Chemical Concocktion Ch. 04

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I had given up any further resistance. You would have too. To have a gorgeous woman fawning over you… worshipping you… begging you to fuck them. I felt like a conqueror, like a high school quarterback after winning State. I never had a woman as hot as Beth. I never had a woman so sexually excited by me. It was the best sex of my life.

Part of me, that good and moralistic side, was also apparently my realistic side as well. It kept on prodding at me, an unforgiving conscience that wouldn’t shut up.

“She’s too young and innocent. She’ll wise up eventually and leave you. She’ll be ashamed that she ever fucked a loser like you”.

When that didn’t work, it tried,

“This is all fake. You brainwashed her with your potion and now you’re using her. When she told you that she would make this choice again, that’s because it was her brainwashed mind speaking. If the old Beth knew you were taking advantage of her like this… she would hate you”.

Nope. Nothing. I was not interested in paying attention to my moral self or even reality at that moment. I wanted to savor everything. Beth was my own private hedonistic paradise and I wasn’t about to give that up. God help me, I wanted to use her. I wanted her just as she was and there was no way that I would even consider abandoning it. Beth had been worried that her obsession with me would push me away. It hadn’t. It had the opposite effect. I was reveling in it. The power she had given me when she admitted that she would do anything I asked… it was as addicting to me as much she had been addicted by the potion. What would you do if a beautiful 18 year old woman admitted that she would eagerly do anything you even hinted at?

“and you might have knocked her up” my realistic side snidely commented. “You might have gotten her pregnant. An 18 year old girl who trusted you. You knew those condoms were ancient. Of course one was going to break”.

That hit pretty hard. I did know those condoms were old. I had to be honest with myself here as well, I was almost 40 years old and didn’t have kids. Was there a subconscious part of me that might have wanted to knock Beth up? It didn’t matter though, not really. I should be ashamed that I would try and use her to bear my children without her input, but, as she was now, if I loved the idea, she would too. She would welcome it. Also, she had almost graduated from high school… even if she were pregnant, it was close enough to graduation that I could claim innocence and keep my job, later claiming that we had hooked up after her graduation.

So, I didn’t tell Beth about the broken condom at that point. I didn’t want her to worry. If she ended up being pregnant, then we’d deal with it at that point. Right then, I just wanted to enjoy being in the moment.


Beth was a smart girl, I knew that from our friendship. I didn’t realize how smart though. All the time she had been waiting for me to come around, she had been formulating plans to work out an affair between us. I now realized that I never stood a chance at fending her off, she would have seduced me regardless of my wishes.

She had come up with list of lies to cover our elicit meetings from her parents and her friends. Each lie carefully constructed with secondary support, so even if someone checked up on it, the lie would appear as the truth. For example, she had set up a fake website for a senior citizen volunteer service, then told her mother that she was volunteering with it, reading books to stay-at-home senior citizens.

We would use these carefully planned lies to meet a couple of times a week. Each time was a hurried moment of fucking. The sex was incredible. I had never lost myself so completely as I did in those moments. It was like I would lose my ability to think, my mind would be reduced to some primitive ape-level, thinking merely of fucking my woman. Like one of the first times…..

I got home from work and entered my living room. Beth had arrived earlier and was waiting for me. She was wearing a white blouse and a mid-length red skirt. Knowing with absolute confidence that she was mine, knowing that she wouldn’t refuse me… well, that was heady stuff. I wanted her and I was going to take her.

She came up to me for a hug, but I grabbed her and kissed her hard. She paused for just a second, surprised.. but then I felt her body melt into mine. She opened her mouth and kissed me back even harder.

She smelled of some pineapple/coconut ankara escort bayan shampoo. I kissed her neck and felt goosebumps jump to attention on her skin. My hand reached up under her shirt and groped her breasts… her nipples were hard, like little pebbles under my hand.

I spun her around and leaned her over. Her hands went onto the back of the couch. I lifted her skirt, revealing that she wasn’t wearing panties… I felt feral, animalistic. I quickly started getting my pants off.

She turned, wanting to help me… I swatted her butt with my hand,

“No!” I reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy. It was already so wet. My fingers slipped over her labia… and almost on their own, they slid inside of her. She ground herself against my fingers. I could feel the roughened texture of her g-spot, was is getting larger? The thought slipped quickly through my mind, higher thoughts only staying for fleeting moments. Devoid of my pants and underwear now, I positioned myself and slid into her. She was so lubricated, there was no resistance, just the feeling of pressure and being enveloped in warmth.

She moaned, dropping to her elbows on the couch.

I started fucking her. Roughly taking her. Her knees buckled for a moment as she threw back her head to give a cry of pleasure. There was a burning need in me to go deeper, to put all of myself up inside of her. I could feel her cervix with the head of my cock, I could feel it spasm, followed by her vagina.

