

Chris shifted in his seat too and helped Stef by lifting his right leg up on the seat. The gym shorts did not even need to be removed. Her hand easily pushed his baggy pant leg up and over his stiff cock. He was not wearing underwear which made it even easier. Stef pulled his cock and balls out to the side of his shorts exposing him to her. His cockhead already had signs of pre-cum at the tip. ‘This won’t take long,’ Stef knew. Good thing too. Her skirt was hiked up in this position, probably exposing her bare, thong-clad ass to anyone that came by.

Stephanie looked at Chris’ hard cock in her hands. He was not exceptionally endowed like Jordan or Cole, but it was nice and hard and straight. If there was such a thing as a cute cock, Chris’ would have fit the bill. It was a pretty pink, without ugly bulging veins. The head was proportionate to the shaft and a slightly deeper pink. He even trimmed his pubes and naturally had hairless balls.

Stef looked up at his face before beginning, though her hands teased him tenderly. He still had tension straining his face.

“Keep a good eye out now. My ass is probably giving everyone looking a good beaver shot,” Stef said, with a laugh.

“Okay,’ Chris croaked with desire.

She smiled at him one more time before descending to lick his cockhead. The taste of pre-cum immediately came to her. She loved sucking cock and the bland salty taste of him teased her taste buds. Her tongue teased all around the mushroom shaped head drawing moans from Chris. Her hands continued to tease and massage his shaft and balls.

When Stef finally took Chris’ cockhead into her warm wet mouth, he groaned like a tortured man. He squirmed on the seat. beykent escort His balls were already hard nuts beneath his cock shaft. Even though it had only been a couple days since they were last together, at his young age, he recharged quickly, and needed release often.

Stef wanted out of this kneeling position with her butt exposed to the world, so she decided to waste little time getting Chris off. She immediately started bobbing up and down on his cock. She applied a healthy bit of suction on the draw backs and pushed deep on the down-strokes. The effect on Chris was mind-numbing. She could feel him stiffen further in her hands and mouth. She knew that he would cum soon.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, god, Stef,” Chris growled.

Stef knew it was coming exactly when it did. Chris’ cock was easy to predict. He exploded with force in her mouth. The first two pulses were strong and painted the back of her mouth. The third coated her tongue with his white, thick seeded cum. The next, milder pulses, oozed even more cum onto her tongue as it teased the underside of his cockhead looking to milk him and prolong his pleasure. She swallowed and continued to suck tenderly on his now sensitive head. The sweet taste of his cum delighted her mouth. She had convinced both Chris and Jordan to drink ample amounts of pineapple juice to sweeten their cum.

When Chris started to moan from her voracious mouth on his cock, Stef withdrew. She looked up at him with an amused smile as she licked her lips. He opened his eyes and looked at her with a more drained expression now.

“God, you are wonderful,” Chris barked.

“Thanks. You taste good. I love sucking on you too,” Stef stated.

“Is that pineapple juice making a difference?”

“Yeah, it definitely is,” Stef proclaimed, as she sat back down.

Chris stuffed his softening cock back in his basketball shorts. They got out of the car and retrieved the blanket and picnic basket from the trunk. They walked down the closest path looking for a good spot to stop. It would be difficult to find the perfect place. They talked about wanting to find a spot with sun but still secluded to allow them privacy. Not an easy task in a public park that was busy on this nice day.

Chris noticed a path off the main one. It was somewhat overgrown with vegetation and obviously little used. They both had sandals on and were not interested in treading through deep leaves and anything wet. They managed to walk along a ridge that afforded good footing. The forest was dense and they had to negotiate their way around or over several dead downed trees.

After walking about a quarter of a mile through difficult woods, Stef started to think they were going too far when they spotted a more brightly lit area ahead. When they got there, it turned out to be a stream running through the forest. The trail they had taken was probably used only by a few fishermen that knew this spot.

“Wow, this would be a great trout fishing area,” Chris remarked.

“It is pretty,” Stef agreed, as she looked up and down the rocky stream with Chris.

“Look over there,” Chris said, pointing to a mini-waterfall up the stream about fifty yards.

“Awesome,” Stef agreed.

“Hey, Stef. See those big boulders near the waterfall. That would be a good place to throw the blanket,” Chris explained.


They negotiated along the bank. They had to climb over a downed tree. When they reached the boulders, they climbed up onto the top one. It was about six feet across in almost a circle. It was right above the small waterfall and gave a commanding view up and down the steam. The sun beat down on the rock and even in the cool forest was warm to the touch. Chris spread the blanket while Stef held the picnic basket. When the blanket was down, they knelt and unloaded the basket. Chris had brought chips, sodas, and some cold fried chicken. He had napkins, plates, and plastic forks.

It was about one and they were both a little hungry, so they dug right in. The chicken was from KFC and, though cold, was still good. Stef picked at a breast while Chris ate two legs. They had opened the chips too and each drank a soda. They talked about school, friends, and how beautiful it was along the stream in the forest. Stef had to admit to herself, as she looked at Chris, he was definitely cute. Momentarily her thoughts left Cole and focused entirely on Chris.

There were many things she loved about Chris. He was caring and of course, he sucked pussy like he was born to it. Jordan was a great fuck and handsome in an athletic and rugged way, but Chris was plain cute and sweet. She realized she care more for him than Jordan. Jordan had been a good time but she could give him up if she had to. She wasn’t sure where her feelings with Cole were headed. ‘Time will tell me that,’ she thought. Her feelings for Chris were more important to her.

“This is beautiful here, isn’t it?” Chris was saying.

Stephanie came back to reality just in time, “Yes, it is gorgeous.”

“I bet right below here there are trout,” Chris said, hanging over the edge of the rock looking down into the water below.

“How do you know?” Stef questioned, looking too.

“They like to pool below running water like this,” Chris explained.

Stephanie looked down hoping to see one as the water was crystal clear. Unfortunately the churning water at the bottom of the small falls lessened the visibility.

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