It felt so good. I could hear myself slapping against the soft curve of her butt, feel myself going deeply inside of her. It could have been seconds, it could have been minutes, I had no concept of time. I felt her getting wetter, feel her vagina start to milk me with its contractions. She was going to orgasm. Each time I felt her body spasm, I could feel it in my cock… it was almost like we were climaxing together.

I reached down and started to rub her clit.

That did it. She howled and I could feel her body spasm. I rubbed faster. Her knees started to buckle again and I held her up with my other arm.

I pulled out of her, turned her back around and pushed her to her knees,

“Suck me” I ordered.

Even dazed as she was, she deftly took me in her mouth as her hands started jacking me off.

Now it was my turn to feel my legs turn rubbery. She was so good at this. One of her hands went between her legs and started moving frantically. I could feel her body tremble as it to built towards another climax.

I was getting closer. Any second…

Oh god. I came and she redoubled her efforts, sucking harder and moving her hand faster. I swayed, and felt her mouth open as she started moaning with her own climax.


It was after these times that it sometimes got awkward. She would cuddle up against my body and there would be these uncomfortable moments for me. She loved me a little too much, if you know what I mean. She was about one hairsbreadth away from actually worshipping me. You know, I bet if I did tell her to worship me, she would… and she’d love doing it too.

Beth’s personality was still there, but it was subservient to mine. She seemed to gauge her actions solely for my benefit. If there was something she found funny, she’d laugh… but I could also tell that she was watching to see if I thought it was funny. If I did, she’d increase her laughter. If I didn’t, she’d stop. I shouldn’t let that kind of thing bother me, but it did. It seemed like the Beth I knew as a friend had been trampled over by the addicted sex kitten. To be completely honest, that didn’t bother me much. Okay, it didn’t really bother me at all. Actually, I kind of liked it. I missed the old Beth once in awhile, but the power I had over her, I can’t explain it… it was… awesome.

It was hard to stop myself from using that power. They say that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and who am I to argue against that? I can’t begin to tell you how much of a turn-on it is. You need to experience it. I can see why so many men start religious cults. To be loved by their followers, to have them worship you… I mean, it’s incredible to wield something like that. When I used to fantasize about creating a love potion, it was no where on the scale of something like this. My fantasies were not as imaginative as this. To be given power on this level… it was too much. I’m only human. Any man would give in and abuse this kind of mersin escort bayan thing.

On the other side of things, I didn’t truly know the limits of my power. Sure, Beth made it sound like I had absolute power over her, but maybe she was just telling me that because she thought I wanted to hear it. How could I know for sure? The temptation to test those limits was always present.

One of the times that the temptation grew too much for me… I gave in and tried to see how far I could push her. Would she really do anything I suggested? Could I affect her personality? I know, I know, it sounds horrible that I even considered doing such a thing, almost sociopathic… especially when you understand that she had been a friend of mine, but still, what would you have done? Wouldn’t you have given in at least once? Just a little bit?

“Beth”, I said, “do you have any sexual kinks?”

“What?” she asked, “No, not that I know of”. She paused thoughtfully, “Well, I’m insanely attracted to everything about you, so I guess you’d be my kink”. She laid down on top of me… her hair dangling around her pixie face. She kissed my nose while staring into my eyes.

“Go ahead, tell me to do something. Tell me to blow you”. She grinned mischievously, both of us knowing she would love it if I told her just that.

“I want you to think about feet,” I said, “think about how sexy feet are”.

“You’re trying to give me a foot fetish!” she scolded, lightly swatting me with her hand.

I rolled us over onto our sides.

“Are you thinking about how sexy feet are?” I continued,

She fidgeted a bit. I could feel her feet starting to rub against one another nervously.

“Do you really want to do this?” she asked.

I ignored her question.

After a momentary pause, “I’m trying…” she whispered, blushing, “but it’s not easy”.

“Now, I want you to think about how it feels when you get excited, how it feels when you orgasm. Try and remember exactly how that feels. Imagine it so much that you can start to feel it”.

She closed her eyes.

“Go back to a time when you were really excited, really horny. Try and relive the experience. Try and recapture all those feelings again, like rewinding your memory and playing it over again, but just experience the sensations, not the actual memories”. I paused. “Of course, the more you do what I say, the more you are obeying me and the hornier that makes you” I reminded her.

I could feel her nipples harden. Her breathing got shorter, heavier. I could feel her body pressing against mine as she tried to force herself to reenact those feelings.

“Now, imagine how sexy feet are… how beautiful they are. Picture yourself admiring them, worshipping them. Imagine yourself smelling the scent and finding it alluring and sexy”, I said. She giggled and I swatted her butt. “Be serious. Picture what I’m saying”.

I continued. “Envision the arch and the length of the toes. The way they feel, the way they taste and smell. I want you to tie those feelings of sexual excitement and orgasm to that. Form a link between those things and tie them together. Whenever you think about feet, you will remember those feelings of excitement and orgasm. Can you do that?

She was rubbing her feet against my legs. She slowly moved her body down and started to rub herself onto my leg.

“Uh…” she said breathlessly… “that’s nasty… smelling and tasting feet. You don’t want me to do that, do you?”

“No, I didn’t say that. I didn’t tell you that you could smell or taste anyone’s feet. I was saying that you find feet sexy. They turn you on. I bet if you smelled someone’s shoe, you’d really get excited. If you could kiss someone’s foot then you might even orgasm”

She started grinding herself against my leg while still moving her body down mine. I could feel her moistened vagina on my knee now. She was slowly rubbing herself against it, fucking my kneecap. I could feel and hear her panting as she got more and more excited.

“Do you want me to kiss your feet?” she asked, looking up at me. I bet she wanted me to tell her to do that. If I told her to, it’d make it easier for her. She could concentrate on the pleasure of obeying that command rather than on the other things I was telling her.

“No. I don’t. I want you to concentrate on how sexy you find feet. I want to you concentrate on how excited you are getting thinking about them.

Her head was now down at my crotch height. izle She took me into her mouth. I could feel her hand grasping my balls. God, she was good at that. I knew that she was trying to distract me, but I also could tell that my words were still having an effect on her as one of her hands started sliding, almost unconsciously, down my leg.

“Beth, I want you to think about worshipping at my feet. Kissing my feet. Feel how excited your body becomes whenever you think about me and then double it as you imagine worshipping at my feet. Imagine yourself with a foot fetish and how turned on you’d feel doing that. Now absorb those feelings into you. Let them become part of you”.

I could feel her feet playing with mine now. She was trying to grasp and hold onto my feet with her own.

“Beth, what do you want right now?”

She stopped sucking on me and looked up into my eyes, her face filled with lust.

“I want you to fuck me” she said.

“What do you think about my feet?” I asked innocently, “and be honest” I added.

“I don’t know”, she answered, “I can picture everything you said… I can feel it a little too… I can feel it affecting me”.

“Do you really want to change me like this?”, she asked. One of her hands was already reaching down towards my feet. It was sliding down my shin, down my ankle.

I didn’t answer her, I couldn’t answer her. I reached down and stroked her nipple. She gasped and her hand moved down to my foot. Her hand reached my foot and paused… her head arched up… and then,

“Oh God!” she gasped out. She spun around and dived onto my feet. She started to kiss my feet while one of her hands started rubbing her swollen clit.

“Oh, God”, she exclaimed, “you are doing something to me”. She stroked my foot with her hand and started to kiss the top of it. “I can feel it right now. Worshipping your feet is turning me on. Oh, God… it’s making me horny. You really can make me do anything.”

“and it’s not just you…”, she paused to kiss my feet several times in succession, “I mean, being around you makes me so hot anyway, but I can’t get your words out of my head. I’m horny and all I can think about is linking those feelings to worshipping your feet… any feet. It’s getting stronger the more I think about it”. She slipped a finger into her wet pussy while she started to suck on my toes.

“I can’t stop thinking about how sexy they are shaped… how I love their scent… how…” I could feel a tremor run through her. “Oh, damn… I can feel your words changing me. I can feel it, right now. I never would have wanted to kiss anyone’s feet before and now… now…” her body spasmed again. She licked the top of my foot and I could feel her body shudder. “Tell me to, to…” her body spasmed as she continued her masturbation.

“The more I think about everything you said, the more I can feel it. It’s like its building on itself”. She started to suck on my toes, moaning as she did so.

“Cum, I replied. She kissed my foot and I could feel her orgasm start. She kissed my foot harder, then slipped several of my toes into her mouth. Her other hand was now moving frantically inside of her. She came, gasping and writhing uncontrollably.

You’d think that maybe she was just agreeing with me, playing along; that I really didn’t so easily instill a kink into her. Well, I might have thought so to… except that later she started recording shoe commercials and collecting sock & shoe catalogs so she could have some masturbatory material. At school, I caught her staring at her fellow students feet. At my home, she’d beg to be able to worship and massage my feet.

My slightest word could affect her very being. I felt like a god.

So, it wasn’t Beth’s new personality that caused those awkward moments between us, it was the part of me that relished the control I had… and the desire to use that power. I hated that part of me. Things were awkward because I was fighting the urge to totally descend into depravity, to completely use Beth for whatever I wanted. I was struggling to stop myself from molding and experimenting on her mind further, stopping my urge to alter her to my slightest whim.

Beth knew that I had a love/hate relationship with that chemical concoction and what it had done to her, but I don’t think she fully comprehended why it bothered me. Beth wished that I could enjoy what she felt and abandon my conflicted emotions. She actually thought that the potion had given her more clear-mindedness and total happiness.

Brainwashed reply, right? You don’t know the half of it. I guess I should have seen it coming. She had left hints after all. She totally loved her new personality and her new body. She couldn’t help but love it.

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